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Jan 4th - King Charles I with 400 soldiers attacks the English parliament
Jan 10th - King Charles I & family flee London for Oxford
Mar 1st - Georgeana (York) Maine became the 1st incorporated American city
Mar 9th - English Queen Henriette Mary arrives in Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands
Mar 12th - Abel Tasman is 1st European in New Zealand
Mar 27th - The sixth Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Joseph takes office.
May 6th - Ville Marie (Montreal) forms
May 18th - Montreal, Canada, founded
May 30th - All honours granted by Charles I are retrospectively annulled by Parliament
Jun 14th - 1st compulsory education law in America passed by Massachusetts
Aug 13th - Christiaan Huygens discovers Martian south polar cap
Aug 14th - Able Tasman's ships Heemskerck/Zeehaen depart out from Batavia
Aug 22nd - Civil War in England began between Royalists & Parliament
Sep 19th - Perpignan surrenders to French troops
King Charles IKing Charles I Sep 23rd - Harvard College in Cambridge, Mass, 1st commencement
Oct 23rd - Battle of Edgehill (Warwickshire): King Charles I beat English parliamentarian forces
Nov 2nd - 2nd Battle of Breitenfeld, aka First Battle of Leipzig; victory for the Swedish army under Field Marshal Lennart Torstenson over Holy Roman Empire army under Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria
Nov 13th - Battle at Turnham Green outside London: King Charles I vs English parliament
Nov 24th - Abel Janzoon Tasman discovers Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
Dec 13th - Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sights the South Island of present day New Zealand; initially he calls it Staten Landt and changes it a year later to Nieuw Zeeland
Dec 18th - Abel Tasman's expedition sails around Farewell Spit and into Golden Bay, first sighting local Māori
Dec 19th - 4 of Tasman's crew are killed at Wharewharangi (Murderers) Bay by Māori; Tasman's ships depart without landing
Dec 22nd - Pope Urbanus VIII publishes degree In eminente

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