Historical Events in 1884

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  • Jan 4th Last sighting of an eastern cougar (Ontario)
  • Jan 4th The Fabian Society is founded in London.
  • Jan 8th Chrome tanning process for leather patented by Augustus Schultz
  • Jan 18th General Charles Gordon departs London for Khartoum
  • Jan 18th Dr. William Price attempts to cremate the body of his infant son, Iesu Grist (Welsh for Jesus Christ) Price, setting a legal precedent for cremation in the United Kingdom.
  • Jan 19th Jules Massenet's opera "Manon" premieres in Paris
  • Jan 26th 1st Dutch Wagner version of Elizabeth aria
  • Feb 1st 1st volume of the Oxford English Dictionary, A-Ant, published
  • Feb 7th Canadian Rugby Football Union forms
  • Feb 18th General Charles Gordon arrives in Khartoum

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 18th Police seize all copies of tolstoy's "What I Believe In"

Novelist Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy
  • Feb 19th Tornadoes in Miss, Ala, NC, SC, Tenn, Ky & In kill 800 people
  • Feb 26th British & Portuguese treaty signed in Congo by Leopold II
  • Mar 8th 1st performance of Edward MacDowell's 2nd Piano suite
  • Mar 8th Susan B. Anthony addresses the U.S. House Judiciary Committee arguing for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women the right to vote. Anthony's argument came 16 years after legislators had first introduced a federal women's suffrage amendment.
  • Mar 12th Mississippi establishes 1st US state college for women
  • Mar 13th Siege of Khartoum, Sudan begins by Mahdist forces, lasts 10 months
  • Mar 13th US adopts Standard Time
  • Mar 17th John Joseph Montgomery makes 1st glider flight, Otay, Calif
  • Mar 27th 1st long-distance telephone call, Boston-NY
  • Mar 28th 46th Grand National: Mr Ted Wilson aboard Voluptuary wins
  • Apr 2nd London prison for debtors closed
  • Apr 10th US Senate accepts Belgian administration of Congo
  • Apr 20th Pope Leo XIII encyclical "On Freemasonry"
  • Apr 21st Potters Field reopened as Madison Park
  • Apr 22nd Thomas Stevens starts 1st bike trip around world (2 yrs 9 mos)
  • Apr 22nd US recognizes King Leopold II's Congo Free State
  • Apr 24th National Medical Association of Black physicians organizes (Atlanta)
  • May 1st Construction begins on Chicago 1st skyscraper (10 stories)
  • May 1st Moses Walker became 1st African American player in major league baseball in US
  • May 1st Proclamation of the demand for eight-hour workday in the United States.
  • May 13th Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) forms in New York
  • May 14th Anti-Monopoly party forms in US
  • May 16th 10th Kentucky Derby: Isaac Murphy aboard Buchanan wins in 2:40.25
  • May 17th Alaska becomes a US territory
  • May 19th Ringling Brothers circus premieres
  • May 22nd 1-armed pitcher Hugh Daily fanned 13 hitters
  • May 23rd 12th Preakness: S Fisher aboard Knight of Ellerslie wins in 2:39.5
  • May 24th Anti-Monopoly party & Greenback Party forms People's Party in US

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 26th Fred Spofforth takes 7-34 & 7-3 v England XI in 4 hours

Cricketer Fred Spofforth
Fred Spofforth
  • May 29th 1st steam cable trams start in highgate
  • May 31st Dr John Harvey Kellogg patents "flaked cereal"
  • Jun 3rd John Lynch (R-MS) chosen 1st black major-party national convention chair
  • Jun 4th 18th Belmont: Jim McLaughlin aboard Panique wins in 2:42
  • Jun 5th William Sherman refuses Republican presidential nomination saying "I will not accept if nominated & will not serve if elected"
  • Jun 16th 1st roller coaster used (Coney Island NY)
  • Jun 24th John Lynch is 1st black elected chairman of Republican convention
  • Jul 3rd Dow Jones publishes its 1st stock index, the Dow Jones Transportation Average
  • Jul 4th 1st US bullfight held (Dodge City Ks)
  • Jul 4th Statue of Liberty presented to US in Paris
  • Jul 5th German consul-general Gustav Nachtigal takes possession of Cameroon
  • Jul 5th US Congress accept 2nd Chinese Exclusion Act
  • Jul 10th 1st Test Cricket to be played at Old Trafford 1st day washed out
  • Jul 19th 8th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: William Renshaw beats H Lawford (6-0 6-4 9-7)
  • Jul 21st 1st Test Cricket match played at Lord's
  • Jul 27th The East Cleveland Street Railway Company begins the first U.S. commercial electric streetcar line in Cleveland, Ohio, on the Bentley-Knight system
  • Aug 2nd Dutch Queen Emma appointed regent
  • Aug 5th Cornerstone for Statue of Liberty laid on Bedloe's Island (NYC)
  • Aug 7th Germany annexes Angra Pequena (Southwest-Africa)
  • Aug 11th 1st double-century stand in Test cricket, McDonnell/Murdoch 207 Aust
  • Aug 12th Bill Murdoch scores 1st Test Cricket double-century, 211 at The Oval
  • Aug 27th 4th U.S. Men's National Championship: Richard Sears beats Howard Taylor (6-0, 1-6, 6-0, 6-2)
  • Aug 28th First known photograph of a tornado is made near Howard, SD
  • Aug 28th Mickey Welsh strikes-out 1st 9 men he faces
  • Aug 30th Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey wins middleweight title in 1st fight with boxing gloves
  • Sep 4th Britain ends its policy of penal transportation to New South Wales in Australia.
  • Sep 10th Congressman John R Lynch presides over Republican National Convention
  • Sep 20th 6.2 mile Arlberg railroad tunnel completed in Austria
  • Sep 20th Equal Rights Party nominates female candidates for US President and Vice President
  • Sep 23rd American Herman Hollerith patents his mechanical tabulating machine, the beginning of data processing
  • Sep 24th Dixey, Rice & Gill's musical "Adonis" premieres in NYC
  • Sep 26th Suriname army shoots on British-Indian contract workers, 7 killed
  • Oct 3rd 24th British Golf Open: Jack Simpson shoots a 160 at Prestwick Golf Club
  • Oct 6th Naval War College forms in Newport RI
  • Oct 13th Greenwich in London established as the universal time meridian of longitude

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 14th George Eastman patents paper-strip photographic film

Founder of the Eastman Kodak Company George Eastman
Founder of the Eastman Kodak Company
George Eastman
  • Oct 22nd General Gordon receives letter of Mahdi
  • Oct 22nd Sporting Life announces that both pennant winners will meet in 3 game series Oct 23-25 at Polo Grounds NYC to determine baseball champion
  • Oct 22nd International Meridian Conference in Washington, D.C. adopts Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) worldwide, creating 24 international time zones with longitude zero at the Greenwich meridian
  • Oct 23rd 1st World Series OKed by AA, Providence (NL) beats NY Mets (AA) 6-0
  • Oct 25th 1st World Series OK by AA, Providence (NL) sweeps NY Mets (AA) in 3
  • Oct 27th Architect Henry Hardenberghs Dakota-complex opens in NYC
  • Nov 1st The Gaelic Athletic Association is founded to promote Irish sport and games; The association denies membership to the police and army and is immediately infiltrated by the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 4th Grover Cleveland (D) beats James G Blaine (R) for his 1st presidential term. The only American president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms

US President Grover Cleveland
US President
Grover Cleveland
  • Nov 6th British protectorate proclaimed over southeast New Guinea
  • Nov 6th Montreal Foot Ball Club (QFRU) defeats Toronto Argonauts (ORFU) 30-0 in 1st CRFU Championship game
  • Nov 8th German government recognizes King Leopold II's Congo Free State
  • Nov 15th Colonization of Africa orgainized at international conference in Berlin
  • Nov 17th Cops arrest John L Sullivan in 2nd round for being "cruel"
  • Nov 22nd T Thomas Fortune starts NY Freeman (NY Age) newspaper
  • Nov 25th John B Meyenberg of St Louis patents evaporated milk
  • Dec 1st American Old West: Near Frisco, New Mexico, deputy sheriff Elfego Baca holds off a gang of 80 Texan cowboys who want to kill him for arresting Charles McCarthy.
  • Dec 6th Aluminum capstone set atop Washington Monument, Wash, DC
  • Dec 9th Levant Richardson patents ball-bearing skate

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Dec 10th "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain is first published in the UK and Canada (US Feb 1885, due to printing error)

Author Mark Twain
Mark Twain
  • Dec 12th 1st Test match played at the Adelaide Oval
  • Dec 16th Great Britain recognizes King Leopold II's Congo Free State
  • Dec 19th Italy recognizes King Leopold II's Congo Free State
  • Dec 24th Austria-Hungary admits King Leopold II's Congo Free State
  • Dec 27th Netherlands recognizes King Leopold II's Congo Free State
  • Dec 30th Anton Bruckner's 7th Symphony in E, premieres in Leipzig