Historical Events in July 1864

  • Jul 1 Battle of Petersburg, VA [->JUL 31] -front US3695 CS---
  • Jul 2 Gen Early & Confederate forces reach Winchester en route to Washington, D.C.
  • Jul 2 Statuary Hall in US Capitol forms
  • Jul 3 Battle of Chattahoochie River, GA [until Jul 9]
  • Jul 3 Harpers Ferry, WV - Federals evacuate in face of Early's advance
  • Jul 4 -9] Battle at Chattahoochee River, Georgia
  • Jul 5 Battle of Smith's Expedition, MS (Tupelo, Harrisburg)
  • Jul 6 Battle of Chattahoochee River, GA [->JUL 10] US730 CS600
  • Jul 7 S Middleton, MD -Early's Washington Raid-
  • Jul 8 The Shinsengumi sabotage the Choshu-han shishi's planned attack on Kyoto, Japan at Ikedaya. This event is known as Ikedaya Jiken.
  • Jul 9 Battle of Monocacy, MD US1959 CS400
  • Jul 11 Battle of Fort Stevens, DC (Early's Raid, Tennallytown, MD)
  • Jul 11 Confederate forces led by Gen J Early begin invasion of Washington, D.C.
  • Jul 13 Early retreats from Washington City back to Shenandoah Valley
  • Jul 14 Gold is discovered in Helena, Montana
  • Jul 15 Troop train loaded with Confederate prisoners collided with a coal train killing 65 & injuring 109 of 955 aboard
  • Jul 17 CSA President Davis replaces Gen Joe Johnston with John Bell Hood
  • Jul 18 President Lincoln asks for 500,000 volunteers for milt service
  • Jul 19 Third Battle of Winchester, VA (Stephenson's Depot) [->JUL 20]
  • Jul 20 Battle at Stephenson's Depot Virginia: 200 killed or injured
  • Jul 20 Battle of Peachtree Creek-Atlanta Campaign
  • Jul 22 Battle of Atlanta-Hood attacks Sherman, 8,449 Confederate and 3,641 US soldiers die
  • Jul 23 Battle of Woodstock, VA
  • Jul 26 -31] Riot at McCook's to Lovejoy Station GA, US600 CS---
  • Jul 26 -31] Riot at Stoneman's to Macon GA, US1000 CS---
  • Jul 26 Battle at Ezra Chapel (Church), Georgia [Hood's Third Sortie]
  • Jul 27 Battle of Darbytown, VA (Deep Bottom, Newmarket Road) (Strawberry Plains)
  • Jul 28 2nd day of battle at Deep Bottom Run, Virginia
  • Jul 28 Battle of Atlanta, Georgia (Ezra Church) - second sortie US700 CS4642
  • Jul 29 3rd & last day of Battle at Deep Bottom Run, Virginia
  • Jul 29 Battle of Macon, GA (Stoneman's Raid)
  • Jul 29 American Civil War: Confederate spy Belle Boyd is arrested by Union troops and detained at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C.
  • Jul 30 Battle of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania - burned by Union forces under McCausland
  • Jul 30 Battle of the Crater: Gen Burnsides fails on attack of Petersburg

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 31 Ulysses S. Grant is named General of Volunteers

US President & Union General Ulysses S. Grant
US President & Union General
Ulysses S. Grant