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69 - Battle at Bedriacum, North-Italy
1205 - Battle at Adrianople: Bulgaria beats Emp Boudouin of Constantinople
1250 - Pope Innoncent III refuses Jews of Cordova Spain to build a synagogue
1450 - French defeat English at Battle of Formigny in 100 Years' War
1493 - -20/4 Barcelona] Columbus meets with King Ferdinand & Isabella
1528 - Pánfilo the Narváez, Spanish conquistador arrives in Florida with 350 men to a hostile reception from native indians
1534 - Thomas Cromwell is appointed Chief Secretary to King Henry VIII
1581 - Cortes van Thomar accepts Philip II as king of Portugal
1594 - Fleming Pieter Stevens appointed royal painter of Rudolf II (Prague)
1621 - Hugo the Great arrives in France
1632 - Battle of Rain; Swedes under Gustavus Adolphus defeat Count Tilly of the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years' War.
1654 - England & Netherlands sign peace treaty
1689 - French King Louis XIV declares war on Spain
1697 - Charles XII succeeds Charles XI as King of Sweden
1715 - Pocotaligo Massacre triggers the start of the Yamasee War in colonial South Carolina.
The Sun King of France Louis XIVThe Sun King of France Louis XIV 1716 - Great Northern War: Prussian troops occupy Swedish controlled German port of Wismar
1729 - Johann Sebastian Bach's "St Matthew Passion" premieres in Leipzig
1738 - Bottle opener invented
1738 - Premiere in London of "Serse", an Italian opera by George Frederic Handel.
1755 - Samuel Johnson's "A Dictionary of the English Language" published in London.
1776 - Duchess of Kingston found guilty of bigamy
1788 - Britain, Netherlands & Prussia sign peace treaty
1793 - Bank of England issues first £5 note
1802 - William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy see a "long belt" of daffodils, inspiring the former to pen "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud".
1817 - 1st American school for the deaf opens (Hartford Conn)
Composer George Friedrich HandelComposer George Friedrich Handel 1850 - City of San Francisco incorporated
1851 - Earl G Andressy sentenced to death in Hungary
1853 - Protestant church questions king Willem III RC bishops
1858 - Battle of Azimghur, Mexicans defeat Spanish loyalists
1861 - Federal army (75,000 volunteers) mobilized by US President Lincoln (US Civil War)
1864 - General Steeles' Union troops occupies Camden, Arkansas
1865 - Otto Von Bismarck elevated to rank of Count of Bismarck-Schönhausen
1865 - Abraham Lincoln is shot & killed while attending the play "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theatre
1870 - Last day US silver coins allow to circulate in Canada
1874 - NY legislature passes compulsory education law
1877 - 1st telephone installed: Boston-Somerville, Mass
1878 - Harley Procter introduces Ivory Soap
US President Abraham LincolnUS President Abraham Lincoln 1892 - General Electric Company, forms & is incorporated in NY
1895 - Josephine Blatt (US) makes hip-and-harness lift of 3564 lb (record)
1896 - 1st Olympic games close at Athens, Greece
1900 - Exposition Universelle/World Fair opens in Paris (till 12th Nov)
1900 - An early 50 mile race is won by an electric car in over 2 hrs
1901 - 1st British motorized burial
1901 - Pope Leo XIII issues an allocution deploring hostile actions against the Roman Catholic Church throughout Europe
1902 - Pope Leo XIII encyclical "On Church in US"
1902 - Rioting and arson continue in Russia with peasants plundering estates to find food.
1902 - Russian minister of interior and head of secret police, Sipyengin, is assassinated by the 'Terror Brigade' of the Socialist Revolutionaries
1906 - The Armenian organization AGBU is established.
1909 - NY Giant Red Ames 2nd no-hitter, loses in 13 on a 7 hitter to Dodgers
1910 - Taft is first US president to throw out a 1st ball at a baseball game
1911 - Jack Lawrence Theater (Playhouse) opens at 137 W 48th St NYC
MLB Pitcher Walter JohnsonMLB Pitcher Walter Johnson 1911 - Walter Johnson pitches a record tying 4 strike outs in an inning
1912 - RMS Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM off Newfoundland as band plays on
1915 - Manuel de Falla's ballet "El Amor Brujo" premieres in Madrid
1915 - NY Giant Rube Marquard no-hits Bkln, 2-0
1918 - Clemenceau publishes secret French/Austrian documents
1920 - New Canadian small cent coin is released
1921 - Black Friday in Britain: leaders of transport and rail unions announce a decision not to call for strike action in support of the miners; the epithet 'black' derives from a widespread feeling that the decision amounted to a breach of solidarity and a betrayal of the miners
1922 - Banting, MacLeod & Best discover insulin
1922 - The legendary Poodle Dog Restaurant closes in San Francisco
1923 - 1st sound on film public performance shown at Rialto Theater (NYC)
1923 - Insulin becomes generally available for diabetics
1924 - Flemish-Walloon riots in Louvain, Belgium, 1 dead
1924 - WHO-AM in Des Moines Iowa begins radio transmissions
1924 - Rand McNally publishes its first road atlas.
1925 - NHL's NY Americans (formerly Hamilton Tigers) 1st game, lose 3-1
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth 1927 - Babe Ruth hits 1st of 60 HRs of season (off A's Howard Ehmke)
1927 - Switzerland & USSR agree to diplomatic relations
1928 - Alioto's on Fisherman's Wharf (SF) forms
1931 - 1st backwards walk across American begins
1937 - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat NY Rangers, 3 games to 2
1939 - Albert Lebrun elected president of France
1940 - British troops land at Narvik, Norway
1941 - 1st helicopter flight of 1 hr duration, Stratford, Ct
1942 - George VI awards George Cross to people of Malta
1943 - Metropolitan Life Insurances issues a $225 million check to Chase
1945 - British Army liberates Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen
1945 - FDR buried in grounds of Hyde Park home
1945 - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Communium interpretes dolorum
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1945 - US troops occupy concentration camp Colditz
1947 - Jackie Robinson becomes 1st African-American to play in US major league baseball (Dodgers)
1947 - Operations begin at Radio Netherlands World radio
1948 - 1st Jewish-Arab military battle, arabs defeated
1948 - Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh created
1948 - KCPX (now KTVX) TV channel 4 in Salt Lake City, UT (ABC) 1st broadcast
1949 - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Redemptoris nostri
1951 - Michael Gorsira is 1st person in charge of Curacao
1952 - Franklin National Bank issues 1st bank credit card
1952 - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings sweep Montreal Canadiens in 4 games
1952 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1952 - The maiden flight of the B-52 Stratofortress prototype
1953 - Malans National Party wins South African elections
Baseball Player Jackie RobinsonBaseball Player Jackie Robinson 1953 - WHP TV channel 21 in Harrisburg, PA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1954 - KARK TV channel 4 in Little Rock, AR (NBC) begins broadcasting
1954 - Orioles 1st game in Baltimore beat White Sox 3-1
1954 - WHO TV channel 13 in Des Moines, IA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1954 - Yankees dedicate a plaque to Edward Barrow
1955 - Ray Kroc opens first McDonald's Inc. fast food restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois
1955 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1956 - Marlene Bauer wins LPGA Babe Didrikson-Zaharias Golf Open
1957 - Congress gives Post Office $41M; restoring Saturday mail delivery
1957 - KTVI TV channel 2 in Saint Louis, MO (ABC) begins broadcasting
1957 - Saturday mail delivery restored after Congress givs PO $41 million
1958 - 10th Emmy Awards: Gunsmoke, Robert Young & Jane Wyatt win
1958 - 1st baseball game in California, SF Giants beat LA Dodgers, 8-0
Cuban Revolutionary and President Fidel CastroCuban Revolutionary and President Fidel Castro 1959 - Fidel Castro begins US goodwill tour
1959 - US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles resigns
1960 - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), organizes at Shaw U
1960 - Guy Carawan sings "We Shall Overcome" to a Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Raleigh - popularising the song as a protest anthem
1961 - "Music Man" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 1375 performances
1962 - US national debt above $300,000,000,000
1963 - "Sophie" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 8 performances
1964 - Chesapeake Bay Bridge opens (world's longest)
1965 - James Baldwin's "Amen Corner" premieres in NYC
1965 - NFL changes penalty flag from white to bright gold
1966 - KHET TV channel 11 in Honolulu, HI (PBS) begins broadcasting
1966 - Rolling Stones release "Aftermath"
1967 - "Wait A Minim!" closes at John Golden Theater NYC after 457 perfs
Author James BaldwinAuthor James Baldwin 1968 - Houston Astros beat NY Mets, 1-0, in 24 innings
1969 - North Korea shoots at US airplane above Japanese sea
1970 - "Cry for Us All" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 8 performances
1970 - Libyan leader Gadaffi launches "Green Revolution"
1970 - WMGZ TV channel 16 in Mayaguez, PR ([M]) begins broadcasting
1970 - WPSJ TV channel 14 in Ponce, PR ([P]) begins broadcasting
1971 - "70, Girls, 70" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 35 performances
1971 - 43rd Academy Awards - "Patton", George C Scott & Glenda Jackson win
1972 - Barbra Striesand, James Taylor, Carole King & Quincy Jones perform at a benefit for George McGovern for President
1972 - A member of the Official Irish Republican Army is shot dead by British soldiers at Joy Street in the Markets area of Belfast close to his home
1972 - A member of the British Army is shot dead by the Official IRA in the Divis area of Belfast.
LPGA Golfer Mickey WrightLPGA Golfer Mickey Wright 1973 - 2nd Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Mickey Wright
1974 - 3rd Boston Women's Marathon won by Miki Gorman of California in 2:47:11
1974 - 78th Boston Marathon: Neil Cusack of Ireland 1st man in 2:13:39 and Miki Gorman of United States 1st woman in 2:47:11
1974 - Military coup in Niger, president Diori Hamani deposed
1975 - 1st appearance of San Diego Chicken
1975 - Gabon amends constitution
1975 - Penguins 3-Isles 1-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 2-0 lead
1976 - Yankee stadium reopens, Yanks beat Twins after trailing 4-0
1977 - 1st baseball game at Montreal's Olympic Stadium
1978 - 43 die as 2 express trains collide head-on south of Bologna, Italy
1978 - Great Britain performs nuclear test
1979 - 43rd Masters Golf Tournament: Fuzzy Zoeller wins, shooting a 280
1979 - A disastrous earthquake (of M 7.1) on Montenegro coast.
1981 - Janet Cooke says her Pulitzer award winning stry about an 8-year-old heroin addict is a lie, Washington Post relinquishes Pulitzer Prize on fabricated story
1982 - Apollo Computer announces DN400, DN420, & landscape display
1983 - Rangers 0-Isles 5-Patrick Div Finals-Isles hold 2-0 lead
1983 - Tokyo Disneyland opens
1984 - "Human Comedy" closes at Royale Theater NYC after 13 performances
1984 - 48th Masters Golf Tournament: Ben Crenshaw wins, shooting a 277
1984 - Ayako Okamoto wins LPGA J&B Scotch Pro-Am Golf Tournament
1984 - Extremist Sikhs plunder 40 stations in Punjab India
1984 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1985 - 14th Boston Women's Marathon won by Lisa Larsen Weidenbach in 2:34:06
1985 - 89th Boston Marathon: Geoff Smith of Great Britain 1st man in 2:14:05 and Lisa Larsen Weidenbach of United States 1st woman in 2:34:06
1985 - Challenger moves to launch pad for 51-B missing
1986 - US air raids Libya, responding to La Belle disco, Berlin bombing
1986 - Viv Richards century off 56 balls v England in Antigua Test Cricket
1986 - The United States launches Operation El Dorado Canyon against Libya.
1987 - "Barbara Cook: A Concert..." opens at Ambassador NYC for 13 perfs
1987 - Alfred Uhry's "Driving Miss Daisy" premieres in NYC
1988 - Meteorite explode above Indonesia
1988 - Wendy Wasserstein's "Heidi Chronicles" premieres in NYC
1989 - 96 crushed to death at Hillsborough Football Stadium, Sheffield England
1989 - Students in Beijing pro-democracy protests
1989 - Sue Marchiano wins 3rd World Cup female marathon (2:30:48)
1989 - Then largest lottery in North America ($69M) drawn in Illinois
1990 - "In Living Color" premieres on FOX-TV
1990 - Greenidge & Haynes make 298 opening stand (v Eng), their best
1991 - "Secret Garden" opens at St James Theater NYC for 706 performances
1991 - 20th Boston Women's Marathon won by Wanda Panfil of Poland in 2:24:18
1991 - 95th Boston Marathon: Ibrahim Hussein of Kenya 1st man in 2:11:06 and Wanda Panfil of Poland 1st woman in 2:24:18
1991 - East-Europe Bank forms in London
1991 - Europe foreign ministers lift most remaining sanctions against S Afr
1991 - Former child actor Adam Rich charged with burglary
NBA Legend Magic JohnsonNBA Legend Magic Johnson 1991 - Magic Johnson sets NBA record for career assistswith 9,898
1991 - Maximum NY State unemployment benefits raised to $280 per week
1991 - Sacramento Kings set NBA record, losing 35th consecutive game on road
1991 - Ton Sijbrands improves world record blind checker games (15 wins)
1992 - Billionaire Leona Helmsly is sent to jail for tax evasion
1992 - Jay Leno's final appearance as permanent guest host of Tonight
1992 - Lincoln Hospital in Bronx loses its accreditation
1992 - NY Islander, Al Arbour, coaches most NHL games (1,438)
1992 - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy & DeForest Kelley inducted into National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame
1992 - The National Assembly of Vietnam adopts the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
1994 - Indians loses 1st game at Jacobs Field, KC wins 2-1
Actor William ShatnerActor William Shatner 1994 - WMMS-FM's Jeff & Flash, & entire station staff, are fired
1996 - "Apple Doesn't Fall" closes at Lyceum Theater NYC after 1 performance
1996 - 100th Boston Marathon: Moses Tanui of Kenya 1st man in 2:09:15.9 and Uta Pippig of Germany 1st woman in 2:27:12
1996 - 25th Boston Women's Marathon won by Uta Pippig of Germany in 2:27:12.6
1997 - America On Line begins service in Japan
1997 - Baseball honors Jackie Robinson by retiring #42 for all teams
1997 - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Charlotte NC on WXRC 95.7 FM
1997 - Fire sweeps through a campsite of Muslims making the Hajj pilgrimage; the official death toll is 343.
2000 - 2000 NFL Draft: Courtney Brown from Penn State first pick by Cleveland Browns
2002 - An Air China Boeing 767-200, flight CA129 crashes into a hillside during heavy rain and fog near Busan, South Korea, killing 128.
2002 - 106th Boston Marathon: Rodgers Rop of Kenya 1st man in 2:09:02 and Margaret Okayo of Kenya 1st woman in 2:20:43
2009 - Even though official government sources state that Argentina's GDP will actually grow this year, private consulting firms state that Argentine economy has actually been in recession since October 2008
2010 - Volcanic ash from the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland leads to the closure of airspace over most of Europe.
2011 - "Black Friday" for online poker in the US: indicment United States v. Scheinberg shuts down sites, accussing companies of fraud and money laundering
2012 - 400 Islamist Militants escape from a Pakistan prison after an insurgent attack
2012 - China loosens monetary policy and allows the Yuan to fluctuate up to 1% against the US dollar

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