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Jan 1st - French troops occupy Nioro, West-Sudan, 3000 killed
Jan 1st - King Pakketvaart sails to Neth Indies
Jan 26th - Oscar Wilde's "Duchess of Padua" premieres in NYC
Jan 27th - Mine explosion kills 109 at Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania
Jan 29th - Liliuokalani is proclaimed Queen of Hawaii, its last monarch.
Jan 31st - The first attempt of a Portuguese republican revolution breakes out in the northern city of Porto.
Feb 6th - 1st great train robbery by Dalton Gang (Southern Pacific #17)
Feb 7th - Great Blizzard of 1891 begins in England
Feb 9th - 1st shipment of asparagus arrives in SF from Sacramento
Feb 15th - AIK is founded at Biblioteksgatan 8 in Stockholm by Isidor Behrens.
Feb 18th - Capt Archinard's army fights with Nyamina of Niger in West-Sudan
Feb 24th - French troops under capt Archinard occupy Diena West Sudan
Feb 26th - 1st buffalo purchased for Golden Gate Park
Feb 26th - Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler" premieres in Oslo
Feb 28th - Oscar Grundén skates world record 500m (50.8 sec)
Mar 3rd - US Congress creates Courts of Appeal
Writer/Poet Oscar WildeWriter/Poet Oscar Wilde Mar 3rd - US Congress creates Office of Superintendent of Immigration (Treasury Dept)
Mar 3rd - The Penalty Spot Kick rule in Association Football is conceived, but does not come into effect until the next season.
Mar 10th - Almon Strowger, an undertaker in Topeka, Kansas, patents the strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching.
Mar 17th - British Steamer "Utopia" sinks off Gibraltar killing 574
Mar 18th - Britain is linked to the continent by Telephone
Mar 20th - 53rd Grand National: Mr Harry Beasley IRE aboard Come Away wins
Mar 28th - 1st world weightlifting championship held
Apr 1st - London-Paris telephone connection opens
Apr 1st - Painter Gauguin leaves Marseille for Tahiti
Apr 1st - The Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago, Illinois.
Apr 7th - Nebraska introduces 8 hour work day
Apr 11th - 8 year old Jewish tailor's daughter disappears in Greece, rumor spreads that she was a Christian girl ritually killed by Jews
Apr 23rd - Jews are expelled from Moscow Russia
Apr 24th - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Final Problem"
23rd US President Benjamin Harrison23rd US President Benjamin Harrison Apr 25th - US President Benjamin Harrison visits San Francisco
May 1st - Cy Young pitches 1st game played in Cleveland's League Park Cleveland Spiders 12, Cincinnati Redlegs 3
May 5th - Music Hall (Carnegie Hall) opens in NY, Tchaikovsky as guest conductor
May 6th - Conductors on London General Omnibus Company go on strike
May 7th - Battle in Bunyoro: Capt F Lugard stops Muslim rebellion, 300 killed
May 11th - The Otsu Scandal: While visiting Japan, Prince Nicholas (later Tsar Nicholas II) survives an assassination attempt
May 12th - Riot against tax increase in Paramaribo, Suriname
May 13th - 17th Kentucky Derby: Isaac Murphy aboard Kingman wins in 2:52.25
May 15th - British Central African Protectorate (now Malawi) forms
May 15th - Jules Massenet's opera "Griselde" premieres in Paris
May 15th - Operations begin at Philips & Co in Holland
Tsar Nicholas IITsar Nicholas II May 15th - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Rerum novarum
May 16th - George A Hormel & Co introduce Spam
May 19th - Rice Institute, which became Rice University, is chartered
May 20th - History of cinema: The first public display of Thomas Edison's prototype kinetoscope.
May 21st - Boxers Peter Jackson & Jim Corbett fight to a draw in 61 rounds
May 22nd - 1st motion picture shown to Natl Federation of Women's Clubs
May 31st - Work on trans-Siberian railway begins
Jun 9th - Painter Gauguin arrives in Papeete, Tahiti
Jun 10th - 25th Belmont: Ed Garrison riding Foxford wins in 2:08.75
Jun 11th - Puerto Rican flag adopted
Jun 16th - John Abbott becomes Canada's third prime minister.
Jun 27th - 5th U.S. Women's National Championship: Mabel Cahill beats Ellen Roosevelt (6-4, 6-1, 4-6, 6-3)
3rd Prime Minister of Canada John Abbott3rd Prime Minister of Canada John Abbott Jun 29th - 100°F (SF, CA)
Jun 29th - US National Forest Service organized
Jun 29th - Street railway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, commences operation.
Jul 5th - Hail kills 6 horses in Rapid City, SD
Jul 7th - Travelers checks patents
Jul 8th - 61°F, highest temp for July 1891, in Baltimore & Phila
Jul 9th - 8th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Lottie Dod beats Blanche Bingley (6-2 6-1)
Jul 9th - 15th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Wilfred Baddeley beats Joshua Pim (6-4 1-6 7-5 6-0)
Jul 14th - John T Smith patents corkboard
Jul 26th - Henry James' "American" premieres in London
Jul 26th - France annexes Tahiti.
Jul 27th - Titus van Wyck succeeds M de Savornin Lohman as governor of Suriname
Aug 5th - 1st travelers checks issued (American Express)
Aug 15th - San Sebastian Church in Manila, the first all-steel church in Asia, is officially inaugurated and blessed.
Aug 17th - 1st public bathhouse with showers opens in NYC (People's Bath)
Aug 17th - Electric self-starter for automobile patented
Aug 18th - Hurricane hits Martinique, about 700 die
Aug 19th - William Huggins describes astronomical application of spectrum
Aug 21st - Dutch Mackay government resigns
Inventor Thomas EdisonInventor Thomas Edison Aug 24th - Thomas Edison patents motion picture camera
Aug 31st - 11th U.S. Men's National Championship: Oliver Campbell beats Clarence Hobart (2-6, 7-5, 7-9, 6-1, 6-2)
Sep 3rd - Cotton pickers organize union & stage strike in Texas
Sep 3rd - John Stephens Durham named US minister to Haiti
Sep 7th - Captain Frederick Lugard's army reaches Kavalli, Equatoria
Sep 11th - The Jewish Colonization Association is established by Baron Maurice de Hirsch.
Sep 14th - "Empire State Express" train goes from NYC to East Buffalo, a distance of 436 miles, in a record 7H6M
Sep 18th - Harriet Maxwell Converse is 1st white woman to become an Indian chief
Sep 20th - The first gasoline-powered car debuts in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.
Oct 1st - In the U.S. state of California, Stanford University opens its doors.
Oct 7th - 31st British Golf Open: Hugh Kirkaldy shoots a 166 at St Andrews
Oct 12th - Astronomical Society of France is inaugurated
Oct 18th - 1st international 6-day bicycle race in US (Madison Square Garden, NYC) begins
Oct 20th - 1st International 6 day bike race (NY Madison Square Garden) begins
Oct 25th - 1st International 6 day bike race (NY Madison Square Garden) ends
Oct 28th - Quake strikes Mino-Owari, Japan kills 7,300
Nov 10th - 1st Women's Christian Temperance Union meeting held (in Boston)
Nov 10th - Granville T Woods patents electric railway
Nov 30th - Pope Leo XIII's encyclical "Rerum novarum" published
Dec 2nd - 52nd Congress (1891-93) convenes
Dec 7th - 52nd US Congress (1st to appropriate $1 billion) holds 1st session
Dec 19th - 1st Negro Catholic priest ordained in US, Charles Uncles, Baltimore
Dec 19th - Canadian Rugby Union forms
Dec 20th - Strongman Louis Cyr withstands pull of 4 horses
Basketball Inventor James NaismithBasketball Inventor James Naismith Dec 21st - 1st game of basketball, based on rules created by James Naismith, played by 18 students in Springfield, Massachusetts
Dec 29th - Edison patents "transmission of signals electrically" (radio)

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