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Jul 10th - Gerome Ragal, author (Hair), dies of cancer at 48
Jul 11th - Hitoshi Igarashi, Japanese interpreter (Satanic Verses), murdered
Jul 11th - James McCallion, actor (PT 109, Big Combo), dies at 72
Jul 13th - Cor Ria Leeman, Flemish (youth)writer, dies
Jul 14th - Nic van Bridges, Flemish poet, dies
Jul 15th - Bert Convy, actor (Snoop Sisters, Win Lose or Draw), dies at 57
Jul 16th - Cornelis Z Forster, [Da Kuneisi], Suriname granman/gaanman, dies
Jul 16th - Dwight Weist, Radio actor/film narrator (Radio Days), dies at 81
Jul 16th - Frank Rizzo, (Mayor-D-Phila, 1972-80), dies of a heart attack at 70
Jul 16th - Robert Motherwell, US painter (Elegies to Spanish Rep), dies at 76
Jul 18th - Andre Cools, Belgian budget minister, murdered at 63
Jul 18th - Harold Butler, cricketer (2 Tests for England 1947-48, 12 wkts), dies
Jul 20th - Henri Marius Rellys, dies at 86
Jul 21st - Theodore Wilson, dies at 47
Jul 21st - Paul Warwick, English racing driver (b. 1969)
Jul 24th - Freddie Brown, cricketer (English Test captain 1950-51), dies
Jul 24th - Isaac B Singer, Polish/US writer (Yentl, Nobel 1978), dies at 87
Jul 24th - Karl Ellis, dies at 41
Jul 25th - Brian Haines, actor (The Adventures of Robin Hood, It), dies at 70
Jul 25th - Kaganovitch, Russian minister of Transport for Stalin, dies
Jul 25th - Toni Gerry, actress (Bullet for Joey, Lust for Life), dies at 61
Jul 27th - Carol Gillies, actress (Back Home, Baby Boom), dies at 50
Jul 28th - Luis Aravena Munoz, Chilean singer/exiled to Netherlands, dies at 45
Jul 30th - Leonardus S van Egerat, travel expert, dies at 68
Jul 30th - William Ball, actor (Suburban Commando), dies at 60
Aug 1st - Stuart Wilson, actor (The Girl Who Had Everything), dies at 87
Aug 2nd - Helen Page Camp
Aug 4th - Nikiforos Vrettakos, Greek poet (Hodyne), dies at 80
American Football Coach Paul BrownAmerican Football Coach Paul Brown (Aug 5th) Aug 5th - Paul Brown, NFL founder (Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals), dies at 82
Aug 5th - Soichiro Hondo, CEO & founder (Honda), dies of liver cancer at 84
Aug 6th - Harry Reasoner, newscaster (60 Minutes), dies at 68
Aug 6th - Shapour Bakhtiar, premier Iran (1979), dies in Paris
Aug 6th - Roland Michener, Canadian politician and governor general (b. 1900)
Aug 7th - Billy James, comedian/singer (Women at Play, Lusty Business), dies
Aug 7th - Shapur Bahktiar, PM of Iran (1979), assassinated
Aug 7th - Shotzie, Cincinnati Red dog mascot, dies at 9
Aug 8th - James B Irwin, Col USAF/astronaut (Apollo 15), dies at 61
Aug 8th - John Brasser, Zaans resistance fighter (White Ko), dies
Aug 8th - Magdalena G Schenk, historical (Vorstenhuizen of our time), dies
Aug 8th - Julissa Gomez, American gymnast (b. 1972)
Aug 9th - Corrie Hartong, dance pioneer, dies
Journalist Harry ReasonerJournalist Harry Reasoner (Aug 6th) Aug 10th - Josef Lipski, Polish politician, dies
Aug 11th - Jef Contryn, Flemish pioneer puppet theatre, dies at 89
Aug 11th - J. D. McDuffie, American NASCAR driver (b. 1939)
Aug 12th - Irene Campbell, British actress/dancer (Wicker Man, St Justice), dies
Aug 12th - William Gordon, screenwriter (Back to Bataan), dies
Aug 13th - Jack Ryan, inventor (Barbie Doll, Hot Wheels), dies at 65
Aug 14th - Douglas Kiker, newscaster (NBC-TV), dies of a heart attack at 61
Aug 14th - Alberto Crespo, Argentine racing driver (b. 1920)
Aug 15th - Marietta Tree, ambassador (UN Comm of Human Rights), dies at 74
Aug 16th - Robert DiMatte Jr, stage director/actor, dies at 43
Aug 16th - Shamu the Whale, dies of respiratory failure at 16
Aug 16th - Stuart Karl, CEO (Karl Home Video), dies at 38 of skin cancer
Aug 17th - Don Dubbins, actor (Enchanted Island, DI), dies at 63
Aug 17th - Leo Geerts, [Marcel van der Linden], Belgian writer/critic, dies
Aug 17th - Mervyn Nelson, director (Some of My Best Friends Are...), dies at 76
Aug 18th - Vaughn Shoemaker, US cartoonist (John Q Public, Pulitzer), dies
Aug 20th - Betty Bowden, British dancer/actress (Vote for Nigel), dies at 86
Aug 20th - Lenore Strunsky Gershwin, widow of Ira Gershwin, dies at 90
Aug 21st - Oswald von Nell-Breuning, German theologist/philosopher, dies at 101
Aug 21st - Richard Wilson, producer/writer/actor (Pay or Die), dies at 75
Aug 21st - Wolfgang Hildesheimer, German/Swiss architect, dies
Aug 22nd - Boris Pugo, USSR minister of Interior (1990), commits suicide
Aug 22nd - Colleen Dewhurst, actress (Murphy Brown), dies of cancer at 67
Aug 23rd - Florence B Seibert, bio-chemist (TB), dies at 93
Aug 24th - Abel Kivlat, US 1500m runner (Olympic-silver-1912), dies at 99
Aug 24th - Beb [Elizabeth] Vuyk, Neth/Indon writer (Camp Diary), dies at 86
Aug 24th - Bernard Castro, patented convertible couch, dies at 87
Aug 24th - Mike Sokoll, cowboy actor, dies at 97
Aug 25th - Don Nute, entertainer, dies of AIDS at 56
Aug 25th - Niven Busch, US writer (Duel in the Sun), dies
Aug 25th - Sergei Ajromeiev, soviet general, commits suicide
Aug 27th - Gordon Heath, actor (Sapphire, Staircase, Animal Farm), dies
Aug 27th - Vince Taylor, [Brian Holden], Brit singer (Brand new Cadillac), dies
Aug 28th - Christian Anders, actor/composer (Death Stone, Love Cult), dies
Aug 28th - Eleanor Berry, actress (Death Valley Days), dies
Aug 29th - Dallas Adams, British painter/writer/actor (Terror from Within), dies
Aug 29th - Daniel Ocko, dies of respiratory condition at 78
Aug 29th - Dixie Dunbar, [Charlotte King], dies of heart attack at 72
Aug 29th - Kathryn Cravens, news correspondent, dies at 92
Aug 29th - Libero Grassi, Italian underwear manufacturer/anti mafia, dies
Aug 30th - Alan Wheatley, English actor (The Adventures of Robin Hood), dies at 84
Aug 30th - Hans Koetsier, sculptor artist (KLM-Schiphol), dies
Aug 30th - Jean Tinguely, Swiss sculptor artist (moving objects), dies
Aug 31st - Leigh Watson, US aviation pioneer/air force general, dies at 93
Sep 1st - Mark Robinson, British actor (The Girl), dies at 30
Sep 1st - Steve Kemp, British light enterpeneur, dies
Sep 2nd - Alfonso Garcia Robles, Mexican foreign minister (Nobel 1982), dies
Sep 2nd - Concetto Lo Bello, Italian intl soccer judge, dies
Film Director Frank CapraFilm Director Frank Capra (Sep 3rd) Sep 3rd - Frank Capra, American film director (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 94
Sep 3rd - Henri de Lubac, French theologist/antifascist, dies
Sep 4th - Charlie Barnet, saxophonist (Cherokee), dies of pneumonia at 77
Sep 4th - Dottie West, country singer (Here Comes my Baby), dies at 58 in a car
Sep 4th - Margaret Ramsay, vocalist, dies
Sep 4th - Thomas Tryon, actor (Cardinal)/writer (Other), dies at 65
Sep 6th - Bob Goldham, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1922)
Sep 7th - Archie N Menzies, playwright/composer (Under Your Hat), dies at 87
Sep 7th - Ben Piazza, actor (Consenting Adults), dies of cancer at 58
Sep 7th - John Crosby, US columnist/detective writer dies at 79
Sep 7th - John Lawrence, examined effect of neutron radiation on fabric, dies
Sep 8th - Alex North, music composer (Spartacus), dies at 80 of cancer
Sep 8th - Brad Davis, US, actor (Midnight Express, Chariots of Fire), dies at 41
Sep 8th - Jan J Lipski, chairman (Polish Socialist Party)/writer, dies
Sep 8th - Jo Budie, Dutch orchestra leader (KRO), dies
Sep 9th - Edwin M McMillan, US, chemist (neptunium, plutonium, Nobel 1951), dies
Sep 9th - John Lawrence, doctor, dies
Sep 9th - Joop H Zwart, Spanish fighter/publicist (Black Widow), dies
Sep 9th - Paul Michael Lombardi, actor, dies of AIDS at 31
Sep 10th - Sarah Sally Lawrence, entertainer, dies at 61
Sep 10th - Yves Montand, actor (Lets Make Love, Z), dies at 70
Sep 10th - Jack Crawford, Australian tennis player (b. 1908)
Sep 11th - Ernst Herbeck, German Poet (b. 1920)
Sep 12th - Jacques Benoit, [JJM Bayer], poet, dies
Sep 12th - Regis Toomey, actor (You're in the Army Now, Burke's Law), dies at 93
Sep 13th - Ferry Barendse, trumpeter/composer/arranger (Ramblers), dies
Sep 13th - Joe Pasternak, producer (Spinout, Big City), dies of Parkinson's at 73
Sep 13th - Metin Oktay, Turkish football player (b. 1936)
Sep 14th - Julie Bovasso, actress (Saturday Night Fever), dies at 61 of cancer
Sep 14th - Russell Lynes, American art historian and magazine editor (b. 1910)
Sep 15th - Allan Sobek, dancer, dies
Sep 15th - Andre Baruch, Radio/TV announcer dies at 83
Sep 15th - John Hoyt, actor (My Favorite Brunette), dies of lung cancer at 87
Sep 16th - Carol White, actress (Prehistoric Women, Dulcima), dies at 47
Sep 17th - Zino Francescatti, French violinist (b. 1902)
Sep 21st - Angelo "Little Moe" Rossitto, dwarf actor (Carousel), dies at 83
Sep 21st - Angelo Rossitto, dwarf known as "Little Moe"/actor (Dark), dies at 83
Sep 21st - JA Mommersteeg, Dutch state sect of Defense (KVP), dies
Sep 22nd - Pandit Rambharos Gangaram Panday, Suriname religious leader, dies
Sep 22nd - Reynold Abel Dorris, (Broken Cord), dies at 23 in car crash
Sep 23rd - Ernestine McClendon, director/actress (Homer & Eddie), dies
Sep 24th - Mary Lawrence, actress (Best Man), dies of respiratory failure at 73
Children's Author Dr. SeussChildren's Author Dr. Seuss (Sep 24th) Sep 24th - Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss), children's author, dies of cancer at 87
Sep 24th - Peter Bellamy, folk singer (b. 1944)
Sep 25th - Klaus Barbie, Gestapo chief of Lyon, dies of cancer at 77
Sep 25th - Max Koot, royal photographer, dies
Sep 25th - Viviane Romance, French actress (b. 1912)
Sep 25th - Lydia Cabrera, Cuban Anthropologist, dies at 91
Sep 26th - Billy Vaughn, American bandleader (b. 1919)
Sep 27th - Huib Orizand, Dutch actor (Paul Vlanderen), dies
Sep 27th - Jan Hart, director (Friends of Curacao), dies
Sep 27th - Oona Chaplin, daughter of Eugene O'Neill/wife of Charles, dies at 66
Sep 28th - Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, dies of pneumonia at 65
Sep 29th - Gijsbert Perlee, Amsterdam's organ builder/grinder (Arabian), dies
Sep 29th - Sam Ntuli, South African ANC-writer, murdered
Sep 29th - Zapata Jaw, [Nelson Renfrum], Surinamese musician, dies
Jazz Musician Miles DavisJazz Musician Miles Davis (Sep 28th) Sep 30th - Nancy Welford, entertainer, dies at 87
Oct 1st - Jan van Tongeren, painter, dies
Oct 2nd - Dimitrios I, patriarch/primus interparis orthodox Christians, dies
Oct 2nd - Jan H Christianse, political chairman (CDA), dies
Oct 3rd - Max Cantor, journalist, dies

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