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Jan 22nd - Earthquake in southern Syria kills thousands
Jan 26th - Michigan admitted as 26th US state
Feb 8th - 1st VP chosen by Senate, Richard Johnson (Van Buren admin)
Feb 10th - Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is fatally injured in a duel with French officer Georges-Charles de Heeckeren d'Anth├Ęs (1/29 OS)
Feb 11th - American Physiological Society organizes in Boston
Feb 13th - Riot in New York due to a combination of poverty and increase in the cost of flour
Feb 17th - Charles Lyell makes his presidential address to the Geographical Society, London and announces that Richard Owen has concluded from Darwin's fossils that extinct species were related to current species in the same locality
Feb 25th - 1st US electric printing press patented by Thomas Davenport
Mar 3rd - Congress increases US Supreme Court membership from 7 to 9
Mar 3rd - US President Andrew Jackson & Congress recognizes Republic of Texas
Mar 4th - Martin Van Buren inaugrated as 8th president
Mar 4th - Weekly Advocate changes its name to the Colored American
8th US President Martin Van Buren8th US President Martin Van Buren Mar 4th - Chicago becomes incorporated as a city.
Mar 24th - Canada gives black citizens the right to vote
Apr 19th - Cheyney University forms as the Institute for Colored Youth
May 3rd - The University of Athens is founded.
May 9th - "Sherrod" burns in Mississippi River below Natchez Miss; 175 dies
May 10th - Panic of 1837: New York City banks fail, and unemployment reaches record levels.
May 25th - The Patriots of Lower Canada (Quebec) rebel against the British for freedom.
May 31st - Astor Hotel opens in NYC, it later becomes the Waldorf-Astoria
Jun 11th - The Broad Street Riot occurres in Boston, fueled by ethnic tensions between English-Americans and Irish-Americans.
Jun 13th - 1st Mormon missionaries to British Isles leave Kirtland, Ohio
Jun 17th - Charles Goodyear obtains his 1st rubber patent
Inventor Charles GoodyearInventor Charles Goodyear Jun 18th - Spain gets new Constitution
Jun 20th - Britain issues its 1st stamp, 1 penny Queen Victoria
Jun 20th - Queen Victoria at 18 ascends British throne following death of uncle King William IV. She ruled for 63 years ending in 1901
Jul 4th - Grand Junction Railway, the world's first long-distance railway, opens between Birmingham and Liverpool.
Jul 13th - Queen Victoria is 1st monarch to live in present Buckingham Palace
Jul 25th - The first commercial use of an electric telegraph was successfully demonstrated by William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone on 25 July 1837 between Euston and Camden Town in London.
Jul 27th - US Mint opens in Charlotte, NC
Aug 5th - 1st ascent of Mt Marcy (5,344') highest in Adirondack, NY
Aug 28th - Pharmacists John Lea & William Perrins manufacture Worcestershire Sauce
Queen of the United Kingdom VictoriaQueen of the United Kingdom Victoria Sep 6th - Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio goes co-ed (4 women, 30 men)
Sep 21st - Charles Tiffany founded his jewelry & china stores
Oct 1st - "Racer's" Hurricane (Gulf of Mexico)
Oct 1st - Treaty with Winnebago Indians
Oct 9th - Steamboat "Home" sinks off Okracoke NC killing 100
Oct 9th - Meeting at the U.S. Naval Academy establishes the U.S. Naval Institute.
Oct 31st - Collision of river boat Monmouth & Trement on Miss; 300 die
Nov 7th - In Alton, Illinois, abolitionist printer Elijah P. Lovejoy shot dead (age 34) by pro-slavery mob while attempting to protect his printing shop from being destroyed a third time.
Nov 8th - Mount Holyoke Seminary in Mass-1st US college founded for women
Nov 15th - Isaac Pitman introduces his shorthand system
Nov 19th - Floridsdorf-Deutsch Wagram railway in Austria opens
Nov 21st - Thomas Morris of Australia skips rope 22,806 times
Dec 5th - Hector Berlioz' "Requiem" premieres
Dec 5th - Uprising under William Lyon Mackenzie in Canada
Dec 25th - Battle of Okeechobee-US forces defeat Seminole Indians
Dec 29th - Canadian militia destroy Caroline, a US steamboat docked at Buffalo
Dec 29th - Steam-powered threshing machine patented, Winthrop, Maine

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