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Jan 2nd - Tex Ritter, country singer (5 Star Jubilee), dies at 67
Jan 3rd - Gino Cervi, actor (Becket, Don Camillo), dies at 72
Jan 4th - Karel Janacek, composer, dies at 70
Jan 5th - Roy Bargy, orchestra leader (Jimmy Durante Show), dies at 79
Jan 5th - Lev Oborin, Russian pianist (b. 1907)
Jan 6th - David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mexican sculptor/muralist, dies at 77
Jan 7th - Charles Alfred Coulson, British Chemist (theoretical), dies at 63
Jan 13th - Raoul Jobin, Canadian tenor (b. 1906)
Jan 13th - Salvador Novo, Mexican writer and poet (b. 1904)
Jan 14th - Josef Smrkovsky, Czechoslovakia parliament chairman, dies at 62
Jan 15th - Karel Salmon, composer, dies at 76
Jan 20th - Edmund Blunden, British poet/critic, dies at 77
Jan 21st - Jan Arends, Dutch poet/author, dies at 48
Jan 21st - Ken Viljoen, cricketer (played 27 Tests for South Africa 1930-47), dies
Jan 21st - Lewis L Strauss, head US Atomic Energy Comm (1953-58), dies at 78
Jan 22nd - Leon Lontoc, actor (Henry-Burke's Law), dies at 64
Jan 26th - S v Vegesack, writer, dies at 85
Jan 26th - Wiktor Labunski, composer, dies at 78
Jan 27th - Georgios Grivas, Greek gen/oppos leader on Cyprus (EOKA), dies at 75
Jan 27th - Paula Ludwig, writer, dies at 74
Jan 28th - Dino Buzzati, writer, dies at 67
Jan 30th - Bill Whitty, cricketer (37 wkts v South Africa 1910-11 series), dies
Jan 31st - Glenn Morris, olympian/actor (Tarzan's Revenge), dies at 61
Jan 31st - Harry Baum, actor (Crime & Punishment), dies at 58
Jan 31st - Paul Haesaerts, Flemish architect/painter (Flandre), dies at 72
Jan 31st - Roger Pryor, actor (Lady by Choice), dies at 72
Hollywood Mogul Samuel GoldwynHollywood Mogul Samuel Goldwyn (Jan 31st) Jan 31st - Samuel Goldwyn, Polish/English/US film magnate (MGM), dies of natural causes at 91
Feb 1st - Lynda Ann Healy, 1st Bundy murder victim, abducted in Seattle
Feb 2nd - Jean Absil, Belgian composer (Benedictions), dies at 80
Feb 4th - Mihail Andricu, composer, dies at 79
Feb 4th - Satyendra Nath Bose, Indian physicist (b. 1894)
Feb 7th - Arline Judge, actress (Age of Consent), dies at 61
Feb 8th - Fern Andra, dies at 80
Feb 8th - Fritz Zwicky, Swiss/US astronomer (supernova, dark matter), dies at 75
Feb 9th - Cees de Lange, Dutch conferencier, dies at 60
Feb 11th - Anna Q Nilsson, actress (Toll Gate, Sorrell & Son), dies at 85
Feb 14th - C S Dempster, cricketer (10 Tests for NZ, 723 runs), dies
Feb 15th - Kurt Magnus Atterberg, composer, dies at 86
Feb 16th - John Garand, Canadian rifle engineer and manufacturer (b. 1888)
Feb 20th - David Monrad Johansen, composer, dies at 85
NHL Star and Businessman Tim HortonNHL Star and Businessman Tim Horton (Feb 21st) Feb 21st - Tim Horton, Canadian hockey player and co-founder of Tim Hortons, dies in a car crash at 44
Feb 22nd - Samuel Byck, American attempted assassin of Richard Nixon (b. 1930)
Feb 23rd - Florence Rice, actress (Girl in 1313, Carnival), dies at 63
Feb 23rd - Harry Ruby, American composer and writer (b. 1895)
Feb 27th - Pat Brady, Toledo Ohio, actor (Roy Rodgers Show), dies at 59
Feb 28th - Mees Toxopeus, Dutch rescue-vessel captain, dies at 89
Mar 1st - Jos de Haes, Flemish philological/poet (Azuren Holte), dies at 53
Mar 1st - Bobby Timmons, American jazz pianist (b. 1935)
Mar 2nd - Barbara Ruick, actress/singer (Jerry Colonna Show), dies at 41
Mar 2nd - Salvador Puig Antich, Spanish anarchist (b. 1948)
Mar 3rd - Barbara Ruick, actress (Carousel, Fearless Fagan), dies at 43
Mar 3rd - Frank Wilcox, actor (John-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 66
Mar 4th - Adolph Gottlieb, US painter, dies at 71
Mar 5th - Billy DeWolfe, actor (Good Morning World), dies at 67
Mar 5th - Solomon I "Sol" Hurok, US impresario, dies at 85
Mar 5th - Billy De Wolfe, American actor (b. 1907)
Mar 7th - Alberto Rabagliati, Italian singer and actor (b. 1906)
Mar 8th - Christian van Geel, Dutch poet/sculptor (Spinroc), dies at 56
Mar 8th - Willem "Wim" Sonneveld, Dutch actor (Silk Stockings), dies at 56
Mar 9th - Earl W Sutherland Jr, US pharmacologist (Nobel 1971), dies at 58
Mar 10th - June Harrison, actress (Land of the Lawless), dies at 48
Mar 10th - Quinto Maganini, composer, dies at 76
Mar 12th - Billy Fox, Protestant Dublin MP, assassinated
Mar 12th - George D. Sax, Drive-in bank and instant loan innovator. Owner of the Saxony Hotel. (b. 1904)
Mar 13th - Howard St John, actor (Investigator, Dr Lewis-Hank), dies at 68
Mar 13th - Janos Prohaska, actor (Andy Williams Show), dies at 52
Mar 17th - Carroll Nye, actor (Gone with the Wind), dies at 72
Mar 17th - Louis I Kahn, Estonia/US architect, dies at about 73
Mar 18th - David C Imboden, actor (King of Kings), dies at 87
Mar 19th - Anne Klien, fashion designer, dies at 51
Mar 19th - Edward Platt, actor (Chief-Get Smart), dies at 58
Mar 19th - Hertha Kuusinen, Finnish communist/daughter of Otto K, dies at 70
Mar 20th - Chet Huntley, newscaster (NBC Huntley-Brinkley Report), dies at 62
Mar 20th - [Lavinia] Marian Fleming Poe, African American advocate in Virginia, dies at 83
Mar 21st - Candy Darling, [James Slattery], female impersonator, dies
Mar 22nd - Peter Revson, US race car driver (Indianapolis 500), dies at 35
Mar 24th - Doris Deane, dies at 74
Mar 24th - Yoshida Isoya, Japanese architect (modern sukiya style), dies at 79
Mar 25th - Otto Waldis, actor (Unknown World, Whip Hand), dies at 72
Mar 28th - Dorothy Fields, US singer (Way you Look Tonight), dies at 68
Mar 28th - Francoise Rosay, actress (Interlude, Women in Prison), dies at 82
Mar 28th - Arthur Crudup, American blues singer and guitarist, dies of heart attack at 68
Mar 29th - Seton I Miller, writer, dies at 71
Mar 30th - Ludovicus J Rogier, Dutch historian (Reborn in Freedom), dies at 79
Mar 31st - Andrea Checci, actress (2 Women, Assassin, Black Sunday), dies at 57
Apr 1st - Alfred Ernest Whitehead, composer, dies at 86
Apr 2nd - Douglass Dumbrille, actor (Mr Deed Goes to Town), dies at 84
French President Georges PompidouFrench President Georges Pompidou (Apr 2nd) Apr 2nd - Georges Pompidou, French President (1969-1974) and Prime Minister (1962-1968), dies in Paris at 62
Apr 5th - William Hudson, actor (I Led 3 Lives), dies at 49
Apr 5th - A. Y. Jackson, Canadian painter (b. 1882)
Apr 6th - Willem Dudok, Dutch architect (Hilversum Town Hall), dies at 89
Apr 6th - Hudson Fysh, Australian aviator and businessman (b.1895)
Apr 8th - James Charles McGuigan, Catholic archbishop of Toronto (b. 1894)
Apr 10th - Patricia Collinge, dies at 81
Apr 10th - Roger Bastide, French sociologist, dies at 76
Apr 11th - Curt Conway, dies
Apr 12th - Carl Jaffe, dies at 72
Apr 13th - Stanley Smith, actor (Honey, King of Jazz, Soup to Nuts), dies at 71
Apr 15th - Giovanni D'Anzi, Italian songwriter (b. 1906)
Apr 17th - Frank McGee, Today show host, dies of cancer at 52
Apr 17th - Herbert Elwell, US composer (Happy Hypocrite), dies at 75
Apr 17th - Vinnie Taylor, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a drug overdose
Apr 18th - Betty Compson, actress (Barker, Weary River, Drag Net), dies at 77
Apr 18th - Marcel Pagnol, French writer/movie (Topaz), dies at 79
Apr 20th - Mohammed Ayub Khan, premier/president (Pakistan), dies
Apr 21st - Charles "Chic" Harley, American football player (b. 1895)
Apr 24th - Bud Abbott, comedian (Abbott & Costello), dies at 78
Apr 28th - Paul Page, actor (Girl from Havanna, Moth), dies at 70
Actress Agnes MooreheadActress Agnes Moorehead (Apr 30th) Apr 30th - Agnes Moorehead, American actress (Endora-Bewitched), dies of uterine cancer at 73
May 4th - Israel Citkowitz, composer, dies at 65
May 4th - John Wengraf, actor (Pride & Passion, 12 to the Moon), dies at 77
May 8th - Graham Bond, British R&B musician, dies jumping under a train at 36
May 9th - Lyubomir Pipkov, composer, dies at 69
May 10th - Hal Mohr, Cinematographer, Husband of Evelyn Venable (b. 1894)
May 13th - Jaime Torres Bodet, Mexican writer (b. 1902)
May 13th - Denny Shute, American golfer, dies at 69
May 17th - Charles Braswell, actor (Only Game in Town), dies at 49
May 17th - Ernest Nash, German born archaeologist (b. 1898)
May 18th - Daniel R Topping, US owner (NY Yankees), dies at 61
May 23rd - Kathleen Cannell, writer, dies
May 24th - Duke Ellington, American musician, dies of cancer at 75
Jazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke EllingtonJazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke Ellington (May 24th) May 25th - Donald Crisp, actor/director (Beloved Brat, Dawn Patrol), dies at 91
May 25th - Frank Ward, cricketer (4 Tests for Australia 1936-38), dies
May 25th - Pam Morrison, wife of Door's vocalist Jim, dies of drug overdose
May 26th - Kitty Gordon, entertainer, dies at 96
May 26th - Silvio Moser, Swiss racing driver (b. 1941)
May 31st - Adelle Davis, US nutrionalist (Let's stay healthy), dies at 70
Jun 2nd - Elliott Sullivan, actor (Sergeant), dies at 66
Jun 2nd - Waldemar F Eric Marx, cricketer (3 Tests South Africa v Aust 1921-22), dies
Jun 2nd - Hiroshi Kazato, Japanese racing driver (b. 1949)
Jun 6th - Blanche Yurka, actress (Tale of 2 Cities, Cry of Werewolf), dies at 86
Jun 9th - Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guatemalan novelist (Hombres de Maiz, Nobel 67), journalist and poet, dies at 74
Jun 9th - Phillip Tead, actor (Lightnin', Fighting Blade), dies at 80
Nobel Prize winning Novelist and Journalist Miguel Ángel AsturiasNobel Prize winning Novelist and Journalist Miguel Ángel Asturias (Jun 9th) Jun 10th - Henry WFA, English duke of Gloucester/baron Culloden, dies at 74
Jun 11th - Julius Evola, Italian philosopher (b. 1898)
Jun 11th - Eurico Gaspar Dutra, President of Brazil (b. 1883)
Jun 14th - Knud Christian Jeppesen, composer, dies at 81
Jun 17th - Pamela Britton, actress (Blondie, My Favorite Martian), dies at 50
Jun 17th - Yadavendra Singh, cricketer (Yuvraj of Patiala, Test for India), dies
Jun 18th - Georgi K Zhukov, Russian marshal/minister of Defense, dies at 77
Jun 18th - Júlio César de Mello e Souza, Brazilian writer (b. 1896)
Jun 22nd - Horace Lindrum, Australian snooker and billiards player (b. 1912)
Jun 22nd - Darius Milhaud, French composer (b. 1892)
Jun 25th - Cornelius Lanczos, Hungarian mathematician (b. 1893)
Jun 28th - Frank Sutton, actor (Sgt Vince Carter-Gomer Pyle USMC), dies at 50
Jun 30th - Alberta King, mother of Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated in church
Jun 30th - Vannevar Bush, American engineer and politician (b. 1890)
Jul 1st - Juan Perón, Argentine military officer and President of Argentina (1946-55, 73-74), dies of a heart attack at 78
Jul 3rd - John C Ransom, US poet (World's Body), dies
Jul 4th - Mohammed SA al-Hoesseini, Mufti of Jerusalem/pres Com Palestine, dies

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