Historical Events in 1864

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  • Jan 11th Charing Cross Station opens in London
  • Jan 14th Battle of Cosby Creek, TN

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Jan 14th General Sherman begins his march to the South

  • Jan 16th Heavy fighting takes place near Dandridge, Tennessee

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Jan 17th General longstreet's command ends heavy fighting at Dandridgem TN

Confederate General James Longstreet
Confederate General
James Longstreet
  • Jan 21st The Tauranga Campaign of the New Zealand Wars begins
  • Jan 27th Battle of Fair Gardens, TN
  • Jan 27th Civil War skirmish at Kelly's Ford, Va
  • Jan 28th Battle of New Bern, NC
  • Feb 1st -Feb 8th] Battle of Yazoo River, MS
  • Feb 1st 2nd German-Danish war begins
  • Feb 1st Austrian and Prussian troops occupy Schleswig-Holstein
  • Feb 2nd -Oct 7th) Cruise of CSS Florida
  • Feb 3rd Sherman's march through Mississippi
  • Feb 4th Skirmish at Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi
  • Feb 5th Federals occupy Jackson, Mississippi
  • Feb 6th -7] Skirmish at Barnett's Ford Virginia
  • Feb 7th Federal troops occupy Jacksonville, Florida
  • Feb 13th Miridian Campaign fighting at Chunky Creek & Wyatt, Mississippi
  • Feb 15th Fire in Rotterdam damages Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • Feb 16th Battle of Mobile, AL - operations by Union Army
  • Feb 17th Confederate submarine HL Hunley sinks Union ship Housatonic
  • Feb 19th Knights of Pythias form 1st lodge in Washington, D.C. (12 members)
  • Feb 20th Civil War battle of Olustee, Florida
  • Feb 21st -22] Battle at Okolona, Mississippi
  • Feb 21st 1st US Catholic parish church for blacks dedicated, Baltimore
  • Feb 22nd -27] Battle at Dalton Georgia
  • Feb 22nd 2nd/last day of Battle of Okolona, MS
  • Feb 22nd Skirmish at Calfkiller Creek (Battle of Dug Hill), Tennessee
  • Feb 24th -Feb 25] Battle of Tunnel Hill, GA (Buzzard's Roost)
  • Feb 27th 6th & last day of battle at Dalton, Georgia (about 600 casualties)
  • Feb 27th Near Andersonville, GA, rebels open a new POW camp "Camp Sumpter"
  • Feb 28th -Mar 3rd] Skirmish at Albemarle County Virginia (Burton's Ford)
  • Feb 28th -Mar 4th) Raid at Kilpatrick's Richmond
  • Mar 1st Louis Ducos du Hauron patents movie machine (never built)
  • Mar 1st Rebecca Lee (US) becomes 1st black woman to receive a medical degree
  • Mar 5th 1st track meet between Oxford & Cambridge

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Mar 9th Ulysses S. Grant is appointed commander of Union Army

US President & Union General Ulysses S. Grant
US President & Union General
Ulysses S. Grant
  • Mar 9th 26th Grand National: George Stevens aboard Emblematic wins
  • Mar 10th Ullyses Grant is named commander of the Union armies
  • Mar 10th Red River campaign begun in Louisiana by Union forces
  • Mar 11th The Great Sheffield Flood: the largest man-made disaster ever to befall England kills over 250 people in Sheffield.
  • Mar 14th Rossini's "Petite Messe Solennelle" premieres in Paris
  • Mar 14th Union troops occupy Fort de Russy, Louisiana
  • Mar 15th Red River Campaign-Union forces reach Alexandria, LA
  • Mar 18th Dale Dike on Humber River crumbles drowning some 240
  • Mar 19th Opera "Mireille" premieres in Paris
  • Mar 21st Battle at Henderson's Hill (Bayou Rapids) Louisiana
  • Mar 23rd Encounter at Camden AR
  • Mar 25th Battle of Paducah, KY (Forrest's raid)
  • Mar 29th Great Britain gives the Ionian Islands back to Greece
  • Mar 29th Union General Steeles troops reach Arkadelphia Arkansas
  • Mar 30th Skirmish at Mount Elba, Arkansas
  • Apr 2nd Skirmish at Crump's Hill (Piney Woods), Louisiana
  • Apr 2nd Skirmish at Spoonville/Antoine, Arkansas
  • Apr 3rd Skirmish at Okolona, Arkansas
  • Apr 4th Skirmish at Elkin's Ford (Little Missouri River), Arkansas
  • Apr 8th Battle of Mansfield, La; Federals routed by Gen Richard Taylor
  • Apr 9th Battle of Pleasant Hill LA, 2870 casualities
  • Apr 9th Union surgeon Mary Edwards Walker is captured by Confederate troops and arrested as a spy during US Civil War.

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Apr 10th Austrian Archduke Maximilian becomes Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico

Emperor of Mexico Maximilian I
Emperor of Mexico
Maximilian I

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Apr 12th Confederate Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest captures Fort Pillow, Tn

Confederate General and KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest
Confederate General and KKK Grand Wizard
Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • Apr 15th General Steeles' Union troops occupies Camden, Arkansas
  • Apr 17th Battle of Plymouth, NC
  • Apr 17th Bread revolt in Savannah, Georgia
  • Apr 17th Grant suspends prisoner-of-war exchanges
  • Apr 18th Battle of Poison Springs, AR (Camden Expedition)
  • Apr 22nd US mints 2 cent coin (1st appearance of "In God We Trust")
  • Apr 23rd Battle of Cane River, LA (Red River Expedition, Monett's Ferry)
  • Apr 25th Battle of Marks' Mill, Arkansas (Camden Expedition)
  • Apr 29th -30] Skirmish at Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas
  • Apr 29th The Theta Xi fraternity is founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.
  • Apr 29th Battle of Gate Pa (Pukehinahina): 1,700 British troops suffer their worst defeat of the New Zealand Wars at the hands of 230 entrenched Maori warriors in Tauranga
  • Apr 30th Battle of Jenkin's Ferry, Arkansas; Gen W R Scurry is killed
  • Apr 30th New York becomes 1st state to charge a hunting license fee
  • May 1st -8] Battle at Alexandria, Louisiana (Red River Campaign)
  • May 1st Atlanta campaign, GA begins
  • May 3rd 3rd day in Battle at Alexandria Louisiana: Confederate assault
  • May 4th -16] actions at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia
  • May 4th General Ulysses S. Grant's Union Army at Potomac attacks Robert E. Lee's Confederates at Rappahannock River
  • May 5th Atlanta Campaign: 5 days fighting begins at Rocky Face Ridge
  • May 5th Battle between Confederate & Union ships at mouth of Roanoke
  • May 5th Battle of Wilderness, VA (Germanna Ford, Wilderness Tavern)
  • May 5th Campaign in Northern Georgia - Chattanooga GA to Atlanta GA
  • May 6th US Civil War: Battle of Port Walthall Junction, VA
  • May 6th US Civil War: Battle of Wilderness - Confederate General longstreet seriously injured
  • May 6th US Civil war: General Sherman begins advance to Atlanta Georgia
  • May 7th Battle of Wilderness ends (total losses: USA-17,666; CSA-7,500)
  • May 7th Skirmish at Port Walthall Junction Virginia (Drewry's Bluff)
  • May 8th Actions at Stony Creek/Nottoway bridge Virginia (Drewry's Bluff)
  • May 8th Atlanta Campaign: Severe fighting near Dalton
  • May 8th Battle of Spotslyvania Court House begins
  • May 9th -20] Skirmish at Ware Bottom Church, Virginia
  • May 9th Battle of Cloyd's Mt, & Swift Creek, VA (Drewery's Bluff, Ft Darling)
  • May 9th Ship battle at Helgoland, Austria-Denmark
  • May 10th Battles at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia
  • May 10th Skirmish at Ny River, Virginia
  • May 11th Battle of Yellow Tavern, VA (Sheridan's Raid, South Anna Bridge)

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May 11th Gen J.E.B. Stuart is mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern

Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart
Confederate General
J.E.B. Stuart
  • May 12th US Civil war: Battle of Drewry's Bluff, VA (Ft Darling)
  • May 12th US Civil War Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia
  • May 12th Battle of Todd's Tavern, VA (Sheridan's Raid), cavalry battle during US Civil War
  • May 12th US Union colonel Emory Upton (24) promoted to brigadier general
  • May 13th -16] Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca Georgia
  • May 15th Battle of New Market, Virginia
  • May 15th Skirmish at Marksville (Avoyelles) (Red River Campaign)
  • May 16th Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca, ends (since May 13)
  • May 16th Battle of Bermuda Hundred, VA
  • May 16th Last battles at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia (6,666 casualties)
  • May 17th Battle of Adairsville Georgia, Union forces Confederates to retreat
  • May 18th Battle of Yellow Bayou, LA (Bayou de Glaize, Old Oaks)
  • May 19th Battle of Port Walthall Junction, VA (Bermuda Hundred)
  • May 19th Last engagement in series of battles known as Spotsylvania
  • May 19th Skirmish at Cassville Georgia
  • May 20th Battle at Ware Bottom Church, Virginia, 1,400 killed or injured
  • May 20th Spotsylvania campaign ends after 10,920 killed/injured
  • May 21st Gen David Hunter takes command of Department of West Virginia
  • May 21st Russia declares an end to the Russian-Circassian War and many Circassians are forced into exile. The day is designated to be the Circassian Day of Mourning.
  • May 22nd Battle of N Anna River, VA (Totopotamy River, Haw's Shop, Hanovertown)
  • May 23rd Battle of North Anna, Va, 1st of 3 days of fighting
  • May 25th Battle of New Hope Church, GA
  • May 26th Battle of Dallas, Georgia begins (US Civil War)
  • May 26th -30] Skirmish along the Totopotomoy Creek, Virginia
  • May 26th Territory of Montana formed
  • May 27th Skirmish at Salem Church (Haw's Shop), Virginia
  • May 29th Mexican Emperor Maximilian arrives at Vera Cruz
  • May 30th Cavalry fight at Battle of Bethesda Church/Totopotomoy Creek Virginia during US Civil War
  • May 31st Raid at Morgan's Kentucky
  • Jun 1st -Nov] Shenandoah Valley campaign
  • Jun 1st Battle of Cold Harbor, VA (Gaines' Mill, Gaines' Farm)
  • Jun 1st Confederate cruiser Georgia sold to a British merchant in Liverpool.
  • Jun 2nd Battle of Cold Harbour, Day 2

Victory in battleVictory in Battle

Jun 3rd General Robert E. Lee wins his last victory of Civil War at Battle of Cold Harbor

Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Confederate General
Robert E. Lee
  • Jun 5th Battle of Piedmont, VA (Augusta City)
  • Jun 6th Battle of Lake Chicot, AR (Dutch Bayou)

Electoral defeatPresidential Convention

Jun 7th Abraham Lincoln renominated for US President by Republican Party

US President Abraham Lincoln
US President
Abraham Lincoln
  • Jun 9th Battle of Big Shanty, GA
  • Jun 9th Battle of Kenesaw Mountain, GA (Pine Mt, Pine Knob, Golgotha)
  • Jun 10th Battle of Kellar's Bridge KY (Licking River)
  • Jun 11th -12] Battle of Trevillian Station, VA (Central Railroad)
  • Jun 11th 300' (90 m) of Meigg's Wharf washed away in storm
  • Jun 11th Battle at Cynthiana Kentucky: Gen Hobsons unit caught
  • Jun 11th Battle of Laurel Hill, WV
  • Jun 11th Confederate warship CSS Alabama runs into harbor of Cherbourg
  • Jun 12th Lee sends Early into Shenandoah Valley
  • Jun 12th Skirmish at Mcafee's Cross Road Georgia, about 57 dies in battle
  • Jun 14th US Union warship USS Kearsarge appears off Cherbourg
  • Jun 15th -17] Skirmish at Gilgal Church, Georgia
  • Jun 15th Battle for Petersburg begins as General Ulysses S. Grant assaults Confederate line
  • Jun 15th Capt Mendell begins building 640m long ponton bridge over James R Va
  • Jun 15th US Congress passes legislation equalizing pay for Black soldiers
  • Jun 15th Robert E. Lee's home area (Arlington, VA) becomes a military cemetery
  • Jun 16th Battle of Lynchburg, VA
  • Jun 16th Skirmish at Golgotha, Georgia
  • Jun 16th Union General Ulysses S. Grant begin siege of Petersburg, Va
  • Jun 17th -18] Confederate troops pull back out Solves/lost Mt, Georgia
  • Jun 17th 640m long ponton bridge over James River Virginia finished
  • Jun 17th General John B Hood replaces General Johnston
  • Jun 17th Skirmish at Mud Creek/Noyes's (Nose) Creek, Georgia
  • Jun 18th At Petersburg, Grant ends 4 days of assaults
  • Jun 19th CSS "Alabama" sunk by USS "Kearsarge" off Cherbourg, France
  • Jun 19th Skirmish at Pine Knob Georgia
  • Jun 20th Battle of Kinston, NC, & Battle of Abingdon, VA
  • Jun 20th Battle of Petersburgs, VA - in trenches
  • Jun 20th Skirmish at Lattermore's Mills/Powder Springs Georgia
  • Jun 21st New Zealand Wars: The Tauranga Campaign ends
  • Jun 22nd Battle of Ream's Station, VA (Wilson's Raid)
  • Jun 22nd Skirmish at Culp's (Kulp's) House, Georgia
  • Jun 25th Horse tramway at the Hague, opens
  • Jun 25th Petersburg Campaign-Federals begin digging tunnels under Reb lines
  • Jun 27th Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Kennesaw Mountain GA
  • Jun 29th Grand Trunk Railway accident; 100 killed
  • Jun 29th Samuel Crowther, bishop of Niger, becomes the first Black bishop of the Church of England
  • Jul 1st Battle of Petersburg, VA [->JUL 31] -front US3695 CS---
  • Jul 2nd Gen Early & Confederate forces reach Winchester en route to Washington, D.C.
  • Jul 2nd Statuary Hall in US Capitol forms
  • Jul 3rd Battle of Chattahoochie River, GA [until Jul 9]
  • Jul 3rd Harpers Ferry, WV - Federals evacuate in face of Early's advance
  • Jul 4th -9] Battle at Chattahoochee River, Georgia
  • Jul 5th Battle of Smith's Expedition, MS (Tupelo, Harrisburg)
  • Jul 6th Battle of Chattahoochee River, GA [->JUL 10] US730 CS600
  • Jul 7th S Middleton, MD -Early's Washington Raid-
  • Jul 8th The Shinsengumi sabotage the Choshu-han shishi's planned attack on Kyoto, Japan at Ikedaya. This event is known as Ikedaya Jiken.
  • Jul 9th Battle of Monocacy, MD US1959 CS400
  • Jul 11th Battle of Fort Stevens, DC (Early's Raid, Tennallytown, MD)
  • Jul 11th Confederate forces led by Gen J Early begin invasion of Wash DC
  • Jul 13th Early retreats from Washington City back to Shenandoah Valley
  • Jul 14th Gold is discovered in Helena, Montana
  • Jul 15th Troop train loaded with Confederate prisoners collided with a coal train killing 65 & injuring 109 of 955 aboard
  • Jul 17th CSA President Davis replaces Gen Joe Johnston with John Bell Hood
  • Jul 18th President Lincoln asks for 500,000 volunteers for milt service
  • Jul 19th Third Battle of Winchester, VA (Stephenson's Depot) [->JUL 20]
  • Jul 20th Battle at Stephenson's Depot Virginia: 200 killed or injured
  • Jul 20th Battle of Peachtree Creek-Atlanta Campaign
  • Jul 22nd Battle of Atlanta-Hood attacks Sherman, 8,449 Confederate and 3,641 US soldiers die
  • Jul 23rd Battle of Woodstock, VA
  • Jul 26th -31] Riot at McCook's to Lovejoy Station GA, US600 CS---
  • Jul 26th -31] Riot at Stoneman's to Macon GA, US1000 CS---
  • Jul 26th Battle at Ezra Chapel (Church), Georgia [Hood's Third Sortie]