Famous Deaths in September 1997

  • 2nd Rudolf Bing, opera manager (NY Met Opera), dies at 95
  • 2nd Viktor Frankl, psychotherapist (Man's Search for Meaning), dies at 92
  • 4th Belle Stewart, Scottish traditional singer, dies at 91
  • 4th Aldo Rossi, Italian architect (b. 1931)
  • 5th Georg Solti, conductor, dead, dies at 84
  • 5th Leon Edel, biographer, dies at 89

Person of interestPerson of Interest

5th Mother Teresa [Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu], Albanian born Indian nun and founder of Missionaries of Charity (Nobel Peace Prize, 1979), dies of cardiac arrest at 87

Catholic Missionary Mother Teresa
Catholic Missionary
Mother Teresa
  • 6th Philippe Rossillon, administrator, dies at 66
  • 6th P. H. Newby, British author and BBC radio director (b. 1918)
  • 7th Alex Macintosh, broadcaster/actor (Hell Fight), dies at 72
  • 7th Derek Taylor, Beatles publicist, dies of cancer at 65

Person of interestPerson of Interest

7th Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire (1965-97), dies at 66

President of Zaire Mobutu Sese Seko
President of Zaire
Mobutu Sese Seko
  • 9th Myra McCulloch, teacher academic/administrator, dies at 48
  • 9th Richie Ashburn, Hall of Fame baseball infielder (Philadelphia Phillies, NY Mets) and sportscaster, dies of a heart attack at 70

Person of interestPerson of Interest

9th Burgess Meredith, actor (Penguin-Batman, Rocky), dies at 88

  • 10th Jack Adkisson, professional wrestler (b. 1929)
  • 11th Camille Henry, National Hockey League player (b. 1933)
  • 11th Hannah Weiner American experimental poet (b. 1928)
  • 12th Janet Leach, American potter, dies at 79
  • 12th Judith Merril [Grossman], science fiction writer, dies at 74
  • 12th Stikkan Stig Anderson, music entrepreneur (Polar), dies at 66
  • 16th Antony Kearey, television producer, dies at 77
  • 17th Jan Peder Syse, PM of Norway (1989-90), dies
  • 17th John Seldon Whale, theologian, dies at 100
  • 17th Red Skelton, comedian (Red Skelton Show), dies at 84
  • 18th Harry Brian Boyne, journalist, dies at 87
  • 18th Jimmy Witherspoon, singer, dies at 65
  • 19th Clive Brain, educationalist, dies at 57
  • 19th Kathy Keeton Guccione, CEO (General Media Intl), dies at 58
  • 19th Malcolm Hughes, artist, dies at 77
  • 19th Rich Mullins, American singer (b. 1955)
  • 20th Edmund Falkiner, jazz saxophinist/probation officer, dies at 59
  • 21st Tommy Cecil, ferryman, dies at 51
  • 21st Jennifer Holt, American actress (b. 1920)
  • 22nd Bryan Woods, soldier/clerk, dies at 76
  • 22nd Eric William Hunter Christie, barrister, dies at 77
  • 22nd George Bryan Ingham, artist, dies at 61
  • 22nd Ruth Picardie, journalist, dies at 33
  • 22nd Shoichi Yokoi, Jap WW II fighter (surrendered in 1972), dies at 82
  • 22nd George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy, British politician (Speaker of the House of Commons), dies at 97
  • 23rd Abe Gibron, head coach (Chicago Bears), dies at 72
  • 23rd Murray Burnett, writer (Everybody Goes to Rick-Casablanca), dies at 86
  • 23rd Shirley Clarke, actress (Cool World), dies at 78
  • 24th Jonathon Silver, entrepreneur/arts patron, dies at 47
  • 25th Sayed Mutawli ad Imam scholar/broadcaster-Darsh, dies at 66
  • 25th Jean Françaix, French composer (b. 1912)
  • 25th Hélène Baillargeon, Quebec singer and folklorist (b. 1916)
  • 27th Walter Trampler, American violist (b. 1915)
  • 29th Milner Connorton Gray, designer, dies at 97
  • 29th Robert Arthur Thornbury Campbell, journalist/musician, dies at 55
  • 29th Roy Lichtenstein, pop artist, dies of pneumonia at 73
  • 30th Male alligator, largest in Florida (14 feet), killed at about 65
  • 30th Richard Selwyn Francis Schiling, British professor of occupational health, dies at 86