Historical Events in 1899

  • Jan 1st Cuba liberated from Spanish rule by the US, American occupation continues till 1902
  • Jan 3rd The first known use of the word automobile, was seen in an editorial in The New York Times.
  • Jan 5th Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure-Charles Augustus Milverton (BG)
  • Jan 7th Walter Camp publishes his 1st All-American football team in Collier's
  • Jan 12th Lynmouth Lifeboat rescues 18 people from the stricken schooner Forest Hall off the coast of Devon
  • Jan 17th US takes possession of Wake Island in Pacific
  • Jan 19th Anglo-Egyptian Sudan forms
  • Jan 21st Opel manufactured its first automobile.
  • Jan 22nd Leaders of six Australian colonies meet in Melbourne to discuss confederation.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 23rd Emilio Aguinaldo is sworn in as President of the First Philippine Republic.

Revolutionary and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo
Revolutionary and 1st President of the Philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo
  • Jan 24th Belgium government of Vandenpeereboom forms
  • Jan 24th Rubber heel patented by Humphrey O'Sullivan
  • Jan 28th American Social Science Association incorporated by Congress
  • Feb 2nd The Australian Premiers' Conference held in Melbourne decides to locate Australia's capital (Canberra) between Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Feb 4th The Philippine-American War begins with fighting between American and Philippine revolutionary forces
  • Feb 6th Spanish-American War ends, peace treaty ratified by Senate
  • Feb 10th -39°F (-39°C), Milligan, Ohio (state lowest record temperature)
  • Feb 10th Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish-American War is signed by President McKinley; US acquires Philippines, Puerto Rico & Guam
  • Feb 11th -15°F (-26°C), Washington, D.C. (district record)
  • Feb 11th -61°F, Montana (record low temperature)
  • Feb 12th -47°F (-44°C), Camp Clarke, Nebraska (state record)
  • Feb 12th 1st 2-man team 6-day bicycle race in US begins, Madison Square Garden, NYC
  • Feb 13th -16°F (-27°C), Minden Louisiana (state record)
  • Feb 13th -1°F (-18°C) New Orleans, La
  • Feb 13th -2°F (-19°C) Tallahassee, Florida (state record)
  • Feb 14th US Congress begins using voting machines
  • Feb 16th Pelham Warner scores 132 on Test Cricket debut (Eng v SA Johannesburg)
  • Feb 16th President of France Félix Faure dies in office.
  • Feb 16th Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur Iceland's first football club is founded.
  • Feb 18th 80°F recorded in San Francisco, California
  • Feb 18th SF named as a port of dispatch for Army transports
  • Feb 18th Stanley Cup: Mont Shamrocks sweep Queens U (Kingston Ont) in 2 games
  • Feb 20th Ill Tel & Tel granted franchise for Chicago freight tunnel system
  • Feb 24th Western Washington University is established.
  • Mar 2nd Pres McKinley signs bill creating Mt Rainier National Park (5th in US)
  • Mar 3rd US Congress authorizes Lafayette silver dollar
  • Mar 3rd George Dewey becomes 1st in US to hold the rank of Admiral of the Navy
  • Mar 4th Cyclone Mahina sweeps in north of Cooktown, Queensland, with a 12 m wave that reaches up to 5 km inland - over 300 dead.
  • Mar 5th 1st performance of Edward MacDowell's 2nd Concerto in D
  • Mar 6th "Aspirin" (acetylsalicylic acid) patented by Felix Hoffmann at German company Bayer
  • Mar 14th Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks beat Winnipeg Victorias, 6-2
  • Mar 17th Windsor luxury hotel in NYC catches fire, 92 die
  • Mar 18th Phoebe, a moon of Saturn is discovered by William Pickering
  • Mar 21st British & French accord over West Africa
  • Mar 24th 61st Grand National: George Williamson aboard Manifesto wins
  • Apr 1st NC Mutual opens doors for business
  • Apr 4th South Africa all out 35 vs England (Trott 4-19, Haigh 6-11)
  • Apr 11th Treaty of Paris ratifies ends war; Spain cedes Puerto Rico to US
  • Apr 18th John McGraw, at 36, managerial debut as Oriole manager

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 18th The St. Andrew's Ambulance Association is granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria.

Queen of the United Kingdom Victoria
Queen of the United Kingdom
  • Apr 19th 3rd Boston Marathon won by Lawrence Brignolia of Mass in 2:54:38
  • Apr 24th Transvaal British Uitlanders ask Queen Victoria for aid
  • May 4th 25th Kentucky Derby: Fred Taral aboard Manuel wins in 2:12
  • May 8th The Irish Literary Theatre in Dublin opens.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 8th Ernest Rutherford publishes his discovery of two different kinds of radiation (Alpha and Beta Particles)

  • May 9th John Burr patents an improved rotary blade lawn mower in the US
  • May 17th Victoria & Albert Museum foundation laid, London, England
  • May 18th World Goodwill Day-26 nations meet in 1st Hague Peace Conference
  • May 20th First speeding infraction by a New York cabbie driving an electric car - 12mph down Lexington Street
  • May 24th 1st auto repair shop opens (Boston)
  • May 25th 33rd Belmont: R Clawson aboard Jean Beraud wins in 2:23
  • May 30th 24th Preakness: R Clawson aboard Half Time wins in 1:47
  • May 31st -June 5] Conference of Bloemfontein fails
  • May 31st Bronx acquires Keltch Memorial Park
  • Jun 1st Cricket test debut of Wilfred Rhodes & Victor Trumper in Grace's last
  • Jun 2nd Black Americans observed day of fasting in protest against lynchings
  • Jun 3rd W G Grace's last day of Test cricket aged 50 yrs 320 days
  • Jun 5th Alfred Dreyfus acquitted
  • Jun 8th 39th British Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 310 at Royal St George's Golf Club

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

Jun 9th James J Jeffries KOs Bob Fitzsimmons in 11 for heavyweight boxing title

Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion
James J. Jeffries
  • Jun 10th Improved Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks forms in Cincinnati
  • Jun 12th New Richmond Tornado: the eighth deadliest tornado in U.S. history kills 117 peoples and injures around 200.
  • Jun 16th Victor Trumper's 1st Test Cricket century 135* v England, Lord's
  • Jun 24th 13th U.S. Women's National Championship: Marion Jones beats Maud Banks (6-1, 6-1, 7-5)

Sport awardTennis Open

Jun 27th 16th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Blanche Bingley beats Charlotte Cooper (6-2 6-3)

Tennis Champion Charlotte Cooper
Tennis Champion
Charlotte Cooper
  • Jun 27th 23rd Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Reginald Doherty beats Arthur Gore (1-6 4-6 6-3 6-3 6-3)
  • Jun 29th Brazo River in Texas floods 12 miles wide causing $10 mil damage
  • Jun 30th Jack Hearne takes a hat-trick Eng v Australia at Headingley
  • Jul 1st Gideon Society established to place bibles in hotels
  • Jul 1st SF City Hall turned over to city, after 29 years of building
  • Jul 19th National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers forms
  • Jul 29th 1st motorcycle race, Manhattan Beach, NY
  • Jul 29th Southern California Golf Association forms
  • Jul 29th The First Hague Convention is signed.
  • Jul 31st Albert Trott hits Monty Noble over the Pavilion at Lord's
  • Aug 15th Louisville's Henry Dowling struck out 5 times in a game
  • Aug 21st 19th U.S. Men's National Championship: Malcolm Whitman beats J. Parmly Paret (6-1, 6-2, 3-6, 7-5)
  • Sep 4th 8.3 earthquake shakes Yakutat Bay Alaska
  • Sep 6th Carnation processes its first can of evaporated milk
  • Sep 6th US minister of Foreign affairs John Hay publishes his "Open Through Note"
  • Sep 8th British government sends an additional 10,000 troops to Natal, South Africa
  • Sep 9th French Capt Alfred Dreyfus sentenced on unjust grounds
  • Sep 10th 2nd quake in 7 days (8.6) hits Yakutat Bay Alaska
  • Sep 13th Mackinder, Ollier and Brocherel make the first ascent of Batian (5,199m - 17,058 ft), the highest peak of Mount Kenya.
  • Sep 14th Henry Bliss becomes 1st automobile fatality in the US (NY)
  • Sep 15th 5th US Golf Open: Willie Smith shoots a 315 at Baltimore CC MD
  • Sep 17th 1st British troops leave Bombay for South Africa
  • Sep 28th Transvaal mobilizes its army - leadup to Second Boer War
  • Oct 2nd Orange Free state mobilizes
  • Oct 3rd J S Thurman patents motor-driven vacuum cleaner
  • Oct 9th 1st British troops reaches Durban, South Africa
  • Oct 9th South Africa President Kruger routes British authorities ultimatum
  • Oct 10th African-American inventor Issac R. Johnson patents the bicycle frame
  • Oct 11th South African Boers declare war on Great Britain
  • Oct 12th South Africa Boer Republic declares war on Britain
  • Oct 13th 7,000 layid-off black mine workers of South Africa reach Natal

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 14th Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill departs to South Africa

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
  • Oct 15th Cincinnati closes season with 16-1 & 19-3 victories over Cleve Spiders
  • Oct 17th Sutro railroad sold to Robert F Morrow for $215,000
  • Oct 20th Battle at Talana Hill, Natal: British army vs Boers
  • Oct 20th Columbia (US) beats Shamrock (England) in 11th America's Cup
  • Oct 21st Battle at Elandslaagte Natal: (Boers vs British army)
  • Oct 22nd British troops flee Dundee, Natal South Africa
  • Oct 24th Battle at Rietfontein, South Africa: Boers vs British army
  • Oct 30th Battle of Ladysmith, Natal: Boers defeat the British, leading to the Siege of Ladysmith
  • Oct 30th British Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill reaches Capetown
  • Nov 2nd Boers begin siege of Ladysmith, Natal
  • Nov 3rd James J Jeffries beats Tom Sharkey in 25 for heavyweight boxing title
  • Nov 11th Stuart/Rubens/Boyd-Jones' "Floradora" premieres in London
  • Nov 12th British troops reach Durban Natal
  • Nov 15th Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill captured by Boers in Natal
  • Nov 18th Trumper scores 208 in 185 mins (1 five 25 fours) NSW v Qld
  • Nov 22nd -23] Battle at Willow Grange, Natal (British vs Boer army)
  • Nov 23rd Battle at Belmont, Cape colony: general Methuen beats Farmers
  • Nov 25th Battle at Graspan, Cape colony: General Methuen beats Farmers
  • Nov 28th Battle of Mud River (Boer general Cronjé beats British gen Methuen)
  • Dec 2nd US & Germany agree to divide Samoa between them
  • Dec 2nd Philippine-American War: The Battle of Tirad Pass, termed "The Filipino Thermopylae", is fought.
  • Dec 4th 56th Congress (1899-1901) convenes
  • Dec 4th Webb Hayes, son of US President Rutherford Hayes, receives medal of honor
  • Dec 9th Boer War: During Seige of Ladysmith, Boers storm King's Post and Caesar's Camp - driven back
  • Dec 10th -15] British "Black Week" due to defeats in South Africa
  • Dec 10th Battle at Storm Berge South Africa - Boers vs British army
  • Dec 10th Frank Wedekind's "Der Kammersang" premieres in Berlin
  • Dec 10th The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity is founded at the City College of New York.
  • Dec 12th 1st case of plague on Oahu, Hawaii
  • Dec 12th George F Bryant of Boston patents the wooden golf tee
  • Dec 15th Battle at Colenso, South Africa (Boers-British army)
  • Dec 18th Field Marshal Lord Roberts appointed British supreme commander in South Africa
  • Dec 23rd British Field Marshall Lord Roberts departs Southampton to South Africa for the 2nd Boer War
  • Dec 23rd Tentative Turkish & German treaty on construction of Baghdad railway
  • Dec 25th Farmers send/guide belegerd Ladysmith Kerstpudding/desire in grenade
  • Dec 26th Mafeking: Bathe-Powells failed assault up fort Game Tree: 24 killed
  • Dec 29th British fleet seizes German Imperial Mail Steamer Bundesrath accused of carrying contraband