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Jan 18th - French Prince Louis II of Condé captured
Apr 20th - Dutch East India Company (VOC) management sets new guidelines
Apr 27th - The Battle of Carbisdale: Royalist army under Marquess of Montrose invades mainland Scotland from Orkney; defeated by a Covenanter army.
Apr 30th - French rebel Henri de la Tour Turenne signs treaty with Spain
Jun 9th - The Harvard Corporation, the more powerful of the two administrative boards of Harvard, is established. It is the first legal corporation in the Americas.
Jul 30th - Prince Willem II occupies Amsterdam
Aug 3rd - Viceroy Willem II & Amsterdam reach accord about standing army
Sep 3rd - Battle of Dunbar: England vs Scotland
Sep 29th - 2nd Fronde-uprising ends
Sep 29th - Henry Robinson opens 1st marriage bureau (England)
Dec 21st - Johan de Witt installed as Dutch pension advisor of Dordrecht

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