Historical Events in 1814

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  • Jan 1st Field marshal Blucher's troops cross the Rhine at Kaub
  • Jan 2nd Lord Byron completes "The Corsair"
  • Jan 14th King of Denmark cedes Norway to King of Sweden by treaty of Kiel
  • Jan 22nd 1st Knights Templar grand encampment in US held, NYC
  • Jan 28th Stendahl's 1st book is published
  • Jan 29th War of the Sixth Coalition: Russia and Prussia are defeated by France in the Battle of Brienne
  • Jan 31st Gervasio Antonio de Posadas becomes Supreme Director of Argentina.
  • Feb 1st Lord Byron's "Corsair" sells 10,000 copies on day of publication
  • Feb 1st Volcano Mayon on Luzon Philippines erupts killing 1,200

Victory in battleVictory in Battle

Feb 10th Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Champaubert, the French beat the Russians

French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte
French Emperor
Napoléon Bonaparte
  • Feb 11th Norway's independence proclaimed
  • Feb 17th Battle of Mormant: French Imperial army defeat Russian Austrian forces (War of the Sixth Coalition)
  • Feb 18th The Battle of Montereau; victory of French under Napoleon Bonaparte against Austrians and Württembergers under the King of Württemberg.

Music releaseMusic Premiere

Feb 27th Ludwig von Beethoven's 8th Symphony in F premieres

  • Mar 7th Napoleon I of France wins the Battle of Craonne.
  • Mar 20th Prince Willem Frederik becomes monarch of Netherlands
  • Mar 25th Netherlands Bank established

Victory in battleVictory in Battle

Mar 27th Battle at Horseshoe Bend: General Andrew Jackson defeats the Red Sticks, part of the Creek Indian tribe near Dadeville, Alabama

US President & General Andrew Jackson
US President & General
Andrew Jackson
  • Mar 30th Napoleonic Wars: Sixth Coalition forces march into Paris after defeating Napoleon.
  • Mar 30th Murat issues the Rimini Declaration which would later inspire Italian Unification.
  • Mar 31st Forces allied against Napoleon capture Paris
  • Apr 4th Napoleon abdicates for the first time in favour of his son.
  • Apr 5th Netherlands Bank issues its 1st banknotes
  • Apr 9th Elias Canneman (L) resigns as minister of Finance of the Netherlands
  • Apr 11th Napoleon abdicates unconditionally; he is exiled to Elba

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 26th King Louis XVIII lands at Calais from England

King of France Louis XVIII
King of France
  • May 4th Bourbon reign restored in France
  • May 4th King Ferdinand VII of Spain signs the Decree of the 4th of May, returning Spain to absolutism.
  • May 5th British attack Ft Ontario, Oswego, NY
  • May 17th Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden (National Day)
  • May 17th Norwegian constitution passed by constitutent assembly at Eidsvoll
  • May 17th Occupation of Monaco changes from French to Austrian.
  • May 30th Napoleonic Wars: War of the Sixth Coalition - the Treaty of Paris (1814) is signed returning French borders to their 1792 extent.
  • Jun 22nd 1st match at the present Lord's, MCC v Herefordshire
  • Jul 3rd Americans capture Fort Erie, Canada (War of 1812)
  • Jul 5th Americans defeat British & Canadians at Chippewa, Ontario
  • Jul 7th Walter Scott's "Waverley" published
  • Jul 18th British capture Prairie du Chien (Wisc)
  • Jul 25th Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy's Lane); Americans defeat British
  • Jul 25th English engineer George Stephenson introduces the 1st steam locomotive
  • Aug 1st Belgian King Willem I accepts blame in Southern defeat
  • Aug 7th Pope Pius VII reinstates the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
  • Aug 8th Peace negotiations begin in Ghent, Belgium
  • Aug 13th Cape of Good Hope formally ceded to British by the Dutch
  • Aug 13th Treaty of London-Netherland stops transporting slaves
  • Aug 24th British forces capture Washington, D.C. and destroy many landmarks (War of 1812)
  • Aug 25th British forces destroy Library of Congress, containing 3,000 books (War of 1812)
  • Sep 5th -15] Battle of Masurische Meren: Germans chase Russians out of East Prussia
  • Sep 11th Begun on the 6th Sept, Americans defeat British at Battle of Plattsburgh during War of 1812
  • Sep 11th Battle of Lake Champlain, NY; American Navy defeats British
  • Sep 12th Battle of North Point fought near Baltimore during War of 1812
  • Sep 14th Francis Scott Key inspired to write the poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry", later becomes lyrics of the "Star-Spangled Banner"
  • Sep 20th "Star Spangled Banner" published as a song, lyrics by Francis Scott Key, tune by John Stafford Smith
  • Oct 1st Opening of the Congress of Vienna, redrew Europe's political map after the defeat of Napoléon Bonaparte
  • Oct 17th London Beer Flood occurs in London killing nine.
  • Oct 23rd 1st plastic surgery is performed (England)
  • Oct 29th "Demologos", 1st steam-powered warship, is launched
  • Nov 1st Congress of Vienna opens to re-draw the European political map after the defeat of France, in the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Nov 7th 1st sitting of States-general in Hague
  • Nov 28th The Times of London is for the first time printed by automatic, steam powered presses built by the German inventors Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich Bauer, signaling the beginning of the availability of newspapers to a mass audience.
  • Dec 14th The Battle of Lake Borgne in Louisiana: British victory over the United States
  • Dec 22nd Samuel Marsden of the Church Missionary Society arrives in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand to establish the country's first mission station; Sheep, cattle, horses and poultry are introduced
  • Dec 24th Treaty of Ghent (end of US-Britain War of 1812) signed
  • Dec 25th Rev Samuel Marsden of the Church Missionary Society holds the first Christian service in New Zealand on land, at Rangihoua
  • Dec 27th Destruction of schooner Carolina, the last of Commodore Daniel Patterson's make-shift fleet that fought a series of delaying actions that contributed to Andrew Jackson's victory at the Battle of New Orleans.