Famous Deaths in April 1992

  • 1st Juanito, soccer star (Madrid Real 1977-87), dies at 37 in car crash
  • 1st Nigel Preston, British drummer (The Cult), dies of a drug overdose at 28
  • 2nd Paula Kelly, American big band singer, dies at 72
  • 2nd Tomisaburo Wakayama, Japanese actor (b. 1929)
  • 3rd Lloyd "Slim" Andrews, actor (Buf Bill in Tomahawk Territory), dies
  • 3rd Margaret Barker, actress (Fathers & Son), dies of lung cancer at 83
  • 4th Karl Tunberg, US scriptwriter (Ben Hur), dies
  • 4th Samuel Reshevsky, Polish-born chess grandmaster, dies at 80
  • 4th Sy Kramer, singer/comedy writer dies of cancer at 59
  • 4th Arthur Russell, American cellist (b. 1951)
  • 5th Anthony "Tony" Papa, big band leader, dies at 65

Person of interestPerson of Interest

5th Sam Walton, Billionaire CEO (Wal-Mart), dies of multiple myeloma at 74

Founder of Walmart Sam Walton
Founder of Walmart
Sam Walton
  • 5th Samuel H Reshevsky, Polish/US chess grandmaster, dies at 80

Person of interestPerson of Interest

6th Isaac Asimov, Sci-Fi author (I Robot), dies from kidney failure at 72

Author, Biochemistry Professor Isaac Asimov
Author, Biochemistry Professor
Isaac Asimov
  • 6th Molly Picon, Yiddish actress (Milk & Honey), dies of Alzheimers at 94
  • 7th Alix Talton, former Miss Georgia, dies of lung cancer at 72
  • 7th Clovis Ruffin, fashion designer (T shirt dress), dies of AIDS at 46
  • 7th Rick Emery, dies after long illness at 39
  • 8th Nelson Olmsted [or Olmstead], American voice actor (Sleep No More) dies at 78
  • 8th Daniel Bovet, Swiss-born pharmacologist, Nobel laureate (b. 1907)
  • 9th Gale McGee, senator (Wyoming, 1959-77), dies at 77
  • 9th Ruth Hammond, American Broadway actress, dies in her sleep at 96
  • 10th Ken Ward, dies at 37

Person of interestPerson of Interest

10th Sam Kinison, loud mouth comedian, dies in a car crash at 38

Comedian Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison
  • 11th Adele Dixon, singer/actress (Uneasy Virtue), dies of pneumonia at 83
  • 11th Eve Merriam, poet (Inner City Mother Goose), dies of cancer at 75
  • 11th James Brown, actor (Rip-Adv of Rin Tin Tin), dies at 72
  • 11th Alejandro Obreg√≥n, Colombian painter (b. 1920)
  • 12th Joe Medwick, vocalist, dies at 61
  • 13th Brian Oulton, dies at 84
  • 13th Wallace Stegner, novelist (Pulitzer 1972), dies at 84
  • 13th Walter Stuart Surridge, cricketeer (Capt of Surrey), dies at 74
  • 14th David Miller, dies of cancer at 82
  • 14th Sammy Price, US boogie-woogie pianist, dies
  • 16th Andy Russell, drummer/vocalist (Your Hit Parade), dies of stroke at 72
  • 16th Frank Killmond, dies at 58
  • 16th Neville Brand, American actor (Stalag 17), dies of emphysema at 71
  • 17th Hank Penny, country music singer, dies at 73 of heart failure
  • 18th Florence Randall, model/designer (Bill Blass), dies at 54 of cancer
  • 19th Alice Mary Riley, entertainer, dies of cancer at 51
  • 19th Frankie Howerd, actor (Carry on Doctor, Up the Front), dies at 70
  • 19th Pat Thompson, actress (Strictly Ballroom), dies at 51
  • 19th Robert F Clayton, drummer (Jody Grind), dies at 26 in a car crash
  • 19th Robert Paul Haynes, bassist (Jody Grind), dies at 26 in a car crash
  • 20th Benny Hill, comedian (Benny Hill Show), dies of a heart attack at 67
  • 20th Johnny Shines, American delta blues singer/guitarist, dies at 76
  • 21st Robert Harris, murderer, executed in Calif's gas chamber at 39
  • 21st Vladimir K Romanov, Grand Duke/Rus pretender to the throne, dies at 74
  • 22nd Billy Wayne White, murderer, executed in Texas at 34
  • 22nd Joop [Joseph] van Santen, Dutch 1st Chamber member (CPN), dies
  • 22nd Youcca Troubatzkoy, actress (Flower of the Night), dies
  • 23rd Deron Johnson, 1965 NL run leader, dies of cancer at 53
  • 23rd Satyajit Ray, Indian director (Distant Thunder/Agantuk), dies at 70
  • 23rd Victoria Kellem Lederman, model, dies of amyloidosis at 52
  • 25th Brian Macleod, Canadian musician, dies of cancer at 39
  • 25th Dany [Daniel S] Tuijnman, Dutch min of traffic & water, dies at 77
  • 25th Panos Christi, entertainer, dies of AIDS at 54
  • 25th Yutaka Ozaki, Japanese rock artist, dies at 26 of pulmonary edema
  • 26th Alberta Vaughn, actress (Wild Horse, Silver Devil), dies at 87
  • 26th Clyde Hartley, entertainer, dies at 68
  • 27th Olivier Messiaen, French composer, dies at 83
  • 28th Francis Bacon, Irish/British abstract painter, dies at 82
  • 28th Olivier Messiaen, French composer (St Francois d'Assise), dies at 83
  • 28th Iceberg Slim, American writer (b. 1918)
  • 29th Mae Clarke, actress (Public Enemy, Frankenstein), dies at 84
  • 30th Daan van Driel, Dutch cartoonist/WWII resist fighter (Trouw), dies