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Jan 5th - Cornelis van Dis, Dutch MP (SGP), dies at 79
Jan 11th - Isabel Randolph, actress (Missing Corpse), dies at 83
Jan 11th - Rudolf Kubin, composer, dies a day after 64th birthday
Jan 15th - Jef Alpaerts, Flemish pianist/conductor, dies at 68
Jan 15th - Ivan Petrovsky, Russian mathematician (b. 1901)
Jan 15th - Coleman Francis, American film director (b. 1919)
Jan 16th - Ray Barrett, sportscaster (Gillette Summer Sports Reel), dies at 65
Jan 17th - Fred Essler, actor (Unsinkable Molly Brown), dies at 77
Jan 19th - Max Adrian, Irish actor (Boy Friend), dies of a heart attack at 69
Jan 20th - Amilcar L Cabral, fought for Guinea Bissau independence, murdered 51
Jan 20th - Lorenz Böhler, Austrian physician (b. 1885)
Jan 22nd - Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th US President (1963-69), dies at his Texas ranch at 64
Jan 23rd - Alexander Onassis, Greek heir of the Onassis family (b. 1948)
Jan 23rd - Kid Ory, American jazz trombonist (b. 1886)
Jan 24th - Alan Lisette, cricketer (took 3 wickets in 2 Tests for NZ 1956), dies
36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson (Jan 22nd) Jan 24th - J Carrol Naish, actor (Charlie Chan-Adv of Charlie Chan), dies at 73
Jan 24th - Masao Ohba, world champion Japanese boxer (b. 1949)
Jan 26th - Edward G Robinson, [Goldenberg], actor (Little Caesar), dies at 79
Jan 26th - Meijer Sluyser, Dutch journalist/commentator (VARA), dies at about 71
Jan 26th - Jay C. Higginbotham, American musician (b. 1906)
Jan 28th - John Banner, actor (Schultz-Hogan's Heroes), dies on 62nd birthday
Jan 29th - Johannes Paul Thilman, composer, dies at 67
Jan 29th - Ludwig Stossel, Austrian actor (Man With a Camera), dies at 89
Jan 30th - Jack McGowan, actor (On Our Selection), dies at 54
Jan 31st - Ragnar Frisch, Norwegian economist (Nobel 1969), dies at 77
Feb 2nd - Henry J Elias, Flemish historian/mayor of Gent, dies at 70
Feb 2nd - Hendrik Elias, Belgian politician (b. 1902)
Feb 3rd - Edward Lockspeiser, composer, dies at 67
Feb 5th - George Morrison, dies at 82
Feb 5th - L C William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam, funeral
Feb 6th - Ira S Bowen, US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar), dies at 74
Feb 8th - Herbie Taylor, cricketer (2936 runs in 42 Tests for South Africa), dies
Feb 9th - Max Yasgur, owner Woodstock-festival farmland, dies at 53
Feb 9th - Vasiliki Maliaros, Greek actress (b. 1883)
Feb 11th - Hans D Jensen, German physicist (Nobel prize 1963), dies at 65
Feb 12th - Benjamin Frankel, composer, dies at 67
Feb 15th - Tim Holt, actor (Stagecoach, Hitler's Children), dies of cancer at 55
Feb 15th - Wally Cox, actor (Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares), dies at 48
Feb 16th - Pieter Van der Bijl, cricketer (outstanding S Af bat in 1938-39), dies
Gangster Frank CostelloGangster Frank Costello (Feb 18th) Feb 18th - Frank Costello, American gangster, dies of a heart attack at 82
Feb 20th - Brigitte Reimann, writer, dies at 39
Feb 20th - Joseph Szigeti, Hungarian/US violinist, dies at 80
Feb 20th - Maurice Dallimore, actor (Collector), dies at 60
Feb 22nd - Elizabeth Bowen, Anglo-Irish novelist (Cat Jumps), dies in Lond at 73
Feb 22nd - Katina Paxinou, actress (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Zita), dies at 72
Feb 22nd - Winthrop Rockefeller, US governor (Arkansas), dies at 60
Feb 22nd - Jean-Jacques Bertrand, Quebec politician, Premier of Quebec (b. 1916)
Feb 23rd - Dickinson W. Richards, American physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1895)
Feb 24th - Art Smith, actor (Quicksand), dies of heart attack at 73
Feb 26th - Mary Finney, actress (Honestly Celeste), dies at 68
Feb 27th - Lucijan Marija Skerjanc, Yugoslav composer/conductor, dies at 72
Feb 28th - Cecil Kellaway, actor (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner), dies at 78
Feb 28th - Hope Landin, actress (I Remember Mama, Sugarfoot), dies at 79
Mar 2nd - Cleo Noel, US ambassador to Sudan, assassinated
Mar 4th - Samuel Tolansky, British scientist and expert on spectroscopy (b. 1907)
Mar 5th - Rupert Crosse, actor (Too Late Blues), dies of cancer at 45
Mar 5th - Michael Jeffery, British music manager (b. 1933)
Mar 6th - Paul Klecki/Kletzki, Polish violinist/composer/conductor, dies at 72
Mar 6th - Pearl S[ydenstricker] Buck, American author (Good Earth - Nobel Prize 1938), dies at 80
Mar 6th - Vera Fjodorova Panova, Russian author (Sputniki), dies at 67
Mar 7th - Andre de Meulemeester, Belgium WW I pilot [Eagle of Flanders], dies at 78
Mar 8th - Gordon Leggat, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ, 351 runs at 21 93), dies
Mar 8th - Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, rocker (Grateful Dead) dies at 27
Mar 10th - Richard Sharples, governor of Bermuda, assassinated
Mar 10th - Eugene 'Bull' Connor, American segregationist (b. 1897)
Mar 12th - Esther Williamson Ballou, composer, dies at 57
Mar 12th - Frankie "Fordham Flash" Frisch, baseball player, dies at 74
Mar 12th - Manuel Rojas Sepulveda, Chilean writer (Hijo de Ladron), dies at 77
Mar 13th - Stacy Harris, actor (NOPD, Doorway to Danger), dies at 54
Mar 14th - Murat B "Chic" Young, US comic strip artist (Blondie), dies at 72
Mar 14th - Rafael Godoy, Colombian composer (b. 1907)
Mar 15th - Carl Benton Reid, actor (Burke's Law), dies at 82
Mar 16th - Carl Benton Reid, actor (Trap, Underwater City), dies at 79
Mar 16th - M Revis, [Willem Fisherman), author (People that Mutiny), dies at 68
Mar 17th - Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress (2 Orphans), dies at 81
Mar 18th - Lauritz L H Melchior, Danish baritone/actor (Luxury Liner), dies at 82
Mar 21st - Antoni Szalowski, composer, dies at 65
Mar 23rd - Ken Maynard, actor (Phantom Rancher, $50,000 Reward), dies at 77
Mar 25th - Edward Steichen, pioneer of US photography, dies at 93
Mar 26th - George Sisler, hall of famer 1st baseman (257 hits-1920), dies at 80
Mar 26th - Noel Coward, English playwright (Private Letters), dies at 73
Mar 26th - Safford Cape, US/Belgian conductor/composer/musicologist, dies at 67
Mar 26th - Johnny Drake, American football player (b. 1916)
Mar 26th - Don Messer, Canadian fiddler (b. 1909)
Mar 27th - Boyan Georgiev Ikonomov, composer, dies at 72
Mar 28th - Hakuun Yasutani, Zen teacher/co-founder (Sanbo Kyodan), dies
Mar 31st - Kurt George Hugo Thomas, composer, dies at 68
Apr 1st - Arthur Wood, cricket wicket-keeper (England 1938-39), dies
Apr 2nd - Jascha Horenstein, Russian-born American conductor
Apr 5th - John Coleman, Australian rules footballer (b. 1928)
Apr 7th - Nick Stuart, bandleader, dies of cancer at 69
Painter Pablo PicassoPainter Pablo Picasso (Apr 8th) Apr 8th - Pablo (Ruiz y) Picasso, Spanish/French painter (Guernica), dies at 91
Apr 11th - Ted Decorsia, actor (Police Chief Hegedorn-Steve Canyon), dies at 69
Apr 13th - Alexandre A M Stols, publisher/typographer (Schoone Book), dies at 73
Apr 14th - Magda Janssens, Flemish actress (Nederlands in 7 Lessons), dies at 88
Apr 14th - Minna Gombell, dies in Santa Monica CA
Apr 20th - Robert Armstrong, actor (Fall Guy, Exposed), dies at 82
Apr 21st - Ursula Jeans, actress (Cavalcade, Over the Moon), dies at 66
Apr 21st - Arthur Fadden, thirteenth Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1894)
Apr 23rd - Otto Eissfeldt, German old testament scholar, dies at 85
Apr 26th - Irene Ryan, actress (Granny-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 69
Apr 27th - Jim Sims, cricketer (England leg-spinner in 4 Tests 1935-37), dies
Apr 27th - Libbe de Wal, founder of Humanistic Covenant, dies at 72
Apr 27th - Carlos Menditeguy, Argentine racing driver (b. 1914)
Apr 28th - Pat Henning, actor (Goodyear TV Playhouse), dies at 62
Apr 28th - Clas Thunberg, Finnish speed skater (b. 1893)
Apr 29th - Manfred Gurlitt, composer, dies at 82
Apr 30th - Josie Sedgwick, actress (White Moth), dies of stroke at 75
Apr 30th - Václav Renč, Czech poet, dramatist and translator (b. 1911)
May 2nd - Alan Carney, actor (Herbie-Take it from Me), dies at 61
May 4th - Jane Bowles, American writer and playwright, dies at 56
May 6th - Ernest MacMillan, composer, dies at 79
May 8th - Ralph Miller, last 19th century baseball player (Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Baltimore Orioles), dies aged 100
May 10th - Jack E Leonard, Chicago Ill, comedian, dies at 62
May 10th - Loren Tindall, dies of heart attack at 51
May 11th - Grigory M Kosinzev, Russian director, dies
May 11th - Lex Barker, American actor (b. 1919)
May 12th - Frances Marion, screenwriter (Pollyanna, Camille), dies at 85
May 12th - Art Pollard, American racecar driver (b. 1927)
May 14th - Jean Gebser, German-born author, linguist, and poet (b. 1905)
May 15th - Willem H Rassers, Dutch cult anthropologist (Pandji-Novel), dies at 95
May 17th - Alexander J Kropholler, Dutch architect/writer, dies at 91
1st Woman Elected to Congress Jeannette Rankin1st Woman Elected to Congress Jeannette Rankin (May 18th) May 18th - Jeannette Rankin, 1st Congresswoman (1917-19, 41-43) and pacifist, dies at 92
May 20th - Jarno Saarinen, Finnish motorcycle racer (b. 1945)
May 21st - Carlo E Gadda, Italian engineer/writer (War Diary), dies at 79
May 21st - George Breakstone, actor/director (Great Expectations), dies at 53
May 21st - Vaughn Monroe, singer/orchestra leader (Vaughn Monroe Show), dies at 61
May 23rd - Athena Lorde, actress (Fuzz, Skin Game, Firecreek), dies at 57
May 26th - Jacques Lipchitz, US cubist sculptor, dies at 81
May 28th - Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, Germ composer/conductor (Hassan), dies at 73
May 28th - Jacques Lipchitz, Polish/French/US art critic sculptor, dies at 81
May 29th - Eric Applewhite, entertainer, dies
May 29th - P. Ramlee, Malaysian film actor, director, singer and songwriter. (b. 1929)
May 30th - Hal Hastings, orchestra leader (Chevrolet on Broadway), dies at 66
May 31st - Albert Egges van Giffen, Dutch archaeologist, dies at 89
Jun 1st - Harvey S Firestone Jr, US tire manufacturer, dies at 75
Jun 1st - Mary Kornman, actress (Desert Trail, Swing it Professor), dies at 57
Jun 1st - Walter Greaza, actor (Leonard-Martin Kane, Treasury Men), dies at 76
Jun 3rd - Dory Funk, professional wrestler (b. 1919)
Poet Arna BontempsPoet Arna Bontemps (Jun 4th) Jun 4th - Arna Bontemps, American poet (Harlem Renaissance), dies of heart attack at 72 in Nashville
Jun 4th - Murray Wilson, father of beachboys Brian, Carl & Dennis, dies at 55
Jun 5th - Max Terhune, actor (Range Justice, Night Riders), dies at 82
Jun 7th - Lane Bradford, actor (Dead Man's Gold, Gun Hawk), dies at 50
Jun 8th - Eino Mauno Aleksanteri Linnala, composer, dies at 76
Jun 9th - Erich von Manstein, German military commander (b. 1887)
Jun 10th - William M Inge, US playwright (Come Back Little Sheba), dies at 60
Jun 13th - Alvin Derold Etler, composer, dies at 60
Jun 13th - Frantisek Suchy, composer, dies at 82
Jun 17th - Luis Van Rooten, actor (One Man's Family), dies at 66
Jun 18th - Fritz Mahler, composer, dies at 71

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