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Jan 3rd - Admissions convention meets in Ellensburg, WA, asks for statehood
Jan 8th - Dr Herman Hollerith receives 1st US patent for a mechanical tabulating machine
Jan 10th - Ivory Coast declared a protectorate of France
Jan 15th - The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia.
Jan 16th - 128°F (53°C), Cloncurry, Queensland (Australian record)
Jan 22nd - Columbia Phonograph was formed in Washington, D.C.
Jan 23rd - Daniel Williams forms Provident Hospital in Chicago
Jan 30th - John Herschel uses camera obscura to photograph 48" (120cm) telescope
Jan 30th - Victoria beat NSW after following on (NSW all out 63 needed 76)
Jan 30th - Archduke Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian crown, is found dead with his mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera in Mayerling.
Feb 7th - Astronomical Society of Pacific holds 1st meeting in SF
Feb 8th - Flood ravages Dutch coast
Heart surgeon Daniel WilliamsHeart surgeon Daniel Williams Feb 9th - The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is established as a Cabinet-level agency.
Feb 11th - Meiji constitution of Japan adopted; 1st Diet convenes in 1890
Feb 12th - Caesar Franck's Symphony in D premieres
Feb 12th - Henrik Ibsen's "Fruen fra Haven" premieres in Oslo
Feb 14th - 1st train load of fruit (oranges) leaves LA for east
Feb 22nd - US President Cleveland signs bill to admit Dakotas, Montana & Washington state to the union
Mar 2nd - Kansas passes 1st US antitrust
Mar 4th - Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as 23rd president
Mar 9th - Battle at Gallabat (Metema): Mahdi's beat Abyssinian emperor John IV
Mar 9th - Kansas passes 1st general antitrust law in US
Mar 12th - Battle at Metema (Gallabad): Ethiopian Emperor Yohannes IV, defeated
Mar 12th - Start of South Africa's 1st Test, v England, Port Elizabeth
23rd US President Benjamin Harrison23rd US President Benjamin Harrison Mar 14th - August Strindberg's "Froken Julie" premieres in Copenhagen
Mar 14th - German Ferdinand von Zeppelin patents his "Navigable Balloon"
Mar 15th - 6 US & German warships perish in harbor of Apia Samoa, 200 die
Mar 23rd - Pres Harrison opens Oklahoma for white colonization
Mar 23rd - The free Woolwich Ferry officially opens in east London.
Mar 23rd - The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian India.
Mar 25th - 1st Test Cricket match played at Newlands, Cape Town v England
Mar 26th - Bernard Tancred carries bat for 26* out of 47! South Africa v England
Mar 26th - Johnny Briggs took 15-26 (7-17 & 8-11) v South Africa at Newlands
Mar 26th - South Africa all out 47, then follow-on all out 43 v England
Mar 29th - 51st Grand National: Mr Tommy Beasley IRE aboard Frigate IRE wins
Mar 30th - John T Reid opens 1st US golf course (Yonkers, NY)
Engineer and Achitect Gustave EiffelEngineer and Achitect Gustave Eiffel Mar 31st - 300m high Eiffel Tower officially opens in Paris - built for the Exposition Universelle. Tallest man-made structure for 41 years
Apr 1st - 1st dishwashing machine marketed (Chicago)
Apr 3rd - Savings Bank of Order of True Reformers opens in Richmond, Va
Apr 5th - Start of Sherlock Holmes' "Adventure of Copper Beeches" (BG)
Apr 6th - George Eastman places Kodak Camera on sale for 1st time
Apr 22nd - Oklahoma land rush officially started; some were "sooner"
Apr 30th - 1st US national holiday, on centennial of Washington's inauguration
May 1st - 2nd International Congress calls for 1st International Workers Day 1st May 1890 to mark protests in Chicago in 1886
May 1st - Bayer introduces aspirin in powder form (Germany)
May 2nd - Abyssinian emperor Menelik II/Italy signs Treaty of Wichale
May 6th - Exposition Universelle (World Fair) opens in Paris with the completed Eiffel Tower
Founder of the Eastman Kodak Company George EastmanFounder of the Eastman Kodak Company George Eastman May 9th - 15th Kentucky Derby: Thomas Kiley aboard Spokane wins in 2:34.50
May 10th - 17th Preakness: W Anderson aboard Buddhist wins in 2:17.5
May 14th - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is launched in London.
May 18th - Jules Massenet's opera "Esclarmonde" premieres in Paris
May 28th - Édouard and André Michelin incorporate the Michelin tyre company
May 29th - August Strindberg's "Hemsoborna" premieres in Copenhagen
May 31st - Johnstown Flood; 2,209 die in Penn
Jun 3rd - The Canadian Pacific Railway is completed from coast to coast.
Jun 6th - Great Fire in Seattle destroys 25 downtown blocks
Jun 8th - Cable Cars begin service in LA
Jun 8th - Start of Sherlock Holmes Adventure "Boscombe Valley Mystery" (BG)
Jun 12th - 88 are killed in the Armagh rail disaster near Armagh in what is now Northern Ireland.
Industrialist André MichelinIndustrialist André Michelin Jun 13th - 2' of snow accumulates in Rawlins, Wyoming
Jun 13th - 23rd Belmont: W Hayward aboard Eric wins in 2:47.25
Jun 15th - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Stockbroker's Clerk" (BG)
Jun 15th - 3rd U.S. Women's National Championship: Bertha Townsend beats Lida Voorhees (7-5, 6-2)
Jun 19th - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Man with the Twisted Lip"
Jun 22nd - Louisville Colonels set ML baseball record with 26th consecutive loss
Jul 1st - Frederick Douglass named Minister to Haiti
Jul 1st - US mint at Carson City, Nevada reopens
Jul 4th - Washington state constitutional convention holds 1st meeting
Jul 8th - John L Sullivan KOs Jake Kilrain in 75 rounds (last bare-knuckle bout)
Jul 8th - Wall Street Journal begins publishing
Abolitionist Frederick DouglassAbolitionist Frederick Douglass Jul 11th - Tijuana in Mexico becomes a city
Jul 13th - 6th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Blanche Bingley beats Lena Rice (4-6 8-6 6-4)
Jul 13th - 13th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: William Renshaw beats E Renshaw (6-4 6-1 3-6 6-0)
Jul 30th - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Naval Treaty" (BG)
Aug 10th - Dan Rylands patents screw cap
Aug 13th - William Gray patents coin-operated telephone
Aug 23rd - 1st ship-to-shore wireless message received in US (SF)
Aug 29th - 1st American International professional lawn tennis contest (Newport RI)
Aug 31st - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Cardboard Box" (BG)
Sep 3rd - 9th U.S. Men's National Championship: Henry Slocum beats Quincy Shaw (6-3, 6-1, 4-6, 6-2)
Sep 5th - German Christine Hardt patents the first modern brassiere
Sep 6th - King Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda resigns
Sep 7th - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Engineer's Thumb" (BG)
Sep 11th - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Crooked Man" (BG)
Sep 23rd - Nintendo Koppai (Later Nintendo Company, Limited) founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi to produce and market the playing card game Hanafuda.
Sep 24th - Alexander Dey patents dial time recorder
Sep 28th - The first General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) defines the length of a meter as the distance between two lines on a standard bar of an alloy of platinum with ten percent iridium, measured at the melting point of ice.
Oct 1st - Soccer team HFC Haarlem forms
Oct 1st - Washington voters adopt state constitution in referendum
Oct 2nd - 1st Pan American conference (Washington, D.C.)
Oct 2nd - In Colorado, Nicholas Creede strikes it rich in silver during the last great silver boom of the American Old West.
Oct 6th - Moulin Rogue opens in Paris
Inventor Thomas EdisonInventor Thomas Edison Oct 6th - Thomas Edison shows his 1st motion picture
Oct 10th - Barnard College is founded.
Oct 15th - Amsterdam Central Station officially opens
Oct 18th - 1st all NYC World Series NY Giants (NL) play Bkln (AA)
Oct 20th - Gerhart Hauptmann's "Vor Sonnenaufgang" premieres in Berlin
Oct 24th - Softball rules adopted by Mid Winter Indoor Baseball League
Oct 29th - NY Giants (NL) beat Bkln (AA) in world series 6 games to 3
Oct 29th - Queen Victoria grants Cecil Rhodes rights to Zambezia
Oct 29th - Stanley Park dedicated in Vancouver, BC
Nov 2nd - North Dakota becomes 39th & South Dakota becomes 40th state in the United States
Nov 3rd - Chaplain Ariëns founds first roman catholic workers group
Nov 4th - Players League begins, declaring independence from baseball's NL
Queen of the United Kingdom VictoriaQueen of the United Kingdom Victoria Nov 5th - Louisa Woosley first women to be ordained as a minister in any Presbyterian denomination (US Cumberland Presbyterian Church).
Nov 8th - Montana admitted as 41st state of the Union
Nov 11th - Washington admitted as 42nd state of USA
Nov 11th - 29th British Golf Open: Willie Park, Jr. shoots a 155 at Musselburgh Links
Nov 14th - New York World reporter Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) began her attempt to surpass fictitious journey of Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg by traveling around world in less than 80 days She succeeded, finishing the trip in January in 72 days and 6 hours
Nov 15th - Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, deposed; republic proclaimed
Nov 17th - Union Pacific begins daily through service, Chicago-Portland & SF
Nov 18th - Oahu Railway begins public service in Hawaii
Nov 20th - Gustav Mahler's 1st Symphony
Novelist Jules VerneNovelist Jules Verne Nov 23rd - Debut of 1st jukebox (Palais Royale Saloon, San Francisco)
Nov 27th - 1st permit issued to drive a car through Central Park (Curtis P Brady)
Nov 27th - Hermann Sudermann's "Ehre" premieres in Berlin
Dec 4th - Stanley's expedition reaches Bagamoyo in Indian Ocean
Dec 7th - Gilbert & Sullivan's "Gondoliers" premieres in London
Dec 9th - President Harrison visits opening of Chicago Auditorium
Dec 13th - Belgium rules on women/child labor law
Dec 14th - American Academy of Political & Social Science organized, Phila
Dec 19th - Bishop Museum founded in Hawaii
Dec 24th - Daniel Stover & William Hance patent bicycle with back pedal brake

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