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Jan 1st - Russia appoints 1st Jewish censor to censor Hebrew books
Jan 8th - 11th Amendment ratified, judicial powers construed
Jan 22nd - Coup of Midderigh
Jan 30th - Rep Matthew Lyon (Vt) spits in face of Rep Roger Griswold (Ct) in US House of Representatives, after an argument
Feb 2nd - Federal St Theater, Boston, becomes 1st in US destroyed by fire
Feb 10th - Louis Alexandre Berthier invaded Rome, on February 15 proclaimed a Roman Republic and then on February 20 take Pope Pius VI as a prisoner.
Feb 20th - Louis Alexandre Berthier removes Pope Pius VI from power.
Mar 4th - Catholic women force to do penance for kindling sabbath fire for Jews
Mar 7th - The French army enters Rome: the birth of the Roman Republic.
Mar 9th - Dr George Balfour becomes 1st naval surgeon in the US navy
Mar 29th - Republic of Switzerland forms
Apr 7th - Mississippi Territory organized
Apr 23rd - Dutch emperor accepts new Constitution
Apr 30th - US Department of the Navy forms
May 24th - Irish Rebellion of 1798 led by the United Irishmen against British rule begins.
May 26th - British kill about 500 Irish insurgents at the Battle of Tara
May 27th - The Battle of Oulart Hill takes place in Wexford, Ireland.
Jun 5th - The Battle of New Ross: The attempt to spread United Irish Rebellion into Munster is defeated.
Jun 7th - Jews of Pesaro Italy fast commemorating murder of Jews
Jun 7th - Thomas Malthus publishes the first edition of his influential 'Essay on the Principle of Population' (date of the unsigned preface)
Jun 13th - Mission San Luis Rey de Francia founded in California
Jun 25th - US passes Alien Act allowing president to deport dangerous aliens
French Emperor Napoléon BonaparteFrench Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte Jul 1st - Napoleon's fleet reaches Alexandria Egypt
Jul 6th - US law makes aliens "liable to be apprehended, restrained, ... & removed as alien enemies"
Jul 7th - Quasi-War: the U.S. Congress rescinds treaties with France sparking the 'war.'
Jul 11th - US Marine Corps established by an act of Congress
Jul 14th - 1st direct US federal tax on states-on dwellings, land & slaves
Jul 14th - US Sedition Act prohibits "false, scandalous & malicious" writing against government
Jul 16th - US Public Health Service forms & US Marine Hospital authorized
Jul 21st - Napoleon Bonaparte wins Battle of Pyramids in Egypt
Jul 23rd - Napoleon captures Alexandria, Egypt
Aug 1st - Battle of Abukir on the Nile-Nelson defeats French fleet
Aug 2nd - British under Admiral Horatio Nelson beat French at Battle of Nile
British Admiral Horatio NelsonBritish Admiral Horatio Nelson Aug 22nd - French troops land in Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo, Ireland to aid Wolfe Tone's United Irishmen's Irish Rebellion.
Aug 27th - Battle of Castlebar, Ireland: French army and Irish rebels rout a larger the British force
Sep 1st - Britain signs treaty with Nizam of Hyderabad, India
Sep 3rd - Weeklong battle of St. George's Caye began between Spanish and British off the coast of Belize.
Sep 5th - New conscription law goes into effect in France
Sep 10th - British Honduras beats Spain in battle of St George
Oct 12th - Flemish uprising against French occupied Boerenkrijg
Oct 12th - Friedrich von Schiller's "Wallensteins Lager" premieres in Weimar
Nov 16th - Kentucky becomes first state to nullify an act of Congress
Nov 17th - -21) Snow storms in New England, hundreds die
Nov 27th - Rabbi Shneur Zalman, author (Tanya), released from St Petersburg jail
Dec 4th - Rebellious Flemish farmers occupy Hasselt
Dec 5th - Dutch troops occupy Hasselt
Dec 14th - David Wilkinson of Rhode Island patents a nut & bolt machine
Dec 17th - 1st impeachment trial against a US senator (Wm Blount, TN) begins
Dec 24th - Russia & Britain sign Second anti-French Coalition

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