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Jan 4th - Willem Bruynzeel, Dutch timber/lumber/wood manufacturer, dies at 76
Jan 6th - John D MacArthur, US insurance billionaire, dies at 80
Jan 6th - Burt Munro, New Zealand motorcycle racer (b. 1899)
Jan 8th - Walter Keirnan, TV panelist (I've Got a Secret), dies at 75
Jan 9th - Eddie Gilbert, cricket (Aboriginal Qld quick got Don for a duck), dies
Jan 10th - John D. Rockefeller III, US billionaire/philanthropist, dies at 71
Jan 10th - Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, of La Prensa, assassinated in Managua
Jan 10th - Zeb Turner, country-rock performer (Chew Tobacco Rag), dies at 62
Jan 10th - Don Gillis, American composer (b. 1912)
Jan 11th - Michael Bates, actor (Clockwork Orange, Salt & Pepper), dies at 57
Jan 11th - Ibn-e-Insha, Pakistani humorist and Urdu poet (b. 1927)
Jan 13th - Hubert Humphrey, (Sen-D-Minn, VP), dies at 66 in Waverly, Minn
Jan 13th - Joseph V McCarthy, baseball manager (NY Yankees), dies at 96
Jan 14th - Blossom Rock, actress (Grandmamma-Addams Family), dies at 81
Jan 14th - Robert Heger, composer, dies at 91
Jan 14th - Harold Abrahams, British athlete (b. 1899)
Jan 14th - Kurt Gödel, Austrian mathematician (b. 1906)
Jan 15th - Margaret Bowman & Janet Levy, Chi Omega, FSU, killed by Ted Bundy
Jan 18th - Carl Betz, actor (Alex Stone-Donna Reed Show), dies at 56
Jan 18th - Ivan Ivonovich Dzerzhinsky, composer, dies at 68
Jan 18th - Hasan Askari, Pakistani philosopher, critic and writer (b. 1919)
Jan 18th - Walter H. Thompson, English Scotland Yard detective, bodyguard of Winston Churchill (b. 1890)
Jan 21st - Freda Utley, British scholar and author. (b. 1898)
Jan 22nd - Herbert Sutcliffe, cricketer (54 Tests for England 4555 runs), dies
Jan 22nd - Oliver Leese, British World War II general (b. 1894)
Jan 23rd - Jack Oakie, actor (Great Dictator, Gang Buster), dies at 74
Jan 23rd - Terry Kath, rock guitarist (Chicago), accidently shot in head at 32
Jan 23rd - Vic Ames, American singer (Ames Brothers) (b. 1925)
Jan 24th - Herta Oberheuser, German doctor (b. 1911)
Jan 25th - Tango Duke, dies in Australia at 42; oldest known thoroughbred horse
Jan 26th - Leo Genn, actor (Lady Chatterley's Lover, Henry V), dies at 72
Jan 27th - Marguerite Canal, composer, dies at 87
Jan 27th - Oscar Homolka, actor (7 Year Itch, Ball of Fire), dies at 79
Jan 29th - Tim McCoy, actor (Arizona Bound), dies at 86
Feb 2nd - Wendy Barrie, TV hostess (Wendy Barrie Show), dies at 65
Feb 4th - Bergen Evans, English professor ($64,000 Question), dies at 73
Feb 5th - Annie [Anna HM] Romein-Verschoor, Dutch historian (Omzien), dies at 83
Feb 5th - Frans van Immerseel, Belgian graphic artist, dies at 68
Feb 9th - Kimberly Leach, killed by Ted Bundy in Lake City Fla at 12
Feb 9th - Costante Girardengo, Italian cyclist (b. 1893)
Feb 9th - Julio Jaramillo, Ecuadorian singer (b. 1935)
Feb 11th - James B Conant, headmaster (Harvard University), dies at 84
Feb 11th - Harry Martinson, Swedish writer, Nobel Prize Laureate (b. 1904)
Feb 14th - Paul Governali, American professional football player (b. 1921)
Feb 15th - Ilka Chase, actress (Masquerade Party), dies at 72
Feb 16th - E. Roland Harriman, American financier (b. 1895)
Feb 18th - Charlotte Greenwood, actress (Oklahoma, Moon over Miami), dies at 84
Feb 18th - Derrick De Marney, actor (Inheritance, Projected Man), dies at 71
Feb 18th - Maggie McNamara, actress (3 Coins in a Fountain, Cardinal), dies at 49
Feb 21st - Mieczysław Żywczyński, Polish historian and priest (b. 1901)
Feb 22nd - Ilka Chase, actress (Masquerade Party, Trials of O'Brien), dies at 74
Feb 22nd - Phyllis McGinley, US poetess (Pulitzer 1961), dies at 72
Feb 25th - Daniel "Chappie" James Jr, retired Air Force general, dies at 58
Feb 27th - Vadim Nikolayevich Salmanov, composer, dies at 65
Feb 28th - Eric Frank Russell, sci-fi author (Hugo, Deep Space), dies at 73
Feb 28th - Philip Ahn, Los Angeles California, actor (Master Kan-Kung Fu), dies at 66
Feb 28th - Philip Ahn, American actor (b. 1905)
Mar 4th - Wesley Bolin, former Governor of the U.S. State of Arizona (b. 1909)
Mar 7th - Steve Bilko, American baseball player (b. 1928)
Mar 11th - Claude François, French singer (b. 1939)
Mar 12th - John Cazale, actor (Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter), dies at 41
Mar 12th - Tolchard Evans, composer/conductor, dies
Mar 12th - Theresa Weld Blanchard, American figure skating champion (1914, 1920-24), dies at 84
Mar 13th - David McKinley Williams, composer, dies at 91
Mar 13th - Ghulam Mustafa Guard, cricketer (3 wkts in 2 Tests for India), dies
Mar 17th - George Dickinson, cricketer (8 wickets in 3 Tests for NZ), dies
Mar 18th - Faith Baldwin, US author (They Who Love), dies at 84
Mar 18th - Peggy Wood, actress (One Life to Live, Mama), dies at 86
Mar 19th - Gaston Julia, French mathematician (b. 1893)
Mar 22nd - Karl Wallenda, falls to death walking high-wire in PR at 73
Mar 23rd - Bill Kenny, American singer, dies at 63
Mar 24th - Brackett Hamilton Leigh, [Douglass], author (Ginger Star), dies at 62
Mar 25th - Jack Hulbert, actor (Bulldog Jack), dies at 85
Mar 27th - Wilfred Pickles, actor (Billy Liar, Gay Dog), dies at 73
Mar 28th - Dino Ciani, Italian pianist (d. 1941)
Mar 29th - Jayasinghrao Mansinghrao Ghorpade, cricketer (8 Tests for India), dies
Mar 30th - George Paine, lefty cricket spinner (for England in WI 1935), dies
Mar 30th - Harold Gimblett, cricketer (Batted in 3 Tests for England), suicide
Mar 31st - Astrid Allwyn, actress (Love Affair, Girl for Calgary), dies at 68
Mar 31st - Charles Herbert Best, American-Canadian physiologist/co-discoverer (Insulin), dies at 79
Apr 3rd - Ray Noble, English bandleader and composer (b. 1903)
Apr 4th - Gino Contilli, composer, dies at 70
Apr 6th - Nicolas Nabokov, composer (Holy Devil), dies at 74
Apr 6th - Reinoud Anders, Dutch actor (Unrest of Grave), dies at 65
Apr 7th - Ernest Kanitz, composer, dies at 83
Apr 8th - Ford C Frick, baseball commissioner, dies at 83
Apr 9th - Clough Williams-Ellis, Welsh architect (b.1883)
Apr 13th - Paul McGrath, actor (Witness, No Time for Love), dies at 74
Apr 13th - Jack Chambers, Canadian artist (b. 1931)
Apr 16th - Lucius D Clay, gen/gov US zone W-Germany (airlift), dies at 80
Apr 19th - Emile de Strijker, Belgian philosopher, dies at 70
Apr 21st - Sandy Denny, country singer, dies at 37
Apr 22nd - Will Geer, actor (Grandpa Walton-Waltons), dies at 75
Apr 25th - Lee Kim Lai, Singaporean police officer (b. 1960)
Apr 27th - Mohammed Daud, premier/president of Afghanistan, murdered
May 1st - Aram Katchaturian, Russian composer (The Earth), dies at 74
May 3rd - Wim van Doorne, Dutch auto manufacturer (DAF), dies at 71
May 5th - Alfred H H Gilligan, cricketer (4 Tests for England), dies
May 6th - Ethelda Bleibtrey, US swimmer (Olympics-3 gold-1920), dies at 76
May 6th - Ko van Dijk Jr, Dutch actor (Zaak M P), dies at 61
Italian Prime Minister Aldo MoroItalian Prime Minister Aldo Moro (May 9th) May 9th - Aldo Moro, 5 times PM of Italy, assassinated by the Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization Red Brigades at 61
May 11th - John Clinge Doorenbos, Dutch journalist/poet, dies at 93
May 13th - Albert Roberts, cricketer (5 Tests for NZ, 7 wickets), dies
May 15th - Robert Menzies, 12th Prime Minister of Australia (1939-41, 1949-66) and its longest-serving, dies of a heart attack at 83
May 17th - John Selwyn Brooke Selwyn Lloyd, speaker of house of commons, dies
May 19th - George Gladstone, cricketer (one Test WI v England 1930), dies
May 21st - Joseph EA "Jo" Spier, Dutch cartoonist/water color painter, dies at 77
May 22nd - Bjarne Brustad, composer, dies at 83
May 26th - Cybele, Greek actress (b. 1887)
May 28th - Arthur Brough, English actor (b. 1905)
May 31st - József Bozsik, Hungarian footballer (b. 1925)
12th Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies12th Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies (May 15th) Jun 5th - John Meulenhoff, Dutch publisher, dies at 71
Jun 7th - Ronald George Wreyford Norrish, British chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1897)
Jun 12th - Guo Moruo, Chinese writer (b. 1892)
Jun 14th - Theodore Karyotakis, composer, dies at 74
Jun 15th - Anton Roosjen, politician/NCRV-chairman, dies at 83
Jun 17th - Cully Richards, actor (Don't Call Me Charlie), dies at 68
Jun 18th - Walter C. Alvarez, American physician (b. 1884)
Jun 20th - Karel G Bakker, actor (Coffee House), dies at 66
Jun 24th - Robert Charroux, French writer (b. 1909)
Jun 25th - Hussein al-Ghasjmi, president of North-Yemen, murdered
Jun 26th - Rabbaji, president of South-Yemen, executed
Jun 28th - Clifford Dupont, First President of Rhodesia (b. 1905)
Jun 29th - Bob Crane, actor (Donna Reed Show, Hogan-Hogan's Heroes), murdered at 49
Jul 1st - Kurt Student, German Luftwaffe general (b. 1890)
Jul 2nd - Aris Alexandrou, Greek novelist, poet and translator (b. 1922)
Jul 3rd - James Daly, actor (Medical Center), dies at 59
Jul 9th - Abdul Razak al-Naif, premier of Iraq, murdered
Jul 9th - Aladar Zoltan, composer, dies at 49
Jul 10th - Michel Gusikoff, composer, dies at 85
Jul 10th - Joe Davis, English snooker player (b. 1901)
Jul 13th - Antonio Veretti, composer, dies at 78
Jul 17th - Thayer David, actor (Rocky, Roots, Savages), dies at 51
Jul 27th - Aasan Ferit Alnar, composer, dies at 72
Jul 27th - [John] Willem van Otterloo, conductor/composer (Symphonic), dies at 70
Jul 28th - Jan Willem van Otterloo, composer, dies at 70
Jul 29th - Wesley La Violette, composer, dies at 84
Jul 31st - Carleton Percy Hobbs, actor (I Claudius, Dark Places), dies at 80
Jul 31st - Enoch Light, orchestra leader (Gulf Road Show with Bob Smith), dies at 70
Aug 2nd - Carlos Chavez y Ramires, Mexican composer, dies at 79
Aug 2nd - Satomi Myodo, Zen nun/attendant of Hakuun Yasutani Roshi, dies at 82
Aug 2nd - Totie Fields, [Sophie Feldman], comedienne, dies at about 48
Aug 3rd - Ezzedin Kalak, Palestinian PLO representative in Paris, murdered
Aug 5th - Queenie Smith, actress/dancer (Funny Side), dies at 79
Aug 6th - Edward Durrell Stone, US architect, dies at 76
Aug 6th - Pope Paul VI, [Giovanni Montini], (1963-78), dies at 80
Aug 7th - Franz Alphons Wolpert, composer, dies at 60
Aug 9th - James G Cozzens, US writer (Guard of Honor, Pulitzer), dies at 74
Aug 9th - Johan Daisne, [Thiery], Belgian writer (Lago Maggiore), dies at 66
Aug 14th - Nicolas Bentley, British writer (b. 1907)

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