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Jan 1st - 1st time, ball signifying new year dropped at Times Square
Jan 1st - Jack Hobbs makes his Test debut at the MCG (83 & 28)
Jan 2nd - Canadian branch of the Royal Mint opens in Ottawa
Jan 7th - England beat Australia by one wicket at the MCG
Jan 9th - Frans Schollaert succeeds De Trooz as premier of Belgium
Jan 9th - Muir Woods National Monument, California, established
Jan 12th - A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.
Jan 13th - French pilot Henry Farman is first European to fly 1km circuit
Jan 13th - Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers sweep Ottawa Victorias in 2 games
Jan 13th - Rhoads Opera House fire in Boyertown, PA killing 171 people.
Jan 14th - Roger Hartigan scores century on Test debut v Eng Adelaide (116)
Jan 15th - C Hill & R J Hartigan make 8th wkt partnership 243 for Aust
Jan 16th - Pinnacles National Monument, California established
Jan 18th - Frederick Delius' "Brigg Fair," premieres
Jan 21st - August Strindberg's "Spoksonaten" premieres in Stockholm
Jan 21st - NYC regulation makes it illegal for a woman to smoke in public
Jan 23rd - US & Great Britain demand end of abuses in Congo
Jan 24th - Gen Baden-Powell starts Boy Scouts
Jan 25th - John Blockx's opera "Baldie" premieres in Antwerp
Jan 27th - Pasiphaë, a satellite of Jupiter, discovered by Melotte
Jan 29th - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, at Cornell University, incorporates
Feb 1st - King Carlos I of Portugal and his hier, Prince Luis Filipe are assassinated by Republican sympathisers in Terreiro do Paco, Lisbon.
Feb 3rd - Supreme Court rules a union boycott violates Sherman Antitrust Act
Feb 3rd - Foundation of Panathinaikos in Athens, Greece.
Baseball Legend Connie MackBaseball Legend Connie Mack Feb 7th - Connie Mack sells hurler Rube Waddell to St Louis Browns for $5,000
Feb 8th - Wilhelmina '08 soccer team forms in Weert, Netherlands
Feb 10th - Tommy Burns KOs Jack Palmer in 4 for heavyweight boxing title
Feb 11th - Australia regain the Ashes with a 308 run cricket victory vs England
Feb 11th - Heemskerk's government begins in Holland
Feb 12th - Anna Jeanes bequeaths $1,000,000 to Swarthmore to become all female
Feb 12th - NY to Paris auto race (via Alaska & Siberia) begins in NYC George Schuster wins after 88 days behind the wheel
Feb 18th - 1st US postage stamps in rolls issued
Feb 18th - The American ambassador to Japan is given a note by the Japanese in which they agree to restrict Japanese emigration to the US; this becomes known as the 'Gentlemen's Agreement'
Feb 24th - In 'Muller v Oregon', the US Supreme Court favors an Oregon law limiting maximum hours a woman may work and denies that it curtails 'liberty of contract'
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Tommy BurnsBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Burns Feb 25th - 1st tunnel under Hudson River (railway tunnel) opens
Feb 27th - Sacrifice fly adopted (repealed in 1931, reinstated 1954)
Feb 27th - Star #46 was added to US flag for Oklahoma
Feb 28th - Failed assassination attempt on Shah Mohammed Ali in Teheran
Feb 29th - Dutch scientists produce solid helium
Mar 4th - Primary school catches fire in Collingwood, Ohio (180 killed)
Mar 5th - 1st ascent of Mt Erebus, Antarctica
Mar 7th - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith stood before city council & announces that, "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles"
Mar 8th - Dutch utopist Frederick of Eden speaks in Carnegie Hall, NY
Mar 9th - Inter Milan is founded.
Mar 12th - Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers sweep Win Maple Leafs in 2 games
Mar 12th - The Pan-Macedonian group is formed in Athens to support the Greek Struggle for Macedonia.
Mar 14th - Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers beat Toronto Trolley Leaguers, 6-4
Mar 15th - 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Rapsodie Espagnole"
Mar 17th - Quickest world heavyweight title fight (Burns KOs Roche in 88 seconds)
Mar 17th - Tommy Burns KOs Jem Roche in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
Mar 23rd - American diplomat Durham Stevens is attacked by Korean assassins Jeon Myeong-un and Jang In-hwan, leading to his death in a hospital two days later.
Mar 25th - Clube Atletico Mineiro, Founded in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Mar 27th - 70th Grand National: Henry Bletsoe aboard Rubio wins
Apr 2nd - Mills Committee declares baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday
Apr 3rd - Frank Gotch wins world heavyweight wrestling championship in 2 hrs
Apr 5th - British premier Henry Campbell-Bannerman resigns
Apr 8th - Lord Asquith succeeds Henry Campbell-Bannerman as British premier
Apr 12th - Fire makes 17,000 homeless in Chelsea Massachusetts
Apr 13th - Groundbreaking on Philadelphia's Shibe Park (home of A's & Phillies)
Apr 16th - Natural Bridges National Monument forms (Lake Powell, Utah)
Apr 18th - Tommy Burns KOs Jewy Smith in 5 for heavyweight boxing title
Apr 20th - 12th Boston Marathon won by Tom Morrissey of NY in 2:25:43.2
Apr 20th - Opening day of competition of the New South Wales Rugby League.
Apr 21st - Frederick A Cook claims to reach North Pole (He didn't)
Apr 22nd - Queensland beat NSW by 171 runs for their 1st cricket win at Gabba
Apr 23rd - Denmark, Germany, Britain, France, Netherlands & Sweden sign North Sea accord
Apr 24th - Mr & Mrs Jacob Murdock become 1st to travel across US by car, they leave LA in a Packard & arrive in NYC in 32d-5h-25m
Apr 27th - 4th modern Olympic games opens in London
May 1st - World's most intense shower (2.47" in 3 minutes) at Portobelo, Panama
May 2nd - 1908 "Take me out to the Ball Game" registered for copyright.
May 5th - 34th Kentucky Derby: Arthur Pickens on Stone Street wins in 2:15.2
May 5th - Great White Fleet arrives in SF
May 7th - Emperor Franz-Joseph celebrates his golden jubilee with festivities throughout the Austro-Hungarian empire
May 9th - Dirk Fock becomes governor of Suriname
May 10th - 1st Mother's Day observed (Phila)
Playwright George Bernard ShawPlaywright George Bernard Shaw May 12th - George Bernard Shaw's "Getting Married" premieres in London
May 12th - Wireless Radio Broadcasting is patented by Nathan B Stubblefield
May 14th - 1st passenger flight in an airplane
May 21st - 1st horror movie (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde) premieres in Chicago
May 21st - Bill Burns pitching for Washington Senators has no-hitter broken up with 2 outs in 9th
May 23rd - Dirigible explodes over SF Bay, 16 passengers fall, none killed
May 23rd - Part of Great White Fleet arrives in Puget Sound, Washington
May 24th - Belgium Catholic socialist/liberal parliamentary election
May 24th - John Masefields "Tragedy of Nan" premieres in London
May 26th - At Masjed Soleyman (مسجد سليمان) in southwest Persia, the first major commercial oil strike in the Middle East is made. The rights to the resource are quickly acquired by the United Kingdom.
May 27th - Maulana Hakeem Noor-ud-Din iss elected the first Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
May 30th - 1st federal workmen's compensation law approved
May 30th - 42nd Belmont: Joe Notter aboard Colin win
May 30th - Aldrich Vineland Currency Act forerunner to Federal Reserve System
May 30th - Paris advocate E Archdeacon is 1st passenger in a airplane
May 30th - US Assay Office in Salt Lake City, Utah authorized
May 31st - Miss Pottelsberghe de la Pottery is 1st airplane passenger (Belgium)
Jun 1st - John Krohn begins walk around perimeter of US, which took 357 days
Jun 2nd - 33rd Preakness: Eddie Dugan riding Royal Tourist wins in 1:46.4
Tsar Nicholas IITsar Nicholas II Jun 9th - Kind Edward VII of Great Britain visits Tsar Nicholas II at Reval, Russia, where the two discuss the growing power of Germany and British plans for reform in Macedonia
Jun 10th - 1st flying club, Aeronautical Society of NY, opens
Jun 10th - The Australian Parliament passes the Invalid and Old Age Pensions Act providing for pensions for British subjects (excluding aborigines) at age 65
Jun 12th - Lusitania crosses Atlantic in record 4 days 15 hours (NYC)
Jun 13th - Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
Jun 14th - Fourth German Navy Bill is passed authorising the financing the building of another four major warships.
Jun 15th - World congress for Women's rights opens in Amsterdam
Jun 16th - The Republican Party convenes in Chicago where President Roosevelt picks William H. Taft as his successor
Jun 18th - Japanese immigration to Brazil begins when 781 people arrive in Santos aboard the Kasato-Maru ship
Jun 19th - 48th British Golf Open: James Braid shoots a 291 at Prestwick Golf Club
Jun 23rd - The USA suspends diplomatic relationships with Venezuela after the refusal of Cipriano Castro's government to compensate Americans for injuries suffered in the uprising of 1899
Jun 23rd - Shah Mohammed Ali leads a successful counter-revolution in Persia, aided by the Russian legation and a Cossack brigade
Jun 27th - 22nd U.S. Women's National Championship: Maud Barger-Wallach beats Evelyn Sears (6-3, 1-6, 6-3)
MLB Pitcher Cy YoungMLB Pitcher Cy Young Jun 30th - Boston's Cy Young's 2nd no-hitter, beats NY Highlanders, 8-0
Jun 30th - Tunguska Event: a giant fireball most likely caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet impacts in Siberia
Jul 3rd - 25th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Charlotte Cooper beats A Morton (6-4 6-4)
Jul 3rd - 32nd Wimbledon Mens' Tennis: Arthur Gore beats H Roper-Barrett (6-3 6-2 4-6 3-6 6-4)
Jul 4th - NY Giant George "Hooks" Witse no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0 in 10 inn
Jul 5th - Niazi Bey, a chief organizer of the revolutionary movement in Turkey, raises the standard of revolt at Resna, Macedonia
Jul 6th - Robert Peary's expedition sails from NYC for north pole
Jul 7th - Great White Fleet leaves SF Bay
Politician William Jennings BryanPolitician William Jennings Bryan Jul 7th - The Democratic Party meets in Denver at the start of their convention; William Jennings Bryan is nominated as presidential nominee
Jul 8th - Uprisings spread throughout Turkey
Jul 9th - CHU (Christian Historic Union) Dutch political party forms
Jul 10th - H Kamerlingh Onnes makes helium liquid (-269°C)
Jul 19th - Feyenoord soccer team forms in Rotterdam
Jul 24th - John Hayes wins 4th olympics marathon (2:55:18.4 world record)
Jul 24th - After days of discussion with his ministers, Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey announces he is restoring the liberal constitution of 1876 and will become more responsive to demands of dissidents
Jul 25th - Ajinomoto is founded. Kikunae Ikeda of the Tokyo Imperial University discovers that a key ingredient in Konbu soup stock is monosodium glutamate (MSG), and patents a process for manufacturing it.
Jul 26th - United States Attorney General Charles Joseph Bonaparte issues an order to immediately staff the Office of the Chief Examiner (later renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation).
Jul 29th - St Louis Browns Rube Waddell strikes out 16 Phila Athletics
Jul 30th - Around the World Automobile Race ends in Paris
Aug 3rd - French brothers Amadee and Jean Bouyssonie discover the fossil remains of a nearly complete 60,000 year-old Neanderthal man at La Chappelle-aux-Saints, France. Known as the 'Old man of La Chappelle' his skeleton shows that Neanderthals led physically stressful lives with high risk of injury.
Aug 6th - St Louis Card John Lush's 2nd no-hitter, beats Dodgers, 2-0 in 6 inn
Aug 7th - The first train to travel the length of New Zealand's North Island 'main trunk line', leaves Wellington
Aug 9th - 6th Tour de France won by Lucien Petit-Breton
Aug 11th - King Edward VII of Britain meets with Emperor Wilhelm of Friedrichshof, Germany; the main point of contention is the increasing size of Germany's navy
The 1910 Model T FordThe 1910 Model T Ford

Ford Motor Company Founder Henry FordFord Motor Company Founder Henry Ford Aug 12th - Henry Ford's company builds the first Model T car
Aug 13th - Cy Young Day in Boston, he pitches briefly against an All-Star team
Aug 13th - Kind Edward VII of Great Britain meets with Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria at Ischl; the King tries to persuade the Emperor to advise Germany against aggressive (anti-British) policies
Aug 14th - Race riot in Springfield Illinois
Aug 14th - The first beauty contest is held in Folkestone, England.
Aug 16th - The Committee of Union and Progress, 'The Young Turks', announces a program for reforms and respect for the rights of all within the Ottoman Empire, regardless of race or religion
Aug 17th - B Tarkington & HL Wilson's "Man from Home" premieres in NYC
Aug 17th - Bank of Italy opens new HQ at Clay & Montgomery
Aug 17th - Projection in Paris of the very first animated cartoon, Fantasmagorie realized by Émile Cohl.
Aug 20th - Congo Free State becomes Belgian Congo
Aug 20th - America's Great White Fleet arrives in Sydney, Australia, to be greeted with a tremendous welcome; 221 American sailors desert to remain in Australia
Aug 24th - Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 13 for heavyweight boxing title
Aug 24th - NY Giants scores shown on electric diamonds known as "Compton's Baseball Bulletin" at Madison Square Garden
Aug 25th - Allen Winter wins US 1st $50,000 trotting race
Aug 25th - National Association of Colored Nurses forms
Aug 27th - Calgary City Rugby Football Club re-organizes as the Tigers
Aug 28th - 14th US Golf Open: Fred McLeod shoots a 322 at Myopia Hunt Club Mass
Aug 29th - NY gives a ticker tape parade to returning US Olympians from London
Aug 29th - 28th U.S. Men's National Championship: William Larned beats Beals Wright (6-1, 6-2, 8-6)

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