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Jan 3rd - Alexander Tikhonovich Gretshaninov, Russian/US composer, dies at 91
Jan 3rd - Joseph Wirth, 5th Chancellor of the Weimar Republic (Germany) (b. 1876)
Jan 4th - Alexandr Tikhonovich Grechaninov, composer, dies at 91
Jan 5th - Jeanne F Bourgeois, French head mistress (Moulin Rouge), dies at 84
Jan 5th - Mistinguett, French singer (b. 1875)
Jan 8th - Jim Elliot, American Christian missionary (b. 1928)
Jan 10th - Henricus P Bremmer, Dutch art historian (Beeldende Kunst), dies at 84
Jan 10th - Karl L Schmidt, German/Swiss theologist (Urchristentum), dies at 64
Jan 12th - John Raedecker, Dutch sculptor (WW II Monument Amsterdam), dies at 70
Jan 12th - Norman Kerry, actor (Air Eagles, Phantom of Opera), dies at 61
Jan 14th - Siegfried F Nadel, Aust/Brit anthropologist (Nuba), dies at 52
Jan 21st - Sam Langford, Canadian boxer (b. 1883)
Jan 22nd - P A M Speet, Dutch broadcast CEO (KRO), dies
Jan 23rd - Alexander Korda, English movie producer (Henry VIII), dies at 62
Jan 27th - Erich Kleiber, Austrian conductor, dies
Journalist and Critic H. L. MenckenJournalist and Critic H. L. Mencken (Jan 29th) Jan 29th - H[enry] L[ouis] Mencken, US essayist/critic (Smart Set), dies at 75
Jan 30th - Gerrit Mannoury, mathematician/philosopher, dies at 88
Jan 30th - Jane Seymour, actress (Young Mr Bobbin), dies at 56
Jan 31st - A.A. Milne, English author of the Winnie-the-Pooh books, dies at 74
Feb 2nd - Charley Grapewin, actor (Ellery Queen), dies at 86
Feb 2nd - Pyotr Konchalovsky, Russian painter (b. 1876)
Feb 3rd - Émile Borel, French mathematician (b. 1871)
Feb 3rd - Johnny Claes, Belgian racing driver (b. 1916)
Feb 4th - Leendert A Donker, Dutch soc dem party-minister of Justice, dies at 56
Feb 4th - Peder Gram, composer, dies at 74
Feb 5th - Savilly Tartakower, Austrian/Polish/French chess player, dies at 74
Feb 8th - Connie Mack, baseball manager (Phila A's, 1901-50), dies at 93
Feb 18th - Gustave Charpentier, French opera composer (Louise), dies at 95
Baseball Legend Connie MackBaseball Legend Connie Mack (Feb 8th) Feb 21st - Edwin Franko Goldman, composer, dies at 78
Feb 26th - Herman Courtens, Belgian baron/painter, dies at 72
Feb 27th - Frank Dailey, orchestra leader (Music at Meadowbrook), dies at 54
Feb 27th - Gunther Ramin, German organist/composer/choir conductor, dies at 57
Feb 28th - Emile Buisson, French murderer executed (b. 1902)
Feb 29th - Elpidio Quirino, 6th President of Philippines (1949-53), dies at 65
Mar 2nd - Fred Merkle, American baseball figure (b. 1888)
Mar 3rd - Willem H Keesom, Dutch physicist (Helium I/II), dies at 79
Mar 5th - Erich Itor Kahn, composer, dies at 50
Mar 11th - Sergey Nikiforovich Vasilenko, Russian opera composer, dies at 83
Mar 16th - Joseph John Richards, composer, dies at 77
Mar 17th - Fred Allen, comedian (Fred Allen Radio Show), dies at 61
Mar 17th - Irene Joliot-Curie, French physicist (Nobel laureate 1935) and daughter of Marie Curie, dies at 58
Physicist/Chemist Irene Joliot-CuriePhysicist/Chemist Irene Joliot-Curie (Mar 17th) Mar 18th - Friedrich Panzer, German germanist (Hilde-Gudrun), dies at 85
Mar 18th - Louis Bromfield, writer, dies at 59
Mar 22nd - George A L Sarton, Belgian/US historian, dies at 71
Mar 24th - Edmund Taylor Whittaker, British mathematician (applied mathematics and the theory of special functions), dies at 82
Mar 25th - George Luther Foote, composer, dies at 70
Mar 25th - Robert Newton, actor (Henry V, Odd Man Out), dies at 50
Mar 26th - Thomas Alexandrovich de Hartmann, composer, dies at 70
Mar 27th - Frans Beelaerts van Blokland, minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 84
Mar 29th - Infante Alfonso of Spain (b. 1941)
Mar 31st - Ralph DePalma, Italian-American race car driver (b. 1884)
Apr 2nd - Albert MLA de Bassompierre, Belgium ambassador to Tokyo, dies at 82
Apr 2nd - Chester Clute, actor (Niagara Falls), dies at 65
Apr 2nd - Philippo de Pisis, Italian painter, dies at 59
Apr 3rd - T Kostov, Bulgarian vice-premier, executed
Apr 10th - Bozidar Sirola, composer, dies at 66
Apr 10th - Clarence Beaumont, 1st batter in 1st World Series, dies at 75
Apr 10th - Jozef Szulc, composer, dies at 81
Apr 15th - Emile Nolde [Hansen], German painter (Grablegung Christi), dies at 88
Apr 19th - Ernst R Curtius, German literature historian, dies at 70
Apr 19th - Lionel K P "Buster" Crabb, British diver (WW II), dies at 47
Apr 19th - Leon N H Jungschlaeger, head milt intelligence Neth-Indies, dies at 52
Apr 20th - Jaap Vranken, organist/composer (Stabat mater), dies
Apr 20th - Lieven Duvosel, Flemish music composer (Levensschets), dies at 78
Apr 21st - Charles MacArthur, American writer (b. 1895)
Apr 24th - Albrecht G Alt, German theologist (Small Schriften), dies at 72
Apr 24th - Henry Stephenson, actor (Conquest, Mr Lucky), dies at 85
Apr 26th - Edward Arnold, actor (Mr Smith Goes to Washington), dies at 66
Apr 29th - Nemesio Otano y Eugenio, composer, dies at 75
Apr 30th - Alben W Barkley, (VP-D-1949-53), dies at 78
May 5th - Charles R Gallas, lexicographer (French Dictionary), dies at 88
May 11th - Walter S Adams, US astronomer/director of Mount Wilson, dies at 79
May 12th - Hendrik P Marchant, Dutch minister of Education, dies at 87
May 12th - Louis Calhern, dies at 61
May 12th - Vladimir Ambros, composer, dies at 65
May 13th - Aleksandr A Fadejev, Russ author (Young Guard), commits suicide at 54
May 15th - Austin Osman Spare, English magician (b. 1886)
May 16th - H. B. Reese, American founder of Reese's (b. 1876)
May 18th - Maurice Tate, cricketer (39 Tests for England, 155 wickets), dies
May 20th - Andre Eugene Maurice Charlot, actor (Summer Storm), dies
May 20th - Max Beerbohm, caricturist/writer (Yet Again), dies
May 24th - Guy Kibbee, American actor (Capt Blood, Babes in Arms), dies at 74
May 26th - Al Simmons, outfielder (A's)/lifetime batting avg of .334, dies at 54
May 29th - Albert H Edelkoort, theologist (Christusverwachting), dies at 65
May 29th - Hermann Abendroth, German conductor (Gewandhausorkest), dies at 73
Jun 2nd - Jean Hersholt, actress (Emma, Grand Hotel, Greed), dies at 69
Jun 4th - Max Kowalski, composer, dies at 73
Jun 4th - Katherine MacDonald, American actress (b. 1881)
Jun 6th - Margaret Wycherly, actress (Claudia), dies at 74
Archaeologist and Explorer Hiram BinghamArchaeologist and Explorer Hiram Bingham (Jun 6th) Jun 6th - Hiram Bingham, American Archaeologist (Incan site of Machu Picchu), dies at 80
Jun 7th - Julien Benda, Fren philosopher/writer (La trahison des clercs), dies
Jun 8th - Marie Laurencin, French painter (b. 1883)
Jun 11th - Corrado Alvaro, Italian writer (Poesie grigio-verdi), dies at 61
Jun 11th - Ralph Morgan, actor (Creeper, Imposter, Jack London), dies at 73
Jun 17th - Paul Rostock, German doctor (b. 1892)
Jun 17th - Bob Sweikert, American racing driver (b. 1926)
Jun 19th - Lulu [Luise] Strauss und Torney, German poet/writer, dies at 82
Jun 19th - Thomas J. Watson, American businessman (IBM) (b. 1874)
Jun 23rd - Reyngol'd Moritsevich Glier, composer, dies at 81
Jun 23rd - Reinhold Glière, Russian composer (b. 1875)
Jun 25th - Ernest J King, US fleet admiral/Chief of Naval Operations, dies at 77
Jun 26th - Clifford Brown, US jazz trumpeter (Joyspring, Jordu), dies at 25
Jun 29th - Johan[nes F] Bakker Jr, actor, dies at 62
Jul 7th - Gottfried Benn, writer, dies at 70
Jul 8th - Gerrit Jan van Heuven Goedhart, dutch min of Justice (Nobel 54), dies
Jul 8th - Giovanni Papini, Italian author/poet (Un Uomo Finito), dies at 75
Jul 10th - Joe Giard, American baseball player (b. 1898)
Jul 12th - Maurice Lippens, Belgian governor of Congo (1921-23), dies at 80
Jul 13th - Vladimir Grigor'yevich Zakharov, composer, dies at 54
Jul 14th - Jaroslav Ridky, composer, dies at 58
Jul 18th - Willem J A Kerncamp, Dut overseas minister (Islam & Woman), dies at 57
Jul 20th - Ken Burn, cricketer (Tasmanian rep on 1890 Ashes tour, 2 Tests), dies
Jul 20th - James Alexander Calder, Canadian politician (b. 1868)
Jul 26th - Miguel Bernal Jiminez, composer, dies at 46
Jul 27th - J M M Commaille, cricketer (12 Tests for South Africa 1910-28), dies
Jul 28th - Ludwig Klages, German philosopher/graphologist, dies at 83
Jul 29th - Ludwig Klages, German philosopher (Study of Graves), dies at 83
Aug 2nd - Albert Woolson, last veteran US Union army, dies at 109
Painter Jackson PollockPainter Jackson Pollock (Aug 11th) Aug 11th - Jackson Pollock, abstract artist, dies in auto accident (East Hampton)
Aug 13th - Harry Donnan, cricketer (5 Tests for Australia 1891-96), dies
Aug 14th - Bertold Brecht, German poet and playwright (Mother Courage), dies at 58
Aug 14th - Freiherr Constantine von Neurath, German foreign min (1932-38), dies
Aug 15th - Constantine Freiherr von Neurath, German foreign minister, dies at 83
Aug 16th - Bela Lugosi, actor (Dracula), dies of heart attack at 73
Aug 23rd - ... Kennedy, daughter of future Pres Kennedy, dies same day
Aug 24th - Kenji Mizoguchi, Japanese film director (b. 1898)
Aug 25th - Alfred C Kinsey, American biologist, zoologist and sexologist ("The Kinsey Reports"), dies at 62 from a heart ailment and pneumonia
Aug 26th - Alfred Wagenknecht, German-born American activist (b. 1881)
Actor Bela LugosiActor Bela Lugosi (Aug 16th) Aug 30th - Jose Antonio de Donostia, composer, dies at 70
Sep 6th - Felix Borowski, composer, dies at 84
Sep 7th - Charles Burgess Fry, English athlete/cricketer/journalist, dies at 84
Sep 8th - Gerrit Bolkestein, Dutch minister of Education (1939-4.), dies at 84
Sep 8th - Vital Celen, Flemish writer ('t Pastoorke van Vossendonck), dies at 69
Sep 11th - Billy Bishop, Canadian pilot in World War I (b. 1894)
Sep 12th - Hans Carossa, German writer (b. 1878)
Sep 12th - Sándor Graf Festetics, Hungarian politician (b. 1882)
Sep 15th - Henry Clough-Leiter, composer, dies at 82
Sep 17th - Mildred E "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias, (Olympic-gold-1932), dies at 42
Sep 18th - Adélard Godbout, premier of Quebec (b. 1892)
Sep 21st - Anastasio Somoza, Nicaraguan dictator, assassinated by Roliberto Lopez
Canadian First World War Flying Ace Billy BishopCanadian First World War Flying Ace Billy Bishop (Sep 11th) Sep 21st - Robert Mills Delaney, composer, dies at 53
Sep 22nd - Frederick Soddy, English chemist, Nobel Prize laureate, dies at 79
Sep 23rd - Earl Godwin, newscaster (Meet the Veep), dies at 75
Sep 26th - Lucien Febvre, French historian (Un Destin, Martin Luther), dies at 78
Sep 27th - Gerald Finzi, British composer (Dies natalis), dies at 55 of disseminated shingles, complicated by encephalitis
Sep 27th - Milburn Apt, in X-2 rocket plane reaches 3370 kph, but, dies in crash
Sep 27th - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias, American Hall of Fame athlete, dies of colon cancer at 45
Oct 1st - Stan Ockers, Belgian world champ cyclist (1955), dies at 36
Oct 2nd - George Bancroft, actor (Texas, Stagecoach, Little Men), dies at 74
Oct 2nd - Paul de Backer, Belgian radiologist, dies at 73

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