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Jan 1st - Origin of Japanese Era
Jan 6th - Pope Pius IX encyclical "On the Church in Armenia"
Jan 6th - US Congress begins investigating Crédit Mobilier scandal
Jan 11th - 1st livestock market newspaper published, Drover's Journal, Chicago
Jan 13th - P B S Pinchback relinquishes office at Louisiana governor
Jan 14th - "Celluloid" registered as a trademark
Jan 14th - Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback elected to US Senate
Jan 17th - A group of Modoc warriors defeat the United States Army in the First Battle of the Stronghold, a part of the Modoc War.
Jan 22nd - British SS Northfleet sinks at Dungeness, England, 300 die
Jan 30th - "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne is published in France by Pierre-Jules Hetzel
Feb 11th - Spanish Cortes fires king Amadeus I
Feb 12th - Congress abolishes bimetallism & authorizes $1 & $3 gold coins
Feb 20th - University of California gets its first Medical School (UC/SF)
Feb 20th - British Naval Officer John Morseby discovers the site of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and claims for Britain
Novelist Jules VerneNovelist Jules Verne Feb 27th - Dutch socialist Samuel van Wooden demands law against child labor
Mar 1st - E. Remington and Sons in Ilion, New York begins production of the first practical typewriter.
Mar 3rd - US Congress authorizes federal departmental postage stamps
Mar 3rd - US Congress & government raise own salary, retroactively
Mar 3rd - Censorship: The U.S. Congress enacts the Comstock Law, making it illegal to send any "obscene, lewd, or lascivious" books through the mail.
Mar 22nd - Slavery is abolished in Puerto Rico
Mar 27th - 34th Grand National: Mr. J. M. Richardson aboard Disturbance wins
Apr 1st - British White Star steamship Atlantic sinks off Nova Scotia, 547 die
Apr 1st - Mehmed Kemals play "Vatan" premeres in Constantinople
Apr 13th - Colfax Massacre in Grant Parish Louisiana (60 blacks killed)
May 1st - 1st US postal card issued
May 1st - Emperor Franz Jozef opens 5th World's Exposition in Vienna
May 7th - US marines attack Panama
May 9th - Der Krach: Vienna stock market crash heralds the Long Depression.
May 12th - Oscar II of Sweden-Norway is crowned King of Sweden.
Fashion Designer Levi StraussFashion Designer Levi Strauss May 20th - Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent first blue jeans with copper rivets
May 23rd - 1st Preakness: G Barbee aboard Survivor wins in 2:43
May 23rd - Canada's North West Mounted Police Force forms (it didn't get the "Royal" until 1904)
May 23rd - Postal cards sold in SF for 1st time
May 24th - Leo Delibes' opera "Le Roi l'a Dit" premieres in Paris
May 27th - Heinrich Schliemann discovers "Priam's Treasure" a cache of gold and other objects in Hisarlik (Troy) in Anatolia
Jun 2nd - Construction begins on Clay St (SF) for world's 1st cable railroad
Jun 4th - 1st contract workers of British-Indies Co arrives in Suriname
Jun 5th - Sultan Bargash closes slave market of Zanzibar
Jun 7th - 7th Belmont: James Roe aboard Springbok wins in 3:01.75
Jun 9th - Alexandra Palace burnt down, after being open for only 16 days.
Jun 16th - Pres Grant decrees Wallowa Valley for Nez-Perce indians
Jun 18th - Susan B. Anthony fined $100 for voting for President
Jun 22nd - Prince Edward Island joins Canada
Soldier and Former Slave Henry Ossian FlipperSoldier and Former Slave Henry Ossian Flipper Jul 1st - Henry Ossian Flipper of Georgia one of the first African Americans enters West Point Military Academy
Jul 1st - Prince Edward Island becomes 7th Canadian province
Jul 4th - Aquarium opens in Woodward Gardens
Jul 10th - French poet Paul Verlaine wounds Arthur Rimbaud with pistol
Jul 21st - Jesse James & James Younger gang's 1st train robbery (Adair Iowa)
Aug 1st - SF's 1st cable car begins service
Aug 2nd - 1st trial run of SF cable car, Clay Street between Kearny & Jones
Aug 4th - Indian Wars: whilst protecting a railroad survey party in Montana, the United States 7th Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, clashes for the first time with the Sioux (near the Tongue River; only one man on each side is killed).
Aug 14th - "Field & Stream" begins publishing
Aug 18th - 1st ascent of Mount Whitney, California (14,494')
Union General George Armstrong CusterUnion General George Armstrong Custer Aug 23rd - Albert Bridge creossing Thames opens
Aug 26th - First free kindergarten in the U.S. started by Susan Blow in Carondelet, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri
Aug 30th - Austrian explorers Julius von Payer and Karl Weyprecht discover the archipelago of Franz Joseph Land in the Arctic Sea.
Sep 1st - Cetshwayo ascends to the throne as king of the Zulu nation following the death of his father Mpande.
Sep 6th - Regular Cable Car service begins on Clay Street
Sep 15th - Last German troops leave France
Sep 16th - German troops leave France
Sep 17th - 19 students attend opening class at Ohio State University
Sep 18th - Government bond agent Jay Cooke & Co collapses, causing panic on Wall St, the start of the panic of 1873 and the Long depression
Sep 20th - Panic sweeps NY Stock Exchange (railroad bond default/bank failure) NY shut banks for 10 days due to a bank scandal
Sep 23rd - Tom Allen beats Mike McCale for Heavyweight Boxing title
Oct 3rd - Captain Jack and companions are hanged for their part in the Modoc War.
Oct 4th - Toronto Argonaut Football Club forms
Oct 4th - 13th British Golf Open: Tom Kidd shoots a 179 at St Andrews
Oct 8th - First women's prison run by women opens at Indiana Reformatory Institute
Oct 11th - Toronto Argonaut Football Club 1st game losing to U of Toronto
Oct 18th - 1st football game between Toronto Argonauts & Hamilton Tigers
Oct 18th - Columbia Princeton Rutgers & Yale set rules for collegiate football
Oct 20th - P T Barnum Hippodrome featuring "Greatest Show on Earth" opens (NYC)
Oct 30th - P T Barnum's circus, "Greatest Show on Earth", debuts (New York City)
Nov 4th - Dentist John Beers of SF patents gold crown
Prime Minister of Canada John A. MacdonaldPrime Minister of Canada John A. Macdonald Nov 5th - Due to the fallout from the Pacific Scandal, John A. Macdonald resigns as Prime Minister of Canada
Nov 7th - Alexander Mackenzie becomes the second Prime Minister of Canada, succeeding John A. Macdonald
Nov 12th - Bay District Race Track opens
Nov 19th - William Marcy "Boss" Tweed, of Tammany Hall (NYC) convicted of defrauding city of $6M, sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment
Nov 19th - James Reed and two accomplices rob the Watt Grayson family of $30,000 in the Choctaw Nation
Nov 20th - Rival cities of Buda & Pest unite to form the capital of Hungary
Dec 6th - 1st international football game in US: Yale 2, Eton (England) 1
Dec 30th - American Metrological Society forms (NYC) weights, measures & money

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