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Jan 1st - Hephzibah Menuhin, American-Jewish concert pianist (b. 1920)
Jan 2nd - David Lynch, singer (Platters-My Prayer), dies at 51
Jan 3rd - Princess Alice of Albany (b. 1883)
Jan 5th - Harold C Urey, US chemist (Deuterium, Nobel 1934), dies at 87
Jan 5th - Paul Félix, Flemish architect (Song of the Sun), dies at 67
Jan 5th - Lanza del Vasto, Italian philosopher (b. 1901)
Jan 6th - A[rchibald] J[oseph] Cronin, physician/author (Citadel), dies at 84
Jan 6th - A. J. Cronin, Scottish writer (b. 1896)
Jan 7th - Jose Ardevol, composer, dies at 69
Jan 7th - Alvar Lidell, UK radio broadcaster (b. 1908)
Jan 7th - Eric Robinson, Australian politician (b. 1926)
Jan 8th - Matthew Beard, entertainer, dies
Jan 8th - Woody Chamblis, actor (Mr Lathrop-Gunsmoke), dies at 66
Jan 9th - Kazimierz Serocki, composer, dies at 58
Jan 10th - Richard Boone, actor (Paladin-Have Gun Will Travel), dies at 63
Jan 10th - Fawn M. Brodie, American historian (b. 1915)
Jan 11th - Beulah Bondi, actress (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 88
Jan 12th - Isobel Elsom, actress (Unseen, Jane Eyre, Illegal), dies at 87
Jan 13th - Emiel van Hemeldonck, Belgian writer (Mary, My Child), dies at 83
Jan 14th - John O'Grady, Australian writer (Nino Culotta) (b. 1907)
Jan 15th - Emanuel Celler, (Rep-D-NY, 1923-73), dies at 92
Jan 16th - Bernard Lee, English actor (Fallen Idol, Dr No), dies at 73
Jan 17th - Loukas Panourgias, Greek footballer (b. 1899)
Jan 21st - Allyn Joslyn, actor (They Won't Forget, Cafe Society), dies at 79
Jan 21st - Norman Stronge, former Ulster Unionist Member of Parliament, assassinated by IRA alondside son James
Jan 21st - James Stronge former Ulster Unionist Member of Parliament, assassinated by IRA, alondside his father Norman
Jan 22nd - Fannie Thomas, US, dies at 113
Jan 22nd - Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi, Pakistani historian and educationist (b. 1903)
Jan 23rd - Bobby Sherwood, orchestra leader (Milton Berle Show), dies at 66
Composer Samuel BarberComposer Samuel Barber (Jan 23rd) Jan 23rd - Samuel Barber, American composer (School for Scandal), dies of cancer at 70
Jan 25th - Richard Talmadge, actor (Speed Reporter), dies
Jan 25th - [Adele] Marie Astaire, actress (Last Man on Earth, Millie) and sister of Fred Astaire, dies at 82
Jan 27th - Leo Collard, Belgian minister of Education (1946/54-58), dies at 78
Jan 29th - Cozy Cole, rocker (Topsy Part II), dies
Feb 1st - Donald W Douglas, US aviation pionieer/builder, dies at 88
Feb 1st - Ernst Pepping, composer, dies at 79
Feb 1st - Nils Geirr Tveitt, composer, dies at 72
Feb 1st - Wanda Hendrix, actress (Sierra, Ride the Pink Horse), dies
Feb 2nd - Donald W Douglas, US aircraft pioneer/builder, dies at 88
Feb 2nd - Jan Donner, Dutch chairman of High Council, dies at 89
Feb 2nd - Louise Lorraine, actress (Adventures of Tarzan), dies
Feb 5th - Barend Barendse, Dutch sportscaster, dies at 73
Feb 5th - Kuda Bux, Indian mystic (I'd Like to See), dies at 75
Feb 5th - Ella Grasso, Governor of Connecticut (b. 1919)
Feb 6th - Hugo Montenegro, American film music composer (b. 1925)
Feb 6th - Frederika of Hanover, Queen Consort of Greece (b. 1917)
Feb 7th - Frederika of Hanover, Queen of Greece (b. 1917)
Feb 9th - Bill Haley, vocalist (Rock Around Clock), dies of heart attack at 55
Feb 12th - Jean Dixon, actress (Joy of Livng, You Only Live Once), dies
Feb 15th - Jack Crapp, cricketer (7 Tests for England 1948-49, 319 runs), dies
Feb 15th - Mike Bloomfield, American musician (Electric Flag), dies of a drug overdose at 37
Feb 15th - Thomas Beversdorf, composer, dies at 56
Feb 15th - Karl Richter, German conductor (b. 1926)
Feb 18th - John Knudsen Northrop, American aircraft manufacturer (b. 1895)
Feb 19th - Frank Merrik, composer, dies at 94
Feb 26th - FC Terborgh, [Reijnier Flaes], lawyer/writer (Turkish War), dies at 79
Composer and Conductor Howard HansonComposer and Conductor Howard Hanson (Feb 26th) Feb 26th - Howard Hanson, American classical music composer and conductor (Nordic), dies at 84
Feb 26th - Munabi, assistant to Uganda president Obote, murdered
Feb 26th - Robert Aickman, English writer and conservationist (b. 1914)
Feb 27th - Jacob H. Gilbert, American politician (b. 1920)
Mar 2nd - Janear Hines, actress (Roberta-Julia), dies at 30
Mar 4th - Torin Thatcher, actor (Houdini, Isranbul, Lady Godiva), dies
Mar 4th - Yip Harburg, American lyricist (b. 1896)
Mar 5th - Brenda De Banzie, actress (39 Steps, Hobson's Choice), dies at 64
Mar 5th - Paul Horbiger, actor (3rd Man), dies at 86
Mar 6th - George Geary, cricketer (14 Tests for England, 46 wickets), dies
Mar 6th - Klaus Grabowski, child molester, shot by parent
Mar 7th - John Gnagy, artist (Learn to Draw), dies at 73
Mar 7th - Kirill Petrovich Kondrashin, Russian conductor/composer, dies at 67
Mar 14th - Ken Barrington, cricketer (82 Tests for England, 6806 runs), dies
Mar 15th - René Clair, French film director (b. 1898)
Mar 17th - Paul Dean, American baseball player (b. 1913)
Mar 22nd - James "Jumbo" Elliott, American track coach (b. 1915)
Mar 26th - Cyril Dean Darlington, biologist (hereditary mechanisms), dies at 77
Mar 26th - Tim Wall, cricketer (SA v NSW 1933 is Sheffield Shield record), dies
Mar 27th - Mao Dun, Chinese writer (b. 1895)
Mar 29th - Eric Williams, Prime Minister (Trinidad & Tobago), dies at 79
Mar 30th - Dewitt Wallace, US founder (Reader's Digest), dies at 91
Mar 30th - Noel Harford, cricketer (8 Tests for NZ 1955-58), dies
Mar 31st - Enid Bagnold, British playwright (b. 1889)
Apr 1st - D[ennis] F[eltham] Jones, sci-fi author (Colossus), dies at 65
Apr 1st - Eua Sunthornsanan, Thai composer and bandleader (b. 1910)
Apr 3rd - Juan Trippe, Airline entrepreneur and pioneer, Pan Am founder (b. 1899)
Apr 4th - Brad Johnson, actor (Annie Oakley), dies at 56
Apr 5th - Bob "Bear" Hite, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a heart attack at 36
Apr 5th - Cornelis Verolme, Dutch ship builder, dies at 80
Apr 7th - Kit Lambert, British record producer and manager (The Who) (b. 1935)
Apr 8th - Norman Taurog, dies
Apr 8th - Omar Bradley, last US 5-star general, (Normandy) dies in NY at 88
Apr 11th - Marie Ney, dies at 85
Apr 12th - Hans Chemin-Petit, composer, dies at 78
Apr 12th - Hendrik F Andriessen, Dutch organist/composer (Te Deum), dies at 88
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe LouisBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis (Apr 12th) Apr 12th - Joe Louis, [Brown bomber], US heavyweight boxing champion (1937-49), dies of cardiac arrest at 66
Apr 13th - Prince Asaka Yasuhiko of Japan (b. 1887)
Apr 15th - French Duynstee, Dutch states rights leader, dies at 67
Apr 16th - Eric Hollies, cricketer (13 Tests for England, 44 wickets), dies
Apr 19th - Ernst Levy, composer, dies at 85
Apr 21st - Harry Lee, cricketer (scored 18 & 1 in only Test for England), dies
Apr 22nd - Brailsford Reese Brazeal, dean (Morehouse College), dies at 76
Apr 23rd - Josep Pla, Catalan journalist and writer (b. 1897)
Apr 26th - Jim Davis, American actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas), dies at 65
Apr 26th - Madge Evans, TV panelist (Masquerade Party), dies at 71
Apr 26th - Robert Davi, dies at 54
Apr 28th - Mickey "Toy Bulldog" Walker, welterweight champ (1922-26) dies at 79
Apr 30th - Peter Huchel, German poet, dies at 78
May 1st - Clarence A Bacote, historian/political scientist, dies at 75
May 5th - Bobby Sands, IRA activist/terrorist dies in the 66th day of his hunger strike aged 26
May 7th - Mieczyslaw Kolinski, composer, dies at 79
May 8th - Margaret Lindsay, actress (G Men, Lady Killer, Jezebel), dies at 70
May 8th - Maurice Fernandes, cricket captain (WI in 1st Test win, 1930 v Eng), dies
May 9th - C E "Nip" Pellew, cricketer (10 Tests 484 runs at 37), dies
May 9th - Nelson Algren, US writer (Man with the Golden Arm), dies at 72
May 9th - Ralph Allen, English footballer (b. 1906)
Reggae Musician Bob MarleyReggae Musician Bob Marley (May 11th) May 11th - Bob Marley, reggae singer, dies of brain & lung cancer at 36
May 11th - Hoyt J Fuller, editor (1st World magazine), dies at 57
May 12th - Benjamin Sheares, President of Singapore (1971-81), dies at 73
May 13th - Carl Weinrich, composer, dies at 76
May 16th - Ernie Freeman, American pianist and arranger (b. 1922)
May 17th - Hugo Freidhofer, composer, dies at 80
May 17th - Jeannette Ridlon Piccard, 1st US woman free balloon pilot, dies
May 18th - Arthur O'Connell, actor (Mr Peepers, 2nd Hundred Years), dies at 73
May 18th - William Saroyan, US stagewriter (Time of your life), dies at 72
May 21st - Yuki Shimoda, actor (Farewell to Manzanar), dies
May 21st - Patsy O'Hara, Irish hunger striker (b. 1957)
May 21st - Raymond Mccreesh, Irish hunger striker (b. 1957)
May 23rd - George Jessel, US comic/toastmaster (Diary of Young Comic), dies at 83
May 23rd - Rayner Heppenstall, English novelist (d. 1911)
May 23rd - David Lewis, Canadian labour lawyer and politician (b. 1909)
May 24th - George Jessel, actor (Diary of a Young Comic), dies at 83
May 24th - Jack Warner, [Waters], actor (Captive Heart), dies at 84
May 25th - Rosa Ponselle, US singer (Metropolitan Opera), dies at 84
May 25th - Roy Brown, American boxer/rocker, dies of a heart attack at 55
May 25th - Fredric Warburg, British publisher and author (b. 1898)
May 28th - Mary Lou Williams, African American musician, dies at 71 in Durham NC
May 28th - Stefan Wyszynski, Polish Cardinal, dies
May 30th - Ziaur Rahmen, pres of Bangladesh, is assassinated
May 30th - Don Ashby, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1955)
Jun 1st - Carl Vinson, (Rep-D-Ga, 1914-64), dies at 97
Jun 1st - Naim Chadir, PLO-representative in Brussels, murdered
Jun 3rd - Carleton Coon, anthropology prof (What in the World), dies at 76
Jun 3rd - Eric Dalton, cricketer (698 runs for South Africa at 31 72), dies
Jun 5th - Philo McCullough, actor (Branded, Ridin' Thru), dies
Jun 9th - Allen Ludden, game show host (Password), dies at 63
Jun 9th - Russell Hayden, actor (Hidden Gold, Apache Chief, Justice), dies
Jun 10th - Russell "Lucky" Hayden, actor (Judge Roy Bean), dies at 68
Jun 11th - Eppo Doeve, Dutch graphic artist/cartoonist/painter, dies at 73
Jun 16th - Humphrey Keervelt, director (Suriname Planning Bureau), murdered
Jun 16th - John S Knight, US newspaper magnate, dies at 86
Jun 16th - Jule Gregory Charney, American meteorologist (b. 1917)
Jun 17th - Richard O'Connor, British general (b. 1889)

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