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Jan 1st - Don Carlos de Gurrea/Aragon becomes Spanish land guardian of S Neth
Jan 5th - Battle at Turkheim (Colmar): French army beats Brandenburg
Jan 8th - 1st American commercial corporation chartered (NY Fishing Co)
Jan 31st - Cornelia/Dina Olfaarts found not guilty of witchcraft
Feb 21st - Prince Willem III appointed viceroy of Gelderland
Mar 2nd - Prince William III installed as governor of Overijssel
Mar 4th - John Flamsteed appointed 1st Astronomer Royal of England
Jun 20th - Abenaki, Massachusetts, Mohegan & Wampanoag indians form anti-English front under Metacom
Jun 22nd - Royal Greenwich Observatory established in England by Charles II
Jun 25th - Battle at Rathenow: Brandenburgers beat Sweden
Jun 28th - Battle at Fehrbellin: Brandenburg army beats Sweden
Aug 6th - Russian Tsar Alexis bans foreign hair styles to those below the nobility
Aug 10th - King Charles II and John Flamsteed lay the foundation stone of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Aug 10th - Portuguese-Jewish synagogue opens in Amsterdam
Sep 6th - Swedish admiral Stenbock sails out with fleet of 66 ships
King Charles IIKing Charles II Sep 9th - New England colonies declare war on Wampanoag indians
Oct 4th - Christian Huygens patents pocket watch
Oct 29th - Leibniz makes the first use of the long s, ∫, for integral.
Nov 2nd - A combined attack by the Plymouth, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut colonies attacks the Great Swamp Fort, owned by the Narragansetts during King Philip's War.
Nov 4th - Storm hits Western Europe: flood in Amsterdam
Nov 11th - Gottfried Leibniz demonstrated integral calculus for the first time to find the area under the graph of y = f(x) function.
Nov 14th - Pope Clemens X declares Gorcumse martyrs divine
Nov 22nd - English king Charles II adjourns parliament

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