Historical Events in 1843

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  • Jan 2nd Wagner's opera "Der Fliegende Holländer" premieres, Dresden
  • Jan 4th Gaetano Donizetti's opera "Don Pasquale" premieres in Paris
  • Jan 4th Royal Academy (Technical Hague court) Delft opens
  • Feb 2nd US & British settlers in Oregon Country choose government committee
  • Feb 6th The first minstrel show in the United States The Virginia Minstrels opens (Bowery Amphitheatre in New York City).
  • Feb 11th Opera "I Lombardi" premieres in Milan
  • Mar 1st 5th Grand National: Tom Olliver aboard Vanguard wins
  • Mar 3rd Congress appropriates $30,000 "to test the practicability of establishing a system of electro-magnetic telegraphs" by the US
  • Mar 7th 1st Catholic governor in US, Edward Kavanagh of Maine, takes office
  • Mar 14th Boston conducts its 1st town meeting (Faneuil Hall)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 6th William Wordsworth is appointed British Poet Laureate by Queen Victoria

Poet William Wordsworth
William Wordsworth
Queen of the United Kingdom Victoria
Queen of the United Kingdom
  • May 4th Great Britain annexes Natal
  • May 18th United Free Church of Scotland forms
  • May 22nd 1st wagon train with 700 - 1000 migrants, departs Independence, Missouri for Oregon
  • Jun 1st It snows in Buffalo & Rochester NY & Cleveland Ohio

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 1st Sojourner Truth leaves NY to begin her career as antislavery activist

Abolitionist and Women's Rights Advocate Sojourner Truth
Abolitionist and Women's Rights Advocate
Sojourner Truth
  • Jun 24th Vincenzo Soliva decrees no Jew can live outside ghetto in Italy
  • Jun 26th Hong Kong proclaimed a British Crown Colony

CommunicationThe Day an Alligator Fell from the Sky

Jul 2nd An alligator falls from sky during a thunderstorm in Charleston, South Carolina

  • Jul 5th Committee of 9 appointed to establish civil government in Oregon Country

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 12th Mormon leader Joseph Smith says God allows polygamy

Religious Leader Joseph Smith Jr
Religious Leader
Joseph Smith Jr
  • Jul 19th Brunel's steamship the SS Great Britain is launched, becomes first ocean-going craft with an iron hull or screw propeller and the largest vessel afloat in the world
  • Aug 8th Natal (in South Africa) is made a British colony
  • Aug 15th National black convention meets (Buffalo NY)
  • Aug 15th Tivoli Gardens amusement park opens in Copenhagen, world's 2nd oldest
  • Aug 26th Charles Thurber patents a typewriter
  • Aug 30th 1st time African-Americans participate in a national political convention (Liberty Party)
  • Aug 31st Liberty Party nominates James Birneyas presidential candidate
  • Oct 1st News of the World begins publication in London
  • Oct 13th B'nai B'rith founded (NY)
  • Oct 14th British arrest Irish nationalist Daniel O'Connell for conspiracy
  • Oct 16th Sir William Rowan Hamilton comes up with the idea of quaternions, a non-commutative extension of complex numbers.
  • Oct 20th 1st Chinese immigrant arrives in Suriname
  • Nov 13th Mt Rainier in Washington State erupts
  • Nov 27th Opera "Bohemian Girl" is produced (London)
  • Nov 28th Ka Lahui: Hawaiian Independence Day - The Kingdom of Hawaii is officially recognized by the United Kingdom and France as an independent nation.
  • Dec 1st 1st chartered mutual life insurance company opens
  • Dec 4th Manila paper (made from sails, canvas & rope) patented, Mass
  • Dec 4th Robert Schumann's "Das Paradies und die Peri" premieres in Leipzig
  • Dec 6th Amsterdam-Utrecht railway opens

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Dec 19th "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens is published, 6,000 copies sold

Novelist Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens
  • Dec 25th 1st theatre matinee (Olympic Theatre, NYC)