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Jan 1st - Brooklyn merges with NY to form present City of NY
Jan 1st - Lightship replaces whistling buoy at mouth of SF Bay
Jan 1st - d'Annunzio's "Sogno d'un mattino di primavera," premieres in Rome
Jan 4th - 1st installment of William Dean Howell's "Life & Letters" appears
Jan 6th - 1st telephone message from a submerged submarine, by Simon Lake
Jan 12th - Itō Hirobumi begins his third term as Prime Minister of Japan.
Jan 13th - Emile Zola publishes his open letter (J'accuse) in defense of Alfred Dreyfus
Jan 14th - Joe Darling hits the 1st six in Tests (out of the ground)
Jan 19th - Brown defeats Harvard 6-0 in 1st intercollegiate hockey game
Feb 1st - 1st auto insurance policy in US issued, by Travelers Insurance Co
Feb 8th - John Ames Sherman patents 1st envelope folding & gumming mach (Mass)
Feb 11th - Owen Smith of NC, AME Zion minister, named US minister to Liberia
Feb 15th - USS Maine sinks in Havana harbor, cause unknown-258 sailors die
Feb 22nd - Black postmaster lynched, his wife & 3 daughters shot in Lake City SC
Feb 23rd - In France, Emile Zola is imprisoned for writing his "J'accuse" letter accusing government of anti-Semitism & wrongly jailing Alfred Dreyfus
Mar 2nd - Australia complete a 4-1 series annihilation of England
Mar 8th - Richard Straus' "Don Quixote" premieres in Keulen
Mar 17th - 1st practical submarine 1st submerges, NYC (for 1 hour 40 minutes)
Engineer John Philip HollandEngineer John Philip Holland Mar 17th - John Philip Holland achieves successful test runs of the first modern submarine off Staten Island
Mar 24th - 1st automobile sold
Mar 25th - Intercollegiate Trapshooting Association formed in NYC
Mar 25th - 60th Grand National: John Gourley aboard Drogheda wins
Apr 8th - Battle of Atbara River, Anglo-Egyptian forces crush 6,000 Sudanese
Apr 11th - President McKinley asks for Spanish-American War declaration
Apr 12th - Army transfers Yerba Buena Island in SF Bay to Navy
Apr 19th - 2nd Boston Marathon won by Ron McDonald of Mass in 2:42:00
Apr 20th - US Assay Office in Deadwood, South Dakota opens
Apr 21st - Phillies' pitcher Bill Duggleby hits a grand slam on 1st at bat
Apr 21st - Spanish-American War: The U.S. Congress, on April 25, recognizes that a state of war exists between the United States and Spain as of this date.
Apr 22nd - 1st Spanish-American War action: USS Nashville, takes enemy ship
Apr 22nd - Baltimore James Hughes no-hits Boston Braves 8-0
Apr 22nd - Cincinnati Red Theodore Breitenstein no-hits Pirates 11-0
Apr 22nd - Congress passes Volunteer Army Act calling for a Volunteer Cavalry
Apr 22nd - US President McKinley orders blockade of Cuban harbors
Apr 24th - US fleet under commodore Dewey sails from Hong Kong to Philippines
Apr 24th - Spanish-American War: Spain delares war after rejecting US ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba
Apr 25th - Spanish-American War: The United States declares state of war on Spain effective from 21st April.
Apr 30th - Championship wrestling match at Met turns into a brawl
May 1st - George Dewey commands "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley" as US route Spanish fleet at Manila
May 3rd - Camp Merriman forms at Presidio (SF) (see 0517)
May 4th - 24th Kentucky Derby: Willie Simms aboard Plaudit wins in 2:09
May 8th - The first games of the Italian Football League are played.
May 12th - Louisiana adopts new constitution with "grandfather clause" designed to eliminate black voters
May 17th - Camp Merritt forms in Presidio [see 0503]
May 19th - Post Office authorizes use of postcards
May 21st - US Assay Office in Seattle, Washington, authorized
May 23rd - 1st Philippine Expeditionary Troops sail from San Francisco
May 25th - 1st US troop transport to Manila leaves SF
May 26th - 32nd Belmont: F Littlefield aboard Bowling Brook wins in 2:32
May 26th - SF approves City Charter, allows Municipal ownership of utilities
May 27th - Arthur Pinero's "Trelawney of the Wells" premieres in London
Jun 1st - Trans-Mississippi International Exposition opens in Omaha
Jun 7th - Social Democracy of America party holds 1st national convention, Chicago
Jun 9th - China leases Hong Kong's new territories to Britain for 99 years
Jun 9th - 38th British Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 307 at Prestwick Golf Club
Jun 10th - US Marines land in Cuba during Spanish-American War
Jun 11th - 1st US Marines (600) land at Guantanamo Cuba during Spanish-American War
Jun 11th - 23rd Preakness: Willie Simms riding Sly Fox wins in 1:49.75
Jun 11th - Emperor De Zong proclaims reforms in Peking
Jun 12th - Philippine nationalists declares independence from Spain to US control
Revolutionary General and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio AguinaldoRevolutionary General and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo Jun 12th - Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain
Jun 13th - Yukon Territory of Canada organized, Dawson chosen as capital
Jun 14th - France signs Niger Convention
Jun 15th - US House of Representatives accepts annexation of Hawaii
Jun 15th - US marines attack Spanish off Guantánamo, Cuba
Jun 16th - China's emperor De Zong (Guang Xu) receives Kang Youwei
Jun 17th - US Senate agrees to annex Hawaii
Jun 17th - The United States Navy Hospital Corps is established.
Jun 18th - 1st amusement pier opens in Atlantic City, NJ
Jun 18th - 4th US Golf Open: Fred Herd shoots a 328 at Myopia Hunt Club Mass
Jun 18th - 12th U.S. Women's National Championship: Juliette Atkinson beats Marion Jones (6-3, 5-7, 6-4, 2-6, 7-5)
Jun 21st - Guam becomes a territory of US
Jun 23rd - Emilio Aguinaldo issues a decree replacing his dictatorial government with a revolutionary government, with himself as President
Jun 24th - American troops drive Spanish forces from La Guasimas, Cuba
Tennis Champion Charlotte CooperTennis Champion Charlotte Cooper Jun 28th - 15th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Charlotte Cooper beats L Martin (6-4 6-4)
Jun 28th - 22nd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Reginald Doherty beats L Doherty (6-3 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1)
Jun 30th - Winton Motor Carriage Company publishes the first known automobile ad in Scientific American using the headline “dispense with a horse.”
Jul 1st - Teddy Roosevelt & his Rough Riders charge up San Juan Hill
Jul 3rd - American troops captured deserted Wake Island
Jul 3rd - Dutch Automobile Club forms (KNAC)
Jul 3rd - Joshua Slocum completes 1st solo circumnavigation of the globe
Jul 3rd - US Navy defeats Spanish fleet in Santiago harbor, Cuba
Jul 4th - French liner "La Bourgogne" collides with bark Cromartyshire, 560 die
Jul 4th - US flag hoisted over Wake Island (Spanish-American War)
Jul 7th - US annexes Hawaii
Jul 8th - Phillies' Red Donahue no-hits Boston Braves, 5-0
Jul 8th - US battle fleet under Admiral Dewey occupies Isla Grande at Manila
Jul 8th - The shooting death of crime boss Soapy Smith releases Skagway, Alaska from his iron grip.
Jul 10th - Jean-Baptiste Marchands expedition reaches Fashoda at White Hippo
Jul 12th - Jean-Baptiste Marchand hoists French flag in Fashoda Sudan
Jul 13th - SF Ferry Building at foot of Market St opens
Physician and Nobel Laureate Camillo GolgiPhysician and Nobel Laureate Camillo Golgi Jul 15th - Camillo Golgi discovers the Golgi Apparatus (a delicate network inside cells essential for the transmission and reception of information between cells)
Jul 17th - Spanish American War - Spaniards surrender to US at Santiago Cuba
Jul 21st - Spain cedes Guam to USA
Jul 22nd - Crew of Belgium RV Belgica see 1st sunrise in 1600 hrs - 1st expedition to endure Antarctic winter
Jul 25th - 1st US troops land & occupy Puerto Rice, at Guanica Bay
Jul 27th - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Dancing Men" (BG)
Jul 28th - Spanish troops in Ponce, Puerto Rico, surrender
Jul 28th - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Retired Colourman"(BG)
Jul 30th - Will Kellogg invents Corn Flakes
Aug 9th - Rudolf Diesel of Germany patents the diesel internal combustion engine
Aug 12th - Hawaii formally annexed to US
Aug 12th - Peace protocol ends Spanish-American War, signed
Aug 13th - US forces under George Dewey captures Manila during Spanish-Amer war
Aug 16th - Edwin Prescott patents roller coaster
Aug 22nd - 18th U.S. Men's National Championship: Malcolm Whitman beats Dwight F. Davis (3-6, 6-2, 6-2, 6-1)
Aug 25th - 700 Greeks and 15 Englishmen are slaughtered by the Turks in Heraklion, Greece.
Aug 28th - Caleb Bradham renames his carbonated soft drink "Pepsi-Cola".
Aug 29th - The Goodyear tire company is founded.
Sep 1st - Dutch soccer team Receiver forms
Sep 1st - Lord Kitchener's troops attack Omdurman, Sudan
Sep 2nd - Battle of Omdurman: Lord Kitchener retakes Sudan for Britain
Sep 2nd - Machine gun 1st used in battle
Sep 6th - Lord Kitchener destroys Mahdi's tomb in Omdurman
Sep 9th - Ottawa Football Club re-organizes into the Rough Riders
Sep 10th - Lord Kitchener's ships sails from Kartoum to Fashoda
Sep 10th - Empress Elizabeth of Austria is assassinated by Luigi Lucheni.
Sep 13th - 20,000 Paris construction workers go on strike
Sep 13th - Hannibal Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film
Sep 15th - National Afro-American Council forms in Rochester NY
Sep 18th - Lord Kitchener's ships reach Fashoda, Sudan
Sep 21st - Empress Dowager Cixi seizes power and ends the Hundred Days' Reform in China, imprisoning the Guangxu Emperor.
Sep 26th - Victor Herbert/Harry Smith's musical premieres in NYC
Sep 29th - French troops reach Guinea & Sudan, Samori caught
Sep 30th - City of NY established
Oct 1st - Dutch railway Alkmaar-Receiver opens
Oct 1st - Henry Huntington buys LA Railway
Oct 1st - Jews are expelled from Kiev Russia
Oct 1st - Tsar Nikolay II expels Jews from major Russian cities.
Oct 1st - The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration is founded under the name k.u.k. Exportakademie.
Oct 6th - Gustav Mahler conducts 1st Wiener Philharmonic
Oct 6th - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
Oct 8th - First Canadian Intercollegiate football game: McGill beats Queen's, 3-2
Oct 12th - Establishment of the first town council in Mateur.
Oct 18th - American flag raised in Puerto Rico
Oct 20th - NC Mutual & Provident Insurance Company forms
Nov 2nd - French government of Dupuy forms
Nov 2nd - Theodor Herzl arrives in Jerusalem
Nov 2nd - Cheerleading is started at the University of Minnesota with Johnny Campbell leading the crowd in cheering on the football team.
Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart HauptmannAuthor and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann Nov 5th - Gerhart Hauptmann's "Fuhrmann Henschel" premieres in Berlin
Nov 10th - Race riot in Wilmington NC (8 blacks killed)
Nov 22nd - Opera "Iris" premieres (Rome)
Nov 24th - The International Conference of Rome for the Social Defense Against Anarchists opens.
Nov 26th - -27) Snow/ice storm over US; 455 die
Nov 26th - SS Portland “The Titanic of New England” leaves for Cape Cod, shipwrecked off Cape Ann, all 192 on board killed
Dec 10th - Spanish-American War formally ended by the Treaty of Paris; US acquires Philippines, Puerto Rico & Guam
Dec 10th - The first western pilgrims were welcomed at The House of `Abdu'lláh Páshá
Dec 12th - 1st 1st-class game between NSW & Tasmania
Dec 18th - Automobile speed record set-63 kph (39 mph)
Physicist Marie CuriePhysicist Marie Curie Dec 21st - Scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium

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