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Deaths 1 - 150 of 316

Jan 1st - Patti Page [Clara Ann Fowler], American pop singer, dies at 85
Jan 2nd - Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, Uruguayan football player, dies from a respiratory illness at 67
Jan 2nd - Ned Wertimer, American actor, dies from complications from a fall at 89
Jan 2nd - Margaret A. Brewer, American soldier and first female general officer in US Marine Corps, dies at 82
Jan 3rd - Sergiu Nicolaescu, Romanian film director, dies from surgical complications at 82
Jan 4th - Sammy Johns, American country artist, dies at 66
Jan 4th - Derek Kevan, English footballer, dies at 77
Jan 4th - Tony Lip, American actor, dies at 82
Jan 4th - Yevgeny Pepelyaev, Soviet fighter pilot, dies at 94
Jan 5th - Bruce McCarty, American architect, dies at 92
Jan 6th - Neil Adcock, South African cricketer, dies from bowel cancer at 81
Jan 8th - Kenojuak Ashevak, Canadian Inuit artist, dies from lung cancer at 85
Jan 8th - Jeanne Manford, American gay rights activist, dies at 92
Singer Patti PageSinger Patti Page (Jan 1st) Jan 9th - James M. Buchanan, American economist and nobel laureate, dies at 93
Jan 10th - Evan Connell, American author, dies at 88
Jan 11th - Aaron H. Swartz, American computer programmer, dies from an apparent suicide at 26
Jan 13th - Rusi Surti, Indian cricketer, dies from complications from a stroke at 76
Jan 14th - Giorgio Alverà, Italian bobsledder, dies at 69
Jan 14th - Conrad Bain, Canadian-born American actor, dies from natural causes at 89
Jan 15th - Chucho Castillo, Mexican boxer, dies from a heart attack at 68
Jan 15th - Nagisa Oshima, Japanese film director and screen writer, dies at 80
Jan 16th - Yevdokiya Mekshilo, Soviet skier, dies at 81
Jan 16th - Pauline Phillips, American advice columnist, dies from complications from Alzheimer's disease at 94
Jan 17th - Robert F. Chew, American actor, dies from heart failure at 52
Jan 17th - Lizbeth Webb, English soprano, dies at 86
Jan 19th - Anatoly Bannik, Ukranian chess master, dies at 91
Jan 19th - Milt Bolling, American MLB shortstop, dies from complications from heart surgery at 82
MLB Legend Stan MusialMLB Legend Stan Musial (Jan 19th) Jan 19th - Stan Musial, American MLB hall of famer, dies from Alzheimer's disease at 92
Jan 19th - Earl Weaver, American hall of fame MLB manager, dies from a heart attack at 82
Jan 20th - Freddie Williams, Welsh motorcycle speedway champion, dies at 86
Jan 21st - Robert Michael Winner, English film director and producer (Death Wish), dies at 77
Jan 22nd - Leslie Frankenheimer, American film set designer, dies from leukaemia at 64
Jan 26th - Hiroshi Nakajima, Japanese doctor, dies at 84
Jan 28th - Eddy Choong, Chinese badminton player, dies at 82
Jan 29th - Frank Hahn, British economist, dies at 87
Jan 30th - Patty Andrews, American singer (Andrews Sisters), dies at 94
Jan 31st - Timir Pinegin, Societ sailor, dies at 85
Feb 1st - Sir Paul Holmes, New Zealand media broadcaster, dies from prostate cancer and heart problems at 62
Feb 1st - Ed Koch, American congressman and New York City Mayor (1977-89), dies from heart failure at 88
Feb 1st - Vladimir Yengibaryan, soviet boxer, dies at 80
Feb 2nd - Chris Kyle, American sniper, is shot at 38
Feb 2nd - Walter Francis Sweeney, American NFL guard, dies from pancreatic cancer at 71
Feb 3rd - Cardiss Collins, American Congresswoman, dies at 81
Feb 4th - Pat Halcox, British trumpeter, dies at 82
Feb 4th - Reg Presley, English rocker, dies from lung cancer at 71
Feb 5th - Stuart Freeborn, English motion picture make-up artist, dies at 98
Feb 8th - James DePreist, American conductor, dies at 76
Feb 9th - Keiko Fukuda, Japanese-born American martial artist, dies at 99
Feb 10th - W. Watts Biggers, American novelist and animator, dies at 85
Feb 10th - Eugenio Trias, Spanish philosopher, dies at 70
Feb 11th - Rick Huxley, English guitarist, dies at 72
Feb 12th - Hennadiy Udovenko, Ukranian politician and diplomat, dies at 81
Singer-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony SheridanSinger-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony Sheridan (Feb 16th) Feb 16th - Tony Sheridan, English singer-songwriter and guitarist, dies at 72
Feb 17th - Richard Briers, English actor, dies from emphysema at 79
Feb 17th - Mindy McCready, American country singer, commits suicide by gunshot at 37
Feb 18th - Kevin Ayers, English rocker, dies at 68
Feb 18th - Elspet Gray, Scottish actress, dies at 83
Feb 18th - Damon Harris, American soul singer, dies from prostate cancer at 62
Feb 20th - Antonio Roma, Argentinian footballer, dies at 80
Feb 22nd - Wolfgang Sawallisch, German conductor and pianist dies aged 89
Feb 22nd - Atje Keulen-Deelstra, Dutch speed skater, dies at 74
Feb 25th - Charles Koop, American pediatric surgeon and health administrator, dies at 96
Feb 27th - Stephane Hessel, German-born French diplomat, dies at 95
Feb 27th - Van Cliburn, American pianist, dies at 78
Feb 28th - Bruce Reynolds, English criminal, dies at 81
Mar 1st - Bonnie Franklin, American actress, dies from pancreatic cancer at 69
Mar 3rd - Bobby Rogers, American vocalist, dies from complications from diabetes at 73
Mar 4th - Fran Warren, American singer, dies at 87
President of Venezuela Hugo ChávezPresident of Venezuela Hugo Chávez (Mar 5th) Mar 5th - Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, dies from respiratory failure at 58
Mar 6th - Sabine Bischoff, German fencer, dies at 54
Mar 6th - Stompin' Tom Connors, Canadian country artist, dies from natural causes at 77
Mar 6th - Alvin Lee, English rocker, dies from complications from surgery at 68
Mar 7th - Peter Banks, English rocker, dies at 65
Mar 7th - Kevin Ball, English Jazz musician, dies from pneumonia at 82
Mar 7th - Claude King, American musician, dies at 90
Mar 12th - Clive Burr, English drummer, dies from complications from multiple sclerosis at 56
Mar 13th - Ducky Detweiler, American MLB player, dies at 94
Mar 13th - Malachi Throne, American actor, dies at 84
Mar 14th - Jack Greene, American country artist, dies from complications from Alzheimer's disease at 83
Mar 14th - Mirja Hietamies, Finnish skier, dies at 82
Mar 15th - Booth Gardner, American politician, dies from Parkinson's disease at 76
Mar 16th - Bobby Smith, American R&B singer, dies from complications of influenza and pneumonia at 76
Mar 18th - Muhammad Mahmood Alam, Pakistani general and fighter ace, dies at 77
Mar 19th - Harry Reems, American actor, dies from pancreatic cancer at 65
Mar 20th - James Herbert, British horror writer, dies at 69
Novelist and Poet Chinua AchebeNovelist and Poet Chinua Achebe (Mar 21st) Mar 21st - Chinua Achebe, Nigerian poet and novelist, dies at 82
Mar 22nd - Pietro Mennea, Italian sprinter, dies from cancer at 60
Mar 23rd - David Bond, British sailor, dies at 90
Mar 23rd - Virgil Trucks, American MLB pitcher, dies at 95
Mar 25th - Lou Sleater, American MLB pitcher, dies from lung disease at 86
Mar 25th - Anthony Lewis, American journalist (Pulitzer Prize 195,1963) & author, dies from kidney and heart failure at 85
Mar 26th - Tom Boerwinkle, American NBA player, dies at 67
Mar 26th - Don Payne, American television and screen writer, dies from bone cancer at 48
Mar 26th - Yury Rudov, Soviet fencer, dies at 82
Mar 27th - Hjalmar Andersen, Norwegian speed skater, dies from trauma due to a fall at 90
Mar 28th - Richard Griffiths, British actor, dies from complications from heart surgery at 65
Mar 28th - Soraya Jiménez, Mexican weightlifter, dies from a heart attack at 70
Mar 30th - Phil Ramone, South-African born American music producer, dies from an aortic aneurysm at 79
Mar 30th - Bob Turley, American MLB pitcher, dies from liver cancer at 82
Apr 1st - Nicolae Martinescu, Romanian Olympic wrestling champion, dies at 73
Apr 2nd - Jesús Franco, Spanish film director and writer, dies from complications from a stroke at 82
Apr 3rd - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, German-born British and American novelist and screenwriter, dies from pulmonary failure at 85
Apr 4th - Carmine Infantino, American comic book artist, dies at 87
Apr 4th - Ian Walsh, Australian rugby league player, dies at 80
British Prime Minister Margaret ThatcherBritish Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Apr 8th) Apr 8th - Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister (1979 - 1990) dies aged 87
Apr 9th - David Hayes, American sculptor, dies from leukemia at 82
Apr 10th - Jimmy Dawkins, American electric blues musician, dies at 76
Apr 10th - Robert Edwards, British physiologist, IVF pioneer, and Nobel laureate, dies at 87
Apr 11th - Jonathan Winters, American comedian and actor, dies from natural causes at 87
Apr 11th - Grady Hatton, American baseball player and manager, dies from natural causes at 90
Apr 11th - Hilary Koprowski, Polish virologist and immunologist, dies at 96
Apr 11th - Maria Tallchief, American prima ballerina, dies at 88
Apr 12th - Robert Byrne, American grand chess master, dies from Parkinson’s disease at 84
Apr 12th - Michael France, American screenwriter, dies from complications from diabetes at 51
Ballerina Maria TallchiefBallerina Maria Tallchief (Apr 11th) Apr 13th - Chi Cheng, American Bassist (Deftones), dies at 42
Apr 14th - Colin Davis, English conductor, dies at 85
Apr 15th - Sal Castro, Mexican-American activist, dies from thyroid cancer at 79
Apr 15th - Richard LeParmentier, American actor, dies at 66
Apr 16th - Pat Summerall, American NFL player and sportscaster, dies from cardiac arrest at 82
Apr 17th - Bi Kidude, Tanzanian Taarab singer, dies at c. 100
Apr 18th - Storm Thorgerson, English graphic designer, dies from cancer at 69
Apr 19th - Allan Arbus, American actor, dies from heart failure at 95
Apr 19th - Mike Denness, Scottish cricketer, dies from cancer at 72
Apr 19th - Patrick Garland, British director, writer, and actor, dies at 78
Apr 19th - Francois Jacob, French biologist and Nobel laureate, dies at 92
Apr 20th - Howard Phillips, American politician, dies from dementia and Alzheimer's disease at 72
CBS, Fox, and ESPN Sportscaster Pat SummerallCBS, Fox, and ESPN Sportscaster Pat Summerall (Apr 16th) Apr 20th - Nosher Powell, English actor and boxer, dies at 84
Apr 21st - Leopold Engleitner, Austrian Holocaust survivor, dies at 107
Apr 22nd - Richie Havens, American singer-songwriter and guitarist, dies from a heart attack at 72
Apr 23rd - Robert Edgar, American Congressman, dies from a heart attack at 69
Apr 25th - Rick Camp, American MLB pitcher, dies of natural causes at 59
Apr 25th - Virginia Gibson, American actress, dies at 88
Apr 26th - George Jones, American country musician, dies from hypoxic respiratory failure at 81
Apr 28th - János Starker, Hungarian cellist, dies at 88
Apr 29th - John La Montaine, American composer, dies at 93
Apr 30th - Deanna Durbin, Canadian singer and actress, dies at 91 (announcement date)
May 2nd - Jeff Hanneman, American guitarist, dies from liver failure at 49
May 3rd - Joe Astroth, American MLB player, dies at 90
May 4th - Christian de Duve, British cytologist and biochemist, dies from euthanasia at 95
May 6th - Giulio Andreotti, Italian Prime Minister, dies at 94
May 7th - George Sauer, Jr., American football player, dies from heart failure at 69
May 7th - Ray Harryhausen, American visual effects creator, dies at 92
May 8th - Brian Forbes, English director and actor, dies at 86
May 8th - Jeanne Cooper, American actress, dies at 84
May 9th - Andrew Simpson, British sailor, dies after a yacht capsize at 36
May 11th - Jack Butler, American football player, dies from complications from staph infection at 85
May 13th - Joyce Brothers, American psychologist, dies from respiratory failure at 85
May 13th - Chuck Muncie, American football running back, dies from a heart attack at 60
May 13th - Vladimir Romanovsky, Soviet sprint canoer, dies at 56
May 16th - Heinrich Rohrer, Swiss physicist and Nobel Laureate, dies at 79

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