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Jan 1st - Hermann K J Zilcher, German pianist/composer (Liebesmesse), dies at 66
Jan 1st - Willem Louis Frederic Landre, composer, dies at 73
Jan 7th - Raoul Auernheimer, writer, dies
Jan 8th - Kurt Schwitters, writer, dies at 60
Jan 8th - Richard Tauber, Austrian tenor (b. 1891)
Jan 14th - Anna "Ans" van Dike, Dutch Jewish Nazi-collaborator, executed at 42
Jan 19th - Tony Garnier, French architect (b. 1869)
Jan 21st - Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, composer, dies at 72
Jan 24th - Maria Mandel, Camp Leader at Auschwitz (b. 1912)
Jan 24th - Arthur Liebehenschel, Commandant at Auschwitz concentration camp (b. 1901)
Jan 26th - Ignaz Friedman, composer, dies at 65
Jan 29th - Tomislav II of Croatia, 4th Duke of Aosta, Italian aristocrat (b. 1900)
Jan 30th - Mahatma Gandhi, India's political and spiritual leader, assassinated in New Delhi by Hindu extremists
Jan 30th - Herb Pennock, pitcher (NY Yankees)/GM (Phillies), dies
Aviator Orville WrightAviator Orville Wright (Jan 30th) Jan 30th - Orville Wright, US aviation pioneer, dies at 76
Feb 2nd - Thomas W. Lamont, American banker; father or Corliss Lamont; great-grandfather of Ned Lamont (b. 1870)
Feb 2nd - Bevil Rudd, South African athlete (b. 1894)
Feb 5th - Johann Blaskowitz, German gen (surrendered at Wageningen), dies at 64
Feb 6th - Robert Brasillach, French author/nazi collaborator, dies at 38
Feb 7th - "Red" McKenzie, blues-jazz singer (played comb-with-tissue-paper), dies
Feb 9th - Karl Valentin, German comic/writer, dies at 65
Feb 10th - Ewart Astill, cricket all-rounder (9 Tests for England 1927-30), dies
Feb 11th - Sergei Eisenstein, Russian director (Battleship Potemkin), dies at 50
Feb 14th - Mordecai Brown, American baseball player (b. 1876)
Feb 21st - Frederick Archibald Lamond, composer, dies at 80
Feb 23rd - John Robert Gregg, Irish-born publisher and inventor (b. 1866)
Mar 3rd - Antonin Artaud, writer, dies at 51
Mar 4th - Antonin Artaud, French poet/actor (Napoleon), dies at 51
Mar 5th - Charles Prince, cricketer (5 & 1 in only Test for South Africa), dies
Mar 6th - Ross Lockridge, Jr., American novelist (b. 1914)
Mar 10th - Jan Masaryk, Czech Foreign minister, commits suicide or is murdered
Mar 10th - Zelda Fitzgerald, American artist, wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald (b. 1900)
Mar 24th - Sigrid Hjertén, Swedish modernist painter (b. 1885)
Mar 25th - Warren Hymer, actor (Show Them No Mercy), dies at 42
Mar 26th - Helen Ernst, German poster artist/resistance fighter, dies at about 43
Mar 27th - Karel Candael, Flemish composer, dies at 64
Mar 29th - Olev Siinmaa, Estonian architect (b. 1881)
Mar 31st - Egon E Kisch, Czech writer/journalist (Raging Reporter), dies at 62
Apr 8th - Josef B Kjellgren, Swedish writer (Guldkedjan), dies at 40
Apr 9th - George Carpenter, Australian Salvation Army general (b. 1872)
Apr 9th - Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, Colombian politician (b. 1903)
Apr 14th - Walter P Reuther, Pres (United Auto Workers), shot at his home
Apr 15th - Radola Gajda, Czech military commander and politician (d. 1892)
5th President of the Philippines Manuel Roxas5th President of the Philippines Manuel Roxas (Apr 15th) Apr 15th - Philippine president Manuel Roxas, dies of heart attack at 56
Apr 17th - Johan P earl of Limburg Stirum, diplomat, dies at 75
Apr 17th - Percy Sherwell, cricketer (S Afr captain in 13 Tests 1905-11), dies
Apr 21st - Carlos Lopez Buchardo, composer, dies at 66
Apr 24th - Joseph Wihtol, composer, dies at 84
Apr 24th - Manuel Marua Ponce, Mexican composer (Ferial), dies at 65
Apr 24th - Rosita Marstini, actress (I Cover Waterfront, Big Parade), dies at 54
May 1st - Christos Ladas, Greek minister of Justice, murdered
May 6th - 43 communist rebels, executed in Athens
May 8th - Alfred Holy, composer, dies at 81
May 8th - U Saw, Burmese politician (b. 1900)
May 12th - Isidor Achron, composer, dies at 55
May 15th - Edward Flanagan, American priest and founder of Boys Town (b. 1886)
May 22nd - Claude McKaye, Jamaican/US author (Banjo, Home to Harlem), dies at 57
May 24th - Alfred Kastner, composer, dies at 78
May 24th - Jacques Feyder, Belgian director and screenwriter (b. 1885)
May 26th - Theodore Morell, Hitler's personal physician (b. 1886)
May 28th - Unity Mitford, English fascist sympathizer (b. 1914)
May 29th - May Whitty, actress (Gaslight, Mrs Miniver, Suspicion), dies at 82
May 31st - Jose Vianna da Motta, composer, dies at 80
Jun 1st - Sonny Boy Williamson [John Lee], American blues musician (Down & Out Blues), dies at 34
Jun 1st - Alex Gard, Russian-born caricaturist (b. 1900)
Jun 2nd - Viktor Brack, Nazi physician (b. 1904)
Jun 2nd - Karl Brandt, personal physician of Adolf Hitler (b. 1904)
Jun 2nd - Karl Gebhardt, Nazi doctor (b. 1897)
Jun 2nd - Waldemar Hoven, German physician (b. 1903)
Jun 2nd - Wolfram Sievers, Nazi physician (b. 1905)
Jun 6th - Louis Lumière, French movie pioneer (b. 1864)
Jun 7th - Georges Adolphe Hue, composer, dies at 90
Jun 8th - Franz Carl Bornschein, composer, dies at 69
Jun 8th - Hanson Carter, cricket (28 Tests for Aust, caught 44 stumped 21), dies
Jun 14th - Ernst Henrik Ellberg, composer, dies at 79
Jun 14th - John Blackwood McEwen, composer, dies at 80
Jun 20th - George Frederick Boyle, composer, dies at 61
Jun 25th - William C. Lee, U.S. general (b. 1895)
Jun 26th - Lilian Velez, Filipino actress (b. 1924)
Jun 27th - George Templeton Strong, composer, dies at 92
Jun 30th - Karl Wolfskehl, writer, dies at 78
Jul 3rd - Adrien H Gerhard, Dutch SDAP-politician, dies at 90
Jul 3rd - Quintin McMillan, cricketer (13 Tests for South Africa), dies
Jul 4th - Monteiro Lobato, Brazilian writer (b. 1882)
Jul 5th - Carole Landis, US actress (1 Million BC, Topper Returns), dies at 29
Jul 5th - G Bernanos, writer, dies at 60
Jul 5th - Peter JM Aalberse, Dutch minister of Labor, dies at 77
Jul 8th - Dave Nourse, cricketer (45 Tests for South Africa 1902-24), dies
Jul 11th - Gerhard Kittel, German anti-semite theologist, dies
Jul 11th - King Baggot, actor (Tish, San Francisco), dies at 68
Jul 14th - Palmiro Togliatti, Italy's CPI chairman, assassinated
US WW1 Commander John J. PershingUS WW1 Commander John J. Pershing (Jul 15th) Jul 15th - John J. Pershing, [Black Jack], US general (Mexico, WW I), dies at 87
Jul 18th - Herman Gummerus, Finnish historian and politician (b. 1877)
Jul 21st - Arshile Gorky, abstract expressionist, dies at 43
Jul 21st - Donald Nichols Tweedy, composer, dies at 58
Jul 23rd - D.W. Griffith, American director/producer, dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 73
Jul 26th - Charles Mills, South African cricketer (Test v England 1891-92), dies
Jul 27th - Francesco Spetrino, composer, dies at 91
Jul 27th - Woolf Barnato, British racing driver (b. 1898)
Jul 31st - Maria "Marie" Hens, Flemish actress (Female Revue), dies at 70
Aug 3rd - Albert F Pollard, Brit historian (Evolution of parliament), dies at 78
Film director D. W. GriffithFilm director D. W. Griffith (Jul 23rd) Aug 10th - E Ball-Hennings, writer, dies at 63
Aug 10th - Kwan-Ichi Asakawa, Japanese historian(b. 1873)
Aug 10th - Andrew Brown, Scottish football coach (b. 1870)
Aug 10th - Montague Summers, English writer (b. 1880)
Aug 12th - Harry Brearley, English inventor (b. 1871)
Aug 13th - Edwin Maxwell, actor (Taming of the Shrew), dies at 62
Aug 13th - Elaine Hammerstein, American actress (b. 1897)
Aug 16th - Babe Ruth, Baseball legend (NY Yankees), dies in NY at 53
Aug 17th - Nico J Polak, Dutch economist, dies at 60
Aug 20th - David John de Lloyd, composer, dies at 65
Aug 26th - Oscar L Fernandez, Brazilian conductor/composer (Imbapara), dies at 50
Aug 27th - Oley Speaks, composer, dies at 74
Aug 27th - Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez, composer, dies at 50
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth (Aug 16th) Aug 27th - Charles Evans Hughes, U.S. Supreme Court justice (b. 1862)
Aug 31st - Andrei A Zjdanov, Rus politician (against kosmopolitism), dies at 52
Aug 31st - Billy Laughlin, American actor (b. 1932)
Sep 2nd - Sylvanus Morley, American archaeologist and spy (b. 1883)
Sep 3rd - Eduard Benesj, president Czechoslovakia (1921-22, 35-48), dies
Sep 5th - Richard C. Tolman, American mathematical physicist (b. 1881)
Sep 6th - Gerrit H Kersten, vicar/founder (Calvinist Party), dies at 66
Sep 7th - Henricus A Poels, Dutch RC theologist/social foreman, dies at 80
Sep 8th - Thomas Mofolo, Lesotho writer (b. 1876)
Sep 9th - James Baskett, dies
Sep 11th - Albert Powell, cricketer (one Test South Africa v England 1898-99), dies
Sep 11th - Mohammed Ali Jinnah, 1st governor of Pakistan (1947-48), dies at 71
Sep 13th - Paul Wegener, German actor/director (Golem, Svengali), dies at 73
Sep 16th - Ferdinand I MKLM, prince of Saxony-Coburg/tsar of Bulgaria, dies
Sep 17th - Count Folke Bernadotte, UN mediator for Palestine, assassinated
Sep 17th - Lillian Brainthwaite, Brit actress (Man About the House), dies at 75
Sep 17th - Ruth Benedict, anthropoligst, dies
Sep 24th - Warren William, actor (Fear, Wolf Man, Madame X), dies at 53
Sep 27th - Frank Cellier, actor (Spider, Quiet Wedding, Big Blockade), dies at 64
Sep 28th - EJ Ratcliffe, dies
Sep 28th - Gregg Toland, cinematographer, dies at 44
First Lady of the United States Edith RooseveltFirst Lady of the United States Edith Roosevelt (Sep 30th) Sep 30th - Edith Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States, dies at 87
Oct 12th - Alfred Kerr, writer, dies at 80
Oct 12th - Susan Sutherland Isaacs, educational psychologist and psychoanalyst (b. 1885).
Oct 13th - Samuel S. Hinds, American actor (Raven, Test Pilot), dies at 73
Oct 15th - Edythe Chapman, American actress (b. 1863)
Oct 16th - Henry Foley, cricketer (one Test for NZ, scored 2 & 2), dies
Oct 18th - [Heinrich A H] Walther von Brauchitsch, German fieldmarshal, dies
Oct 22nd - Augustyn Hlond, Polish cardinal, dies
Oct 23rd - Eugeniusz Morawsky-Dabrowa, composer, dies at 71
Oct 24th - Franz Lehar, Austrian/Hungarian composer (Wiener Frauen), dies at 78
Oct 31st - Cissy van Marxfield, [Setske Beek-de Han], writer, dies
Nov 9th - Edgar Kennedy, actor (Little Orphan Annie), dies at 58
Nov 10th - Julius Curtius, German foreign minister (1929- ), dies at 71
Nov 12th - Umberto Giordano, composer, dies at 81
Nov 16th - Frederick Gardner Cottrell, American Inventor (elecrostatic precipitator), dies at 71

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