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Jan 22nd - Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast.
Jan 28th - William Kneass becomes 3rd US chief engraver (1824-40)
Feb 4th - J W Goodrich introduces rubber galoshes to public
Feb 10th - Simon Bolivar named dictator by the Congress of Peru
Feb 16th - Athenaeum club founded in London
Mar 2nd - Interstate commerce comes under federal control
Mar 4th - The "National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck" was founded in the United Kingdom, later to be renamed The Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 1858.
Mar 5th - First Burmese War: The British officially declare war on Burma.
Mar 7th - Meyerbeers opera "Il Crociati in Egitto" premieres in Venice
Mar 11th - US War Dept creates the Bureau of Indian Affair
Mar 17th - Britain & Netherlands sign a trade agreement
Mar 21st - Fire at Cairo ammunitions dump kills 4,000 horses
Mar 26th - 1st performance of Beethoven's "Missa Solemnis"
Apr 17th - Russia abandons all North American claims south of 54° 40'N
May 2nd - Goethe visits Ettersberg (Buchenwald)
May 7th - Beethoven's 9th (Chorale) Symphony, premieres in Vienna
Composer Ludwig van BeethovenComposer Ludwig van Beethoven May 10th - The National Gallery in London opens to the public in its temporary home in a townhouse on Pall Mall
May 24th - Pope Leo XII proclaims a universal jubilee
May 26th - Brazil is recognized by US
Jun 8th - Washing machine patented by Noah Cushing of Quebec
Jun 17th - US Bureau of Indian Affairs established
Jun 21st - Greek War of Independence: Egyptian forces capture Psara in the Aegean Sea.
Jul 24th - Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper publishes results of 1st public opinion poll. Clear lead for Andrew Jackson
Jul 25th - Costa Rica annexes Guanacaste from Nicaragua.
Jul 30th - Gioacchino Rossini becomes manager of Theatre Italian, Paris
Aug 4th - Battle of Kos is fought between Turks and Greeks.
Aug 6th - Battle at Junan - Simon Bolívar's army defeats the Spanish
Military and Political Leader Simon BolívarMilitary and Political Leader Simon Bolívar Aug 14th - General Lafayette returns to US
Aug 15th - Freed American slaves establish Liberia on the West African coast through the American Colonization Society (ACS)
Sep 26th - Kapiolani defies Pele (Hawaiian volcano goddess) & lives
Oct 4th - Mexico becomes a republic
Oct 9th - Slavery is abolished in Costa Rica.
Oct 21st - Joseph Aspdin patents Portland cement (Yorkshire, England)
Oct 23rd - 1st steam locomotive is introduced
Nov 2nd - Popular presidential vote 1st recorded; Andrew Jackson beats J Q Adams
Nov 7th - St Petersburg flood
Nov 15th - Series of fires kills 10 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Nov 16th - NY City's Fifth Avenue opens for business
Nov 19th - Storm causes St Petersburg flood, killing 10,000
US President & General Andrew JacksonUS President & General Andrew Jackson Nov 21st - First Jewish Reform congregation forms, Charleston, SC
Nov 30th - First ground is broken at Allenburg for the building of the original Welland Canal.
Dec 1st - US House of Representatives begins to decide outcome of election deadlock between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson (Adams wins)
Dec 9th - Battle of Ayacucho (Candorcangui), Peru defeats Spain
Dec 16th - Great North Holland Canal opens

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