Historical Events in June 1898

  • 1st Trans-Mississippi International Exposition opens in Omaha
  • 7th Social Democracy of America party holds 1st national convention, Chicago
  • 9th China leases Hong Kong's new territories to Britain for 99 years
  • 9th 38th British Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 307 at Prestwick Golf Club
  • 10th US Marines land in Cuba during Spanish-American War
  • 11th 1st US Marines (600) land at Guantanamo Cuba during Spanish-American War
  • 11th 23rd Preakness: Willie Simms riding Sly Fox wins in 1:49.75
  • 11th Emperor De Zong proclaims reforms in Peking
  • 12th Philippine nationalists declares independence from Spain to US control

Event of interestEvent of Interest

12th Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain

Revolutionary and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo
Revolutionary and 1st President of the Philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo
  • 13th Yukon Territory of Canada organized, Dawson chosen as capital
  • 14th France signs Niger Convention
  • 15th US House of Representatives passes resolution to annex Hawaii
  • 15th US marines attack Spanish off Guantánamo, Cuba
  • 16th China's emperor De Zong (Guang Xu) receives Kang Youwei
  • 17th The United States Navy Hospital Corps is established.
  • 18th 1st amusement pier opens in Atlantic City, NJ
  • 18th 4th US Golf Open: Fred Herd shoots a 328 at Myopia Hunt Club Mass
  • 18th 12th U.S. Women's National Championship: Juliette Atkinson beats Marion Jones (6-3, 5-7, 6-4, 2-6, 7-5)
  • 21st Guam becomes a territory of US
  • 23rd Emilio Aguinaldo issues a decree replacing his dictatorial government with a revolutionary government, with himself as President
  • 24th American troops drive Spanish forces from La Guasimas, Cuba

Sport awardTennis Open

28th 15th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Charlotte Cooper beats L Martin (6-4 6-4)

Tennis Champion Charlotte Cooper
Tennis Champion
Charlotte Cooper
  • 28th 22nd Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Reginald Doherty beats L Doherty (6-3 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1)
  • 30th Winton Motor Carriage Company publishes the first known automobile ad in Scientific American using the headline “dispense with a horse.”