Famous Deaths for Year 1945 (Part 2)

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Jul 19th - George Barbier, actor (Man Who Came to Dinner), dies at 80
Jul 20th - Arthur Seccull, South African cricketer (Test v England 1896), dies
Jul 20th - Paul Valéry, French author and poet (b. 1871)
Aug 2nd - Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek, composer (Donna Diana), dies at 85
Aug 2nd - Pietro Mascagni, Italian composer (Cavalleria Rusticana), dies at 81
Aug 6th - Hiram Johnson, American politician (b. 1866)
Aug 6th - Prince Wu of Korea (b. 1912)
Aug 9th - Harry Hillman, American athlete (b. 1881)
Aug 10th - Robert H. Goddard, American rocket pioneer, dies at 62
Aug 15th - Korechika Anami, Japanese War Minister (b. 1887)
Aug 16th - Nico Richter, composer, dies at 29
Aug 16th - Takijiro Ohnishi, led Japanese kamikaze pilots (harakiri), dies
Aug 17th - Gino Marinuzzi, composer, dies at 61
Aug 17th - Pater Bleijs, [Louis], resistance fighter, dies in car accident
Aug 19th - Tomas Burgos, Chilean philanthropist (b.1875)
Aug 20th - A Roda Roda, writer, dies at 73
Rocket Pioneer Robert H. GoddardRocket Pioneer Robert H. Goddard (Aug 10th) Aug 22nd - Ida Henrietta Hyde, American physiologist, inventor of the micro-electrode, and pioneering female scientist dies at 87
Aug 25th - John Birch, American intelligence officer and missionary (b. 1918)
Aug 26th - Franz Werfel, Czech/German/US poet/writer (Mirror Man), dies at 54
Sep 1st - Jacobus W G Balfoort, Dutch actor (Heimwee, Head On), dies at 57
Sep 6th - John S Mccain, US admiral, (WW II-Pacific Ocean), dies
Sep 10th - Vaino Raitio, composer, dies at 54
Sep 15th - Anton Friedrich Wilhelm von Webern, Austrian composer, dies at 61
Sep 15th - André Tardieu, Prime Minister of France (b. 1876)
Sep 16th - John "Pa" van de Steur, philanthropist (Java), dies at 80
Sep 16th - John McCormack, Irish singer (Irish national anthem/folk songs), dies
Sep 18th - "Blind" Willie Johnson American blues/spiritual singer and guitarist (b. 1897)
Sep 20th - William Buehler Seabrook, Writer, journalist, occultist and explorer (b. 1884)
Sep 20th - Augusto Tasso Fragoso, Brazilian president (b. 1869)
Nazi Physician Eduard WirthsNazi Physician Eduard Wirths (Sep 20th) Sep 20th - Eduard Wirths, Nazi physician at Auschwitz, commits suicide at 36
Sep 25th - Charles A Ellwood, US sociologist/psychologist, dies at 72
Sep 26th - Bela Bartok, composer, dies at 64
Sep 26th - Béla V J Bartok, Hungarian pianist/composer dies at 64
Sep 26th - R Beer-Hofmann, writer, dies at 78
Oct 1st - Walter B Cannon, US physiologist (Traumatic Shock), dies at 73
Oct 6th - Leonardo Conti, Nazi physician (b. 1900)
Oct 8th - Herman T Colenbrander, historian, dies at 73
Oct 8th - Felix Salten, Austrian author (b. 1869)
Oct 12th - Jesse James Payne, a sharecropper, lynched in Madison County, Florida
Oct 13th - Milton S. Hershey, American chocolate tycoon (The Hershey Chocolate Company), dies at 86
Oct 15th - Pierre Laval, former premier of Vichy France, executed at 62
Chocolate Tycoon Milton S. HersheyChocolate Tycoon Milton S. Hershey (Oct 13th) Oct 24th - Robert Ley, German nazi, commits suicide
Oct 24th - Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian Min of Defense/PM (1942-45), executed at 58
Oct 26th - Paul Pelliot, French explorer (b. 1878)
Oct 26th - Alexei Krylov, Russian engineer and mathematician (b. 1863)
Oct 31st - Henry Ainley, actor (As You Like It), dies at 66
Nov 2nd - Princess Thyra, daughter of Frederick VIII of Denmark (b. 1880)
Nov 3rd - Alessandro Longo, composer, dies at 80
Nov 7th - Alfred Dipper, cricketer (England batsman scored in only Test), dies
Nov 11th - Jerome Kern, US composer (Sally, Leave it to Jane), dies at 60
Nov 16th - Kaarlo Sarkia, Finnish poet (Kohtalon Vaaka), dies at 43
Nov 20th - Francis William Aston, British chemist, Nobel laureate (b. 1877)
Nov 21st - Robert Benchley, US humorist (My 10 years in a quandary), dies at 56
Nov 28th - Dwight Davis, donator of tennis' Davis Cup, dies
Dec 1st - Harvey Bartlett Gaul, composer, dies at 64
Dec 4th - Thomas Hunt Morgan, American geneticist, Nobel laureate (b. 1866)
Dec 10th - Theodor Dannecker, SS officer (b. 1913)
Dec 11th - Charles Fabry, French physicist (b. 1867)
Dec 13th - Robert van Genechten, Dutch Nazi (NSB), commits suicide
Dec 13th - Vittorio Mario Vanzo, composer, dies at 83
Dec 13th - Elisabeth Volkenrath, supervisor at concentration camps (b. 1919)
Dec 14th - Constantino Gaito, composer, dies at 67
Dec 14th - Forrester Harvey, actor (Tarzan & Mate, Chump at Oxford), dies at 61
Dec 14th - Henry van Goudoever, Dutch lawyer/judge, dies on his 69th birthday
Dec 14th - Josef Kramer, known as "beast of Belsen," & 10 others, hanged
Dec 16th - Fumimaro Konu, Japanese prince/PM (1937-39, 40-41), commits harakiri
Dec 20th - Charles Eady, cricketer (Tasmanian player for Aust 1896-1901), dies
US General George S. PattonUS General George S. Patton (Dec 21st) Dec 21st - George S Patton, US General (Sicily/Normandy), dies of congestive heart failure at 60
Dec 22nd - Otto Neurath, Austrian/British philosopher, dies at 63
Dec 23rd - Mogens Klitgaard, Danish author (Brunkul), dies at 39
Dec 24th - Francisco Pujol, composer, dies at 67
Dec 28th - Theodore Dreiser, novelist (An American Tragedy), dies at 74
Dec 31st - Donald Douglas II, dies at 40

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