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Feb 4th - Prince Bethlen Gabor of Hungary signs peace with Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II
May 17th - 1st merry-go-round seen at a fair (Philippapolis, Turkey)
Jun 3rd - Construction of the oldest stone church in French North America, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, begins at Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
Jul 31st - Pilgrim Fathers depart Leiden for England before heading to America
Aug 7th - Johannes Kepler's mother arrested for witchcraft
Aug 7th - Battle at Ponts-the-Ce, Poitou: French king Louis XIII beats his mother Marie de Medici
Aug 15th - Mayflower sets sail from Southampton with 102 Pilgrims
Sep 6th - 1st stones layed in Western Tower
Sep 6th - The Mayflower departs Plymouth, England with 102 Pilgrims and about 30 crew for the New World
Sep 15th - Mayflower departs from Plymouth England with 102 pilgrims [OS May 8]
Sep 20th - Battle at Jassy: Turks beat king Sigismund III of Poland
Nov 3rd - Great Patent granted to Plymouth Colony
Nov 8th - Battle of White Mountain, Prague
Astronomer Johannes KeplerAstronomer Johannes Kepler Nov 9th - After a month of delays off the English coast and about two months at sea, the Mayflower spots land (Cape Cod)
Nov 15th - Myles Standish leads 16 men in a foot exploration of the northern portion of Cape Cod
Nov 19th - Mayflower reaches Cape Cod & explores the coast
Nov 21st - Pilgrim Fathers reach America: Provincetown Harbor, Mass
Nov 21st - Mayflower Compact signed by Pilgrims in Cape Cod, [O.S. Nov 11]
Dec 2nd - English language newspaper "Namloos" begins publishing in Amsterdam
Dec 11th - 103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock (12/21 NS)
Dec 11th - Myles Standish and a group of 18 settlers are attacked by 30 Native Americans, which became known as the "First Encounter"
Dec 21st - 103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock [OS=Dec 11]
Dec 23rd - French huguenots declare war on King Louis XIII
Military Leader of Plymouth Colony Myles StandishMilitary Leader of Plymouth Colony Myles Standish Dec 26th - Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, MA
Dec 26th - Elizabeth Báthory's crimes are uncovered.

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