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Jan 1st - Arthur Pierson, actor/director (Hat Check Girl), dies at 73
Jan 3rd - Milton J Cross, TV announcer (Met Opera Auditions), dies at 87
Jan 3rd - Robert Neumann, Austrian/British author (False Flag), dies at 77
Jan 3rd - Walter Linck, Swiss sculptor, dies at 71
Jan 4th - Carlo Levi, Italian writer (Parole Sono Pietre), dies at 72
Jan 5th - Don Wilson, pitcher (Astro), dies at 29 of carbon monoxide poisoning
Jan 6th - Noel Madison, actor (Jitterbugs, Black Raven), dies at 77
Jan 8th - Anthony Warde, actor (Big Punch, Buck Rogers), dies at 66
Jan 8th - John Dierkes, actor (Red Badge of Courage), dies at 69
Jan 8th - John Gregson, actor (Rooney, Assassin), dies at 55
Jan 8th - Louis J H C A de Bourbon, Dutch writer/poet (Gypsy Blood), dies at 66
Jan 8th - Richard Tucker, [Reuben Ticker], US tenor (La Gioconda), dies at 61
Jan 9th - John Slater, actor (Deadlock, 3 on a Spree), dies at 58
Jan 9th - Pierre Fresnay, French actor (Monsieur Vincent), dies at 77
Jan 9th - Pyotr Sergeyevich Novikov, Russian mathematician (b. 1901)
Jan 11th - Max Lorenz, German heldentenor famous for Wagner roles (b. 1901)
Jan 12th - Caryn Campbell, Bundy victim, disappears from Snowmass, Colo
Jan 18th - Gertrude Olmstead, American silent film actress, dies at 77
Jan 19th - Thomas Hart Benton, American painter dies at 85 (b. 1889)
Jan 20th - Franz Andre, Belgian conductor, dies at 81
Jan 21st - Marie Lohr, actress (Pygmalion, Small Hotel, Escapade), dies at 84
Jan 22nd - Klaas Voskuil, Dutch journalist, dies at 79
Jan 22nd - Andrew George Burry, Swiss-born manufacturer and businessman (b. 1873)
Jan 23rd - Karel Paul van der Mandele, director (Rotterdam Bank), dies at 94
Jan 24th - Larry Fine, actor (3 Stooges), dies at 72
Jan 25th - Vivien Kellems, TV hostess (The Power of Women), dies at 78
Jan 25th - Charlotte Whitton, Canadian politician, mayor of Ottawa (b. 1896)
Jan 26th - Lubov Orlova, actress (Moscow Laughs, Man of Music, Tanya), dies at 72
Jan 27th - Bill Walsh, American producer and writer (b. 1913)
Jan 28th - Ola Raknes, Norwegian psychoanalyst and philologist (b. 1887)
Jan 30th - Boris Blacher, German composer (Purloined Letter), dies at 72
Feb 1st - Richard Wattis, actor (Dick & Duchess, Liberace), dies at 62
Feb 3rd - John Secondari, newscaster (Open Hearing), dies at 55
Feb 3rd - Robert Evett, composer, dies at 52
Feb 3rd - William D. Coolidge, American physicist and inventor (b. 1873)
Feb 3rd - Umm Kulthum, Egyptian singer (b. 1904)
Musician Louis JordanMusician Louis Jordan (Feb 4th) Feb 4th - Louis Jordan, American musician (b. 1908)
Feb 4th - Howard Hill, American archer (b. 1899)
Feb 7th - Brendan Fay, actor (Hustler, Man on a Swing), dies at 54
Feb 8th - Martyn Green, actor (Gilbert & Sullivan, Mikado), dies at 75
Feb 8th - Robert Robinson, British chemist, Nobel laureate (b. 1886)
Feb 9th - Constant Burniaux, Belgian art historian (L'amour Vivre), dies at 82
Feb 10th - Nikos Kavvadias, Greek poet and writer (b. 1910)
Feb 11th - Richard Ratsimandrava, Malagasy soldier and statesman, assassinated (b. 1931)
Feb 13th - Dagmar Godowsky, actress (Common Law, Red Lights), dies at 78
Feb 13th - Eric Harding Thiman, composer, dies at 74
Feb 13th - Henry P Van Dusen, US protestant theologist, dies at 77
Feb 14th - Heintje Davids, [Hendrika David], Dutch cabaret artist, dies at 87
Feb 14th - Julian S Huxley, English scholar/dir-gen (UNESCO), dies at 87
Feb 14th - Pelham G Wodehouse, English/US writer (Piccadilly Jim), dies at 93
Feb 15th - Julian Huxley, biologist, dies
Feb 15th - Pelham G Wodehouse, writer, dies
Feb 16th - Morgan Taylor, American athlete (b. 1903)
Feb 16th - Norman Treigle, American bass-baritone (b. 1927)
Feb 18th - Chivu Stoica, [Stoica Chivu), premier of Romania (1955-61), dies at 66
Feb 18th - Luigi Dallapiccola, composer, dies
Feb 18th - Raymond Moley, US advisor to pres Roosevelt "Brain Trust", dies at 88
Feb 18th - Syed Nazir Ali, cricketer (2 Tests for India, 4 wickets), dies
Feb 19th - Luigi Dallapiccola, Italian 12-tone composer, dies at 71
Feb 20th - Edgar "Cookie" Fairchild, bandleader (Jerry Colonna Show), dies at 76
Feb 20th - Lillian Fontaine, actress (Suddenly it's Spring), dies at 88
Feb 20th - Robert Strauss, actor (Sgt Gruzewsky-Mona McCluskey), dies at 61
Feb 24th - Nikolai A Bulganin, marshal/premier of USSR (1955-58), dies at 79
Feb 25th - Elijah Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam, dies in Chicago at 77
Feb 27th - Neville Cardus, writer/cricketer, dies
Feb 28th - Istvan Kardos, composer, dies at 83
Mar 2nd - Jean Kurt Forest, composer, dies at 65
Mar 2nd - Josiah Mwangi Kariuki, Kenyan politician (b.1929)
Mar 7th - Ben Blue, Canadian actor (Accidental Family), dies at 73
Mar 7th - Francine Larrimore, actress (John Meade's Woman), dies at 76
Mar 7th - Mikhail Bakhtin, Russian philosopher (b. 1895)
Mar 8th - George Stevens, US director (Swing Time, Gunga Din), dies at 70
Mar 9th - Joseph Dunninger, NYC, mentalist (Amazing Dunninger), dies at 82
Mar 9th - Shirley Ross, actress (Night Vision, Mindkiller), dies at 62
Mar 9th - Gleb W. Derujinsky, Russian-American sculptor (b. 1888)
Mar 10th - Leopold Samuel, composer, dies at 91
Mar 11th - Philip Bezanson, composer, dies at 59
Mar 11th - Sammy Spear, orchestra leader (Dom Deluise Show), dies at 65
Mar 11th - Walter Kinsella, actor (Happy-Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 74
Mar 13th - Ali Sastroamidjojo, Indonesian attorney/minister/premier, dies at 71
Mar 13th - Ivo Andric, Yugoslavian author (Nemiri-Nobel 1961), dies at 82
Mar 13th - Jean Del Val, actor (Sainted Devil, Flying Deuces), dies at 83
Mar 13th - Ruth Schaumann, German author/painter/sculptor, dies at 75
Mar 14th - Susan Hayward, actress (Young & Willing), dies at 56
Mar 15th - Antonino Rocca, professional wrestler/sportscaster, dies at 49
Mar 15th - Aristotle S Onassis, Greek shipping magnate, dies at 69
Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter T-Bone WalkerBlues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter T-Bone Walker (Mar 16th) Mar 16th - T-Bone Walker, blues guitarist (Funky Town, Well Done), dies at 64
Mar 16th - Richard W. DeKorte, American politician (b. 1936)
Mar 18th - Alain Grandbois, Quebec poet (b. 1900)
Mar 19th - John A DeMott, dies at 63
Mar 21st - Berend Giltay, composer, dies at 64
Mar 21st - Ralph Hawtrey, economist (multiplier), dies at 95
Mar 21st - Joe Medwick, baseball player (b. 1911)
Mar 22nd - Asa Smith Bushnell Jr, Sec of US Olympics (1945-65), dies at 75
Mar 22nd - Cass Daley, actress (Red Garters), dies at 59
Mar 22nd - Paul Verhoeven, German director dies at 73
Mar 24th - Muriel Hutchinson, actor (Another Thin Man), dies at 60
Mar 24th - Oscar Rasbach, composer, dies at 86
Mar 25th - Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, king of Saudi-Arab (1964-75), shot by nephew at 68
Mar 25th - Juan Gaudino, Argentine racing driver (b. 1893)
Mar 27th - Arthur Bliss, English composer/conductor (Checkmate), dies at 83
Mar 27th - Gertrude Niesen, actress (Start Cheering), dies at 63
Mar 28th - Renzo Massarani, composer, dies at 77
Mar 30th - Peter Bamm, writer, dies
Apr 1st - Eugeen Yoors, Flemish draftsman/glass painter, dies at 95
Apr 3rd - Mary Ure, Scottish actress (Sons & Lovers, Where Eagles Dare), dies at 42
Apr 5th - Inez Courtney, dies at 67
Apr 5th - Victor GM Marijnen, Dutch premier (1963-65), dies at 58
Chinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shekChinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shek (Apr 6th) Apr 6th - Chiang Kai-shek, Nationalist Chinese leader, dies at 87
Apr 10th - Marjorie Main, actress (Ma & Pa Kettle), dies at 85
Apr 10th - Sophia JW "Sophie" Hermse, actress (But a Dream), dies at 86
Apr 10th - Walker Evans, US photographer (Fortune Magazine), dies at 71
Apr 11th - Dorothy Patten, American actress, dies at 70
Apr 12th - Josephine Baker, US/French revue artist (Folies-Bergere), dies at 68
Apr 13th - Larry Parks, actor (Jazz Singer), dies at 60
Apr 13th - N'garta Tombalbaye, president Chad, dies
Apr 14th - Fredric March, American actor (Inherit the Wind), dies of prostate cancer at 77
Apr 15th - Charles Marshall, dies
Apr 15th - John B McKay, US test pilot (X-15), dies
Apr 15th - Richard Conte, actor (Four Just Men, Jean Arthur Show), dies at 65
Apr 17th - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Indian philosopher (b. 1888)
Apr 18th - Rob Touber, [Robert J Noordervliet), chansonnier/director, dies at 38
Apr 21st - Jack Allan Westrup, composer, dies at 70
Apr 22nd - Mary Philips, actress (Farewell to Arms), dies at 75
Apr 23rd - R D Brinkmann, writer, dies
Apr 23rd - William Hartnell, actor (Dr Who), dies at 67
Apr 24th - Pete Ham, rock musician (Badfinger), commits suicide by hanging himself at 27
Apr 24th - William Hartnell, actor (Jackpot, This Sporting Life), dies at 67
Apr 25th - Mike Brant, Israeli singer (b. 1947)
Apr 27th - Nicholas Soussanin, actor (Last Command), dies at 86
Apr 28th - Jan A de Jonge, Dutch historian, dies at 48
Apr 29th - Charles McMahon Jr, US USMC lance corporal, killed in Vietnam
Apr 29th - Darwin Judge, USMC-corporal, 1 of last US soldiers killed in Viet
Apr 29th - Michael John Shea, USMC-lt/pilot, 1 of last soldiers killed in Vietnam
Apr 29th - William Craig Nystul, USMC capt, 1 of last US soldiers killed in Viet
May 3rd - Samuel Gonard, chairman (International Red Cross), dies at 78
Comedian Moe HowardComedian Moe Howard (May 4th) May 4th - Moe Howard, [Moses Horowitz], comedian (3 Stooges), dies at 77
May 6th - Jozsef Mindszenty, [Joseph Prehm], Hungarian cardinal, dies at 83
May 8th - Avery Brundage, CEO (Intl Olympic Committee, 1952-72), dies at 87
May 9th - Philip Dorn, dies at 73
May 13th - Bob Wills, actor (Lone Prairie), dies at 69
May 16th - Michael X, (Abdul Malik), hanged in Trinidad, for murder
May 18th - Leroy Anderson, composer, dies at 66
May 20th - Dame Barbara Hepworth, English sculptor, dies in fire at 72
May 20th - Jacques Stehman, composer, dies at 62
May 22nd - Torben Meyer, actor (Viking, Roberta, Sunny), dies at 90
May 22nd - Lefty Grove, American Baseball Player (b. 1900)
May 23rd - Jackie "Moms" Mabley, comedienne (Amazing Grace), dies at 81
May 27th - Ezzard Charles, heavyweight boxing champion (1949-51), dies of ALS at 53
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard CharlesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles (May 27th) May 28th - Eric Emerson, entertainer, dies

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