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Jan 24th - Duke of Orleans joins Fronde rebels
Apr 6th - Cape Colony, the 1st European settlement in South Africa, established by Dutch East India Company under John of Riebeeck
Apr 7th - Dutch establish settlement at Cape Town, South Africa
May 4th - Battle at Etampes: French army under Turenne beats Fronde rebels
May 10th - John Johnson, a free African American, is granted 550 acres in Northampton, Va
May 13th - Ingen Ryuki invited to become the abbot of Sofokuji temple in Nagasaki
May 18th - Rhode Island enacts 1st law declaring slavery illegal
May 19th - Spanish troops occupy Grevelingen
May 29th - Battle of Goodwin Sands, off Folkestone, Kent: English 'General at Sea' Robert Blake drives out Dutch fleet under Lieutenant Admiral Maarten Tromp
Jun 10th - In Boston, John Hull opens the 1st mint in America
Jun 27th - New Amsterdam (now New York City) enacts first speed limit law in North America
Jul 4th - Prince of Condé starts blood bath in Paris
Jul 6th - Fire on Dutch Dam (Amsterdam's city hall burns)
Jul 10th - England declares war on The Netherlands - beginning of the 1st Anglo-Dutch war
Jul 25th - Nikita Minin becomes patriarch of Russian-orthodox church
Aug 26th - Battle of Plymouth: General-at-Sea George Ayscue of the Commonwealth of England attacked a convoy of the Dutch Republic commanded by Vice-Commodore Michiel de Ruyter. Dutch victory
Sep 7th - Battle of Monte Christo: Dutch fleet under J van Galen beat English
Sep 16th - Spanish troops occupy Dunkirk
Sep 28th - English-Dutch sea battle at Kentish Knock
Oct 13th - Prince of Condé flees Paris
Oct 21st - King Louis XIV returns to Paris
Dec 10th - Sea battle at Dungeness: lt-admiral Maarten Tromp beats English fleet

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