Famous Deaths in June 1995

  • 1st Prudence Hyman, dancer, dies at 80
  • 1st Ronald Anthony "Tony" Clegg, property trader, dies at 58
  • 3rd Alastair Webster Mackie, poet/teacher, dies at 69
  • 3rd Dilys Powell, film Critic, dies at 93
  • 3rd Estelle Brody, actress (Safari, Kitty, Plaything), dies at 94
  • 3rd Frank Waters, writer, dies at 92
  • 3rd Jean-Patric Manchette, thriller writer, dies at 52
  • 4th Ernest Borneman, sexual researcher psychotherapist, dies at 80
  • 4th Herta Ryder, literary agent, dies at 77
  • 4th Paul WIlliams, climber, dies at 49
  • 4th William J Law, sailor, dies at 84
  • 5th Bettina Vernon-Warren, dancer, dies at 75
  • 6th Imam Elissa, singer, dies at 76
  • 6th James Anderson, writer, dies at 41
  • 7th Joseph Tomelty, actor/playwright (Bedevilled, Moby Dick), dies at 84
  • 7th Hsuan Hua, influential Buddhist master in the United States (b. 1918)
  • 8th Juan Carlos Ongania, President of Argentina (1966-70), dies
  • 8th Lord Erskine of Rerrick, peer, dies at 69
  • 8th Sheikh Iman, singer, dies at 76
  • 9th Charles Rowe, cricket (scored 0 in only Test for NZ v Aust 1946), dies
  • 9th Frank Chacksfield, conductor/arranger, dies at 81
  • 9th Walter Landor, designer, dies at 81
  • 10th Ernest Anderson, publicist, dies at 85
  • 10th Masaya Hanai, businessamn, dies at 82
  • 10th Ron Morrisby, cricketer (prolific batsman for Tasmania 1931-52), dies
  • 11th Lovelace Watkins, singer, dies at 58
  • 11th Luigi Innocenti, designer, dies at 71
  • 12th Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pianist, dies at 75
  • 13th David Parry, guitarist, dies 53
  • 14th Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere, television producer, dies at 69
  • 14th Gesualdo Bufalino, novelist, dies at 74
  • 14th Gordon Greig, journalist, dies at 63
  • 14th Roger Joseph Zelazny, sci-fi writer, dies of cancer at 60
  • 14th Rory Gallagher, Irish rock guitarist (See Here), dies at 47
  • 15th Charles Bennett, screenwriter, dies at 95
  • 16th Jack Wagner, actor/voice (Disneyland, Walt Disney World), dies
  • 17th Claire Sterling, journalist, dies at 75
  • 18th Arthur John Howard, actor (Frieda, Last Holiday, Paradiso), dies at 85
  • 18th Charles Martin, cartoonist, dies at 85
  • 19th Al Hansen, artist, dies at 67
  • 19th Murray Dickie, opera singer/director, dies at 71
  • 19th Richard Bernard Pape, POW escaper/writer, dies at 79
  • 19th Peter Townsend, RAF officer (b. 1914)
  • 20th Dennis Gomm, musician, dies at 84
  • 20th Emil Mihai Cioran, writer/aphorist, dies at 84
  • 20th Henry Iliffe Cozens, pilot, dies at 91
  • 21st Kenneth Henry Lowry Lamb, broadcaster, dies at 71
  • 21st Tristan Jones, sailor, dies at 71
  • 21st Laurence McKinley Gould, American Geologist and Polar Explorer who was chief scientist and second-in-command on the first expedition to the interior of Antarctica in 1929, dies at 98
  • 22nd Georges Yves Marie Congar, Dominican theologian cardinal, dies at 91

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

23rd Jonas Salk, biologist (Polio vaccine), dies of heart failure

Medical Researcher and Virologist Jonas Salk
Medical Researcher and Virologist
Jonas Salk
  • 23rd Anatoly Tarasov, Russian ice hockey coach (b. 1918)
  • 24th Inshan Ali, cricketer (WI chinaman bowler 1971-77), dies
  • 24th John Reginald "Nat" Allen, planning enforcement officer, dies at 66
  • 24th John Richard Brinsley Norton, landowner, dies at 71
  • 25th Warren Earl Burger, Supreme Court Justice, dies of heart failure at 78
  • 27th Lionel Edmund "Sonny" Taylor, musician, dies at 70
  • 27th Madeleine Gillian Jinkinson, medical administrator, dies at 59
  • 27th Prez "Kidd" Kenneth, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 61
  • 28th Donald Sinclair, vet, dies at 83

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

29th Lana Turner, actress (Madame X), dies of cancer at 75

Actress Lana Turner
Lana Turner
  • 29th Roy Rowland, film director, dies at 84
  • 30th Barney Simon, theatre director/writer, dies at 63
  • 30th Gale Gordon, comedian (Our Miss Brooks, Here's Lucy), dies at 89
  • 30th Georgi Timofeyevich Beregovoi, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 3), dies at 74
  • 30th Phyllis Hyman, R&B/Jazz singer (Prime of My Life), suicides at 45
  • 30th Sicco Mansholt, pres Commission of Europe (1972-1973), dies