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Jan 1st - 9 hour work day for diamond miners
Jan 2nd - Elara, a satellite of Jupiter, discovered by Charles Dillon Perrine in San Jose, California
Jan 2nd - Japanese troops capture Port Arthur from Russia, a blow to national morale and causing further discontent within Russia
Jan 2nd - The American anarcho-syndicalist union known as the Industrial Workers of the World forms.
Jan 5th - Charles Perrine announces discovery of Jupiter's 7th satellite, Elara
Jan 5th - National Association of Audubon Society, a non-profit, environmental organization dedicated to conservation, incorporates
Jan 14th - Hubbell, Shubert & Smith's musical "Fontana" premieres in NYC
Jan 15th - Coen de Koning becomes world champion all-round skater
Jan 16th - Baseball outfielder Frank Huelsman completes eighth transaction in 8 months
Jan 16th - Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Dawson City (Yukon) in 2 games Ottawa Silver 7 beats Dawson City (Yukon) 23-2 for Stanley Cup, this is most lopsided playoff game, Frank McGee scores 14 goals
Jan 17th - Punchboards patented by Charles Brewer & C G Scannell, Chicago
Jan 18th - French government of Combes falls
Jan 20th - The US begins supervision of the Dominican Republic's national and international debts, testing Roosevelt's 'Corollary' to the Monroe Doctrine
Jan 22nd - In St Petersburg, Russia, a large demonstration of workers led by Father Gapon, march to the Winter Palace with a petition to the Tsar; troops fire on protesters in what becomes known as 'Bloody Sunday'
Composer and Painter Arnold SchoenbergComposer and Painter Arnold Schoenberg Jan 26th - Arnold Schoenberg's "Pelleas und Melissande" premieres in Vienna
Jan 26th - Han Yong-woon [Bongwan, Manhae] (1879-1944) ordained a monk in Korea
Jan 26th - World's largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan, is found in South Africa
Jan 27th - Maurice Rouvier forms government in France
Jan 29th - Tsar Nicolas II of Russia, unsettled by the rising violence and protest, enacts reforms to improve the conditions of workers; these changes will do little to stop disorder throughout Russia in ensuing months
Jan 31st - 1st automobile to exceed 100 mph (161 kph), A G MacDonald, Daytona Beach
Jan 31st - Carroll Wright appointed 1st Commissioner of Labor, USA
Feb 1st - Hague soccer team ADO froms
Feb 1st - Hungarian premier Count István Tisza resigns
Feb 7th - Dominican Rep signs treaty turning over customs collection to US
Tsar Nicholas IITsar Nicholas II Feb 8th - Cyclone hit Tahiti & adjacent islands, killing some 10,000 people
Feb 11th - James Blackstone, Seattle, bowls 299½-last pin breaks but stands
Feb 11th - Pope Pius X publishes encyclical Vehementer nos
Feb 13th - -29°F (-34°C) Pond, Arkansas (state record)
Feb 13th - -40°F (-40°C) Lebanon, Kansas (state record)
Feb 13th - -40°F (-40°C) Warsaw, Missouri (state record)
Feb 15th - 1st race meet at Oaklawn Park (Hot Springs, Ark)
Feb 16th - 1st US Esperanto club organizes in Boston
Feb 17th - Frances Willard becomes 1st women honored in National Statuary Hall
Feb 18th - Frank Wedekind's "Hidada, oder Sein und Haben" premieres in Munich
Feb 23rd - Rotary Club International formed by 4 men in Chicago
Feb 24th - Simplon tunnel in Switzerland completed
Feb 25th - The Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingenwas, a Dutch social-democratic trade union, forms
Mar 3rd - US Forest Service forms
Mar 3rd - Tsar Nicholas II of Russia agrees to summon a 'consultative assembly' and concedes other points including an edict of religious toleration, relief for Jews, and the cancellation of certain debts
Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart HauptmannAuthor and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann Mar 4th - Gerhart Hauptmann's "Elga" premieres in Berlin
Mar 10th - Japanese Army captures Mukden (Shenyang)
Mar 11th - Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 beat Rat Portage Thisles, 2 games to 1
Mar 12th - The continuing strikes and disorders that unsettle Italy force out Premier Giovanni Giolitti, though he will return in March, 1906
Mar 24th - A group of Cretans dedicated to Crete's union with Greece led by Eleutherios Venizelos, meet at the village of Therisso and proclaim a union in defiance of the Great Powers
Mar 25th - Confederate battle flags captured during the American Civil War are returned to South
Mar 28th - Paramaribo-Dam railway opens in Suriname, never used
Mar 31st - Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany visits Tangier, Morocco and proclaims Germany's support of Moroccan independence and equal opportunity for all powers to trade there
German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm IIGerman Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II Mar 31st - 67th Grand National: Frank Mason aboard Kirkland wins
Apr 1st - British East African Protectorate becomes colony of Kenya
Apr 1st - SOS first adopted as a morse distress signal (· · · – – – · · ·) by German government
Apr 2nd - Cairo-Capetown railway opens
Apr 4th - Earthquake in Kangra India, kills 20,000
Apr 5th - James Barrie's "Alice-sit-by-the-fire" premieres in London
Apr 6th - Germany receives invitation from Sultan of Morocco to an international conference to discuss matters relating to Morocco
Apr 12th - French Dufaux brothers test helicopter
Apr 12th - Hippodrome arena opens (NYC)
Apr 17th - US Supreme court judges maximum work day unconstitutional
Apr 17th - The Supreme Court of the United States decides Lochner v. New York which held that the "right to free contract" was implicit in the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Apr 19th - 9th Boston Marathon won by Fred Lorz of NY in 2:38:25.4
Apr 21st - The elective assembly of Crete proclaims union with Greece
Apr 22nd - Operations begin uniting conservatory of Nature monument Amsterdam
Apr 24th - 1st-class Cricket debut of Jack Hobbs, Surrey v Gentlemen (18 & 28)
Apr 24th - Senators execute a triple-play & beat Yankees 4-3
Apr 25th - Latest day of 1st-class cricket in an Aust season (NSW v Qld)
Apr 25th - Whites win right to vote in South Africa
Apr 26th - Cubs Jack McCarthy becomes only major league player to throw out 3 runners at plate in 1 game, all were ends of a double play
Apr 27th - World Exposition opens in Liège
Apr 29th - 2" rain falls in 10 mins in Taylor, TX
Apr 29th - Pierre de Brazza lands in Libreville Gabon
Apr 30th - 1st official soccer game between Belgium-Netherlands (1-4)
Novelist Jules VerneNovelist Jules Verne May 2nd - French newspapers publish lists of Jules Vernes unpublished work
May 5th - Robert S Abbott published 1st issue of newspaper "Chicago Defender"
May 8th - In Russia, the Union of Unions organizes under the chairmanship of Paul Miliukov and joins liberal groups demanding parliamentary government and universal suffrage
May 10th - 31st Kentucky Derby: Jack Martin aboard Agile wins in 2:100.75
May 13th - James J Jeffries retires as boxing champion
May 14th - 2nd official international soccer match, Netherlands beats Belgium 4-0
May 15th - Las Vegas Nevada founded
May 15th - Pierre de Brazza reaches Leopoldville
May 17th - Waseda U of Tokyo defeats LA High School 5-3 in baseball
May 19th - Tom Jenkins beats Frank Gotcha for heavyweight wrestling champ
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. JeffriesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries May 22nd - Royal Academy in Delft Holland becomes Technical High School
May 24th - 39th Belmont: Eugene Hildebrand aboard Tanya wins in 2:08
May 26th - A pogrom against Jews in Minsk, Belorussia
May 27th - 30th Preakness: W Davis aboard Cairngore wins in 1:45.8
May 27th - Japanese fleet destroys Russian East Sea fleet in Straits of Tushima
May 29th - Pogrom against Jewish community in Brisk Lithuania
May 31st - Emperor Wilhelm II lands in Tanger
Jun 1st - Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition opens in Portland, Oregon
Jun 6th - French Foreign minister Delcasse resigns on German request
Jun 7th - Norway dissolves union with Sweden (in effect since 1814)
Jun 8th - US President Roosevelt sends identical notes to Japan and Russia urging them to negotiate and end hostilities, offering his personal services
Jun 9th - 45th British Golf Open: James Braid shoots a 318 at St Andrews
Jun 10th - 1st forest fire lookout tower placed in operation, Greenville, Me
Jun 11th - Penns Railroad debuts fastest train in world (NY-Chicago in 18 hrs)
Jun 13th - NY Giant Christy Mathewson 2nd no-hitter, beats Chicago Cubs, 1-0
Jun 24th - 19th U.S. Women's National Championship: Elisabeth Moore beats Helen Homans (6-4, 5-7, 6-1)
Jun 25th - Warsaw & Lodz revolt against Russian occupation
Jun 27th - Russian sailors mutiny aboard battleship "Potemkin" and sail for Odessa
Jun 30th - The crew of the Russian battleship "Georgei Pobiedonosets" mutinies in support of the "Potemkin", which mutinied three days earlier
Jun 30th - In Russia, the "Potemkin" arrives at Odessa, where sailors take the bodies of dead crewman ashore; sailors join civilians in revolutionary actions of the '1905 Revolution'
Jun 30th - Conservative Australian Prime Minister George H. Reid is forced to resign and Alfred Deakin returns to power on July 5
Theoretical Physicist Albert EinsteinTheoretical Physicist Albert Einstein Jul 1st - Albert Einstein introduces his theory of relativity
Jul 3rd - Kuyper government forms in Holland
Jul 3rd - Marvin Hart KOs Jack Hart in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
Jul 4th - Phila A's beat Boston Red Sox 4-2 in 20 inning game
Jul 6th - Alfred Deakin becomes Prime Minister of Australia for the second time.
Jul 7th - 127°F (53°C), Parker Ariz (state record)
Jul 8th - Part of Angel Island in San Francisco Bay allocated for Immigration Detention Center
Jul 8th - 22nd Wimbledon Women's Tennis: May Bundy beats Dorothea Chambers (6-3 6-4)
Jul 8th - 29th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Laurence Doherty beats N Brookes (8-6 6-2 6-4)
Jul 8th - The soldiers of the Russian battleship "Potemkin" who mutinied, surrender to Rumanian authorities, who turn ship over to Russian authorities soon after
Jul 10th - Dutch Queen Wilhelmina opens Technical Hague court
Jul 11th - Black intellectuals & activists lead by WEB Dubois organize the civil rights Niagara Movement
Jul 12th - The British and Japanese renew their alliance (of January 1902)for 10 years and agree to provide mutual support if attacked by other power
Jul 22nd - Phila Athletic's Weldon Henley no-hits St Louis Browns, 6-0
Jul 24th - Tsar Nicholas II (Russia) and Emperor Wilhelm II (Germany) sign the Björkö Treaty, whereby each country agrees to come to the other's defense if attacked by European powers
Jul 24th - 5th Davis Cup: British Isles beats USA in Wimbledon (5-0)
Jul 29th - US Secretary of State W.H Taft makes secret agreement with Japanese Prime Minister Katsura agreeing to let Japan have free rein in Korea in return for Japan's non-interference with the US in the Philippines
Jul 30th - Dutch Covenant of Worker's union, NVV, forms
Jul 30th - 3rd Tour de France won by Louis Trousselier of France
Jul 31st - Matumbi rebellion at Samanga German East Africa
Aug 5th - First meeting of the Russian and Japanese peace commissioners takes place in US President Roosevelt's home at Oyster Bay, New York
Aug 6th - 26.7 cm rainfall at Princeton, Indiana (state record)
MLB Legend Ty CobbMLB Legend Ty Cobb Aug 9th - Mistaking her husband for a burglar, Ty Cobb's mother kills him
Aug 12th - King Leopold II opens Central Station Antwerp
Aug 14th - Ngindo-rebellion killed 5 RC German clergymen in East-Africa
Aug 15th - Phila A's Rube Waddell no-hits St Louis Browns, 2-0 in 5 innings
Aug 16th - Mbunga-rebellion occupy German post Ifakara East-Africa
Aug 17th - Dutch government of De Master begins
Aug 19th - Russian Tsar Nicholas II installs "Imperial Duma", without legislative powers
Aug 20th - Sun Yat-sen, Chinese revolutionary, forms the first chapter of T'ung Meng Hui, a union of all secret societies determined to bringing down the Manchus
Aug 24th - Chicago Cubs beat Phillies 2-1 in 20 innings
Aug 29th - Pierre de Brazza leaves Brazzaville
Aug 30th - Pogoro/Ngindo attack Fort Mahenge German East-Africa
Aug 30th - Tiger Ty Cobb makes his debut, doubling off Yank Jack Chesbro
Aug 31st - Mbunga-rebellion takes German Fort Mahenge East-Africa
Aug 31st - 25th U.S. Men's National Championship: Beals Wright beats Holcombe Ward (6-2, 6-1, 11-9)
Sep 1st - Alberta & Saskatchewan become 8th & 9th Canadian provinces
Prime Minister of Canada Wilfrid LaurierPrime Minister of Canada Wilfrid Laurier Sep 1st - Wilfrid Laurier oversees Alberta and Saskatchewan joining the Confederation of Canada
Sep 5th - Lillian Mortimer's "No Mother to Guide" premieres in Detroit
Sep 5th - 50 prominent men meet in Sydney's Australia Hotel to found the National Defense League fueled by fear of Japan after it's victory over Russia
Sep 5th - The Treaty of Portsmouth is signed concluding the Russo-Japanese War; US President Roosevelt will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his role as mediator
Sep 6th - Atlanta Life Insurance Company forms
Sep 6th - Chicago White Sox Frank Smith no-hits Detroit Tigers, 15-0
Sep 6th - General Trade journal publishes 1st Dutch photo (train accident)
Sep 8th - Pittsburgh Pirates strand NL record 18 men on base & lose to Reds 8-3
Sep 10th - Japanese battleship Mikasa explodes
Sep 14th - Albert Cuypstrat street market in Amsterdam inaugurated
Sep 14th - Dutch AR-politician AWF Idenburg named governor of Suriname
Sep 14th - RAC Tourist Trophy first run on Isle of Man

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