Famous Deaths for March 1991

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1st - Edwin Land, inventor (Polaroid Camera), dies at 81
1st - Katharine Blake, actress (To Have & To Hold), dies at 62
1st - Scott Huston, composer, dies at 74
2nd - Clark Mollenhoff, US journalist (Pulitzer Prize), dies
2nd - Freek Zoetmulder, publisher (Austrian Encyclopedia)/neo-nazi, dies
2nd - Serge Gainsbourg, composer/actor (Fury of Hercules), dies at 62
3rd - Arthur Murray, dance instructor, dies at 95 of pneumonia
3rd - Clara Eggink, [Ebbele], Dutch poet (Life with J C Bloem), dies at 84
4th - Vance Colvig, actor (UHF, Barfly, My Chauffeur), dies at 72
5th - August de Schryver, Belgian politician/founder (CVP), dies at 92
5th - Trijntje Jansma-Boskma, oldest person in Netherland, dies at 109
7th - James "Cool Papa" Bell, American baseball league great, dies at 87
9th - Jim Hardin, former Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves pitcher (b. 1943)
12th - Etienne Decroux, French mime (Voyage, Surprise), dies at 92
12th - Ragnar Granit, Finnish neuroscientist, Nobel laureate (b. 1900)
13th - Cor Witschge, [Pipo the Clown], Dutch actor (Alicia), dies at 65
Baseball player Cool Papa BellBaseball player Cool Papa Bell (7th) 13th - Jimmy McPartland, US, jazz cornetist, dies
14th - Howard Ashman, song writer (Under the Sea), dies of AIDs at 40
14th - Jef Houthuys, Belgian union leader (ACV, 1968-87), dies at 68
14th - Jerome "Doc" Pomus, lyricist (Save Last Dance for Me), dies at 65
14th - Robert Maroff, dies at 57
14th - Margery Sharp, children's author (b. 1905)
15th - Budd [Lawrence] Freeman, US jazz saxophonist (Eel), dies at 84
15th - Eileen Sedgwick, silent film actress (Hot Heels), dies at 93
16th - 7 members of Reba McIntire's band, killed in a plane crash
16th - Jan H van Roijen, Dutch diplomat/Foreign Minister, dies at 85
16th - Wim van den Brink, Dutch actor (Turkish Fruit, Red Sien), dies
18th - Jack McCoy, Radio/TV personality, dies at 72
18th - Vilma Banky, actress (Eagle, Son of Sheik, Rebel), dies at 93
19th - John Russell Thomas, NFL general manager (Detroit Lions), dies
19th - Ron Pagano, dies after lengthy illness at 37
19th - Sunday Wilshin, actor (Murder by Rope), dies at 86
20th - Conor Clapton, Eric Clapton's son, falls out of 53rd floor window at 5
21st - Leo Fender, inventor (Fender guitar), dies
22nd - Gloria Holden, actress (Dracula's Daughter, Test Pilot), dies at 73
22nd - Léon Balcer, French Canadian politician (b. 1917)
22nd - Dave Guard, American folk singer (The Kingston Trio) (b. 1934)
23rd - Dominic Bellissimo, created buffalo chicken wings, dies at 68
23rd - Fons Jansen, Dutch night club performer, dies at 65
23rd - Mona Maris, actress (Camila, Berlin Correspondent), dies at 88
23rd - Parkash Singh, Indian soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross (b. 1913)
24th - Sir John Kerr, Australian politician and the Governor General who dismissed the Whitlam Government (b. 1914)
25th - Eileen Joyce, pianist, dies at 78
25th - Lee Donn, pianist, dies of stroke at 96
25th - Marcel Lefebvre, French Catholic prelate (b. 1905)
26th - Frans Dohmen, union leader (Neth Catholic Mine Workers), dies at 81
27th - Aldo Ray, western actor (Battle Cry), dies at 64 of cancer
27th - Elinor Remick Warren, composer, dies at 91
27th - Leueen McGrath, actress (Edward My Son, Saint's Vacation), dies at 77
27th - Ralph Bates, British actor (Persecution, Graveyard), dies at 50
28th - Carlos Montalban, actor (Bananas), dies at 85
29th - Lee Atwater, political strategists (R), dies of brain tumor at 40
29th - Matt Bennett, actor (Hickey & Boggs), dies of brain tumor at 52
30th - Jan Willem Hofstra, Dutch actor/writer (Friends of My Friends), dies
31st - John Carter, US jazz clarinetist (Roots & folklore), dies

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