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Jan 19th - Johann von Goethe's "Faust, Part 1" premieres
Feb 2nd - Madman Jonathan Martin sets York Cathedral on fire, does £60,000 damage
Mar 2nd - New England Asylum for the Blind, 1st in US, incorporated, Boston
Mar 4th - Andrew Jackson inaugurated as 7th US President
Mar 4th - Unruly crowd mobs White House during President Jackson inaugural ball
Mar 16th - Ohio authorizes high school night classes
Mar 22nd - The three protecting powers (Britain, France and Russia) establish the borders of Greece.
Apr 9th - Danzig (Gdansk) dike break flood kills 1,200
Apr 13th - The Roman Catholic Relief Act passed by the British Parliament; it was the culmination of the process of Catholic Emancipation throughout the UK.
Apr 25th - Charles Fremantle arrives in HMS Challenger off the coast of modern-day Western Australia prior to declaring the Swan River Colony for the United Kingdom.
Apr 28th - Dutch parliament accepts new press laws
May 2nd - After anchoring nearby, Captain Charles Fremantle of HMS Challenger, declares the Swan River Colony in Australia.
Religious Leader Joseph Smith JrReligious Leader Joseph Smith Jr May 15th - Joseph Smith ordained by John the Baptist according to Joseph Smith
May 24th - Pope Pius VIII issues his program for pontificate
Jun 5th - HMS Pickle captures the armed slave ship Voladora off the coast of Cuba.
Jun 8th - 1st UK municipal swimming pool outside of London opens in Liverpool
Jun 10th - The first Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race takes place.
Jun 19th - Robert Peel founds the London Metropolitan Police (Bobbies)
Jul 4th - Cornerstone laid for 1st US mint (Chestnut & Juniper St, Phila)
Jul 4th - The first London bus "omnibus", operated by George Shillibeer, begins service between Marylebone Road and Bank Junction
Jul 7th - Royal Military Chapel forms
Jul 23rd - William Austin Burt patents "typographer" (typewriter)
Aug 3rd - Gioacchino Rossini's "William Tell" premieres in Paris
Aug 8th - French government of De Polignac forms
British Prime Minister Robert PeelBritish Prime Minister Robert Peel Aug 9th - "Stourbridge Lion" locomotive goes into service
Aug 16th - Siamese twins Chang & Eng Bunker arrive in Boston to be exhibited
Aug 25th - President Jackson makes an offer to buy Texas, but Mexican government refuses
Aug 31st - Opera "Guillaume Tell" is produced (Paris)
Sep 14th - Peace of Adrianopel: ends Russian-Turkish war
Sep 24th - Russia & Ottoman Empire sign Peace Treaty of Adrianople
Sep 25th - Failed assassination attempt on Simon Bolívar
Sep 28th - Walker's Appeal, racial antislavery pamphlet, published in Boston
Sep 29th - British Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel establishes London's Metropolitan Police - hence the nicknames "bobbies" and "peelers".
Oct 1st - South African College is founded in Cape Town, South Africa; later to separate into the University of Cape Town and the South African College Schools.
Military and Political Leader Simon BolívarMilitary and Political Leader Simon Bolívar Oct 16th - Tremont Hotel, 1st US modern hotel opens (Boston)
Oct 17th - Delaware River & Chesapeake Bay Canal formally opens
Oct 17th - 1st supposed attack on abandoned German teenager Kaspar Hauser
Nov 20th - Jews expelled from Nikolayev & Sevastopol Russia
Nov 30th - First Welland Canal opens for a trial run, 5 years to the day from the ground breaking.
Dec 4th - Britain outlaws "suttee" in India (widow burning herself to death on her husband's funeral pyre)
Dec 21st - 1st stone arch railroad bridge in US dedicated, Baltimore

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