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Jan 6th - Jose Enrique Pedreira, composer, dies at 54
Jan 9th - Paul Malengreau, composer, dies at 71
Jan 11th - Mohammed Zakaria Ghonein, discoverer of 6,000 yr old pyramid, dies
Jan 17th - Abdul Aziz, cricket, dies at 17 struck by ball in fc match for Karachi
Jan 20th - Carl Switzer, actor (Alfalfa-Our Gang), shot to death at 31
Jan 21st - Lamar Stringfield, composer, dies at 61
Jan 21st - Cecil B. DeMille, American filmmaker (The Ten Commandments, Samson and Delilah), dies of heart failure at 77
Jan 22nd - A J Else Mauhs, German/Dutch actress (Hamlet, Nora), dies at 73
Jan 22nd - Mike Hawthorn, English race car driver and one-time F1 world champion (b. 1929)
Jan 28th - Joseph Sprinzak, Speaker of Israel Knesset (1949-59), dies at 73
Jan 28th - Viktor Joseph Keldorfer, composer, dies at 85
Feb 1st - Madame Sul-To-Wan, [Conley], actress (Birth of a Nation), dies at 85
Feb 2nd - Frank DeCaires, cricketer (WI bat v Eng 1930, 3 Tests 232 runs), dies
Filmmaker and Director Cecil B. DeMilleFilmmaker and Director Cecil B. DeMille (Jan 21st) Feb 3rd - Big Bopper, rocker, dies in plane crash at 28
Feb 3rd - Buddy Holly, rock and roll musician (That'll be the Day), dies in a plane crash at 22
Feb 3rd - Richie Valens, rock vocalist (Donna), killed in plane crash at 17
Feb 4th - Una O'Connor, actress (Banjo, Invisible Man), dies at 78
Feb 5th - Gwili Andre, actress (No Other Woman, Roar of the Dragon), dies
Feb 7th - Daniel F Malan, premier of South Africa (1948-54), dies at 84
Feb 7th - Napoleon Lajorie, baseball player, dies at 83
Feb 7th - Slim [Eddie Jones] Guitar, rocker, dies at 32
Feb 8th - William J "Wild Bill" Donovan, Office Strategic Services, dies at 76
Feb 11th - Marshall Teague, American race car driver (b. 1922)
Feb 13th - William L Axt, composer, dies at 70
Feb 14th - Baby Dodds, American jazz drummer (b. 1898)
Feb 15th - Owen W Richardson, English physicist (Nobel 1928), dies at 69
Singer-songwriter Buddy HollySinger-songwriter Buddy Holly (Feb 3rd) Feb 17th - Kathryn Adams, actress (Meet the Chump, 5th Avenue Girl), dies
Feb 17th - Tim Mara, co-founder of NFL's NY Giants, dies
Feb 18th - Alfred Alessandrescu, composer, dies at 65
Feb 18th - Eric Zeisl, composer, dies at 53
Feb 18th - Jaroslav Kvapil, composer, dies at 66
Feb 20th - Ray McDonald, dancer, dies of barbituate overdose at 38
Feb 22nd - Helen Parrish, actress (Hour Glass), dies of cancer at 36
Feb 28th - Maxwell Anderson, US dramatist (Key Largo, Bath Seed), dies at 70
Mar 2nd - Eric Blore, actor (Abie's Irish Rose, Love Happy), dies at 70
Mar 3rd - Lou Costello, comedian/actor (Abbott & Costello), dies at 52
Mar 4th - Maxey Long, American athlete (b. 1878)
Mar 6th - Fred Stone, actor (Hideaway, Westerner), dies at 85
Mar 7th - Arthur C Pigou, English economist (Economics of Welfare), dies
Mar 7th - Hinsdale Smith, developer of roll-down auto windows, dies at 88
Comedian and Actor Lou CostelloComedian and Actor Lou Costello (Mar 3rd) Mar 8th - Abdel Wahab Shawwaf, Iraqi colonel/putschist, murdered
Mar 11th - Haydn Wood, composer, dies at 76
Mar 15th - Lester Young, American musician (b. 1909)
Mar 16th - John Sailling, last documented Civil War vet, dies at 111
Mar 17th - Raffaele d' Alessandro, composer, dies on 48th birthday
Mar 25th - Billy Mayerl, composer, dies at 56
Mar 26th - Raymond T Chandler, US detective writer (Long Goodbye), dies at 71
Mar 27th - Grant Withers, actor (Oklahoma Annie), suicide with sleeping pills at 54
Mar 28th - James Neblett, cricketer (one Test WI v England 1935), dies
Mar 29th - Barthelemy Boganda, Central African Republic's 1st president, dies
Mar 29th - Sara Wennerberg-Reuter, composer, dies at 84
Mar 30th - Daniil Andreev, Russian writer and mystic (b. 1906)
Mar 30th - Riccardo Zanella, president of Free State of Fiume (b. 1875)
Mar 31st - Peter Suhrkamp, German publisher (Suhrkamp Verlag), dies at 68
Apr 2nd - Benjamin Christensen, Danish actor (Barnet, Mockery), dies at 79
Apr 4th - Stanley Snooke, cricketer (bro of S J, duck in South African Test), dies
Apr 8th - Gustave Charlier, Belgian literature historian, dies
Architect Frank Lloyd WrightArchitect Frank Lloyd Wright (Apr 9th) Apr 9th - Frank Lloyd Wright, US architect (Guggenheim Museum NY), dies at 89
Apr 12th - Ernest Willem Mulder, composer, dies at 60
Apr 12th - James Gleason, dies at 76
Apr 13th - Eduard A van Beinum, Dutch musician/conductor, dies at 57
Apr 13th - Rigardus "Rijn" Rijnhout, Giant of Rotterdam (2.375m), dies at 38
Apr 16th - Charles Halton, dies at 83
Apr 18th - Irving Cummings Sr, actor/director (In Old Ariz), dies at 70
Apr 24th - Jef van Hoof, composer, dies at 72
Apr 27th - Gordon Armstrong, inventor (baby incubator), dies
Apr 30th - Armand Louis Joseph Marsick, composer, dies at 81
May 1st - Oscar Torp, Norwegian premier, dies
May 5th - Carlos Saavedra Lamas, Argentine politician, dies at 80
May 8th - Renato Caccioppoli, Italian mathematician/pianist, suicide at 55
May 14th - Sidney Bechet, US jazz clarinetist/saxophonist/bandleader, dies at 62
Nobel Peace Laureate Carlos Saavedra LamasNobel Peace Laureate Carlos Saavedra Lamas (May 5th) May 15th - Berend van den Amstel, [Bernard CED Hattink], Dutch actor, dies at 56
May 16th - Joe Cook, Stage comedian, dies at 69
May 16th - Elisha Scott, Northern Irish footballer (b. 1894)
May 20th - Alfred Schutz, Austrian/US architect/philosopher, dies at 60
May 24th - John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State (1953-59), dies at 71
May 26th - Ed Walsh, baseball pitcher (1.82 ERA), dies at 78
May 26th - Joe Kelly, TV host (Quiz Kids), dies at 57
May 28th - Bert Collins, cricketer (19 Tests for Aust 1920-26), dies
May 30th - Thomas Carl Whitmer, composer, dies at 85
Jun 1st - Sax Rohmer, English author (b. 1883)
Jun 3rd - Ole Windingstad, composer, dies at 73
Jun 4th - Charles Vidor, director (Gilda, Farewell to Arms), dies at 58
Jun 10th - Zoltán Meskó, Hungarian Nazi (b. 1883)
Actor George ReevesActor George Reeves (Jun 16th) Jun 16th - George Reeves, actor (Superman, Gone with the Wind), commits suicide by shooting himself in the head at 45
Jun 17th - Abdul Mouse, Indonesian nationalist foreman/author, dies at about 68
Jun 18th - Ethel Barrymore, [Blythe], actress (None but the lonely), dies at 79
Jun 20th - Hitoshi Ashida, Japanese politician, dies at 71
Jun 22nd - Hermann Brill, German politician (b. 1895)
Jun 23rd - Jean Gallon, composer, dies at 80
Jun 23rd - Boris Vian, French writer and musician (b. 1920)
Jun 24th - Lou Bandy, Dutch revue-artist (Life Ain't Bad), commits suicide at 69
Jun 25th - Charles Starkweather, spree killer (b. 1938)
Jun 26th - Audley Miller, cricketer (Test for England 1896), dies
Jun 29th - A Cecil Snyder, Chief Justice of Puerto Rico, dies at 51
Jun 30th - Lazare Saminsky, composer, dies at 76
Jun 30th - José Vasconcelos, Mexican writer and politician (b. 1882)
Jul 6th - George Grosz, German cartoonist/painter (Ecce Homo), dies at 65
Jul 8th - Dale Buisand & Chester Ovnand, 1st Americans killed in Vietnam War
Jul 11th - C W L Parker, cricketer (3,776 1st-class wickets, 2nd best ever), dies
Jul 14th - Grock, [Adrien Wettach], Swiss clown/circus director, dies at 79
Jul 15th - Ernest Bloch, Swiss/US composer (Macbeth), dies at 78
Jul 15th - Peter A Egge, Norwegian writer (The Dream), dies
Jul 15th - Vance Palmer, Australian author (b. 1885)
Jazz Musician Billie HolidayJazz Musician Billie Holiday (Jul 17th) Jul 17th - Billie Holiday, jazz singer, dies at Metropolitan Hospital in New York of cirrhosis of the liver at 44
Jul 17th - Henri Pourrat, French writer (Le chasseur de la nuit), dies
Jul 17th - Eugene Meyer, American businessman and newspaper publisher (b. 1875)
Jul 20th - Harry Fox II, dies at 77
Jul 25th - Isaac Halevi Herzog, chief rabbi of Israel (1936-59), dies at 71
Jul 26th - Manuel Altolaguirre, Spanish poet/publisher (Amor), dies at 54
Aug 2nd - Prospero Bisquertt, composer, dies at 78
Aug 5th - Edgar Guest, US poet/newspaperman, dies at 77
Aug 6th - Preston Sturges, [Edmund Biden], US director/screenwriter, dies at 60
Aug 7th - Armas Emmanuel Launis, composer, dies at 75
Aug 9th - Emil Frantisek Burian, composer, dies at 55
Aug 12th - Mike O'Neill, Irish-born American baseball player (b. 1877)
Aug 13th - Henry Garat, actor (Congress Dances), dies at 57
Aug 15th - Blind Willie McTell, American ragtime singer and guitarist (b. 1901)
Aug 16th - Pedro Humberto Allende Saron, Chilean composer (Tonados), dies at 74
Aug 16th - William "Bull" F Halsey, US vice-admiral (WW II Pacific), dies
Aug 16th - Wanda Landowska, Polish harpsichordist (b. 1879)
Aug 19th - Jacob Epstein, US/English sculptor/painter, dies at 78
Aug 20th - Alfred Kubin, writer, dies at 82
Aug 28th - Bohuslav Jan Martinu, Czech composer (Hry o Marti), dies at 68
Aug 31st - Charles Delaney, dies at 67
Sep 6th - Edmund Gwenn, actor (Them, Java Head, Miracle on 34th St), dies at 83
Sep 6th - Kay Kendall, British actress (Genevieve), dies of leukemia at 32
Sep 7th - Maurice Duplessis, Québec Prime Minister (b. 1890)
Sep 9th - Max d' Ollone, composer, dies at 84
Sep 9th - O'Neil Gordon Collie Smith, WI cricket all-rounder, dies in car crash
Sep 11th - Paul Douglas, actor (Adventure Theater), dies at 52
Sep 13th - Gilbert Adrian, costume designer, dies of heart attack at 56
Sep 14th - Wayne Morris, actor (Kid Galahad), dies of heart attack at 45
Sep 17th - Bert Leysen, Belgian TV director, dies at 39
Sep 20th - Olin Howlin, actor (Swifty-Circus Boy), dies at 63
Sep 22nd - Benjamin Peret, French writer/poet (Le grand jeu), dies at 60
Sep 22nd - Jane Winton, actress (Hell's Angel, Patsy, Don Juan), dies at 53
Sep 22nd - Josef Matthias Hauer, composer, dies at 76
Sep 25th - Ennio Porrino, composer, dies at 49
Sep 25th - Helen Broderick, comedienne/actress (Swing Time, Top Hat), dies
Sep 25th - S W R D Bandaranaike, Ceylon's PM, assassinated by a Buddhist monk
Sep 26th - Solomon Bandaranaike, PM of Ceylon (1956-59), assassinated at 60
Sep 28th - Gerard Hoffnung, artist/humorist/musician, dies
Sep 28th - Rudolf Caracciola, German race car driver (b. 1901)
Sep 29th - Bruce Bairnsfather, cartoonist, dies
Sep 29th - Harold Huber, actor (I Cover Times Square), dies at 49
Sep 30th - John H Kliegl, developer of Klieg light, dies at 89
Sep 30th - Taylor Holmes, actor (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), dies at 81
Sep 30th - Ross Granville Harrison, American Biologist and Zoologist (organ transplant pioneer), dies at 89
Oct 3rd - William Bishop, actor (Steve-It's a Great Life), dies at 42

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