Famous Deaths in 1991 (Part 3)

Deaths 401 - 600 of 613

  • Sep 7th Archie N Menzies, playwright/composer (Under Your Hat), dies at 87
  • Sep 7th Ben Piazza, actor (Consenting Adults), dies of cancer at 58
  • Sep 7th John Crosby, US columnist/detective writer dies at 79
  • Sep 7th John Lawrence, examined effect of neutron radiation on fabric, dies
  • Sep 8th Alex North, music composer (Spartacus), dies at 80 of cancer
  • Sep 8th Brad Davis, US, actor (Midnight Express, Chariots of Fire), dies at 41
  • Sep 8th Jan J Lipski, chairman (Polish Socialist Party)/writer, dies
  • Sep 8th Jo Budie, Dutch orchestra leader (KRO), dies
  • Sep 9th Edwin M McMillan, US, chemist (neptunium, plutonium, Nobel 1951), dies
  • Sep 9th John Lawrence, doctor, dies
  • Sep 9th Joop H Zwart, Spanish fighter/publicist (Black Widow), dies
  • Sep 9th Paul Michael Lombardi, actor, dies of AIDS at 31
  • Sep 10th Sarah Sally Lawrence, entertainer, dies at 61
  • Sep 10th Yves Montand, actor (Lets Make Love, Z), dies at 70
  • Sep 10th Jack Crawford, Australian tennis player (b. 1908)
  • Sep 11th Ernst Herbeck, German Poet (b. 1920)
  • Sep 12th Jacques Benoit, [JJM Bayer], poet, dies
  • Sep 12th Regis Toomey, actor (You're in the Army Now, Burke's Law), dies at 93
  • Sep 13th Ferry Barendse, trumpeter/composer/arranger (Ramblers), dies
  • Sep 13th Joe Pasternak, producer (Spinout, Big City), dies of Parkinson's at 73
  • Sep 13th Metin Oktay, Turkish football player (b. 1936)
  • Sep 14th Julie Bovasso, actress (Saturday Night Fever), dies at 61 of cancer
  • Sep 14th Russell Lynes, American art historian and magazine editor (b. 1910)
  • Sep 15th Allan Sobek, dancer, dies
  • Sep 15th Andre Baruch, Radio/TV announcer dies at 83
  • Sep 15th John Hoyt, actor (My Favorite Brunette), dies of lung cancer at 87
  • Sep 16th Carol White, actress (Prehistoric Women, Dulcima), dies at 47
  • Sep 17th Zino Francescatti, French violinist (b. 1902)
  • Sep 21st Angelo "Little Moe" Rossitto, dwarf actor (Carousel), dies at 83
  • Sep 21st Angelo Rossitto, dwarf known as "Little Moe"/actor (Dark), dies at 83
  • Sep 21st JA Mommersteeg, Dutch state sect of Defense (KVP), dies
  • Sep 22nd Pandit Rambharos Gangaram Panday, Suriname religious leader, dies
  • Sep 22nd Reynold Abel Dorris, (Broken Cord), dies at 23 in car crash
  • Sep 23rd Ernestine McClendon, director/actress (Homer & Eddie), dies
  • Sep 24th Mary Lawrence, actress (Best Man), dies of respiratory failure at 73

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Sep 24th Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss), children's author, dies of cancer at 87

Children's Author Dr. Seuss
Children's Author
Dr. Seuss
  • Sep 24th Peter Bellamy, folk singer (b. 1944)
  • Sep 25th Klaus Barbie, Gestapo chief of Lyon, dies of cancer at 77
  • Sep 25th Max Koot, royal photographer, dies
  • Sep 25th Viviane Romance, French actress (b. 1912)
  • Sep 25th Lydia Cabrera, Cuban Anthropologist, dies at 91
  • Sep 26th Billy Vaughn, American singer and bandleader (Sail Along Sil'vry Moon), dies of cancer at 72
  • Sep 27th Huib Orizand, Dutch actor (Paul Vlanderen), dies
  • Sep 27th Jan Hart, director (Friends of Curacao), dies
  • Sep 27th Oona Chaplin, daughter of Eugene O'Neill/wife of Charles, dies at 66

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Sep 28th Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, dies of pneumonia at 65

Jazz Musician Miles Davis
Jazz Musician
Miles Davis
  • Sep 29th Gijsbert Perlee, Amsterdam's organ builder/grinder (Arabian), dies
  • Sep 29th Sam Ntuli, South African ANC-writer, murdered
  • Sep 29th Zapata Jaw, [Nelson Renfrum], Surinamese musician, dies
  • Sep 30th Nancy Welford, entertainer, dies at 87
  • Oct 1st Jan van Tongeren, painter, dies
  • Oct 2nd Dimitrios I, patriarch/primus interparis orthodox Christians, dies
  • Oct 2nd Jan H Christianse, political chairman (CDA), dies
  • Oct 3rd Max Cantor, journalist, dies
  • Oct 4th Leonard C Odell, wrote 7,000 Burma Shave poems, dies at 83
  • Oct 6th Lincoln Demyan, dies at 66
  • Oct 6th Wendell Phillips, dies at 83 [or 10/13]

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 7th Leo Durocher, baseball player and manager (Dodgers, Giants), dies at 86

Baseball Player and Manager Leo Durocher
Baseball Player and Manager
Leo Durocher
  • Oct 8th Natalia Ginzburg, Italian writer (Sounds of the Night), dies at 75
  • Oct 9th Roy Black, German singer/actor (Kinderarzt Dr Froehlich), dies
  • Oct 9th Thalmus Rasulala, actor (Blacula), dies of heart attack at 51
  • Oct 10th Redd Foxx, comedian (Sanford & Sons), dies of heart attack at 68
  • Oct 10th Stephen J Falat, dies after long illness at 34
  • Oct 11th Steven Jesse Bernstein, American underground poet (suicide) (b. 1950)
  • Oct 12th Aline MacMahon, US actress (Backdoor to Heaven), dies at 92
  • Oct 12th Regis Toomey, actor (Dive Bomber, Cry Danger, Magic Town), dies at 89
  • Oct 12th Sheila Florance, Australian actress (Cactus), dies of cancer at 75
  • Oct 12th Arkady Strugatsky, Russian novelist (b. 1925)
  • Oct 13th Daniel Oduber Quiros, president of Costa Rica (1974-1978), dies
  • Oct 13th Donald Houston, actor (Battle Hell, Study in Terror), dies at 67
  • Oct 15th Hotze de Roos, carpenter/kid book writer (Chameleon series), dies
  • Oct 16th Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer (16 Tons), dies at 72
  • Oct 16th Tonny Huurdeman, singer/actress (Frills), dies
  • Oct 17th J[ames] G Devlin, actor (No Surrender), dies at 84
  • Oct 17th Piet van Est, The Vuurbal, cyclist (7x Tour de France), dies at 57
  • Oct 17th Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer, dies of liver disease at 72
  • Oct 22nd Peter Willes, British actor/producer (Way We Live), dies
  • Oct 23rd Lance Baker, dies at 31
  • Oct 24th Gene Roddenberry, creator (Star Trek), dies of cardiac arrest at 70
  • Oct 24th Leon Clements, journalist (Interlijnen), dies at 43
  • Oct 25th Bill Graham, rock concert promoter (Filmore, Dylan), dies at 60
  • Oct 25th Khigh Dhiegh, actor (Forbidden Nights), dies of heat failure at 75
  • Oct 26th Lori Rae Matthews, crushed to death by an artist's 485 lb umbrella
  • Oct 27th Andrzei Panufkin, Pol/British conductor/composer (Sinfonia Sacra), dies
  • Oct 27th Pyke F C Koch, realistic painter, dies
  • Oct 27th George Barker, English poet (b. 1913)
  • Oct 28th Dudley McConnell, headed NASA's Earth Science Division, dies
  • Oct 28th G L Vitto entertainer, dies at 69
  • Oct 28th John Korbal, film historian (Marlene Dietrich), dies at 51
  • Oct 28th Lydia Hodson Copeland, America's Jr Miss (1972), dies at 37
  • Oct 28th Sylvia Fine Kaye, US lyricist/composer, dies at 78
  • Oct 29th Donald Churchill, playwright, dies of heart attack at 60
  • Oct 29th Harry Thomas, founder (Flower Festival, Dutch Homofielen Party), dies
  • Oct 29th Maria Monica, silent film actress, dies
  • Oct 29th Mario Scelba, PM of Italia (1954-55), dies
  • Oct 30th Johan Mekkink, painter, dies
  • Oct 30th Ken Hardin, producer, dies at 62
  • Oct 30th William Shea, (Shea Stadium namesake), dies at 84
  • Oct 31st Bert Bertram, actor (How to Steal a Million), dies of cancer at 97
  • Oct 31st James Marshall, US children's book writer/illustrator, dies at 50
  • Oct 31st Johan Schmitz, actor (Gysbregt van Aemstel/Soldat van Orange), dies
  • Oct 31st Joseph Papp, Broadway producer (Chorus Line), dies of cancer at 70
  • Oct 31st Gene Anderson, American professional wrestler (b. 1933)
  • Nov 1st Joseph Papp, US theater producer (Chorus Line, Hair), dies at 70
  • Nov 2nd Fran Stevens, singer, dies of cancer in Bronx NY at 72
  • Nov 2nd Irwin Allen, dir (Land of the Giants, Poseidon Adventure), dies at 75
  • Nov 2nd Mort Shuman, American singer songwriter (Viva Las Vegas), dies of cancer at 54
  • Nov 5th Fred MacMurray, American actor (My Three Sons), dies of pneumonia at 83
  • Nov 5th Robert Maxwell, Billionaire publisher (NY Daily News), dies at 68
  • Nov 6th Andre Vandernoot, Flemish fluitist/conductor, dies at 64

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 6th Gene Tierney, American actress (Laura, Whirlpool), dies of emphysema at 70

Actress Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney
  • Nov 7th Tom of Finland [Touko Laaksonen], Finnish fetish artist, dies at 71
  • Nov 8th Christine Felsmann, dies
  • Nov 8th Frances Faye, singer/actress (Pretty Baby), dies after strokes
  • Nov 8th John Kirckpatrick, US musicologist (Charles Ives Archives), dies
  • Nov 8th Patrick Hamilton, author (Gaslight, Rope, Angel Street), dies at 45
  • Nov 9th Guido Claus, Belgian actor (Sacrament), dies
  • Nov 9th Yves Montand, actor (Idol, Grand Prix), dies of a heart attack at 70
  • Nov 10th Alessandro Lessona, Minister of Italian Colonies (1931-38), dies
  • Nov 10th Franco Malfatti, president of Commission of Europe (1970-1972), dies
  • Nov 10th Tutte Lemkow, dancer/dir (Capt Paradise, I am a Camera), dies at 73
  • Nov 10th William Afflis, American professional wrestler (b. 1929)
  • Nov 12th Christopher Hayes, dies of heart attack
  • Nov 12th Diane Brewster, actress (Courage of Black Beauty), dies at 60
  • Nov 12th Howard Brunner, dies of AIDS at 51
  • Nov 12th Paul E "Cardinal" Leger, cardinal/archbishop of Montreal, dies at 87
  • Nov 13th Ad Kosto, Dutch state secretary (PvdA), assassinated by bomb
  • Nov 13th Cyril Poitier, actor (Uptown Saturday Night), dies of cancer at 80
  • Nov 13th Hanson Baldwin, US military historian, dies at 88
  • Nov 14th Tony Richardson, British director (Tom Jones), dies of AIDs at 63
  • Nov 16th Ralph Marrero, actor (Babe, Johnny Suede), dies in car accident at 33
  • Nov 17th John Blatnik, (Rep-Minn, 1947-75), dies at 80
  • Nov 17th Kelly Jean Van Dyke-Nance, (Jerry Van Dyke's daughter), suicide at 33
  • Nov 17th Paul Reid Roman, actor (Aviator, Blue Knight), dies of cancer at 55
  • Nov 18th Gustav Husak, president of Czechoslovakia (1975-89), dies at 78
  • Nov 19th Reggie Nalder, actor (Mark of Devil), dies of bone cancer at 80
  • Nov 20th Gina Petrushka, actress (Exorcist, Sybil), dies
  • Nov 21st Daniel Mann, US director (Rose tattoo), dies of heart failure at 79
  • Nov 21st David "Sonny" Werblin, AFL owner (NY Jets), dies at 81
  • Nov 21st Prior Jones, West Indian cricket pace bowler (9 Tests 1948-52), dies
  • Nov 21st Sonny Werblin, NY sports impresario, dies at 81
  • Nov 22nd Jac de Jong, Dutch MP/composer/businessman (Nedac-Sorbo), dies
  • Nov 23rd Ken Uehara, actor (Honolulu-Tokyo), dies of heart failure at 82
  • Nov 23rd Klaus Kinski, actor (Android, Little Drummer Girl), dies at 65
  • Nov 24th Anton Furst, production designer (Batman), dies at 47
  • Nov 24th Eric Carr [Paul Charles Caravello], American drummer (Kiss), dies of cancer at 41
  • Nov 24th Freddie Mercury, British singer (Queen), dies of AIDS at 45
  • Nov 25th Eleanor Audley, voice (Wicked Stepmother-Cinderella), dies at 86
  • Nov 26th Bob Johnson, US hockey coach (Pittsburgh Penguins), dies at 60
  • Nov 26th Dehl Berti, actor (Bullies), dies of heart attack at 70
  • Nov 26th Fran├žois Billetdoux, French author (Word Awake), dies at 64
  • Nov 26th Ed Heinemann, American aircraft designer (Douglas Aircraft; b. 1908)
  • Nov 29th Frank Yerby, US writer (Health Card, The Dahomean), dies at 75
  • Nov 29th Ralph Bellamy, actor (Rosemary's Baby, His Girl Friday), dies at 87
  • Nov 30th P G Z (Zin) Harris, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ 1962-65), dies
  • Dec 1st Byron Webster, actor (That Man Bolt), dies of AIDS at 58
  • Dec 1st George Joseph Stigler, US economist (Nobel 1982), dies at 80
  • Dec 3rd Alex Graham, British cartoonstrip artist (Fred Basset), dies
  • Dec 3rd Casey Walters, actor (True Story of Lynn Stuart), after a stroke at 75
  • Dec 5th Aad Mansfield, soccer player/trainer (ADO/Feyenoord/FC Utrecht), dies
  • Dec 5th Jill Browne, dies at 54
  • Dec 5th Richard Speck, mass murderer, dies a day before his 50th birthday
  • Dec 5th Robert Karvelas, American actor (b. 1921)
  • Dec 6th Ann Sorg Coston, actress (Anna-Aldrich Family), dies at 62
  • Dec 6th Headman Tshabalala, South African singer (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), shot and killed at 44
  • Dec 7th Michael Taylor, Male Model (b. 1913)
  • Dec 8th Buck Clayton, US jazz trumpeter/orchestra leader, dies
  • Dec 8th Kimberly Bergalis, got AIDS from health care worker, dies at 23
  • Dec 10th Berenice Abbott, US photographer, dies at 93
  • Dec 10th Greta Kempton, American artist (b. 1901)
  • Dec 11th Artur Lundkvist, Swedish writer/Prof (Swedish Academy), dies
  • Dec 11th Daniel Simon Scott, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 71
  • Dec 11th Robert Q Lewis, US comic/TV panel member (RQL Show), dies at 70
  • Dec 12th Eleanor Boardman, actor (Crowd), dies in at 93
  • Dec 12th Ken Keltner, US baseball player (Cleveland Indians), dies at 75
  • Dec 12th Lex Karsemeijer, Dutch tenor/choral dir (Sweet 16, Pro Musica), dies
  • Dec 13th Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, French writer (La marge), dies at 82
  • Dec 14th John Arlott, cricketer (the greatest of cricket commentators), dies
  • Dec 14th Robert Eddison, British actor (Uncle Silas), dies at 83
  • Dec 15th Horatio Luro, US horse trainer (Northern Dancer), dies at 90
  • Dec 15th Ray Smith, British actor (And Then You Die), dies at 55
  • Dec 16th Fred D Scott, actor (2 Gun Troubador), dies
  • Dec 17th John Blatnik, (Rep-Minnesota, 1947-75), dies at 80
  • Dec 18th June Storey, actress (South of the Border), dies of cancer at 73
  • Dec 18th George Abecassis, English Formula 1 driver (b. 1913)
  • Dec 19th Ernest K Gann, US adventure novelist, dies at 81
  • Dec 19th Paul Maxwell, actor (City of Fear, Freedom to Die), dies at 70
  • Dec 19th Joe Cole, American rock music roadie (b. 1961)
  • Dec 20th Andries D Copier, Dutch glass designer (Guild glass), dies
  • Dec 20th Fop[pe] I Brouwer, biologist (Everything That Lives & Grows), dies
  • Dec 20th Helene Heigh, actress (Undercover Woman, Teen Age Thunder), dies at 86
  • Dec 20th Sam Rabin, speaker of house, dies at 88
  • Dec 20th Stephen Birnbaum, US tourism writer, dies at 54
  • Dec 20th Thomas Newman, actor/composer (Cape Fear), dies of heart attack at 60
  • Dec 20th Walter Chiari, actor (Girl Under Sheet), dies of heart attack at 67
  • Dec 20th Simone Beck, French chef (b. 1904)
  • Dec 20th Albert Van Vlierberghe, Belgian cyclist (b. 1942)
  • Dec 22nd Ernst Krenek, Austrian/US composer (Orpheus & Eurydike), dies at 91
  • Dec 23rd Byron Q Griffith, producer/actor, dies at 73
  • Dec 23rd Rosa Jackson Lumpkin, among the oldest people in the world, dies at 115