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Jan 1st - June Clayworth, actress (Bodyguard, Criminal Court), dies of lymphoma
Jan 1st - Phyllis Hill, actress (Singing in the Dark), dies of lung cancer at 72
Jan 3rd - Peter Brocco, blacklisted in the 1950's, dies of heart attack at 89
Jan 3rd - Johnny Most, American sports announcer (b. 1923)
Jan 4th - Daniel H Craven, South African rugby coach, dies
Jan 4th - Joe Keenan, actor (Conviction of Kitty Dodd), dies of cancer at 69
Jan 4th - Charles Bridgford, Australian politician
Jan 5th - George L George, Russian/US journalist/director/producer, dies at 85
Jan 5th - Henk Knol, Suriname MP (PvdA), dies at 61
Jan 5th - Jennifer Raine Bissell, daughter of Alan Napier, dies 60
Jan 5th - Juan Benet Goitia, Spanish writer (Herrumbrosas Lanzas), dies at 65
Jan 5th - Klaas Wiersma, Dutch sec of Justice (VVD), dies
Jan 5th - Leonce Gras, Flemish singer/conductor, dies at 84
Jan 5th - Nyamuisi Muvingi, Zaire minister of Culture, murdered
Jan 5th - Ronnie Welsh, actor (Patterns), dies of brain cancer at 52
Jan 5th - Westley A Dodd, US murderer, 1st hanging in US since 1965
Jan 6th - Elisabeth, arch duch of Austria/princess of Liechtenstein, dies at 70
Jan 6th - John B "Dizzy" Gillespe, blues trumpeter, dies of cancer at 75
Jan 6th - Rudolph Nureyev, Russian ballet dancer (Kirov), dies of AIDS at 54
Jan 7th - Richard Branda, actor (2 Minute Warning), dies of colon cancer at 57
Jan 8th - Asif Nawaz, Pakistani general, dies
Jan 8th - Hakija Turajlic, Bosnian vice-premier, murdered
Jan 8th - Theo Bruins, Dutch pianist/composer (Syncope), dies at 63
Jan 9th - Alois Brunner, German/Syrian commandant of KZ-Lower Drancy, dies
Jan 9th - Felix Grucci, fireworks expert, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 87
Jan 9th - Sir Paul Hasluck, Governor-General of Australia (b. 1905)
Jan 10th - Diana Adams, ballerina, dies
Jan 10th - Noorjahan Begum, "adulterous" wife in Bangladesh, stoned to death
Jan 11th - Lacey Fosburgh, author (Closing Time), dies of breast cancer at 50
Jan 12th - Carles Mira, Spanish director (Que Nos Quiten Lo Bailao), dies at 45
Jan 13th - Rene Pleven, PM of France (1950-51, 51-52), dies
Jan 13th - Camargo Guarnieri, Brazilian composer (b. 1907)
Jan 14th - Elisabeth A de Vreugd, chambermaid for Dutch Queen, dies at 98
Jan 14th - Manfred Lachs, Polish lawyer (Intl Court of Justice), dies
Jan 15th - Henry Iba, basketball coach, dies at 88
Jan 15th - Huub H Jacobse, Dutch MP (VVD), dies at 68
Jan 15th - Ken Cory, dies of AIDS at 51
Jan 15th - Sammy Cahn, American songwriter (b. 1913)
Jan 16th - Florence Desmond, [Dawson], actress (Sally in Our Alley), dies at 87
Jan 16th - Glenn Corbett, US actor (Shenandoah, Chisum, Midway), dies at 63
Jan 16th - Sathasivam Krishnakumar, Sri Lanka commander, commits suicide
Jan 16th - Jón Páll Sigmarsson, Icelandic strength athlete (b. 1960)
Jan 17th - Ger ter Horst, Dutch soccer trainer (Sparta), dies
Jan 17th - Albert Hourani, English historian (b. 1915)
Jan 18th - M Eleonore Lippits, 1st Dutch female missionary doctor, dies at 85
Jan 18th - Mia Meijer, Dutch playwright/director (Machine Child), dies
Jan 18th - Mike Templeton, 2nd person to receive a heart pump, dies at 34
Jan 18th - Eleanor Hibbert, British author (b. 1906)
Jan 19th - Chris Street, basketball player, dies at 20
Jan 19th - Kees Scherer, Dutch photographer (World Press Photo), dies at 72
Jan 19th - Reginald Lewis, CEO (Beatrice), dies of brain cancer at 50
Jan 19th - William LeMassena, actor (All that Jazz), dies of lung cancer at 76
Actress Audrey HepburnActress Audrey Hepburn (Jan 20th) Jan 20th - Audrey Hepburn, actress (Roman Holiday), dies of colon cancer at 63
Jan 20th - Joseph Anthony [Deuster], US director/actor (Rainmaker), dies at 80
Jan 20th - Mercer McCleod, entertainer, dies of heart failure at 86
Jan 22nd - Alexander Bodon, Hung-Dutch architect (RAI, Dollywood), dies at 86
Jan 22nd - Charlie Gehringer, baseball player, dies at 89
Jan 22nd - Kobo Abe, Japanese writer (Wife in the Sand), dies at 68
Jan 22nd - Maria Vlamynck, Flemish author, dies at 75
Jan 23rd - Dudley Stevens, entertainer, dies of AIDS at 57
Jan 23rd - Thomas A Dorsey, jazz pianist (Take My Hand, Precious Lord), dies
Jan 24th - Thurgood Marshall, 1st African American supreme court justice (1967-91), dies 84
Jan 24th - Ugur Mumcu, Turkish journalist (Cumhuriyet Murder), dies
Jan 26th - Axel Von Dem Bussche, German aristocrat, dies
Jan 26th - Jan Gies, Dutch resistance fighter (helped Anne Frank), dies at 87
First Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood MarshallFirst Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (Jan 24th) Jan 26th - Robert Jacobsen, Danish sculptor (large iron sculptures), dies at 80
Jan 26th - Jeanne Sauvé, Governor-General of Canada (b. 1922)
Jan 27th - André the Giant, WWF wrestler, dies of congestive heart failure at 49
Jan 28th - Aben Kandel, screenwriter (Dinner at 8), dies of heart failure at 96
Jan 28th - John Steadman, actor (Gator, Fade to Black), dies of lung ailment 83
Jan 29th - Hank Werba, [Herman Werblowski], US journalist (Variety), dies at 79
Jan 29th - Michel Renault, French ballet dancer (Giselle), dies
Jan 30th - Taikichiro Mori, Japanese real estate developer, dies at 88
Feb 3rd - Karel Goeyvaerts, Flemish composer (8 Horse Bet), dies at 69
Feb 5th - Jack Young, cricketer (8 Tests for England 1947-49, 17 wickets), dies
Feb 5th - Joseph L Mankiewicz, US writer/director (All about Eve), dies at 83
Feb 5th - Tip Tipping, [Tim], stuntman, dies in sky-diving accident at 34
Feb 5th - Marcel Léger, Quebec politician (b. 1930)
Feb 6th - Frances Hunt, actress (You're a Sweetheart), dies of stroke at 77
Tennis Player Arthur AsheTennis Player Arthur Ashe (Feb 6th) Feb 6th - Arthur Ashe, tennis star (Wimbledon 1975), dies of AIDS at 49
Feb 7th - W Sybout A Colenbrander, Dutch historian/journalist, dies at 82
Feb 8th - Casper van den Berg, Dutch poet (Fashionable inconvenience), dies
Feb 8th - Douglas Heyes, director/writer (Kitten with a Whip), dies at 73
Feb 8th - Eliot Janeway, financial columnist (Eliot Doomsday), dies at 80
Feb 8th - Franz Schnyder, Swiss director (10th of May), dies at 82
Feb 8th - Paul Brickhill, Dutch/US WW II pilot/physician, dies
Feb 8th - N. Shanmugathasan, Sri Lankan communist leader
Feb 9th - David Willis, British journalist (BBC World Service), dies at 54
Feb 9th - Kate Wilkinson, actress (Clara-Another World), dies of cancer at 76
Feb 9th - Nasrullah Mansoor, Afghan guerilla leader/governor of Paktia, dies
Feb 10th - John Grossman, Czech director (Process, Revisor), dies
Feb 10th - Joy Garrett, actress (Days of Our Live), dies of liver failure at 47
Feb 10th - Maurice Bourges-Maunoury, PM of France (1957), dies
Feb 10th - Fred Hollows, New Zealand ophthalmologist (b. 1929)
Feb 11th - George A Stephen, inventor (Weber Kettle Grill), dies at 71
Feb 11th - Joy Garrett, actress (Days of Our Lives), dies of liver failure
Feb 11th - Oksana Kostina, Russian gymnist, dies in an auto accident
Feb 12th - James Bulger, English child beaten to death at 2, by 10 yr old boys
Feb 13th - Agatha Hagtingius-Seger, Dutch author (Sparkles Chain), dies at 91
Feb 14th - Buddy Pepper, composer, dies of heart failure at 70
Feb 15th - George Wallington, [Giacinto Figlia], Italian bebop-pianist/, dies
Feb 16th - Donald Phelps, dies of AIDS at 61
Feb 16th - Richard Salant, news president (CBS-60 Minutes), dies at 78
Feb 17th - Alfredo de Leon, leader (Philippines Red Scorpio Gang), killed
Feb 17th - George E Wilburn, film editor, dies of emphysema at 77
Feb 17th - Leslie Townsend, cricket all-rounder (England in 4 Tests 1930-34), dies
Feb 18th - Edward S "Ted" Haworth, US set designer (Sayonara, Marty), dies at 76
Feb 18th - Jacqueline Hill, dies of cancer at 63
Feb 18th - Leslie Norman, English director/producer (Dunkirk), dies at 82
Feb 18th - Michael David Morrison, actor (Caleb-As the World Turns), dies at 33
Feb 18th - Kerry Von Erich, American professional wrestler (b. 1960)
Feb 19th - Gerhard Gesell, judge (Pentagon Papers), dies of liver cancer at 82
Feb 19th - Michael Morrison, actor (Caleb-As the World Turns), dies at 33
Feb 20th - Ferruccio Lamborghini, Italian auto-designer (Miura), dies
Feb 21st - Ferrucci Lamborghini, car maker (Lamborghini), dies at 76
Feb 22nd - Jean Lecanuet, French UDF-presidential candidate, dies at 72
Feb 22nd - Pieter A H Bos, Dutch lawyer/procureur-general (Aruba), dies at 63
Feb 23rd - Edwin Louis Battle, actor (Almost Blue, Chase), dies of stroke at 33
Feb 24th - Bobby Moore, English soccer team capt (World champs 1966), dies
Feb 24th - Danny Gallivan, Canadian radio and television sportscaster (b. 1917)
Feb 25th - Eddie Constantine, actor (Alphaville, License to Kill), dies at 75
Feb 25th - Jan D Boeke, Dutch organist/conductor, dies
Feb 25th - Jean G H "Sjeng" Tans, Dutch PM (social dem, 1965-69), dies
Feb 25th - Toy Caldwell, country musician (Marshall Tucker Band), dies at 45
Feb 25th - Mary Walter, Filipino actress (b. 1912)
Feb 26th - Constance Ford, US actress (Another World, Burden Hunt), dies at 64
Feb 26th - Fletcher Knebel, author (7 Days in May), commits suicide at 81
Feb 26th - Mark Kolthoff, Dutch painter/photographer, dies at 92
Feb 27th - Jose Duval, actor (Juan Valdez), dies at 72
Feb 27th - Lillian Gish, US actress (Birth of a Nation), dies at 96
Feb 28th - Fer A Olthoff, Dutch WW II resistance fighter (Het Parool), dies
Feb 28th - Franco Brusati, Italian dir/writer (Bread & Chocolate), dies at 70
Feb 28th - Ishiro Honda, Japanese director/producer (Godzilla), dies at 81
Feb 28th - Joyce Carey, [Lawrence], English actress (Number 27), dies at 94
Feb 28th - Ruby Keeler, Canadian actress, singer, and dancer (42nd Street, Dames), dies of cancer at 82
Mar 1st - Luis Kutner, US co-founder (Amnesty International), dies at 84
Mar 1st - Terry Frost, actor (Waterfront, Dead Man's Trail), dies at 86
Mar 2nd - Floortje Peneder, Dutch poet (Diary), dies at 15
Mar 2nd - Paul D Zimmerman, US screenwriter (King of Comedy), dies at 54
Mar 3rd - Albert Sabin, physician (oral polio vaccine), dies at 86
Mar 3rd - Carlos Montoya, flamenco guitarist, dies at 89
Mar 3rd - Cyril Collard, French composer/dir/actor (A Nos Amours), dies at 35
Mar 3rd - Carlos Marcello, Tunisian-born gangster (b. 1910)
Mar 4th - Art Hodes, Russ/US jazz/blues pianist/editor (Jazz Record), dies
Mar 4th - Richard Sale, writer/director (Oscar, Torpedo Run), dies at 80
Mar 5th - Diana Ochoa, dies after long illness at 80
Mar 5th - Peter Bierdrager, Dutch Fokker's-test pilot, dies in air crash
Mar 6th - Cyril Collard, French director (Lesson nuits fauves), dies at 35
Mar 6th - Douglas Marland, soap writer (As the World Turns), dies at 58
Mar 6th - Nicholas Ridley, English Minister of Finance, dies at 64

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