Historical Events in 1796

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  • Jan 23rd Armand-Gaston Camus becomes chairman of Council of 500
  • Feb 1st The capital of Upper Canada is moved from Newark to York.
  • Feb 29th Jay's Treaty proclaimed, settles some differences with England
  • Mar 1st 1st National Meeting in the Hague
  • Mar 28th Bethel African Methodist Church of Phila is 1st US-African church

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Mar 30th Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician, discovers the construction of the heptadecagon

Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss
Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Mar 31st Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Egmont" premieres in Weimar

Social Philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Social Philosopher
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Apr 8th Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician, proves the quadratic reciprocity law (the ability to determine the solvability of any quadratic equation in modular arithmetic)
  • Apr 13th 1st elephant arrives in US from India

Victory-in-battleVictory in Battle

Apr 13th Battle at Millesimo Italy: Napoleon beats Austrians

French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte
French Emperor
Napoléon Bonaparte
  • Apr 21st Napoleon and the French defeat the Piedmontese at Battle of Mondovi
  • Apr 28th Cease fire of Cherasco
  • May 10th French government arrest 10 utopists
  • May 10th Napoleon defeats Austria in Battle of Lodi Bridge
  • May 10th Riot after disagreement of patriotic demand in Amsterdam
  • May 14th English country doctor Edward Jenner administered the first inoculation against smallpox, using cowpox pus, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire
  • May 15th France & Sardinia sign Peace treaty of Paris
  • May 15th French troops occupy Milan
  • May 15th First Coalition: Napoleon enters Milan in triumph.
  • May 16th Lombardian Republic forms
  • May 19th Game protection law restricts encroachment on Indian hunting grounds
  • May 27th James S McLean patents his piano
  • Jun 1st Last of Britain's troops withdraws from US
  • Jun 1st Tennessee admitted as 16th US state
  • Jul 4th 1st Independence Day celebration is held
  • Jul 8th US State Department issues 1st US passport
  • Jul 10th Carl Friedrich Gauss discovers that every positive integer is representable as a sum of at most three triangular numbers.
  • Jul 22nd Cleveland, Ohio, founded by Gen Moses Cleveland
  • Aug 8th Boston African Society establishes with 44 members
  • Aug 17th British beat Batavian navy in Saldanha Bay, South Africa
  • Aug 19th Spain & France sign anti-British alliance
  • Aug 23rd African Methodist Episcopal Church incorporated
  • Sep 2nd Jews of the Netherlands are emancipated
  • Sep 5th General Salicetti orders equal rights for Jews of Bologna, Italy
  • Sep 8th Battle of Bassano-French beat Austrians

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Sep 19th George Washington's farewell address as president

First US President George Washington
First US President
George Washington
  • Oct 5th Spain declares war on England

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Nov 3rd John Adams elected president of the United States of America

2nd US President John Adams
2nd US President
John Adams
  • Nov 17th Battle of Arcole-Napoleon I's French forces beat Austrians in Italy
  • Dec 18th 1st US newspaper to appear on Sunday (Baltimore Monitor)