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Jan 1st - Alexis Korner, British blues musician (b. 1928)
Jan 6th - Ernest Laszlo, Hungarian-U.S. cinematographer (b. 1898)
Jan 7th - Alfred Kastler, French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1902)
Jan 9th - Wolfgang Staudte, German director (Ciske de Rat), dies at 77
Jan 10th - Suvanna Phuma, premier of Laos, dies at 82
Jan 10th - Souvanna Phouma, Prince and Prime Minister of Laos (b. 1901)
Jan 11th - Fritz Geissler, composer, dies at 62
Jan 11th - Jack La Rue, TV narrator (Lights Out), dies at 81
Jan 14th - Mary Zeldenrust-Noordanus, Dutch sexuologist (NVSH), dies at 55
Jan 14th - Paul Ben Haim, composer, dies at 86
Jan 14th - Ray Kroc, American fast food entrepreneur (McDonald's) and owner of baseball's San Diego Padres, dies of heart failure at 81
Jan 18th - Malcolm H Kerr, 9th pres of American U of Beirut, shot dead
Jan 18th - Vassilis Tsitsanis, Greek singer and songwriter (b. 1915)
Jan 19th - Max Bentley, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1920)
Jan 20th - Johnny Weissmuller, US swimmer (Olympics-5 gold-1924, 28), dies at 79
Jan 21st - Jackie Wilson, US singer (I Get the Sweetest Feeling), dies at 49
McDonald's Entrepreneur Ray KrocMcDonald's Entrepreneur Ray Kroc (Jan 14th) Jan 21st - Giannis Skaribas, Greek writer, dramatist, and poet (b. 1893)
Jan 23rd - Samuel Gardner, composer, dies at 92
Jan 23rd - Mu'in Bseiso, Palestinian poet (b. 1926)
Jan 27th - Lou Crosby, TV announcer (Mayor of Hollywood), dies at 72
Jan 28th - John Macvane, newscaster (United or Not), dies at 71
Jan 29th - Frances Goodrich, (Diary of Anne Frank), dies at 93 of lung cancer
Feb 3rd - Anne Townsend, lacrosse/tennis/field hockey star, dies
Feb 3rd - Ravindara Mhatrem, Indian diplomat, killed in England
Feb 7th - Brooks West, actor (Richard-My Friend Irma), dies at 67
Feb 8th - Karel Miljon, Dutch boxer (b. 1903)
Feb 9th - Balasaraswathi, Indian classical dancer, dies in Madras
Feb 9th - Yuri Andropov, Gen Sec of Soviet Communist Party (1982-84), dies at 69
Feb 10th - David Von Erich, professional wrestler (b. 1958)
Feb 12th - Julio Cort zar, Argentina writer (Final del Juego), dies at 69
Feb 12th - Anna Anderson, claimant to the throne of Russia (b. 1896)
Feb 13th - Andre Stander, South African police captain and bank robber (b. 1946)
Feb 15th - Avon Long, dancer/actor (Roots: Next Generation), dies of cancer at 73
Feb 15th - Ethel Merman, singer/actress (Kid Million), dies in her sleep at 76
Feb 15th - Leamon Hunt, US director-General in Sinai, killed by communists
Feb 16th - Ken Williams, TV announcer (Video Village), dies at 69
Feb 17th - Lucille Benson, actress (Lilly-Bosom Buddies), dies at 69
Feb 19th - Ina Ray Hutton, orchestra leader (Ina Ray Hutton Show), dies at 66
Feb 20th - Fikret Dzhamil Amirov, composer, dies at 61
Feb 21st - Michail A Sholochov, Russian writer (Ocean Don, Nobel 1965), dies
Feb 22nd - David, spent most of his life in a plastic bubble, dies at 12
Feb 22nd - Jessamyn West, American writer (b. 1902)
Feb 24th - Uwe Johnson, writer, dies at 59
Feb 24th - Helmut Schelsky, German sociologist (b. 1912)
Feb 28th - Leslie Walcott, cricketer (Test for WI v England 1930), dies
Feb 29th - Roland Culver, actor (Thunderball), dies of heart problems at 83
Actor Jackie CooganActor Jackie Coogan (Mar 1st) Mar 1st - Jackie Coogan, actor (Uncle Fester-Addams Family), dies at 69
Mar 2nd - Louis Basile, actor (Louie-The Super), dies at 48
Mar 3rd - Heinrich Kirchner, German sculptor, dies at 81
Mar 4th - Shalva Mikhaylovich Mshvelidze, composer, dies at 79
Mar 4th - Ernest Buckler, Canadian novelist (b. 1908)
Mar 4th - Jewel Carmen, American actress (b. 1897)
Mar 4th - Geoffrey Lumsden, British actor (b. 1914)
Mar 5th - Harry Salter, orchestra leader (Stop the Music), dies at 85
Mar 5th - Michael Sklar, California, comedian (Laugh-in, Sha Na Na), dies at 39
Mar 5th - Tito Gobbi, Italian baritone (Scarpia in Tosca), dies at 68
Mar 5th - William Powell, actor (My Man Godfrey), dies at 91
Mar 6th - Henry Wilcoxon, actor (Cleopatra, Dragnet, Jericho), dies at 78
Mar 6th - Ian Cromb, cricketer (5 Tests for NZ, 123 runs, 8 wkts), dies
Mar 6th - Martin Niemöller, German submarine capt/anti-nazi minister, dies at 92
Mar 6th - Pierre Cochereau, composer, dies at 59
Mar 7th - Paul Rotha, English director (b. 1907)
Mar 10th - June Marlowe, actress (Pardon US), dies at 81
Mar 11th - Nakagawa Soen, Zen teacher/poet, dies in Rytutakuji monastery at 76
Mar 11th - Kostas Roukounas, Greek rembetiko singer and song writer (b. 1903)
Mar 12th - Arnold Ridley, playwright/actor, dies at 88
Mar 13th - Dick Whitington, journalist/cricketer (South Aust & AIF bat), dies
Mar 14th - Aurelio Peccei, Italian businessman/CEO (Club Rome), dies at 75
Mar 16th - John Hoagland, American photographer (b. 1947)
Mar 18th - Charlie Lau, White Sox coach/renowned hitting instructor, dies at 50
Mar 18th - Paul Frances Webster, lyricist, dies of Parkinson's disease at 76
Mar 19th - Garry Winogrand, American photographer (b. 1928)
Mar 21st - Shauna Grant, American actress (suicide) (b. 1963)
Mar 24th - Sam Jaffe, actor (Dr Zorba-Ben Casey), dies of cancer at 93
Mar 26th - Ahmed Sékou Touré, President of Guinea (b. 1922)
Mar 28th - Kenneth Whitty, 1st sec at British Embassy in Athens, shot dead
Mar 28th - Carmen Dragon, American conductor, composer and arranger (b. 1914)
Mar 30th - Peter Yarrall, strongest Englishman/weighed 826 lb (374.7 kg), dies
Mar 31st - Ronald Clark O'Bryan, American murderer (b. 1944)
Singer Marvin GayeSinger Marvin Gaye (Apr 1st) Apr 1st - Marvin Gaye, singer (Sexual Healing), shot to death by his father Marvin Gaye Sr in LA at 44
Apr 4th - John Arnold, cricketer (Eng bat v NZ 1931, scored 34 only Test), dies
Apr 4th - Oleg Antonov, Soviet airplane engineer (b. 1906)
Apr 5th - Arthur Travors Harris, marshal of British RAF, dies
Apr 5th - Theo Koomen, Dutch sportscaster, dies in auto-accident at 54
Apr 6th - Jimmy Kenndy, British songwriter (South of the Border), dies
Apr 6th - Ral Donner, singer/narrator, dies at 41
Apr 7th - Frank Church, (Sen-D-Ohio, 1957-81), dies at 59
Apr 7th - Samuel C Engel, poet, dies of heart failure at 79
Apr 8th - Pyotr Kapitsa, Russian physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1894)
Apr 9th - Basil Henry Blackwell, British publisher, dies
Apr 10th - Nate Nelson, R&B-singer (Flamingos-I'll Be Home), dies on 52 birthday
Apr 10th - Ray Middleton, dies at 75
Apr 12th - Ruth Taylor, actress (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), dies at 76
Apr 13th - Christopher Wilder, FBI's "most wanted man," accidentally kills self
Apr 13th - Ralph Kirkpatrick, American musician (b. 1911)
Apr 13th - Dionyssis Papayannopoulos, Greek actor (b. 1912)
Apr 14th - Dionisis Papagiannopoulos, Greek actor (b. 1912)
Apr 15th - Tommy Cooper, British comedian and magician, collapses and dies on stage at 61
Apr 15th - Alexander Trocchi, Scottish writer (b. 1925)
Apr 17th - Claude Provost, French Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1933)
Apr 18th - John Lee Mahin, screenwriter, dies of emphysema at 81
Apr 20th - Mabel Mercer, English/US singer (Fly me to the moon), dies at 84
Apr 20th - Hristo Prodanov, Bulgarian mountaineer (b. 1943)
Photographer Ansel AdamsPhotographer Ansel Adams (Apr 22nd) Apr 22nd - Ansel Adams, US photographer, dies at 82
Apr 23rd - August "Guus" Oster, actor/director (Carrie), dies at 68
Apr 25th - Richard Benedict, actor (Okinawa), dies at 64 of a heart attack
Apr 26th - Henry Rowland, actor (Rogue's Regiment), dies at 70
Apr 26th - May McAvoy, actress (Ben Hur), dies at 82 after a heart attack
Apr 26th - William "Count" Basie, jazz piano great, dies on 80th birthday
Apr 27th - Piet Kraak, Dutch soccer player, dies at 63
Apr 28th - Glen H Taylor, US senator/VP candidate (1948), dies at 80
Apr 28th - Silvia A Warner, writer, dies
Apr 30th - Arthur T "Bomber" Harris, bombed nazi-Germany, dies
May 1st - Gordon Jenkins, orchestra leader (NBC Comedy Hour), dies at 73
May 2nd - Jack Barry, game show emcee (Joker's Wild), dies at 66
May 2nd - Piet van Aken, Flemish writer (Failing God, Niggers), dies at 64
May 4th - Diana Dors, actress (Berserk!), dies at 52 of cancer
May 4th - Bob Clampett, American cartoonist (b. 1913)
May 6th - Bonner Pink, Conservative Party politician
May 6th - Mary Cain, Mississippi newspaper editor and politician (b. 1904)
May 8th - Gino Bianco, Brazilian racing driver (b. 1916)
May 10th - Joaquin Agostinho, Portuguese cyclist, dies at 41
May 10th - Robert Moore, actor (Marshall-Diana), dies at 56
May 12th - Doris May, actress (Peck's Bad Boy), dies at 81 of heart failure
May 14th - Larry Stock, songwriter (Blueberry Hill), dies
May 14th - Walter Rauff, German colonel (b. 1906)
May 15th - Lionel Charles Robbins, British economist, dies at 85
May 15th - Francis Schaeffer, American theologian, philosopher, and pastor (b. 1912)
May 16th - Andy Kaufman, comedian (Latka-Taxi), dies of cancer at 35
May 16th - Irwin Shaw, US writer (Rich Man, Poor Man), dies at 71
May 20th - Peter Bull, British actor (Dr Doolittle), dies of a heart attack at 72
May 21st - Andrea Leeds, actress (Stage Door, Earthbound), dies of cancer at 70
May 21st - Ann Little, actress (Roaring Road), dies at 93
May 22nd - John Marley, actor (Cat Ballou), dies at 77 following heart surgery
May 24th - Vincent J. McMahon, American professional wrestling promoter (b. 1914)
May 25th - Piet Ketting, Dutch pianist/conductor/composer, dies at 79
May 28th - Eric Morecambe, British comedian (Morecambe & Wise), dies at 58
Jun 2nd - Georgios Kasassoglou, Greek musician (b. 1908)
Jun 5th - Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Indies Sikh leader
Jun 5th - Frederick Russell, English Marine Biologist (plankton life history and long-term changes in marine ecosystems), dies at 86
Jun 6th - A[rthur] Bertram Chandler, author (Empress of Outer Space), dies at 72
Jun 6th - Bill Voce, cricketer (key player of the Bodyline series), dies
Jun 7th - George Givot, actor (Versatile Vaudeville), dies at 81
Jun 8th - Gordon Jacob, composer, dies at 88
Jun 11th - Enrico Berlinguer, secr-general (CP) Italy, dies
Jun 13th - Marinus de Jong, Dutch composer, dies at 92
Jun 15th - Meredith Willson, composer (Meredith Willson Show), dies at 82
Jun 15th - Ned Glass, actor (Charade, Street Music), dies of heart failure at 78
Jun 16th - Lew Andreas, American basketball coach (b. 1895)
Jun 17th - Chet Allen, actor (Jerry-Bonino, Slats-Troubleshooter), dies at 51

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