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3rd - Robert Beatty, actor (Odd Man Out), dies at 82
3rd - Sandy Dennis, actress (Up the Down Staircase), dies of cancer at 54
3rd - Ted Liss, actor (Child's Play), dies of heart attack at 72
4th - Arthur Babbitt, animator (Mr Magoo, Goofy), die at 84 of heart failure
4th - C Meijer, Dutch editor in chief (Typhoon), dies
4th - Christian K Nelson, inventor (Eskimo Pie), dies at 98
4th - Mary Osborne, jazz guitarist, dies at 70 of liver cancer
4th - Nestor Almendros, Spanish/US cameraman (Kramer vs Kramer), dies at 61
5th - Andrew Samuel, child actor (Our Gang), dies at 82
5th - Yevgeny Yevstigneev, Russian actor (Welcome Kosta), dies at 65
6th - Elvia Allman, actress (Night at Earl Carroll's), dies of pneumonia
6th - Emmy Huf, Dutch cabaret performer/writer (I Want Warm Meat), dies
6th - Maria Vieira da Silva, Portuguese painter (Mirror Palace), dies at 83
8th - Red Callender, US jazz bassist (Unfinished dream), dies at 76
9th - Felipe Turich, actor (Lawless), dies
9th - Jack McEdward, asst dir (Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell), dies at 94
9th - James Brooks, US mural painter (Flight, La Guardia NY), dies at 85
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem BeginIsraeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (9th) 9th - Menachem Begin, PM Israel (1977-80, 81-83, Nobel 1979), dies at 85
10th - Roy Holmer Wallack, dies of pneumonia at 64
10th - Giorgos Zampetas, Greek composer and musician (b. 1925)
11th - David Carroll, actor (Grand Hotel), dies of pulmonary embolism at 41
11th - Manuel De Dios Unanue, US anti-drug journalist, murdered at 48
11th - Richard Brooks, director (Blackboard Jungle, Key Largo), dies at 79
12th - Barbara Morrison, actress (Proj Moonbase), dies of heart failure at 84
12th - Hans G Kresse, Dutch cartoonist (Eric the Viking), dies at 70
12th - Ida Oosterbaan, Dutch founder (Women Action Committee), dies
12th - Karel Poons, father of Paul Deen, dies
12th - Philippe Soupault, writer, dies
12th - Salvo Lima, mayor (Palermo)/MP (chr-dem), murdered
13th - Clarence Wright, singer, dies at 84
13th - Hans Redeker, Dutch art critic (Algemeen Handelsblad), dies
14th - C V Wood Jr, theme park developer (Disneyland), dies of cancer at 71
14th - Jean Poiret, French actor/writer (La Cage aux Folles), dies at 65
14th - Ralph James, actor (Orson-Mork & Mindy), dies at 67
14th - Steven Brian Pennell, 1st execution in Delaware in 45 years at 34
15th - Helen Deutsch, screenwriter, dies of natural causes
15th - Jack Washburn, actor (Black Orchid), dies after long illness at 64
15th - Vanessa Lee, actress (Split), dies at 71
16th - Renzhong Weangn, China politician (1934-45), dies
16th - Yves Rocard, French physicist (b. 1903)
17th - Charles Rea, British actor (Ipcress File), dies at 69
17th - George Lovi, US columnist (Sky & Telescope's "Ramblings"), dies
17th - Grace Stafford Lantz, cartoon voice (Woody Woodpecker), dies at 87
17th - Jack Arnold, actor/dir (Sid Caeser Special, Emmy 1967), dies at 75
18th - Cornelis B Vaandrager, [C Vaan], poet (Giant of Rotterdam), dies at 56
19th - Cesare Danova, actor (Tentacles, Viva Las Vegas), dies at 66
20th - Avonne Taylor, actress (My Best Girl, Honor Among Lovers), dies at 93
20th - Frank Westbrook, dancer/choreographer, dies at 82
20th - Georges Delerue, French composer (Hiroshima, My Love), dies at 67
21st - John Ireland, actor (Rawhide), dies of leukemia at 78
21st - Natalie Sleeth, American composer (b. 1930)
23rd - Friedrich A von Hayek, British economist (Road to Serfdom), dies at 92
25th - Nancy Walker, American actress (Ida Morgenstern-Rhoda), dies of cancer at 69
26th - Barbara Frum, Canadian journalist (b. 1937)
27th - Anita Colby, US model/actress/author (Pepsi Coke), dies at 77
27th - Easley Blackwood, expert bridge player, dies at 89
27th - Gerry Duggan, dies at 82
27th - James E Webb, head of NASA (1961-68), dies at 84
27th - Martin Engelman, Dutch cartoonist/painter/graphic artist, dies
28th - Wendell Mayes, writer, dies of cancer at 72
29th - Earl Spencer, father of Lady Diana, dies at 68
Actor Paul HenreidActor Paul Henreid (29th) 29th - Paul [G J von] Henreid, Austrian actor (Laszlo-Casablanca), dies at 84
30th - Art Hannes, announcer, dies of a respiratory ailment at 72
30th - Luigi De Laurentiis, Italian producer (Toto, Macaroni), dies
30th - Manolis Andronikos, Greek archeologist, professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (b. 1919)
30th - Manolis Andronicos, Greek archaeologist who discovered ancient royal Macedonian tombs in northern Greece, dies at 72

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