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Jan 6th - Patent for reducing zinc ore granted to Samuel Wetherill, Penn
Jan 8th - Dion Boucicauly's "Poor of NY" premieres in NYC
Jan 9th - 7.9 earthquake shakes Fort Tejon Calif
Jan 15th - 1st first-class game in Sydney, NSW v Vic at The Domain
Jan 22nd - National Association of Baseball Players founded, NY
Jan 24th - The University of Calcutta is formally founded as the first full-fledged university in south Asia.
Feb 16th - Gallaudet College (National Deaf Mute college) forms in Washington, D.C.
Feb 18th - Chinese residents in the fledging state of Sarawak rebel against the "White Rajah" James Brooke
Feb 21st - Congress outlaws foreign currency as legal tender in US
Feb 21st - US issues flying eagle cents
Feb 24th - 1st perforated US postage stamps delivered to government
Feb 24th - LA Vineyard Society organized
Mar 3rd - Second Opium War: France and the United Kingdom declare war on China.
Mar 4th - 19th Grand National: Charlie Boyce aboard Emigrant wins
US Slave Dred ScottUS Slave Dred Scott Mar 6th - Dred Scott Decision: US Supreme Court rules Africans cannot be US citizens
Mar 7th - Baseball decides 9 innings constitutes an official game, not 9 runs
Mar 12th - Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Simon Boccanegra" premieres in Venice
Mar 21st - Earthquake hits Tokyo; about 107,000 die
Mar 23rd - Elisha Otis' 1st elevator installed (488 Broadway, NYC)
Mar 25th - Frederick Laggenheim takes 1st photo of a solar eclipse
Apr 1st - Herman Melville publishes The Confidence-Man.
Apr 12th - Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary" published
Apr 21st - Alexander Douglas patents the bustle
Apr 27th - Establishment of Jewish congregations in Lower Austria prohibited
Apr 29th - US Army, Pacific Div HQ permanently forms at Presidio (SF)
Apr 30th - San Jose State University forms
Moby Dick Author Herman MelvilleMoby Dick Author Herman Melville May 1st - William Walker, conqueror of Nicaragua, surrenders to US Navy
May 10th - Indian Mutiny begins with revolt of Sepoys in Meerut
May 19th - William Francis Channing & Moses G Farmer patents electric fire alarm
May 26th - US slave Dred Scott and family freed by owner Henry Taylor Blow 3 months after US courts ruled against them.
Jun 1st - Charles Baudelaire's Fleurs du mal is published.
Jun 2nd - James Gibbs, Va, patents chain-stitch single-thread sewing machine
Jun 5th - Walter Woodbury & James Page open photo studio in Batavia (Jakarta)
Jun 10th - Britain passes an act putting Canada on the decimal currency system
Jun 15th - San Francisco Water Works organized
Jun 26th - The first 62 recipients are awarded the Victoria Cross for valour in the Crimean war by Queen Victoria
Jun 27th - Bibighar massacre of 120 British women and children following the seige of Cawnpore
Squatter James DonnellySquatter James Donnelly Jun 27th - James Donnelly becomes engaged in a drunken brawl with Patrick Farrell, who suffers a fatal blow to the head. Farrell dies two days later, which makes James Donnelly a wanted man and draws the Donnelly family into the notorious feud
Jun 29th - Battle at Chinhat (Indies rebel under Barkat Ahmed beat British)
Jul 16th - Sir Henry Havelock arrives at Battle of Cawnpore
Jul 18th - Louis Faidherbe, French governor of Senegal, arrives to relieve French forces at Kayes, effectively ending El Hajj Umar Tall's war against the French.
Aug 24th - The Panic of 1857 begins, setting off one of the most severe economic crises in U.S. history.
Sep 11th - Mountain Meadows Massacre, Mormons dressed as Indians murder 120 colonists in Utah
Sep 12th - 423 die when "Central America" sinks off Cape Romain SC
Sep 15th - Timothy Alder of NY patents a typesetting machine
Sep 16th - Mexican constitution of force (fiercely attacked by Pope Pius IX)
Sep 23rd - Russian warship Leffort disappears in a storm in the Gulf of Finland; 826 die
Sep 25th - Relief of Lucknow by Havelock & Outram begins
Sep 30th - US occupies Sand, Baker, Howland & Jarvis Is south of Hawaii
Oct 5th - The City of Anaheim was founded.
Oct 6th - American Chess Association organized; 1st major US chess tournament (NYC)
Oct 10th - American Chess Association formed (NYC)
Oct 24th - World's first soccer club, Sheffield F C, founded in Yorkshire, England
Nov 9th - Atlantic Monthly magazine 1st published
Dec 8th - 1st production of Dion Boucicault's "Poor of New York"
Dec 16th - Earthquake in Naples, Italy
Composer/Pianist Franz LisztComposer/Pianist Franz Liszt Dec 29th - Franz Liszt's "Die Hunnenschlacht" premieres in Weimar
Dec 31st - Queen Victoria chooses Ottawa as new capital of Canada

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