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Jan 1st - Vincent Auriol, President of France (1947-53), dies at 82
Jan 3rd - Rex Lease, actor (Perils of Pauline, Dakota, California), dies at 62
Jan 5th - George Duckworth, cricketer (24 Tests for England, ct 45 stp 15), dies
Jan 9th - Haro Levoni Step'anyan, composer, dies at 68
Jan 9th - Albert Stevens, an American patient in secret medical trials who survived the highest known radiation dose in a human, dies of heart disease at 79
Jan 10th - George Cresswell, cricketer (Took 13 wkts in 3 Tests for NZ), suicide
Jan 10th - Hermann Kasack, writer, dies at 69
Jan 11th - Albert Giacometti, Swiss/French painter/sculptor, dies at 64
Jan 11th - Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indian premier (1964-66), dies at 61
Jan 11th - Hannes Kolehmainen, Finnish runner (b. 1889)
Jan 14th - Sergei Korolev, Russian space station constructor, dies
Jan 14th - Bill Carr, American athlete (b. 1909)
Human Medical Subject Albert StevensHuman Medical Subject Albert Stevens (Jan 9th) Jan 16th - Margarete Susman, writer, dies at 91
Jan 17th - Vincent J Donehue, director (Lonelyhearts), dies of Hodgkin's at 50
Jan 18th - Kathleen Norris, US author, dies at 85
Jan 22nd - Herbert Marshall, actor (Dark Angel, Duel in the Sun), dies at 75
Jan 24th - Homi J. Bhabha, Indian physicist (b. 1909)
Jan 29th - Josef Winckler, German dentist/writer (Tolle Bomberg), dies at 84
Jan 29th - Pierre Mercure, composer, dies at 38
Jan 31st - Elizabeth Patterson, actress (Tall Story), dies at 90
Feb 1st - Buster Keaton, [Joseph Francis], US comic (General), dies at 69
Feb 1st - Hedda Hopper, [Elda Furry], US gossip columnist, dies at 75
Feb 1st - Nicholas Piantanida, sets balloon flight record & dies in descent
Feb 1st - William Harrigan, actor (Invisible Man, Girl in 419), dies at 71
Feb 3rd - June Walker, actress (War Nurses), dies at 65
Feb 4th - Gilbert H Grosvenor, president Natl Geographic Society, dies at 90
Feb 6th - Johan Algot Haquinius, composer, dies at 79
Feb 6th - Narcisa de Leon, Filipino film mogul (b. 1877)
Feb 9th - Sophie Tucker, Russ/US singer/actress (My Yiddish Mama), dies at 79
Feb 10th - Billy Rose, US theater producer (Diamond Horse Show), dies at 66
Feb 13th - Elio Vittorini, writer, dies
Feb 15th - Camillo Torres, Colombian priest/guerrilla fighter, dies
Feb 15th - Gerard CioĊ‚ek, Polish architect (b. 1909)
Feb 16th - Hendrik W Tilanus, artillery officer/leader (CHU 1939-63), dies at 81
Feb 17th - Frank Pettingell, actor (Becket, Up the Creek), dies at 75
Feb 17th - Gail Kane, actress (White Sister, Arizona), dies at 81
Feb 17th - Hans Hofmann, German/US painter (Search for the Real), dies at 85
Feb 18th - Anne Anema, Dutch lawyer/journalist/politician (ARP), dies at 94
Feb 18th - Casimir von Paszthory, composer, dies at 79
Feb 18th - Grigori Grigoyevich Nelyubov, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 31
Feb 18th - Robert Rossen, American screenwriter, producer, and director (b. 1908)
US Admiral Chester NimitzUS Admiral Chester Nimitz (Feb 20th) Feb 20th - Chester W Nimitz, US admiral (WW II), dies at 80
Feb 21st - Paul Comtois, French Canadian politician (b. 1895)
Feb 22nd - Paul de Keyser, Flemish philologist/folklorist, dies at 74
Feb 25th - James D. Norris, American sports businessman (b. 1906)
Feb 26th - Minerva Urecal, actress (Peter Gunn, Adv of Tugboat Annie), dies at 71
Feb 26th - Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Indian freedom fighter and writer (b. 1883)
Feb 27th - Minerva Urecal, actress (Apache Rose, Ghost Crazy), dies at 81
Feb 28th - Charles A Bassett II, astronaut, dies at 34, in a crash of T-38 jet
Feb 28th - Elliot McKay See Jr, astronaut, dies at 38 in T-38 jet crash
Mar 1st - Fritz Houtermans, German physicist (b. 1903)
Mar 3rd - Alice Pearce, comedienne (Gladys Kravitz-Bewitched), dies at 52
Mar 3rd - William Frawley, American actor (Fred Mertz-I Love Lucy), dies of a heart attack at 89
Mar 4th - Janis Medins, composer, dies at 75
Mar 5th - Anna Achmatova, Ukrainian poet, dies at 76
Mar 5th - Enrique E Ecker, Curacaos/US bacteriologist, dies at 79
Mar 6th - Richard Hageman, Dutch born American pianist, composer and conductor (Caponsacchi), dies at 84
Mar 9th - Pablo Birger, Argentine racing driver (b. 1924)
Mar 10th - Frederik "Frits" Zernike, Dutch physicist (Nobel 1953), dies at 77
Mar 10th - Mari Sandoz, US author (Cheyenne Autumn), dies at 64
Mar 12th - Estelita Rodriguez, Cuban actress (Golden Stallion, Susanna Pass), dies at 37
Mar 15th - Abe Saperstein, founder (Harlem Globetrotters), dies at 63
Mar 15th - Heinrich Lemacher, composer, dies at 74
Mar 17th - Walter Lang, composer, dies at 69
Mar 23rd - Johannes W Elsensohn, Dutch actor/writer (Arie), dies at 82
Mar 25th - Colin Campbell, actor (Leather Boys), dies at 83
Mar 27th - Mien Labberton, Dutch poet, dies at 82
Mar 29th - Harry Daugherty, trombonist (Spike Jones & City Slickers), dies at 50
Mar 30th - Erwin Piscator, German director (Plebeians test rebellion), dies at 72
Mar 30th - Maxfield Parrish, US painter, dies at 95
Mar 30th - Newbold Morris, American politician (b. 1902)
Apr 1st - Karl B Adam, German theologist (Jesus Christ), dies at 89
Apr 1st - Flann O'Brien, Irish humorist (b. 1911)
Apr 2nd - Cecil Scott Forester, English author (Horatio Hornblower), dies at 66
Apr 3rd - Russel Crouse, US stagewriter (Life with Father), dies at 73
Apr 5th - Sven Fleuron, writer, dies at 91
Apr 6th - Julia Faye, actress (10 Commandments. Samson & Delilah), dies at 73
Apr 8th - George Creten, Belgian sculptor/painter, dies at 79
Apr 9th - Sutan Sjahrir, premier of Indonesia (1945-47), dies at 57
Apr 10th - Christian J Modeste, Dutch king of gypsies, dies at 71
Apr 10th - Evelyn Waugh, British writer (Black Mischief), dies at 62
Apr 12th - Sumokil, president of Republic South Moluccas, executed
Apr 13th - Abdul Salam Arif, Iraqi politician (b. 1921)
Apr 13th - Georges Duhamel, French writer (b. 1884)
Apr 15th - Joseph Crehan, dies of stroke at 81
Apr 25th - Maurice Roelants, Belgian author (Prayer for a Good End), dies at 70
Apr 28th - Ralph Bunker, actor (Ghost Goes West), dies of a stroke at 77
Apr 29th - Eugene O'Brien, actor (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), dies at 85
Apr 30th - Richard Farina, American writer and folk rocker, dies on his birthday in a motorcycle accident
May 3rd - Wylie Watson, dies at 77
May 4th - Juan Maria Thomas Sabater, composer, dies at 69
May 9th - Alfred Mendelsohn, composer, dies at 56
May 9th - Wilhelmus M Bekkers, bishop of Dukeenbosch, dies
May 12th - Felix Martin Julius Steiner, German Heer and Waffen-SS officer (b. 1896)
May 13th - Henk [Hendrik M] of Randwijk, poet/editor in chief (illegal), dies
May 14th - Georgia BD Camp Johnson, US poet/playwright, dies at 88
May 14th - Megan Lloyd George, English politician, dies at 64
May 16th - Randolph Turpin, boxer, shot dead in his home
May 18th - Paul Althaus, German theologist (That Christian Wahrheit), dies at 78
May 19th - Tortoise, reportedly given to Tonga's King by Captain Cook (1773), dies
May 21st - Pat O'Malley, silent film actor (Wild One, Quiet Man), dies at 75
May 22nd - Tom Goddard, cricketer (22 wkts in 8 Tests for England 1930-39), dies
May 23rd - Ruth Gates, Denton TX, actress (Aunt Jenny-Mama), dies at 79
May 23rd - Demchugdongrub, Mongolian politician (b. 1902)
Pioneering Golfer Jim BarnesPioneering Golfer Jim Barnes (May 24th) May 24th - Jim Barnes, English golfing pioneer (4 major wins), dies at 80
May 26th - Don Castle, actor (Motor Patrol, Born to Speed), dies at 47
May 26th - Neal Dodd, actor (Only Women, You Belong to Me), dies at 86
Jun 1st - Papa Jack Laine, American musician (b. 1873)
Jun 3rd - Alice Calhoun, actress (Flowing Gold, Between Friends), dies at 65
Jun 5th - Natacha Rambova, costume designer, dies at 69
Jun 6th - Claudette Orbison, wife of singer Roy, dies in a motorcyle crash
Jun 7th - Hans/Jean Arp, French/Swiss painter/poet/sculptor, dies at 78
Jun 8th - Joseph A. Walker, WWII and NASA test pilot (1st spaceplane flights to edge of outerspace), dies in an aircraft collison at 45
Jun 8th - Anton Melik, Slovenian geographer (b. 1890)
Jun 11th - Ethel Clayton, actress (Warning Shadows), dies at 82
Jun 11th - Wallace Ford, actor (Deputy), dies of heart attack at 68
Jun 12th - Hermann Scherchen, German conductor/music publisher, dies at 74
Jun 12th - Thomas Chalmers, actor (Blind Alleys, Outrage), dies at 81
Jun 19th - Ed Wynn, comedian (Ed Wynn Show), dies at 79
Jun 19th - Marjan Kozina, composer, dies at 59
Jun 22nd - Roger Blunt, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ, 330 runs, 12 wickets), dies
Jun 27th - Arthur D Waley, [Schloss], British sinology/poet (Monkey), dies
Jun 29th - Arthur Meulemans, Belgian composer, dies at 82
Jun 29th - Isabel Dawn, writer, dies
Jun 29th - Ronald Shiner, actor (Aunt Clara, Forbidden, Girls at Sea), dies at 63
Jul 2nd - Jan Brzechwa, Polish poet (b. 1900)
Jul 3rd - Andre Gailhard, composer, dies at 81
Jul 3rd - Cornelis "Kees" Boeke, theorist, dies at 81
Jul 3rd - Joseph Deems Taylor, composer, dies at 80
Jul 5th - George de Hevesy, Hungarian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1885)
Jul 6th - Anne Nagel, dies of cancer at 50
Jul 6th - Sad Sam Jones, American baseball player (b. 1892)
Jul 7th - Carmelita Geraghty, dies of heart attack at 65
Jul 11th - Delmore Schwartz, US poet/critic (Shenandoah), dies at 52
Jul 12th - D T Suzuki, Zen Buddhism scholar, dies in Tokyo Japan at 96
Jul 14th - Julie Manet, French painter (b. 1878)
Jul 17th - August Baeyens, Flemish composer (Piranesi-suite), dies at 71
Jul 18th - Bobby Fuller, American rock singer and guitarist (I Fought the Law), found dead at 23
Jul 18th - German Germanovich Galinin, composer, dies at 44
Jul 20th - Julien Carette, dies of burns at 68
Jul 21st - Eugeen Calleen, Flemish sculptor, dies at 83
Jul 23rd - Donald Novis, singer/actor (Pajama Game), dies at 60
Jul 23rd - Douglass Montgomery, actor (Forbidden, Daybreak), dies at 56
Jul 23rd - [Edward] Montgomery Clift, actor (From Here to Eternity), dies at 45
Jul 24th - Tony Lema, US golfer, dies at 32
Jul 25th - Frank O'Hara, American writer and poet, dies after being hit by a car at 40
Jul 25th - Montgomery Clift, movie actor (From Here to Eternity), dies
Jul 29th - Pal Jardanyi, composer, dies at 44
Jul 30th - Edward G Craig, English actor/dir (On Art of Theatre), dies at 94
Jul 31st - Alex E von Falkenhausen, German general, dies at 87

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