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Jan 3rd - Meiji Restoration returns authority to Japan's emperors
Jan 7th - Arkansas constitutional convention meets in Little Rock
Jan 7th - Mississippi constitutional convention meets in Jackson
Jan 14th - NC constitutional convention meets in Raleigh
Jan 14th - SC constitutional convention meets with a black majority
Jan 16th - Refrigerator car patented by William Davis, a fish dealer in Detroit
Jan 20th - Florida constitutional convention meets in Tallahassee
Feb 10th - Conservatives & military seize Convention Hall in Florida
Feb 16th - Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks forms (NY)
Feb 24th - 1st US parade with floats (Mardi Gras-Mobile Alabama)
Feb 24th - USHouse of Representatives vote 126 to 47 to impeach President Andrew Johnson
Feb 29th - 1st British government of Disraeli forms
Mar 2nd - University of Illinois opens
Mar 4th - 30th Grand National: Mr George Ede aboard The Lamb IRE wins
Mar 5th - Arrigo Boito's opera "Mefistofele" premieres in Milan
Mar 5th - Stapler patented in England by C H Gould
Mar 5th - US Senate organizes to decide charges against President Andrew Johnson
17th US President Andrew Johnson17th US President Andrew Johnson Mar 9th - The opera "Hamlet" premieres in Paris
Mar 12th - Great Britain annexes Basutoland in Africa (later renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho)
Mar 12th - US Congress abolishes manufacturer's tax
Mar 12th - Henry O'Farrell attempts to assassinate Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh.
Mar 13th - Senate begins US President Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial
Mar 17th - Postage stamp canceling machine patent issued
Mar 20th - Jesse James Gang robs bank in Russelville, Kentucky, of $14,000
Mar 21st - 1st US professional women's club, Sorosis, forms in NYC
Mar 23rd - University of California founded (Oakland California)
Mar 24th - Metropolitan Life Insurance Co forms
Mar 27th - The Lake Ontario Shore Railroad Company is organized in Oswego, New York.
Outlaw Jesse JamesOutlaw Jesse James Mar 31st - Chinese Embassy arrives aboard steamship China
Apr 1st - Hampton Institute opens
Apr 3rd - A Hawaiian surfs on highest wave ever - a 50-foot tidal wave
Apr 7th - Thomas D'Arcy McGee, one of the Canadian Fathers of Confederation is assassinated by the Irish, in one of the few Canadian political assassinations, and only federal politician.
Apr 10th - 1st performance of John Brahms' "A German Requiem"
Apr 10th - British defeat King of Abyssinia at Magdala
Apr 11th - The Shogunate is abolished in Japan.
Apr 13th - Abyssinian War ends as British and Indian troops capture Magdala and Ethiopian Emperor commits suicide
Apr 14th - SC voters approved constitution, 70,758 to 27,228
Apr 16th - Louisiana voters approve new constitution
Apr 18th - San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals formed
May 9th - Anton Bruckner's 1st Symphony in C, premieres
May 9th - The city of Reno, Nevada, is founded.
May 14th - Japanese Boshin War: end of the Battle of Utsunomiya Castle, former Shogunate forces withdraw northward to Aizu by way of Nikkō.
May 15th - Dutch government of Zuylen van Nijevelt falls
May 16th - Bedrich Smetana's opera "Dalibor" premieres in Prague
May 16th - By one vote, US Senate fails to impeach President Andrew Johnson
May 20th - Republican National Convention, meets in Chicago, nominates Grant
May 22nd - Great Train Robbery-7 men (Reno Brother) make off with $98,000 in cash
May 25th - Australian Aboriginal Cricket tour of England begins v Surrey Gentlemen
May 26th - President Andrew Johnson avoids impeachment by 1 vote
May 29th - The assassination of Michael Obrenovich III, Prince of Serbia, in Belgrade.
May 30th - 'Decoration Day', later called Memorial Day, first observed in Northern US states
May 31st - 1st Memorial Day parade held in Ironton, Ohio
May 31st - Dr James Moore (UK) wins 1st recorded bicycle race, (2k) velocipede race at Parc fde St Cloud, Paris
Jun 1st - Texas constitutional convention meets in Austin
Jun 1st - Treaty of Bosque Redondo is signed allowing the Navajos to return to their lands in Arizona and New Mexico.
Jun 4th - Van Bosse/Fock government begins
Jun 9th - 1st meeting of Board of Regents, University of California
Jun 10th - 2nd Belmont: Bobby Swim aboard General Duke wins in 3:02
Jun 13th - Oscar J Dunn (a black) is elected Lt Governor of Louisiana
Jun 19th - Maj Gen E R S Canby removes mayor of Columbia SC
Jun 21st - Wagner's opera "Meistersinger von Nuernberg" premieres in Munich
Jun 22nd - Arkansas re-joins the US
Jun 23rd - Christopher Latham Sholes patents "Type-writer"
Jun 25th - FL, AL, LA, GA, NC & SC readmitted to US
Jun 25th - US President Andrew Johnson passes a law that government workers would work 8 hr day
Jul 4th - Battle at Ueno, Japan: last Tokugawa armies defeated
Jul 4th - In New Zealand, Maori leader Te Kooti and 300 of his followers captured the schooner Rifleman and sailed for New Zealand; the fugitives landed at Whareongaonga six days later
Jul 7th - Ed Pooley takes 12 dismissals as keeper in match Surrey v Sussex
Jul 9th - 1st black cabinet member in SC (Francis L Cardozo-sect of state)
Jul 13th - Oscar J Dunn, former slave, installed as lt governor of Louisiana
Jul 14th - Alvin J Fellows patents tape measure
Jul 20th - 1st use of tax stamps on cigarettes
Jul 25th - US Congress forms Wyoming Territory (Dakota, Utah & Idaho)
Jul 28th - US Secretary of State William H. Seward announces 14th Amendment ratified by states, grants citizenship to ex-slaves
Aug 8th - Earthquake destroyes Arica, Chile
Aug 13th - Earthquakes kill 25,000 & causes $300 million damages (Peru & Ecuador)
Aug 18th - French Astronomer Pierre Janssen discovers helium in solar spectrum during eclipse
Sep 8th - New York Athletic Club forms
Sep 14th - Golf's 1st recorded hole-in-one (Tom Morris at Prestwick's 8th hole)
Sep 22nd - Race riots in New Orleans La
Sep 23rd - Grito de Lares proclaims Puerto Rico's independence (crushed by Spain)
Sep 23rd - 9th British Golf Open: Tom Morris, Jr. shoots a 154 at Prestwick Golf Club (three shots better than his father, Tom Morris, Sr.)
Sep 25th - The Imperial Russian steam frigate Alexander Nevski shipwrecks off Jutland while carrying Grand Duke Alexei of Russia.
Sep 28th - Battle of Alcolea, causes Queen Isabella II of Spain to flee to France
Sep 28th - Opelousas Massacre at St Landry Parish Louisiana (200 blacks killed)
Sep 30th - Spain's Queen Isabella is deposed, flees to France
Oct 1st - 1st edition of Maasbode published
Oct 7th - Cornell University (Ithaca NY) opens
Oct 10th - 1st written account of a Canadian football game
Oct 10th - Cuba revolts for independence against Spain
Inventor Thomas EdisonInventor Thomas Edison Oct 11th - Thomas Edison patents his 1st invention: electric voice machine
Oct 17th - Constitution of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg comes into effect
Oct 21st - Severe earthquake at 7:53 AM, centered in Hayward, Calif
Oct 22nd - Jacques Offenbach's opera "Genevieve de Brabant" premieres in NYC
Oct 26th - White terrorists kill several blacks in St Bernard Parish La
Oct 30th - John Menard of Louisiana is 1st African American elected to US Congress
Oct 31st - Standard uniform approved for US postal carriers
Nov 2nd - Time zone: New Zealand officially adopts a standard time to be observed nationally
Nov 3rd - First black Congressman elected (John W Menard, Louisiana)
Nov 3rd - Ulysses Grant (R) wins US presidential election over Horatio Seymour (D)
US President & Union General Ulysses S. GrantUS President & Union General Ulysses S. Grant Nov 11th - 1st American amateur track & field meet (NYC)
Nov 13th - American Philological Association organized in NY
Nov 23rd - Louis Ducos du Hauron patents trichrome color photo process
Nov 26th - 1st baseball game played in enclosed field in SF, at 25th & Folsom
Nov 27th - Battle at Washita River, Oklahoma. General Custer attacks group of Native American Indians, their chief Black Kettle dies in the attack
Nov 30th - The inauguration of a statue of King Charles XII of Sweden takes place in the King's garden in Stockholm.
Dec 1st - John D. Rockefeller begins anti oil war
Dec 2nd - First British government of Disraeli resigns
Dec 3rd - 1st blacks on US trial jury appointed for Jefferson Davis trial
Dec 5th - 1st American bicycle college opens (NY)
Dec 7th - Jesse James gang robs bank in Gallatin Missouri, kills 1
Dec 9th - 1st British government of Gladstone forms
President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis Dec 10th - The first traffic lights are installed outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Resembling railway signals, they use semaphore arms and are illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps.
Dec 15th - Shogunate rebels found Ezo Republic in Hokkaidō.
Dec 25th - Despite bitter opposition, President A Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all persons involved in Southern rebellion (Civil War)

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