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Jan 13th - The Bank of Genoa fails after announcement of national bankruptcy in Spain.
Jan 19th - San Agustin Church in Manila is officially completed; it is currently the oldest church in the Philippines
Feb 24th - Claudio Monteverdi's opera "Orfeo" premieres in Mantua
Apr 25th - Battle at Gibraltar: Dutch fleet beats Spanish/Portuguese fleet
Apr 26th - 1st English colony in American lands at Cape Henry, Virginia
May 13th - English colonists, led by John Smith, land near James River in Virginia
May 14th - 1st permanent English settlement in New World, Jamestown, Va
Jun 21st - 1st Protestant Episcopal parish in America established, Jamestown
Jun 25th - Mentally ill emperor Rudolf II signs Treaty of Lieben, giving up Austria, Hungary & Moravia
Jun 30th - Annales Ecclesiastici (Scientific History of Catholicism) published
Sep 14th - Flight of the Earls from Lough Swilly, Donegal, Ireland.

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