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Jan 1st - Pres Theodore Roosevelt shakes a record 8,513 hands in 1 day
Jan 4th - George Bernard Shaw's "Don Juan in Hell," premieres in London
Jan 6th - Maria Montessori opens her 1st (Montessori) school (Rome)
Jan 7th - Clyde Fitch' "Truth" premieres in NYC
Jan 12th - Britain grants responsible government to former colony of Transvaal
Jan 14th - An earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica, kills more than 1,000.
Jan 15th - 3-element vacuum tube patented by Dr Lee De Forest
Jan 15th - Gold dental inlays first described by William Taggart, who invented them
Jan 21st - Kenora Thistles sweep Mont Wanderers in 2 for Stanley Cup
Jan 23rd - Charles Curtis of Kansas becomes 1st Native American US senator
Jan 25th - Julia Ward Howe is first woman elected to National Institute of Arts & Letters (USA)
Jan 26th - 1st US federal corrupt election practices law passed
Jan 26th - J M Synge's "Playboy of Western World" opens; police are called
Jan 26th - The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III is officially introduced into British Military Service, and remains the oldest military rifle still in official use.
Educator Maria MontessoriEducator Maria Montessori Jan 26th - In Austria, universal and direct suffrage (limited to males over 24) is introduced, a reform long demanded by the socialists and others
Feb 5th - Arnold Schoenberg's 1st string quartet premieres in Vienna
Feb 7th - The Mud March was the first large procession organized by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS).
Feb 7th - Conservative coalition take over Reichstag in Germany after rallying conservatives against the threat of a socialist government
Feb 11th - De Master's Dutch government resigns
Feb 11th - Passenger ship Larchmont sinks by Block Island, off Rhode Island, 322 die
Feb 13th - English suffragettes storm British Parliament & 60 women are arrested
Feb 14th - 1st US foxhound association forms in NYC
Composer and Painter Arnold SchoenbergComposer and Painter Arnold Schoenberg Feb 21st - SS Berlin sinks off Hoek van Holland Neth (142 dead)
Feb 22nd - 1st cabs with taxi meters begin operating in London
Feb 22nd - Leonid N Andreyev's "Zhizn Cheloveka" premieres in St Petersburg
Feb 25th - George Bernard Shaw's "Philanderer" premieres in London
Feb 25th - US proclaims protectorate over Dominican Republic
Feb 26th - Royal Oil & Shell merge to form British Petroleum (BP)
Feb 26th - US Congress raised their own salaries to $7,500
Feb 26th - Louis Botha Het Volk Party wins a majority in the election in Transvaal, South Africa
Feb 27th - Psychiatrists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud meet for the first time in Vienna
Mar 2nd - General Louis Botha named premier of Transvaal
Mar 2nd - Georges Feydeaus' "La Puce à l'Oreille" premieres in Paris
Mar 5th - 1st radio broadcast of a musical composition aired
Father of Psychology Sigmund FreudFather of Psychology Sigmund Freud Mar 5th - The second Duma opens in St. Petersburg, Russia and 40,000 demonstrators have to be dispersed by Russian troops.
Mar 9th - 1st involuntary sterilization law enacted, Indiana
Mar 9th - Lady Gregory's "Rising of the Moon" premieres in Dublin
Mar 14th - By Presidential order, the US excludes Japanese laborers from entering the country
Mar 15th - Finland is 1st European country to give women the right to vote
Mar 16th - First 1st-class cricket game between NSW & Western Australia
Mar 19th - 18.8 cm precipitation at Lewer's Ranch, Nevada (state record)
Mar 21st - US invades Honduras
Mar 22nd - The new Boer government in the Transvaal passes an Asiatic Registration Bill, that restricts immigration from India
Mar 22nd - 69th Grand National: Tom Coulthwaite aboard Alf Newey wins
Mar 24th - The first issue of the Georgian Bolshevik newspaper Dro is published.
Mar 25th - Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers lose to Kenora Thistles but outscore them in 2 game set but outscore them 12-8 and win cup
Mar 31st - Romanian Army puts down Moldavian farmers' revolt
Apr 11th - NY Giant Roger Bresnahan becomes 1st catcher to wear shin guards
Apr 12th - Belgium government of De Stain de Naeyer, resigns
Apr 12th - In Switzerland, parliament passes a new army bill reorganizing the nation's forces into a standing militia, with training required for all males
Apr 17th - Ellis Island, NY-11,745 immigrants arrive
Apr 18th - Augustus Thomas' "Witching Hour" premieres in NYC
Apr 18th - Fairmont Hotel opens
Apr 19th - 11th Boston Marathon won by Tom Longboat of Canada in 2:24:24
Chocolate Tycoon Milton S. HersheyChocolate Tycoon Milton S. Hershey Apr 24th - Hersheypark, founded by Milton S. Hershey for the exclusive use of his employees, is opened.
Apr 26th - Jamestown, Va Tercentenary Exposition opens
Apr 30th - Honolulu, Hawaii becomes an independent city.
May 1st - Belgium government of De Trooz forms
May 1st - Indian Mine Laws passes (concessions from Neth-Indies)
May 2nd - Belgium Jules baron de Trooz forms Belgian government
May 6th - 33rd Kentucky Derby: Andy Minder aboard Pink Star wins in 2:12.6
May 7th - Charles Collier wins 1st Isle of Man TT Race: (38.22 mph)
May 8th - Boston's Big Jeff Pfeffer no-hits Cin Reds, 6-0
May 8th - Tommy Burns beats Jack O'Brien in 20 for heavyweight boxing title
May 10th - Paul Dukas' opera "Ariane et Barbe Bleue" premieres in Paris
May 11th - Bank of San Francisco incorporated
May 11th - A derailment outside Lompoc, California, kills 32 Shriners when their chartered train jumps off the tracks at a switch near Surf Depot.
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Tommy BurnsBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Burns May 14th - Sweden adopts universal suffrage for elections to its lower house and proportional representation for both houses
May 16th - In the Pact of Cartagena, Great Britain, France, and Spain agree to maintain the status quo in the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast of Europe and Africa
May 21st - 32nd Preakness: G Mountain aboard Don Enrique wins in 1:45.4
May 22nd - Albert Trott takes two hat-tricks in an innings, Middlesex v Somerset
May 23rd - The single chamber Parliament of Finland gathers for its first plenary session.
May 26th - Chicago White Sox Ed Walsh no-hits NY Highlanders, 8-1 in 5 inning game
May 27th - Bubonic Plague breaks out in San Francisco
May 28th - Auto-Cycle Union Tourist Trophy, 1st held
May 30th - 41st Belmont: G Mountain aboard Peter Pan wins
May 31st - Taxis 1st began running in NYC
Jun 1st - -27°F (-33°C), Sarmiento, Argentina (South American record)
Jun 3rd - Centro Escolar University is established by Librada Avelino and Carmen de Luna in Manila, Philippines.
Jun 4th - Automatic washer & dryer introduced
Jun 5th - Automatic washer & dryer are introduced
Jun 10th - France and Japan sign an agreement to maintain the independence and integrity of China, equality for all nations in trading with China, and the status quo in the Far East
Jun 11th - Northants all out for 12 v Gloucestershire
Jun 11th - George Dennett, aided by Gilbert Jessop, dismisses Northamptonshire for 12 runs, the lowest total in first-class cricket.
Jun 12th - Yanks commit 11 errors & lose 14-6 to Tigers
Jun 13th - Lowest temp ever in 48 US states for June, 2°F in Tamarack Calif
Jun 14th - Government of Transvaal sends home 50,000 Chinese day workers
Jun 14th - Norway adopts female suffrage for middle class women only in parliamentary elections
Cook Typhoid MaryCook Typhoid Mary Jun 15th - Researcher George Soper publishes the results of his investigation into recent typhoid outbreaks in the New York area and announces that Mary Mallon [Typhoid Mary] is the likely source of the outbreak
Jun 15th - The 2nd Hague Peace Conference meets in an attempt to stop the arms race; Germany resists, but conference does make important rules around the rights of neutral powers
Jun 16th - Tsar Nicolas II of Russia dissolves the Second Duma (parliament) and issues an edict that will increase representation of propertied classes while reducing that of peasants, workers and national minorities
Jun 20th - 1st Portland Rose festival
Jun 21st - 13th US Golf Open: Alec Ross shoots a 302 at Phila Cricket Club PA
Jun 21st - E W Scripps founded United Press
Jun 21st - 47th British Golf Open: Arnaud Massy shoots a 312 at Royal Liverpool Golf Club
Tsar Nicholas IITsar Nicholas II Jun 26th - Bolsheviks overthrows transport in Tiflis
Jun 28th - Nationals steal a record 13 bases off catcher Branch Rickey
Jul 1st - World's 1st air force established (US Army)
Jul 1st - The Orange River Colony, known as the Orange Free State, is granted self-government by the British
Jul 2nd - 21st U.S. Women's National Championship: Evelyn Sears beats Carrie Neely (6-3, 6-2)
Jul 3rd - Pope decree forbids modernization of theology
Jul 4th - Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
Jul 5th - 24th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: May Bundy beats Dorothea Chambers (6-1 6-4)
Jul 5th - 31st Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Norman Brookes beats Arthur Gore (6-4 6-2 6-2)
Jul 8th - Florenz Ziegfeld staged 1st `Follies' on NY Theater roof
Jul 18th - Florenz Ziegfeld's "Follies of 1907" premieres in NYC
Jul 18th - French troops occupy Casablanca
Jul 19th - Under pressure from the Japanese, the Emperor of Korea abdicates in favor of his son, a figurehead
Jul 20th - A train wreck on the Pere Marquette Railroad near Salem, Michigan kills thirty and injures seventy more.
Jul 23rd - 7th Davis Cup: Australasia beats British Isles in Wimbledon (3-2)
Jul 25th - Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan.
Jul 29th - 1st helicopter ascent in Douai, France
Jul 29th - Sir Robert Baden-Powell forms Boy Scouts in England
Jul 30th - Russia and Japan sign an agreement guaranteeing freedom of China while recognizing each other's special interests
Jul 30th - The Filipinos elect their first legislature; it will meet on 16 October
Jul 30th - Starting today, the French bombard Casablanca and land troops to occupy the Atlantic-coast region of Morocco after attacks on foreigners
Aug 1st - Bank of Italy opens 1st branch at 3433 Mission Street, SF
Aug 1st - Signal Corps of US army starts aircraft division
Aug 1st - First Scout camp opens on Brownsea Island, in Poole Harbour, Dorset
MLB Pitcher Walter JohnsonMLB Pitcher Walter Johnson Aug 2nd - Walter Johnson, 19, debuts with Washington & loses 3-2 to Detroit
Aug 3rd - Emperor Wilhelm (Germany) meets with Tsar Nicholas (Russia) to discuss Germany's plan to build a railroad to Baghdad; the discussion helps move Russia towards Britain and eventually the Triple Alliance
Aug 4th - 5th Tour de France won by Lucien Petit-Breton of France
Aug 7th - Walter Johnson wins 1st of his 416 wins, 7-2 over Cleveland
Aug 9th - The first Boy Scout camp concludes at Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, Southern England.
Aug 10th - Prince Scipone Borchesi wins Beijing to Paris, 7,500 mile auto rally
Aug 11th - St Louis Card Ed Karger pitches perfect game vs Braves, 4-0 in 7 inn
Aug 13th - 1st taxicab (NYC)
Aug 14th - "Ha-Tikva" adopted as official Zionist hymn
Aug 16th - Mulay Hafid is proclaimed the Sultan of Morocco by supporters leading to civil war; Mulay is supported by Germany while France supports the existing Sultan
Aug 17th - Bishop forbids Christian membership in Dutch Textile Union
Aug 22nd - Colin Buchanan, town planner
Aug 22nd - Cyril Astley Clarke, British geneticist
Aug 23rd - Pitts Howie Camnitz no-hits NY Giants, 1-0 in 5 inning game
Aug 24th - 3rd Australasian Championships: Horace Rice beats Harry Parker (6-3, 6-4, 6-4)
Magician & Escape Artist Harry HoudiniMagician & Escape Artist Harry Houdini Aug 26th - Harry Houdini escapes from chains underwater at Aquatic Park in 57 sec
Aug 28th - United Parcel Service is founded by James E. Casey in Seattle, Washington.
Aug 28th - 27th U.S. Men's National Championship: William Larned beats Robert LeRoy (6-2, 6-2, 6-4)
Aug 29th - The Quebec Bridge collapses during construction, killing 75 workers.
Aug 31st - Britain & Russia sign treaty with Afghanistan, Persia & Tibet
Aug 31st - Britain, Russia & France form Triple Entente
Sep 5th - King Edward VII of Great Britain meets Russia's Foreign Minister Alexander Izvolski in an attempt to strengthen Russia's relationship with Britain
Sep 7th - Sutro's ornate Cliff House in SF destroyed by fire
Sep 8th - Pope Pius X publishes encyclical Pasceni dominici gregis (anti-modernism)
Sep 12th - Lusitania arrives in NYC after 5 day crossing of Atlantic (record)
Sep 13th - Canadian Interprovincial Rugby Football union (Big Four) forms with Hamilton Tigers, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Rough Riders & Montreal Foot Ball
Sep 20th - Pitts Nick Maddox no-hits Bkln Dodgers, 2-1
Sep 23rd - Proclamation sets fineness & weight of silver & bronze coins of Canada
Sep 25th - Jean Sibelius' 3rd Symphony premieres
Sep 26th - New Zealand and Newfoundland each become dominions within the British Empire.
Sep 29th - Construction begins on Washington National Cathedral

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