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Jan 1st - Protestant Western Europe (except England) begin using Gregorian calendar
Jan 1st - Russia begins using the Anno Domini era and no longer uses the Anno Mundi era of the Byzantine Empire.
Jan 26th - The magnitude 9 Cascadia Earthquake took place off the west coast of the North America, as evidenced by Japanese records.
Feb 12th - The Great Northern War begins in Northern Europe between Denmark–Norway, Saxony and Russia and the Swedish Empire.
Feb 19th - Last day of Julian calendar in Denmark
Feb 27th - Pacific Island of New Britain discovered
Feb 28th - Today is followed by March 1 in Sweden, thus creating the Swedish calendar.
May 7th - William Penn began monthly meetings for blacks advocating emancipation
Jun 17th - Massachusetts orders priest to leave the colony
Jun 30th - Gelderland goes on Gregorian calendar (tomorrow is 12/7/1700)
Jul 12th - Gelderland accepts Gregorian calendar; yesterday is June 30, 1700
Jul 13th - Russian-Turkish peace
English Philosopher and Founder of Pennsylvania William PennEnglish Philosopher and Founder of Pennsylvania William Penn Aug 8th - Denmark & Sweden sign peace treaty
Aug 18th - Swedish, English & Dutch army lands on Seeland, Denmark
Oct 2nd - Spanish king Carlos II appoints Philip van Anjou, heir to throne
Oct 14th - Rabbi Judah Hasid & Chayim Molocho arrive in Jerusalem
Nov 16th - Monarch of Brandenburg becomes king of Prussia
Nov 19th - Battle at Narva: Swedish King Karel XII defeats Russians
Nov 23rd - Cardinal Francesco Albani elected Pope Clemens XI
Nov 30th - King Charles XII of Sweden defeats Russia at Narva [NS]
Nov 30th - Utrecht/Overijssel/Buren/Leerdam/IJsselstein go on Gregoria calendar
Dec 12th - Utrecht/Overijssel/Buren/Leerdam/Ijsselstein adopt Gregorian calendar
Dec 31st - Frisia/Groningen adopt Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is 1/12/1701

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