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Jan 1st - Cesar Romero, US actor (Joker-Batman), dies at 86
Jan 1st - Werner Schwab, Austrian playwright (Female Presidents), dies at 35
Jan 2nd - Dixy Lee Ray, chairwoman (US Atomic Energy Comm), dies at 79
Jan 2nd - Pierre-Paul Schweitzer, French director of IMF (1963-73), dies at 81
Jan 2nd - Sammy Taft, Canadian businessman (coined term "hat trick"), dies at 81
Jan 3rd - Roel Bazen, Dutch sound technician (Van Kooten & The Bie), dies at 48
Jan 3rd - Heather Sears, British actress (b. 1935)
Jan 4th - Jim Booth, New Zealand producer (Heavenly Creatures), dies at 48
Jan 4th - Michiel P "Michael" Gorsira, Gov of Curacao (1951-67), dies at 80
Jan 4th - RD Burman, Indian musician (b. 1939)
Jan 5th - Brian Johnston, cricketer (BBC radio commentator for 40 yrs), dies
Jan 5th - Louis R J Ridder van Rappard, Dutch mayor of Zoelen, dies at 87
Actor Cesar RomeroActor Cesar Romero (Jan 1st) Jan 5th - Thomas P "Tip" O'Neill, (D-Ma)/Speaker of House (1977-86), dies at 81
Jan 5th - Victor van Os, Dutch jazz guitarist, dies at 39
Jan 5th - William Raynor, writer, dies at 73
Jan 5th - Tip O'Neill, American politician (b. 1912)
Jan 6th - "Iron" Adriaan van Es, Dutch undersec of Navy (1963-72), dies at 80
Jan 6th - Gerardus J Sizoo, physicist/director of Dutch Free University, dies
Jan 6th - Morty the Moose, (Northern Exposure), dies at 6
Jan 6th - Tip O'Neill, speaker of the house, dies of cancer
Jan 6th - Virginia Kelley Clinton, Mother of President Clinton, dies at 70
Jan 7th - Bobby Pratt, jazz Trombone/Piano Player, dies at 67
Jan 7th - Lewis Boddington, aerospace Engineer, dies at 85
Jan 7th - Lynn Blessing, vibes Player, dies at 65
Jan 7th - Phoumi Vongvichit, pres of Laos (1986-91), dies
Jan 7th - Vittorio Mezzogiorno, actor (Cafe Express), dies of heart failure 52
Jan 8th - Edward Duke, actor (Decadence, Silver Bears), dies of cancer at 40
Jan 8th - Harvey Haddix, pitcher (12 perfect inning game), dies at 68
Jan 8th - Jay Blackton, US conductor/arranger (Oklahoma!), dies at 84
Jan 8th - Lady Caithness, wife of Brit undersecretary, commits suicide
Jan 8th - Pat Buttram, actor (Haney-Green Acres), dies of kidney failure at 78
Jan 8th - Sri Chandrashekhara Saraswathi, guru of Kanchi, dies at 99
Jan 8th - Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Italian actor (Octopus), dies at 52
Jan 9th - Silas Hogan, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 82
Jan 10th - Catharina I "Ien" Dales, min of Internal affairs (1989-94), dies at 62
Jan 10th - Charles "Chub" Feeney, baseball pres (National League), dies at 72
Jan 10th - Michael Aldridge, actor (Murder in the Cathedral), dies at 73
Jan 11th - John Bradley, raised US flag at Iwo Jima, dies at 70
Jan 11th - Roger "Ram" Ramirez, jazz piano player/composer, dies at 80
Jan 11th - Helmut Poppendick, Nazi physician (b. 1902)
Jan 12th - Bob Horen, dies of cancer at 67
Jan 12th - Samuel Bronston, Romanian/US producer (El Cid), dies at 85
Jan 13th - Frederick William Sternfield, musicologist, dies at 79
Jan 13th - Johan J Holst, Norwegian min of defense/foreign affairs, dies at 56
Jan 14th - Esther Ralston, US actress (Tin Pan Alley, SF Docks), dies at 91
Jan 14th - Federica Montseny, anarchist/Sp minister of Health (1936), dies at 80
Jan 15th - Gyorgy Cziffra, Hungarian/French pianist (Chopin/Liszt), dies at 72
Jan 15th - Harry Nilsson, rock vocalist (Everybody's Talkin'), dies at 52
Jan 15th - Philippe Brun, jazz trumpeter, dies at 85
Jan 16th - Harry Nilsson, singer/Songwriter, dies at 52
Jan 16th - Martin Kosleck, German/US actor (Hitler Gang), dies at 86
Jan 16th - Stephen Kritsick, veterinarian (Good Morning America), dies at 42
Jan 17th - Allan G Odell, Ad exec (Burma Shave), dies at 90
Jan 17th - Chung Il Kwon, PM of South Korea (1964-70), dies
Jan 17th - Grady "Fats" Jackson, tenor Sax Player, dies at 66
Jan 17th - Han Jansen, Dutch journalist (Volkskrant), dies at 61
Jan 17th - Klaas Peereboom, Dutch sports reporter (Het Parool), dies at 77
Jan 17th - Noel Chiboust, trumpeter/sax, dies at 84
Jan 17th - Helen Stephens, American 100m runner and double Olympic champion, dies at 75
Jan 17th - Yevgeny Ivanov, Soviet spy involved in the Profumo affair (b. 1926)
Jan 18th - Arthur Altman, songwriter, dies at 83
Jan 20th - Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenyan vice-pres (1963-66), dies at about 81
Jan 20th - Matt Busby, Scottish soccer coach (Manchester United), dies at 84
Jan 21st - Basel al-Assad, Syrian pres Assad son, dies in car accident at 31
Jan 22nd - Frances Gifford, dies of emphysema, at 71
Jan 22nd - Irving B Kahn, inventer (teleprompter), dies at 76
Jan 22nd - Jean-Louis Barrault, French actor (La Ronde), dies at 83
Jan 22nd - Telly Savalas, American actor (Kojak), dies of prostate cancer at 72
Jan 22nd - Rhett Forrester, American singer (Riot) (b. 1956)
Jan 23rd - Nikolai Ogarkov, Russian marshal (Flight KAL 007), dies at 76
Jan 23rd - Oliver Smith, US set designer (Guys & Dolls-7 Tony Awards), dies at 75
Jan 23rd - Sherry Mathis, actress (Search for Tomorrow), dies of cancer at 44
Jan 23rd - Suzanne M Blum, French lawyer (Charlie Chaplin), dies at 95
Jan 23rd - Brian Redhead, English journalist and broadcaster (b. 1929)
Jan 24th - Michalis Vranopoulos, head of Greek state bank, murdered at 48
Jan 25th - Stephen Cole Kleene, mathematician (Regular Expressions), dies at 85
Jan 27th - Claude Akins, actor (Rio Bravo, Lobo), dies of cancer at 67
Jan 27th - Eddie Calhoun, jazz Bassist, dies at 72
Jan 27th - Joe Mays, actor (Mr Saturday Night), dies of AIDS at 44
Jan 27th - Stanley Adams, songwriter, dies at 86
Jan 28th - Hal Smith, actor (Otis Campbell - "The Andy Griffith Show"), dies at 77
Jan 28th - Hermanus P "Piet" Mulder, Dutch journalist (Het Parool), dies at 79
Jan 28th - William Levitt, builder (Levittown), dies of kidney failure at 86
Jan 29th - Jevgeni P Leonov, Russian actor (Gori, Moja Zvezda), dies at 67
Jan 29th - Nick Cravat [Nicholas Cuccia], American actor (Gremlin-Twilight Zone), dies of lung cancer at 81
Jan 29th - Ulrike Maier, olympic skier, breaks neck during world cup skiing at 26
Jan 30th - Bahjat Talhouni, PM of Jordan (1960-62, 64-65, 67-69, 69-70), dies
Jan 30th - Byron "Wild Child" Gipson, blues Singer, dies at 64
Jan 30th - Ernestine "Tiny" Davis, jazz vocalist/trumpeter, dies at 86
Jan 30th - Jan L N Schaefer, Dutch undersecretary of Housing (PvdA), dies at 53
Jan 31st - Pierre Boulle, French writer (Executioner), dies at 81
Feb 1st - Fouad Fram al-Boustani, Lebanese historian (Rawaeaa), dies at 88
Feb 1st - Olan Soule, radio voice (Super Friends), dies of lung cancer at 83
Feb 2nd - John Wesley Funchess Littlejohn, blues guitarist/singer, dies at 62
Feb 2nd - Stephen Barclay, actor (Pride of the Plains), dies at 75
Feb 2nd - Willie Mae Ford Smith, gospel Singer/Songwriter, dies at 89
Feb 2nd - Zilner T Randolph, jazz Trumpeter/ Arranger, dies at 95
Feb 4th - Han Jansen, Dutch painter, dies at 62
Feb 4th - Harold Schneider, US producer (5 Easy Pieces, War Games), dies at 55
Feb 4th - Jan Veldkamp, Dutch geophysicist/director (KNMI), dies at 84
Feb 4th - Justinus Darmojuwono, Indonesian archbishop/cardinal, dies at 79
Feb 5th - Fred de Bruyne, Flemish cyclist/gang leader (Paris-Nice), dies at 63
Feb 5th - Hermann Abs, German banker to Hitler & Adenauer, dies at 92
Feb 5th - Kenneth "Buddy" Scott, blues guitarist/Singer, dies at 59
Feb 6th - Ignace Strasfogel, Polish/US pianist/conductor/composer, dies at 84
Comic Book Artist and Writer Jack KirbyComic Book Artist and Writer Jack Kirby (Feb 6th) Feb 6th - Jack Kirby, cartoonist (X-Men, Spider-Man, Hulk), dies at 76
Feb 6th - Joseph Cotten, actor (Citizen Kane), dies at 88
Feb 6th - Norman Del Mar, conductor/writer (Conducting Brahms), dies at 74
Feb 7th - Maarten Vrolijk, Dutch soc-dem minister (CRM 1965-66), dies at 74
Feb 7th - Richard Bissell, US under director of CIA (Pig's Bay), dies at 84
Feb 7th - Witold Lutosławski, Polish composer (b. 1913)
Feb 8th - Jacob Firet, Dutch theologist (Agogic Moment), dies at 70
Feb 8th - Ken Hall, Australian director/producer (Kokoda front line), dies at 92
Feb 8th - Raymond Scott, composer (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), dies at 85
Feb 9th - Arnold Smith, Brit 1st sec-gen of Commonwealth (1965-75), dies at 79
Feb 9th - Jarmila Novotna, Czech/US soprano (Madame Butterfly), dies at 86
Feb 9th - Louis Kaufman, US violinist/conductor (Gone with the Wind), dies at 88
Feb 9th - Howard Martin Temin, American geneticist, Nobel laureate (b. 1934)
Feb 11th - Antonio Martin, Spanish cyclist, dies in cycling accident at 23
Feb 11th - Sorrell Brooke, actor (Mayor Hogg-Dukes of Hazzard), dies at 64
Feb 11th - William Conrad, actor (Cannon), dies of a heart attack at 73
Feb 12th - Donald Judd, US furniture maker/architect/artist, dies at 65
Feb 12th - Sue Rodriguez, Canadian assisted suicide advocate (b. 1950)
Feb 13th - Michael Francis Morris Lindsay, orientalist, dies at 84
Feb 13th - Theo Bitter, Dutch painter/set designer, dies at 79
Feb 14th - Christopher Lasch, author (Culture of Narcissism), dies at 61
Feb 14th - Gary "BB" Coleman, blues vocal/guitarist/producer, dies at 47
Feb 15th - Andrei Tsjikatilo, [Rostov Ripper], Russian mass murdered, executed
Feb 15th - Tiger Haynes, US actor (Moscow on the Hudson, Cosby Show), dies at 79
Feb 17th - Randy Shilts, US journalist (& the band played on), dies of AIDs at 41
Feb 18th - Peter Caddy, founder of the Findhorn Community, dies at 76
Feb 19th - Derek Jarman, actor/director (Tempest), dies of AIDS at 52
Feb 19th - Georges Watin, Algerian/French officer (OAS), dies at 71
Feb 19th - Renske Vellinga, Dutch speed-skater, dies in auto-accident at 19
Feb 20th - Derek Jarman, English director (Last of England), dies at 52
Feb 20th - Manuel F "Garincha" dos Santos, soccer player (Brazil), dies at 49
Feb 21st - Frederick Edward Nicklin, architect, dies at 68
Feb 21st - William Elgin Swinton, child Psychiatrist, dies at 54
Feb 22nd - "Papa" John Creach, US jazz musician (Papa Blues), dies at 76
Feb 23rd - Stuart Berger, doctor (Immune Power Diet), dies from obesity at 40
Feb 24th - Dinah Shore, singer (Chevrolet), dies of cancer at 76
Feb 24th - Donald Phillips, pianist/composer, dies at 80
Feb 24th - Jean Sablon, crooner, dies at 87
Feb 24th - Knut Anders Haukfield, SOE Operative, dies at 83
Feb 24th - Lores Bonney, aviator, dies at 96
Feb 25th - Baruch Goldstein, physician/murderer (53 in mosque), lynched at 42
Feb 25th - Hugh Tayfield, cricketer (170 wickets for S Afr in 37 Tests), dies
World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jersey JoeWorld Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jersey Joe (Feb 25th) Feb 25th - Jersey Joe Walcott, boxer, dies at 80
Feb 25th - Wladyslaw Sila Lawyer Adviser to Solidarity-Nowicki, dies at 80
Feb 25th - Yann Piat, French MP (FN/PR), murdered at 44

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