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Jan 6th - The Fifth Monarchists unsuccessfully attempt to seize control of London.
Jan 30th - Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed after having been dead for two years.
Mar 10th - French King Louis XIV ends office of premier
Apr 23rd - English king Charles II crowned in London
Apr 29th - Chinese Ming dynasty occupies Taiwan
Apr 30th - Tsjeng Tsj'eng-Kung begins siege of Dutch fort Zeelandia, Formosa
May 3rd - Johannes Hevelius observes 3rd transit of Mercury ever to be seen
Jun 5th - Isaac Newton admitted as a student to Trinity College, Cambridge
Jun 21st - Treaty of Kardis: Russia & Sweden sign peace treaty
Jun 23rd - Marriage contract for Charles II of England & Catharina of Portugal
Jul 3rd - Portugal gives Tangier & Bombay to English King Charles II
Jul 16th - 1st banknotes in Europe are issued by Bank of Stockholm
King Charles IIKing Charles II Jul 27th - English Parliament confirms Navigation Act
Aug 6th - The Treaty of The Hague is signed whereby the Dutch Republic sells New Holland (Brazil) for 63 tonnes of gold
Sep 5th - French superintendant of Finance Nicolas Fouquet arrested
Oct 1st - Yachting begins in England; King Charles II beats his brother James, Duke of York racing from Greenwich to Gravesend
Dec 20th - Corporation Act enforced in England

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